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Alpaca Breeders in the UK

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Ayrshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Hannahston Alpacas
Herd Size:70
Contact Name:Mr Ian Mitchell
Telephone Number:+447813145013
Nearest Town:Ayr KA6 6NG
Address:Hannahston Farm

Berkshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Easter-Wood Alpaca Stud
Herd Size:13
Contact Name:Jeff or Sheila EasterTel: 0118 973 5218
Telephone Number:0781 8022212 & 0781 0026753
Nearest Town:Finchampstead, Wokingham
Address:Longwater Lane, Finchampstead, Wokingham, Berkshire
About this breeder:Easter-Wood Alpaca Stud is a BAS-registered, family-run Alpaca breeding enterprise, located in the Royal County of Berkshire. It is run by Sheila and Jeff Easter who have focused upon breeding elite genetics as the core of their business. The company, set up in 2008 is as a result of a long awaited dream of creating and managing a country-based livestock business.

This husband and wife team are passionate about Alpacas and have created a pivotal business around their first 5 Elite Australian Alpacas purchased back in June 2008. In August 2008, the herd was further complimented by 13 Alpacas consisting of a mix of both pregnant females and 3 cria. This again was further enhanced with a purchase of a half share of an award-winning stud male; Our first herd sire, Cambridge Ice Cool Lad has helped the herd's development, producing some stunning progeny during the following 3 years. Easter-Wood are now the proud owners of progeny from some of the world's best genetics including; Cambridge The Chairman of ACC and Eringa Park Lawbreaker of EPC. Our current stud males are direct descendants of these wonderful animals which include Athos (Sire: The Chairman) and Lawbreakers Legend (Sire: Lawbreaker). The Easter-Wood farm operates strict bio-security rules. All of our Alpacas are BAS-registered and after-sales support provides full operational and medical records. We offer stud services and husbandry courses and we operate an on-line shop providing 100% pure Alpaca yarn and hand knitted Alpaca garments.

Sheila has a long history of animal husbandry including breeding experience. Her original passion for horses has been instrumental in the initial development of the Alpaca Stud and along with Jeff?s experience of creating and managing successful commercial businesses, the Easter-Wood team offer a well-developed and creative Elite Alpaca breeding and Services enterprise.
Latest News:Please refer to our web site: for our latest Blog news.

Buckinghamshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Brillbury Alpacas
Herd Size:160
Contact Name:Anne Shaw
Telephone Number:07973 322143
Nearest Town:Brill
Address:Brillbury Hall Farm
Cross Roads
About this breeder:Championship winning herd in existence since 2016. British Alpaca Society members and affiliated trainers. Centrally placed on the Buckinghamshire- Oxfordshire border.

Breeder/Farm Name:Latton Alpacas
Herd Size:70
Contact Name:Dr Lesley Sapsford
Telephone Number:01494 728720/ 07783417618
Nearest Town:Amersham
Bois Avenue
About this breeder:
Alpaca breeder, offer support to people who purchase from us.

Breeder/Farm Name:Alpaca Evolution
Herd Size:850
Contact Name:Nick Harrington-Smith & Shirley Isseyegh
Telephone Number:+447979651742
Nearest Town:Milton Keynes
Address:Fair Winter Farm
Buckingham Road
Milton Keynes
About this breeder:Alpaca Evolution was born when Nick Harrington-Smith and Shirley Isseyegh combined forces in a new Alpaca breeding venture. Alpaca Evolution is continuing to develop the Alpaca Stud herd and its legacy of over a decades controlled breeding program. The Alpaca Stud herd is synonymous with quality genetics, the finest of fleeces and excellence in all things Alpaca

Come and see us or give us a call to assess whether we are the breeder for you.

Breeder/Farm Name:CS ALPACAS
Herd Size:90
Telephone Number:07803726464
Nearest Town:wotton Underwood
About this breeder:MEDIUM SIZED ALPACA BREEDER - we have a mixture of both huacaya and suri alpacas on farm, colours ranging from white through to black.
We try to use the most up to date genetics to improve our herd, taking chances on young stud males who have not met their mark in the show ring, with great results.
We take pride in our halter training of weanlings, so that any alpaca sold, whether young or older, will be easy to handle for those important husbandry tasks.

Cambridgeshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Queenholme Alpacas
Herd Size:25
Contact Name:Katy and Edward Gilbert
Telephone Number:07923 147009
Nearest Town:Cambridge
Address:Queenholme Farmhouse
Sponge Drove
About this breeder:

Breeder/Farm Name:Winwick Barn Alpacas
Herd Size:70
Contact Name:Mrs Jay Allgood & Mr Michael Allgood
Telephone Number:07834 992917 or 01832 293414
Nearest Town:Huntingdon
Address:Ducks Nest Farm
Hamerton Road
About this breeder:At Winwick Barn Alpacas we have a herd of over 70 alpacas to choose from in all colours from whites, fawns, browns, greys, blacks, spottys and multi's specialising in greys. We are not VAT registered so there is no Sales Tax/VAT to be added to our prices.

We are a family run business and would like to offer you a warm welcome & friendly advice. We pride ourselves on our full back up after sales advice and service.

We offer single alpacas to people who already own alpacas or minimum groups of 3 for those new to alpacas just starting out. We have breeding females, pregnant females, open females, young females, females with cria at foot, fibre producing boys, potential studs and sometimes we release some of our experienced Alpaca Walking boys. We have something for everyone and all budgets.

We pride ourselves in having quality, friendly alpacas, with a wide choice of genetics from all around the world, colours and fleece quality to chose from. Our alpacas are used to children, chickens and visitors coming on our alpaca walks.

We offer value for money and discounts for Alpaca Packages of 4 or more alpacas.

All our alpacas are BAS registered, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations and husbandry.

We care for the herd ourselves ensuring a calm and relaxing approach to their management. Our alpacas are handled regularly from birth so they become accustomed to human interaction making them more friendly and calm to handle. We know all of our alpacas individually, we feel this puts us in an excellent position to give our customers a very personal service and we are happy to advise on alpaca selection, breeding plans, farm set up and advise anyone wishing to start up an alpaca farming business.

A selection of alpacas are always available to purchase. Alpacas can be purchased and agisted with us but we do not accept outside purchases for mating or agistment as we have strict biosecurity systems in place to protect our herd.

Please feel free to phone us, email us or visit our website and complete the enquiry from on our sales page listing your requirments.

Breeder/Farm Name:Houghton Hall Alpacas
Herd Size:800
Contact Name:Mick and Liz George
Telephone Number:07764 469132 07860 430280
Nearest Town:Houghton
Address:Houghton Hall,
St Ives Road (Mere Way),
About this breeder:Houghton Hall Alpacas is a premium independent farm, breeding quality pedigree Alpacas in Cambridgeshire.

Since 2001 our dedicated sourcing and expert staff have gained recognition through selective breeding with prize winning stock to offer potential customers a real taste of the quality available in Alpacas. Our facilities have been purpose built for practical alpaca management. We also offer full support with every aspect of alpaca ownership.

We have many alpacas available for purchase, which may not be on our sales list. Just contact Mick or Liz to find our more.

Our Elite Herd includes:

Premium Huacayas and Suris available in a wide range of colours including:-
Top quality young pregnant females with excellent fibre
Recipient females, carrying elite embryo from our top breeding girls.
Male and female weanlings and geldings.
Prize winning stud males.
New studs on the block.

So whatever you are looking for, be sure to contact us and we are confident we will have an 'alpackage' to suit you.
Latest News:22 January 2024

Hello All, well last year sneaked by with a blink of an eye! Here we are galloping or should we say 'pronking' through January.

We have had a busy start to the year, weaning a good chunk of our stunning crias and looking forward to potentially showing a couple in this years shows.

The weather has been challenging to a lot of us, but hopefully we are through the worst of it. Spring is just around the corner, thank goodness.

We are still striving to get some sales lists together on Alpaca Seller, apologies again if you are patiently waiting, However, in the meantime if you are looking to enhance your herd or are just starting in the world of alpacas, please get in touch. With over 500 alpacas in our herd of both Suri and Huacaya, we are sure to have an 'alpackage' to suit you.

Wishing you all an amazing 2024 and we look forward to catching up very soon.

28th August 2023
Hope you are all enjoying this Bank Holiday Monday. We can't quite believe that September is just around the corner.

We have finally come to the end of our Birthing season, welcoming 95 beautiful cria. Males rule this year, with 52 gracing our paddocks. Its still a very busy time on farm, but thankfully we are only assisting two Mums, with their cria with bottle feeding.

We are still striving to get some sales lists onto Alpaca Seller, apologies if you are patiently waiting. However, in the meantime if you are looking to enhance your herd of are just looking for a starter herd in this wonderful world of alpacas, please get in touch. We would be delighted to assist you. We have over 550 alpacas in our herd of both Suri and Huacaya. We are sure to have an 'alpackage' to suit you.

3rd July 2023
We welcomed some much needed rain today along with another two cria, which are coming daily now. To date we have 59 cria born with the males being more dominant at the moment, but with two females joining us today, maybe we are on a run for the girls to catch up.
We are striving to get some sales lists onto Alpaca Seller, however, in the meantime if you are looking to enhance your herd of are just looking for a starter herd in this wonderful world of alpacas, please get in touch. We would be delighted to assist you. We have over 550 alpacas in our herd of both Suri and Huacaya. We are sure to have an 'alpackage' to suit you.

15th May 2023
What a celebratory month we have had with all things ‘Royal’. We have had the absolute pleasure of meeting our King Charles III on a couple of occasions. We wish him a long and happy reign.
We have welcomed our first crias of the season and they are enjoying the lush green grass. We had one very tricky birth, but all the others have birthed beautifully.
We have just about finished shearing and we have to say we have some crackers that we will be putting on the market soon. We will especially be focusing on letting some of our outstanding suri males go to new homes. We sadly can’t keep them all. We have purchased many of our Suri’s from Australia and New Zealand and in turn have many stunning offspring that could be part of your herd.
If you are looking to enhance your herd with outstanding genetics sourced from all over the world, please do not hesitate to contact us, with a 500 strong herd, we are sure to have an ‘alpackage’ to suit you.

20th March 2023
We were extremely sorry to have missed bringing our Show team to The National this year. This was due to a few factors, but ultimately because the running order changed. It looks like it was a successful show, with some fabulous alpacas being shown. Many congratulations to you all. We very much look forward to seeing you all at future shows.
We have recently weaned all our Crias and they are coping well with their new found freedom. We have some absolute stunners amongst them, Suri and Huacaya.
We will be releasing some more of our herd for sale shortly. If you are looking to enhance your herd with outstanding genetics sourced from all over the world, please do not hesitate to contact us, with a 500 strong herd, we are sure to have an ‘alpackage’ to suit you.

19th October 2022
We have welcomed 104 Cria into our herd this summer and boys rule this time with 60% born were males! We have some stunners and have already earmarked our potential studs. The girls do not disappoint either with some absolute beauties amongst them.
We will be releasing some more of our females for sale shortly. Keep an eye on 'Alpaca Seller for more details. However if you are looking to enhance your herd with new genetics, please do not hesitate to contact us, with a 500 strong herd of suri and alpacas, we are sure to have an 'alpackage' to suit you.

9th September 2022
We are deeply saddened by the passing of our Sovereign, Her Majesty the Queen. She has been ‘Simply the Best’ throughout her 70 Year reign. Life will not be the same without her presence.
Our sincere condolences go to The Royal Family at this immensely sad time.

5th September 2022
September is upon us and we are grateful for the little rain we have had this week. It has been a challenging time for us farmers over this very hot summer.
We are nearing the end of our birthing season, with just a handful left. We have welcomed over 100 crias into our herd and let me tell you, there are some absolute crackers!
We have also decided to allow some of our yearling girls to be released for sale, We will post details and pictures shortly on Alpaca Seller. Although, if you don't see what you are after, just call or send us your wish list. With over 500 alpacas, huacaya and suri, we are sure to have an ‘’alpackage’’ to suit you, so if you are looking to enhance your herd with new genetics or starting in the wonderful world of alpacas, please do not hesitate to contact us.

1st August 2022
Here we are in August, how has that happened?
We hope all is well with you and your alpacas? The weather is challenging for us all and I’m sure we are all wanting some rain.
We are having a really good birthing season and have welcomed over 80 crias so far into the Houghton Hall Family. There are some real stunners amongst them.
If you are looking to enhance your herd with new genetics or starting in the wonderful world of alpacas, please do not hesitate to contact us. With over 500 alpacas, huacaya and suri, we are sure to have an ‘’alpackage’’ to suit you.

11th April 2022
Hello everyone, we can’t believe it’s almost a year since our last post. We do hope you are all doing ok and enjoying this warmer weather, summer is just around the corner.
We actually celebrate 20 years this year since alpacas came to Houghton Hall.
We’ve had a busy weekend shearing and are now eagerly awaiting our first crias due in a few weeks, always a favourite time of year for us, with over 100 crias due.
If you are looking to enhance your herd with new genetics or are just looking for a starter herd, please do not hesitate to call us. We are sure to have an Alpackage to suit you.

17th May 2021

Today is a remarkable day. We are slowly coming out of 14 months of uncertainty. Our 3rd ‘Lockdown’ is being eased, it feels good doesn’t it?

Here at Houghton Hall, we have completed our shearing and our birthings are well underway. We have had some births very late in the day, probably due to the unsettled weather we are having. So this keeps us on our toes for sure. There are some beautiful Crias to watch in our paddocks, such a lovely time of year.

We enjoyed attending the South of England Show, it was so lovely to catch up with everyone. It certainly gave us a glimpse of normally.

Enjoy your birthing season. We will be popping some cria photos onto our website for you to enjoy.

All the best
Liz and Mick
Houghton Hall HQ

1st February 2021

Hello to you all from Houghton HQ and a very Happy New Year to you!

We now find ourselves galloping into 2021 and after all the challenges of 2020, our hope is that we will shortly be finding our new ‘normal’ and we will all feel happier about our future.

The flooding we have experienced has brought us many challenges with grazing and it looks like the water is not going anywhere fast! Thankfully, most of our animals are coping really well and we are so pleased we have barns to house the older animals that need a little more luxury. We are so looking forward to springtime, we do have a glimmer of springtime already as our daffodils are already showing off their glory.

Most of our cria have been weaned and are enjoying their new found freedom, it’s always so lovely to watch them pronking around the paddocks without a care in the world.

We trust you are keeping safe and hope that sometime in 2021 we can all get together and do what we love.

Give us a call if you are looking for new genetics or are starting your journey in the wonderful world of alpacas. We would be delighted to assist you.

30th September 2019

We are proud sponsors of the Supreme Huacaya and Supreme Suri of the up and coming EAG Show. Well done to all the organisers and good luck to all Exhibitors.

It?s been another busy year here at Houghton HQ. We have had 99 successful births, it is always lovely watching the crias pronking through the paddocks. It certainly brightens any gloomy day.

29th April 2019 - HERD SALE CONTINUES INTO 2019

We can't quite believe we are almost at the end of April already. Life has been so busy at Houghton Hall HQ, with the addition of 14 lovely crias already.

We had a super show at the National, with many Championships, culminating in Supreme Champion for our gorgeous Suri male 'Houghton Hot Toddy'. sired by the renowned Surico Travatore, our fabulous imported male. The pairing of him with Hot Tomale, also imported was definitely a match made in heaven. It was so lovely to see everyone at this prestigious event.

We are bringing a small Team to The South of England Show, so look forward to seeing you then and hope the weather is kind to us.

Our herd reduction sale continues, so please contact us if we can help you in your alpaca selection.

8th January 2019 ~ HERD SALE CONTINUES INTO 2019
Happy New Year! We hope 2019 is good to you and brings you good health, happiness and success.

We are back to reality after a fabulous family Christmas holiday and are now getting ready for the National Show. We will be bringing a small show team with us this year and look forward to seeing you all there.

We are still continuing with our Herd Sale and are delighted that our genetics will be impacting many herds. We will be updating our website with new animals for sale this month. If you don't see what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us . We have a wide selection of alpacas in all colours and quality available. We are sure to have an 'alpackage' for you.

Liz & Mick


Here we are half way through October already. We are busy getting our alpacas ready for the winter, making sure we are prepared for the weather ahead.
This weekend we are proud to be Platinum Sponsors of the Eastern Alpaca Group Halter Show in Chelmsford. We are just bringing a small Show team for this event and we look forward to catching up with you all there.
Our herd sale is continuing, we are busy updating our website with animals for sale, although whatever you are looking for, we are sure to be able to assist. Look out for Dams with adorable cria at foot for sale on our website. Weekend visits to our farm are welcomed.

Liz and Mick


We can't actually believe we are nearing the end of September. It definitely feels like Autumn is upon us, although chilly today, the sun is shining. Apologies if you have tried to contact us via our mobile, it has been faulty, now fully working to take calls only. Take a look at our ever changing website, hopefully you will see something to tempt you. If you can't see what you are looking for, contact us with your enquiry and we will see of we can accommodate your wishes.
We have a wide selection of alpacas in all colours and quality available. We are sure to have an 'alpackage' for you.


What a busy summer we have had at Houghton Hall Alpacas. We have now welcomed almost 200 cria into our Herd. A few more boys than girls this year are pronking in our paddocks.
We managed a few weeks away in the amazing Maldives, which really recharged our batteries. We are now home and giving the much needed time to promote our Herd dispersal. You will notice that our website is now changing daily. There are some fantastic offers to browse through. We will do our best to accommodate any enquiries you have and welcome weekend visits. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you don't see what you are looking for on our website. We have a wide selection of alpacas in all colours and quality available. We are sure to have an 'alpackage' for you.

25th July 2018 ~ HERD SALE ~ Dams with adorable cria at foot FOR SALE

July is drawing to an end and this hot weather is a real challenge for us all. We hope all is well with your herd. Rain is expected later in the week, thank goodness.
We have been immensely busy on farm and have welcomed over 150 cria's into our herd and we have some absolute stunners. We are nearing the end of our birthing season - phew!
Our herd sale is continuing, we are busy updating our website with animals for sale, although whatever you are looking for, we are sure to be able to assist. Look out for Dams with adorable cria at foot for sale on our website. Weekend visits to our farm are welcomed.

Liz and Mick

10th May 2018


We had a fabulous weekend at the SOE Show with our Team of 10. We achieved many rosettes and broad ribbons. Five Championships in all, culminating in Supreme Champion Suri for our outstanding male Houghton Chancellor, Best of British for our super male Houghton Kendrick and our beautiful girl Houghton Cherished Secret. Our progeny Teams didn't let us down with Travatore taking first place in the Suri Sire's progeny with Storm taking a worthy 2nd place. We also took Dam's progeny with our 'two peas in a pod' Houghton Kendrick and Houghton Kaiser.
Thanks to all involved in making this show a great success, everyone was melting with the immense heat, but with the aid of many fans we kept going. Mary-Jo and Vicki Agar did a sterling job in the ring and it was great to have an appreciative audience.

19th April 2018


What a Show!
Our show team did us proud once more. We gained, 8 first places, 3 second places and a third. Culminating with 4 Champions, 1 reserve Champion. Our Sire's Suri progeny took a fabulous 1st (Storm) and 2nd (Travatore), with our Dams progeny (Kelsey) gaining a first too. Houghton Royal Star took Suri Supreme and Best of British, following in her Mothers footsteps and Houghton Kaleidoscope, owned by Lane House Alpacas too Huacaya Supreme. Our Grand daughter Olivia, walked confidently around with Cherished Secret in the Junior Handler class, gaining a well deserved 1st in her age group. Jess was a winner too in the fun Casino night. We had a fabulous weekend at this super, friendly well organised show. Well done to all the Exhibitors, we saw some outstanding alpacas being shown. Thank you also to the judges Matt and Cathy and lastly thank you to all that helped us this weekend, we really do appreciate it.

Liz and Mick

12th April 2018


We have had a busy few weeks since The National Alpaca Showtime. A few sneaky days in Dubai, a lovely surprise from my hubby, recharged the batteries. Came back to five days of shearing in mostly beautiful sunshine. Now getting ready for The Heart of England Fiesta this weekend. We are taking a small Show Team, which will give us chance to enjoy the show and chat to all.

Our Herd sale is going well, thank you to all our amazing clients. We are sad and delighted to see some of our Award winning genetics going off to pastures new. If you don't see what you are looking for on our website, please contact us with your requirements. Or even better, call us to arrange a visit.

Looking forward to welcoming some more warmer weather, we could all do with it.

Best Wishes


27th March 2018


Wow! what a great weekend at The National Alpaca Show. We so enjoyed catching up with everyone and thank you for taking the time to visit us. We had an amazing five Champions awarded, four Suri and one Huacaya of our owned alpacas, however, we were delighted that our clients brought Houghton bred animals to the Show too. Our fabulous trio of Storm Progeny and Travatore Progeny took 1st and 2nd in a superb suri sires progeny class. All of our Show team were placed, many gaining 1st's and 2nd's.

In a very tense Championship line up our amazing Houghton Tailor Made took Supreme Suri, thank you Jacob for showing him so well for us and Houghton Jubilation of Fangdale Alpacas took Supreme Champion Huacaya, huge congratulations to Nicky and Deborah.

Our herd sale is well underway. If you are looking to increase your herd or are just starting out, just give us a call or email us. We have a wide selection of alpacas in all colours and quality available. We are sure to have an 'alpackage' for you.

8th March 2018

Well here we are in March and I can't quite believe we have all endured 'The Beast from the East'.
It's so nice to see the sunshine this week. We hope you and your alpacas managed well in the adverse conditions.

We are looking forward to seeing all our friends and colleagues at The National Alpaca Show next week. We are bringing a smaller show team than normal as our 'Herd Sale' is going well and we have let some of our super show team go to new homes.

Our website is always a working progress. If you do not see what you are looking for on Alpacas Seller, please call or email us as we have our whole herd up for sale, so we are sure we will have an 'alpackage' to suit you. We welcome visits, but please call in advance.

See you soon.

Liz and Mick

11th December 2017

We hope you are all well after the snow fall we had this weekend. It did look pretty, however I'm not sure the alpacas really liked it. It's thawing well here at Houghton Hall.

We have almost weaned all our cria's which have grown out nicely. They are also included in our herd sale, so if you are looking for some pets or breeding animals, please give us a call. We would like to thank all our clients for their custom during 2017.

The snow has really has got us in the Christmas spirit, with only two weeks to go, we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Cheers to you all!

Mick and Liz

14th November 2017

As many of you may have seen in Alpaca World, we are having a Herd Sale. This is a unique opportunity for you to get your hands on our Award winning herd.

We have decided that we would like to downsize considerably, to allow us to concentrate more on the family, so if you are looking for new genetics for your herd or just starting up in the wonderful world of alpacas, give us a call, or drop us an email. We would be delighted to assist you in any way we can.

Christmas is just around the corner now - hope all your preparations are going well and you are getting in the Festive Spirit.

All the very best

Mick and Liz

11th October 2017


Here we are well into October, galloping our way towards Christmas.

We were very proud to be sponsors of the Heart of England Autumn Fleece Show and also delighted that Mystical Magic was awarded Supreme Champion and Best of British Suri, she never ceases to amaze us with her consistent qualtiy. Our other consistent award winning females are Cracklin' Rosie, Champion Grey Huacaya & Roxanne, Champion Brown Huacaya.
Reserve Champion Fawn Huacaya - Houghton Jubilation
Our Junior Huacaya Houghton Titania received a respectable 3rd place with 83.5 points, amongst stiff competition.
Houghton Kaiser our stunning white Huacaya was 1st in his class
Houghton Pure Valor our super suri, achieved 2nd in his class.

Our thanks go to all involved in this Show and congratulations to all the competitors.

22nd September 2017

We can't quite believe we are into the autumnal month of September. We have had a very busy time on the farm with almost 200 births. We've also had a busy time personally including welcoming three Grandsons into our world. Life doesn't get much better than that.

Our exports are going well and we have had several shipments over the waters. We wish all our clients happy times ahead with their new stock.

We have also had a great show season thus far, gaining several Supremes in halter and fleece shows.

We have decided that we would like to downsize considerably, to allow us to concentrate more on the family, so if you are looking for new genetics for your herd or just starting up in the wonderful world of alpacas, give us a call, we would be delighted to assist you in any way we can.

Our website is always a working progress, if you do not see what you are looking for, just call. We are sure to have an 'alpackage' to tempt you with both stunning Suri's and heavenly Huacaya's. We are established in exporting into Europe.

22nd May 2017

Here we are well into May and well into our birthing season. So far we have welcomed 51 little ones into our herd, we absolutely love this time of year. All our animals are shorn in readiness for this beautiful sunshine that has graced us today. We have had a great show season, gaining several Supremes in halter and fleece shows. Our progeny did us proud too. We still have some 150 more crias due, so busy times ahead at Houghton Hall. We wish you a great year and hope your birthing season goes well.

2nd March 2017

Spring is in the air and another windy day here at Houghton Hall HQ.

We are delighted to welcome our first 2017 cria, born on St David's Day. He is a stunning brown suri male from one of our beautiful imported females Surilana Valle De. We can't wait to see him grow out.

If you are looking to purchase some new stock, look no further, with over 700 alpacas, huacaya and suri, we are sure to have something to tempt you. We are established in exporting into Europe.

We are busy preparing for the National Show, halter training is going well. We look forward to catching up with all our friends in Telford.

Liz and Mick

10th January 2017


Wishing all our alpaca friends and clients a very happy new year. We hope 2017 will be kind to you all and look forward to seeing you all at the BAS National in March, we are proud to once more be GOLD sponsors.

Alpaca Showtime was a fabulous success in late 2016. Thank you for once again for all involved in running and supporting our 3rd Showtime. We will update you shortly on the date of our next show.

We had some stunning cria in 2016 and most have now been weaned. Some are available for purchase, if you are looking for new genetics in your herd just give us a call.

We have had another bumper year of exports going out across Europe with breeders looking for both elite males and females, including to Italy, Poland and Belgium. It's so rewarding to see your genetics being grasped by new and established breeders.

We once again took a trip across the pond to the Australian National in Adelaide, where we took the opportunity to purchase some prestigious new Suri and Huacaya Genetics, we can?t wait for them to arrive in Spring!

We are eagerly awaiting all that 2017 will bring; the anticipation of new cria, the beginning of the new show season and the arrival of our new genetics.

Our website is always a working progress. If you can't see what you are looking for, just give us a call, with over 700 alpacas, we are sure to have an 'Alpackage' to suit you. We welcome visits, but please call in advance.

Liz and Mick

3rd October 2016

What an exciting weekend we have had. Following our Double Supremes at The National Fleece Show and The South of England Halter Show. We are ecstatic once again with the results of the HOEAG Fleece Show, achieving 'DOUBLE SUPREME' with our astounding light suri girl Houghton Royal Duchess and our super huacaya grey girl Houghton Joyous. The girls certainly did us proud.

Now it's full steam ahead for 'Alpaca Showtime'. All entries to be submitted via the BAS website. Closing date is Wednesday 5th October. For more details please look at the website.

We look forward to catching up with you all very soon.

Our website is always a working progress. If you can't see what you are looking for, just give us a call, with over 800 alpacas, we are sure to have an 'Alpackage' to suit you. We welcome visits, but please call in advance.

September 2016

Here we are finding ourselves 'pronking' towards Autumn. Busy times on the farm. We welcomed over 200 cria this year and are very excited to see how they develop. We took a trip across the big pond to Australia and enjoyed their National Show in Adelaide. A few more exciting Australian genetics will be coming to Houghton Hall Alpacas in the New Year.

We are busy preparing for Alpaca Showtime 28-30 October, online entries will be open soon, watch the website for further information

Our website is always a working progress. If you can't see what you are looking for, just give us a call, with over 800 alpacas, we are sure to have an 'Alpackage' to suit you. We welcome visits, but please call in advance.

25th May 2016

We can't quite believe we are almost into June, where has that first few months gone? We have been busy sorting the farm and garden out for a special wedding that recently took place. What a magical day we had.

We have had a quieter than normal show season, however did come away with Double Supreme Champion Fleece at this years National Show with our super Stud Sire Master General and sensational Suri Houghton Maddox. We also came away Double Supreme Champion at the South of England Show with our tremendous Titan and our beautiful Suri lady Mystical Magic.

Our alpacas are now all shorn and enjoying the sunshine, We have also sent some of our beautiful alpacas across the waters to Ireland, Poland and Italy recently and have welcomed over ninety cria into the world.

We also look forward to bringing new genetics into our herd shortly.

Watch out for more information on our Autumn show - Alpaca Showtime - 29/30 October 2016

Our website is always a working progress. If you can't see what you are looking for, just give us a call, with over 700 alpacas, we are sure to have an 'Alpackage' to suit you. We welcome visits, but please call in advance.

Liz and Mick

18th January 2016

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all of our friends and clients, we hope you have had a wonderful festive season and have started 2016 with a bang!

Here is a quick round up of the last, very successful, 12 months for the team at Houghton Hall Alpacas.

2015 saw yet another sensational show season for Team Houghton. We took the Double at Alpaca Showtime 2015 and at the Royal Three Counties, along with a further 8 Supreme titles from the 5 other shows we attended. Not forgetting the 2 Reserve Supreme Champions, 44 Champion, 33 Reserve Champion, 5 Best of British, 3 Judge?s Choice, 3 Best in Show ribbons, and countless rosettes. How will we top this in 2016?

There were some stunning cria on the ground in 2015 including the arrival of our first coloured suris. All have now been weaned and are ready for purchase.

We have had a bumper year of exports going out across Europe with breeders looking for both elite males and females, including to Italy, Poland and Belgium. Looking forward to many more over the next few months.

We were lucky enough to go out to the Australian National in Sydney, where we took the opportunity to purchase some prestigious new Suri and Huacaya Genetics from Australia, can?t wait for them to arrive in Spring!

We are eagerly awaiting all that 2016 will bring; the anticipation of new cria, the beginning of the new show season and the arrival of our new genetics.

Houghton Hall Alpacas - Proven Award-Winning Genetics

Get in touch if you are looking to add some quality bloodlines to your herd, in need of advice or just want to chat alpaca!

We?d love to hear about how good 2015 was for you, and what you are looking forward to in 2016, share with us in all the usual places Facebook, Twitter & Google+. You can also sign up for our mailing list to hear all about our latest animals for sale.

22nd December 2015

Poisonous Plants Advice

When deciding to start caring for a herd of alpacas it is vital to prepare their new environment to ensure anything potentially dangerous or harmful is removed. Alpacas are ruminants (chew the cud) and are one of nature?s most efficient eaters as they absorb around third more of the vital nutrients from their food than similar animals such as sheep. They will often forage in the hedgerows and bushes for tasty morsels to supplement their diet. However, this diet can lead to alpacas being over adventurous and mistakenly eating something toxic. So, what should you look out for?

All nightshades, All lilies, Tomato & Potato plants, Toot, Inkweed, Hemlock, Willow-weed, Jerusalem Cherry, Mallow, Acorns, Oleander, Lily of the Valley, Rhododendron, Azalea, Ricinus, Yew, Ragwort, Comfrey, Horseradish, Privet, St.Johns wort, Sorrel, Hemp Nettle, Rhubarb, Iris, Buttercup, Linseed, Lupin, Clover, Chickweed, Laburnum, Meadow Saffron, Monks Hood, Oak, Foxglove, Grass Cuttings, Poppy.

Please be aware that this is not an exhaustive list of all poisonous plants, it is just important to be vigilant on your farm checking all hedgerows and paddocks and pathways. Remember alpacas have long necks so can reach quite a distance for that appetising branch.

Common symptoms of poisoning are; diarrhoea, vomiting, drooling saliva, colic, difficulty breathing, staggering, weakness, unsteady pupils, trembling, hypothermia, slow heartbeat, paralysis and head shaking.

If you think any of your herd may have eaten something they shouldn?t it is vital to consult a vet as soon as possible, often alpacas will not show signs until it is too late.

Our website is always a working progress. If you can't see what you are looking for, just give us a call, with over 750 alpacas, we are sure to have an 'Alpackage' to suit you. We welcome visits, but please call in advance.

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6th November 2015

Houghton Hall Alpacas take Double Supreme

What a spectacular weekend at Alpaca Showtime 2015. We are very proud of our two Supreme winners Houghton Day Breaker and Houghton Bright Spark who took home Huacaya and Suri Supreme Champion respectively.

Our young males and females did phenomenally well bringing home 6 Champion ribbons between them;

Houghton Day Breaker ? Huacaya Champion Light Male & Huacaya Supreme Champion
Houghton Magic Prince ? Huacaya Champion White Male
Houghton Roxanne - Huacaya Champion Brown Female
Houghton Bright Spark ? Suri Champion White Female & Suri Supreme Champion
Houghton Presley ? Suri Champion White Male
Houghton Georgia ? Suri Champion Light Female

The rest of the team didn?t let us down bringing home a total of 31 1st places and 5 Reserve Champions.

Reserve Champions
Houghton Gypsy Rose (ET) ? 1st & RC Huacaya Senior Grey Female
Houghton Titan ? 1st & RC Huacaya Intermediate Fawn Male
Houghton Angelina ? 1st & RC Huacaya Senior White Female
Houghton Made You Look ? 1st & RC Suri Adult White Female
Houghton Mystery ? 2nd & RC Suri Intermediate White Female

Junior Huacayas
Houghton Lord Remy ? 1st Huacaya Junior White Male
Houghton Casanova ? 1st Huacaya Junior Light Male
Houghton Cracklin? Rosie ? 1st Huacaya Junior Grey Female

Intermediate Huacayas
Houghton Magic Prince ? 1st & C Huacaya Intermediate White Male
Houghton Day Breaker ? 1st, C, SC Huacaya Intermediate Light Male
Houghton Roxanne ? 1st & C Huacaya Intermediate Brown Female

Adult Huacayas
Houghton Honeysuckle ? 1st Huacaya Adult Light Female
Houghton Majestic ? 1st Huacaya Adult Fawn Female
Houghton Xanadu ? 1st Huacaya Adult Black Female

Senior Huacayas
Houghton Cerian ? 1st Huacaya Senior Light Female
Houghton Rock Star ? 1st Huacaya Senior Fawn Female
Parrindi Joseph of Houghton ? 1st Huacaya Senior Grey Male

Junior Suris
Houghton Miss Magic ? 1st Suri Junior White Female
Houghton Chancellor ? 1st Suri Junior Light Male

Intermediate Suris
Houghton Bright Spark ? 1st, C, SC Suri Intermediate White Female
Houghton Presley ? 1st & C Suri Intermediate White Male
Houghton Georgia ? 1st & C Suri Intermediate Light Female

Adult Suris
Houghton Royal Duchess ? 1st Suri Adult Light Female
Houghton Made You Look ? 1st Suri Adult White Female
Houghton Galactic Powers ? 1st Suri Adult Light Male

Senior Suris
Houghton Jade ? 1st Suri Senior Light Female
Houghton Maddie ? 1st Suri Senior White Female

Best in Show
Houghton Bright Spark ? Suri Female
Houghton Presley ? Suri Male
Houghton Day Breaker ? Huacaya Male

In addition our Herd Sires and Dams came 1st in all Progeny Classes proving the quality and consistency of our genetics at Houghton Hall.
Navigator of Houghton ? 1st Huacaya 3 Progeny by 1 Sire
Suri Storm of Houghton ? 1st Suri 3 Progeny by 1 Sire
Travatore of Houghton ? 2nd Suri 3 Progeny by 1 Sire
Suri Storm of Houghton ? 3rd Suri 3 Progeny by 1 Sire
After tough opposition we were pleased to secure 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the Suri Progeny classes.
Houghton Timara ? 1st Huacaya 2 Progeny by 1 Dam
Houghton Mystique ? 1st Suri 2 Progeny by 1 Dam

Congratulations to everyone that took part, the standard of alpacas on display was extremely high making Alpaca Showtime a tough competition for all.

Now for the Thank Yous; We would like to thank the wonderful and incredibly knowledgeable judges Helen Testa and Rob Bettinson for taking the time to oversee the event, along with ring stewards Garry and Iain. Thanks to Roz who did a fantastic job sorting all of the awards and placements on the day, along with the marvelous event compering from John. We would also like to thank the wonderful staff of Houghton Hall Equestrian Centre. And finally we would like thank everyone that came and enjoyed the show, as well as helped out, including our very special co-coordinators; Bozedown Alpacas, Alpaca Stud UK as it wouldn?t be the show it was without you all.

If you haven?t yet purchased any photos from the fantastic photographer, you can find them here.

Many congratulations to Hilly Ridge on their purchase of our Supreme Champion winner, Houghton Day Breaker. Jo and Scott spotted his potential even before he achieved this title. We know with his stunning Navigator genetics, he will be a great asset to their herd.

Also sincere congratulations to Nero Alpacas who purchased two of our phenomenal young black alpacas; Houghton Cosmic who carries prestigious Australian genetics from his sire Parrindi Joseph, and Houghton Kala who has performed exceptionally as part of the Houghton Hall show team in 2015 winning Champion Black Female 3 times.

We are sure all three will be very happy in their new homes.

More exciting news to follow.

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6th October 2015

What a busy Autumn it has been so far, we have been lucky enough to go out to the Australian National in Sydney (10th-13th September) where we caught up with some wonderful friends both from the Antipodes and the UK. We were privileged enough to see some truly exceptional Huacaya and Suri Alpacas on display throughout the course of the event. We took the opportunity to carefully select some incredible new bloodlines for our herd back in Cambridgeshire. And certainly bought some fabulous animals that we can?t wait to arrive in the UK so we can share some pictures with you, but now for the long wait!

Whilst we were ?Down Under? Mick even squeezed in the time to make a brief interview with the ABC radio team on their Country Hour to talk about the future of Australia/Europe exports. You can hear it here. (45 mins in)

We?ve had a number of large exports across into Europe and Northern Ireland over the last couple of months which has been keeping us very busy, along with a further few in the pipeline, the fun never stops at Houghton Hall Alpacas.

A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to be invited to attend the Ely Cathedral Annual Pet Service which was filmed by the BBC?s Songs of Praise team. We took two of our young show boys; Houghton Spirited (Champion Huacaya Black) and Houghton Mustang (Champion Suri White) who behaved impeccably for the TV Crew. If you missed the episode but fancy alpaca spotting it is still available on BBC iPlayer.
We are looking forward to welcoming participants to our farm for the upcoming BAS course dedicated to improving knowledge of Alpaca Breeding and Traits this weekend (9th-10th October). We hope the weather holds!

If that wasn?t enough, we are also all eagerly anticipating Alpaca Show Time which is a mere few weeks away now! Can?t wait to see you all there. We have lots of exciting things planned and we hope you enjoy spending your Halloween weekend with us.

Our website is always a working progress. If you can't see what you are looking for, just give us a call, with over 750 alpacas, we are sure to have an 'Alpackage' to suit you. We welcome visits, but please call in advance.

16th September 2015

Hear Mick George and Steve Ridout discuss the future of alpaca exports between Australia/New Zealand and Europe on the ABC's West Country Hour.

The item begins at approximately about 48 mins.

We have extensive experience importing and exporting alpacas, so if you are interested in adding our elite genetics to your herd or want more information about our export services please contact Mick and Liz on 07764469132 or email us at

Our website is always a working progress. If you can't see what you are looking for, just give us a call, with over 750 alpacas, we are sure to have an 'Alpackage' to suit you. We welcome visits, but please call in advance.

14th September 2015

***Email Issue Resolved***

The issue is now resolved, however if you emailed our during the period 8th-14th and have received no response please email again or call us on 01480 461 510.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Houghton Hall Alpacas team

11th September 2015

***Email Issues***

We are having issues with our email address at the moment. If you have contacted us on this address in the last 48 hours and not received a response please call us on 01480 461510 or email

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Houghton Hall Alpacas Team

26th August 2015

We are proud to announce that we will once again be Gold Sponsors for the British Alpaca Society National in 2016. We love this event as it champions breeders of all standards and sizes displaying the very best the UK?s Alpaca Industry has to offer.

We are also pleased to say we will be Sponsoring the White and Grey Suri Colour Champions at the Heart of England, Autumn Fleece Show! Which is just next month, so best of luck to everyone whose entering.

We hope to see you all soon.

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Our website is always a working progress. If you can't see what you are looking for, just give us a call, with over 750 alpacas, we are sure to have an Alpackage to suit

you. We welcome visits, but please call in advance.
14th August 2015

What are those Alpacas doing in Houghton?

Are you one of the many people in North Cambridgeshire that have spotted the strange long necked sheep wandering the fields of Houghton and St.Ives that seem to have been growing in number over the last decade? Well it?s not the Alpacalypse , not yet anyway. . .

We are the team at Houghton Hall Alpacas, owned by the husband and wife team Mick and Liz George (of Skip Hire fame!). Those fuzzy giraffes are actually alpacas, don?t call them llamas or they might get upset!
Most people have lots of questions; why do we own them, what do we do with them, and can they come and see them.

First things first why do we own them? We have around 800 alpacas on our farm and we love each and every one of them. They are cute, furry, friendly and produce the most amazing fibre. Once you meet them you will be smitten. We like to think we have a happy haven for alpacas.

What do we do with our alpacas? Well there are a number of things; we breed them using the finest genetics we can source to produce the best quality alpacas, which we then show at a number of alpaca events across the UK (which we are quite good at ). Once a year the whole herd gets shorn and we sell this fibre on to a number of different places for use in clothing and bedding, and soon we will sell yarn from it too! We also have a few alpacas that we keep simply as pets.

You may be asking yourselves; ?but what can alpacas do for me??
Well for starters they are great pets, super friendly and will be eating out of your hand in a matter of weeks. They love to munch on grass so are great for keeping your lawn trim. If you are a keen gardener their poo is a fab fertiliser so you?ll be growing giant veg and vibrant flowers in no time. For those that are a dab hand at arts and crafts could even spin their fibre into yarn after the once a year shear, or it can be sent a way for processing.

If you want to know more about these curious camelids take a peak at the rest of our website or contact us to chat ?alpaca?.

You can also find us at all the usual places Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to keep up to date with all things alpaca!

We do welcome visitors we just ask that you call us in advance to make a booking as we are a working farm.

3rd August 2015

Suris In Focus

As both breeders and lovers of the Suri at Houghton Hall Alpacas we?ve chosen to put the Suri in the spot light explaining what differentiates them from the teddy bear like Huacaya generally associated with the name ?alpaca?. We have aimed to provide some basic information, dispel some common myths about the breed, and (as we are slightly biased) promote how wonderful Suris are to own.

You may know that there are two distinct types of alpaca, the Huacaya and the rarer Suri; the main difference being fleece style. So what does a Suri look like? A good Suri will have long individual pencil locks that feel silky, soft and light to the touch with a rich lustre and sheen. This is due to Suri fleece growing differently to Huacaya or sheep whose fibre comes outwards from the skin, with Suris the fleece grows more like human hair as it hangs straight down the body. They also tend to have slightly larger ears than the Huacaya, other than that they are almost identical anatomically.

Where did the word ?Suri? originate? No one is quite sure where the term for a Suri alpaca came from, but it is thought that the Aymaran and Quechuan peoples of the Altipano (alpacas? native land) used it as a general description for the feathers of the Rhea a native bird. The Rheas feathers are silky and lustrous like the Suris fleece so the similarity may have led to the use of the word to describe this variety of alpaca. The literal translation means straight.

If you?ve ever thought about owning alpacas you may have heard some of these common misconceptions about Suris which we attempt to resolve below;

Suri fleece cannot be processed - Whilst the fleece is difficult to process due to it?s naturally silkier structure, it is not impossible, and many breeders make some incredible products as the fibres naturally hold the sheen and lustre after processing better than Huacaya. In fact we intend to start to sell our own yarn here at Houghton Hall of both our award-winning Suri and Huacaya fleeces.

Suris are not suited to the extremes in UK weather - Well this is easy to dismiss as the temperatures in the UK never reach the severe cold temperatures or searing heat that they would see in their natural habitat of the Andes. We also haven?t noticed that they ever seem to be more negatively affected by the weather than the Huacaya, as long as your herd have access to shelter from the wind and rain you shouldn?t have any issues. Suris can be more vulnerable to the rain simply due to the way their fleece hangs from their body, which leaves their spine more exposed to the elements. However, the Huacayas are just as ready to get out of the rain as the Suris are.

Suris are more flighty and nervous ? This we do not find to be true, in our experience any difference in temperament is generally due to their long fringes obscuring their eye sight. So it is important to regularly trim their fleece around their eyes, particularly if you only shear them every two years.

Suris are more expensive than Huacaya ? Any differences in value in the past could have been due to rarity, but we haven?t ever experienced any significant price increases in comparable animals. As with all alpacas the price varies due to the quality and colour of an animal, along with its purpose e.g. a pet male or a stud male.

The Suri gene is more dominant - This isn?t quite so clear cut as many breeders both here and in the US and Australia are now disputing the commonly agreed fact. Many put it down to the cross breeding of the imported animals in the native lands of Bolivia, Chile and Peru. The idea in basic terms is that to get a Huacaya the alpaca would have to be carrying only Huacaya genes; if one of the Huacayas has a Suri in their ancestry this could be passed to the cria and create a cross breed or if both do, a full Suri. It is a lot more complicated than that, but if you want to read about it in more detail visit here. Now that the Suris and Huacaya are generally being bred exclusively to only others of their breed rogue Suri genes are a much lower occurrence. So the thought is the ones imported originally had more Suri genetics in them and now through selective breeding the balance is evening out. However, time will tell which is correct as there are strong believers on both sides. It is very possible that some Suris in your herd may have a Huacaya ancestor in their bloodline or vice versa.

Why do we breed Suris at Houghton Hall Alpacas? We love the Suri which are often overlooked by newcomers to alpaca breeding, but really nothing beats watching the majesty of the Suris in full fleece running and pronking in the field. So don?t overlook this elegant alpaca breed next time you think about purchasing alpacas.

Looking to breed or own some super Suris? At Houghton Hall Alpacas we have some of the UK and Europe?s finest Suri genetics in our herd. Having sourced some of the best bloodlines available from Australia and New Zealand our herd have improved year after year with a number of our females being unbeaten Supreme Champions; Houghton Royal Duchess and Houghton Mystical Magic. Not to mention that one of our top Suri Stud Sires, Storm of Houghton took home 1st in the Progeny class at every event we attended in 2015.

Or are you looking to inject some dynamic and world class genetics into your herd, ask us about our selection of Suri Stud boys.

Get in touch today to book your visit to our award-winning Suri and Huacaya farm in Cambridgeshire.

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**2nd and 3rd images are copyright of Karen Harvey© I Don't Like Peas

20th July 2015

***Phone Issue Resolved***

20th July

***Phone Issues***
Just a quick notice to let you know we are having phone problems at the moment. Hoping to resolve asap.
If you need to get in touch please call 07764469132.
Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

15th June 2015

What a weekend we had at the Royal Three Counties!

***We Won the Double***

Houghton Most Wanted - Supreme Champion Huacaya and Best of British
Houghton Bright Spark - Supreme Champion Suri and Best of British
Houghton Kala - Champion Huacaya Black Female
Houghton Monaco - Champion Suri Light Male
Houghton Mystical Magic - Champion Suri Light Female
Houghton Dazzler - Champion Huacaya White Female
Houghton Master General - Reserve Champion Huacaya Fawn Male
Houghton Moon Drops - Reserve Champion Suri Light Female
Houghton Maddox - Reserve Champion Suri Light Male
Houghton Perry - Reserve Champion Huacaya White Male
Houghton Galactic Powers - Reserve Champion Suri Light Male

Thank you to everyone who helped us out over the weekend - we couldn't have done it without you!
A big thank you also goes to the organisers for yet another fantastic event.

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Our website is always a working progress. If you can't see what you are looking for, just give us a call, with over 750 alpacas, we are sure to have an Alpackage to suit you. We welcome visits, but please call in advance.

10th June 2015

A Visit to Houghton Hall Alpacas

Liz Wright discovers a world of quality and colour

I think it?s fair to say that Mick and Liz George, owners of Houghton Hall Alpacas are passionate about alpacas ? in fact Liz says that it is ?love me, love my alpacas? as far as they are concerned!

Back in 2001 Mick saw some at an agricultural show and fell in love with them. He started keeping them and his first showing experience (fifth out of five) was enough to give him the show bug. He?s now more used to getting firsts! But when Liz met him eight years ago he had 100 alpacas. Today there are 800 adults and 200 cria expected or now safely unpacked, for the 2015 season. This makes Houghton Hall Alpacas one of the largest alpaca studs in the UK and Europe.

At the British Alpaca Society National Show at Telford the stud took home 19 Firsts (22 if you include Progeny), Seven Reserve Champions, Four Championships, One Best of British and a Supreme Champion in the form of Mystical Magic who is a light fawn Suri aged seventeen months. Mystical Magic has a truly ultra fine fleece which is also dense and carries amazing lustre.

In the Fleece Section, Royal Duchess (a Supreme Champion last year) carried the honours.

Liz and her assistant Emmeline were friendly and pleased to show us their lovely animals. My colleague Karen was entranced by their beauty. But what is the attraction for Liz?
She told me that their aim was to breed the best quality animal they could with the best fleece and capable of having quality offspring. She said that they loved showing and told me that in the show ring the fleece counted for 60% of the marks and conformation for 40%.

How are alpacas shown?

Alpacas are shown just as they are with minimal tidying, no grooming and from paddock conditions. Liz feels that the quality of alpacas has increased a lot in the last eight years especially amongst the white alpacas but the blacks are certainly coming up fast too. The fleeces from the Houghton Hall Alpacas are currently processed in the UK, and for the first time, this year they will be selling the fleece as yarn.
There is nothing wasted in an alpaca fleece ? the prime saddle area is used for garments while the rest of the fleece can be used for a variety of uses including duvets, pillows, carpets and even insulation.
Alpacas everywhere you look!

Houghton Hall is extremely well organised with excellent facilities. Sturdy safe fences divide the alpacas and there are walk ways between the paddocks. Liz says with genuine enthusiasm, ?They are so adorable, so humbling to see them all out here and especially when the babies are playing around?
Karen and I have to agree but Karen is soon off with her camera capturing more of the charm of alpacas.
Liz used to be a school secretary which has come in handy with the paperwork for the stud but now cannot imagine not being outside.

Liz believes that if alpacas are well managed then they will stay very healthy and their management is geared to this belief. It is certainly paying off looking at the happy, healthy animals that surround us. Despite having so many, Liz knows them personally, their names and their histories.

Getting started with alpacas

So what does Liz believe are the best pieces of advice to people thinking of getting started in alpacas?
Liz says what she would really like people to do is to come for a day to Houghton Hall particularly around shearing time if possible to see how they are managed and get to understand the handling. So much can be learnt by looking, learning and getting some practical experience.

You will need good fencing and two to three acres of grassland, enough for 6 alpacas, so that it can be rested and rotated and she advises at least three alpacas to start with. You will also need to protect young trees. They eat hay and haylage and require a mineral supplement ? and you need to find a vet who understands alpacas. It is important to remember that alpacas are shy, gentle inquisitive animals who like to be treated quietly. They should be halter trained which is comparatively easy to achieve especially at weaning. They can mix well with sheep. Alpacas can be good flock guards.

Liz believes that Houghton Hall Alpacas offers a very personal service to buyers, no pressure and takes in to account whether the buyer wants to show to top level or, at the other end of the scale, have neutered males for pets. She says the interest in keeping alpacas continues to rise from all sectors. Membership of the British Alpaca Society will also get alpaca keeping off to a good start.

If you do intend to breed then you must buy the best quality female alpaca you can and use a quality stud male for breeding. If you don?t want to keep a stud male yourself then send your females to a good male. And never stop learning yourself. Go to shows, ask questions, meet breeders and learn, learn and learn!

An excerpt from Practical Sheep, Goats and Alpaca magazine?s Summer 2015 issue, out now!
You can find the issue here!

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Our website is always a working progress. If you can't see what you are looking for, just give us a call, with over 750 alpacas, we are sure to have an 'Alpackage' to suit you. We welcome visits, but please call in advance.

5th June 2015

Why do we all love alpacas?

At Houghton Hall Alpacas we pride ourselves on providing a warm welcome for anyone with a passion for alpacas, be it as a pet or for breeding purposes. We understand that everyone is looking for something different when choosing and owning their alpacas; which is why we recently decided to find out what it was about these curiously fuzzy creatures that made you fall in love with them. As ever our faithful alpaca friends and fans helped us out by answering our short survey.

The main reason highlighted by the questionnaire quite pleasingly was the alpacas? personalities and the joys of actually caring and taking responsibility for them. Here is a selection of the answers we received;

?(Their) individual personalities, together with their looks, their fleece, everything about them apart from poo picking.?

?They are lovely, relaxing animals to work and live around. They bring calm to your life. Intriguing and entertaining. So different from many other animals.?

?Actually caring for them, feeding, husbandry and looking after them on a day to day basis.?

?Looking out of the kitchen window and seeing them all at the gate waiting for breakfast, then going out to feed them and they all run up to say hello. They are all different and each one is lovely!?

?Interaction. Sharing the qualities of their fleece. Taking for walks. Everything.?

?The joy of breeding a better one each generation?

?The friendly smile and welcome that's always received when we go into the field?

Overwhelmingly the largest group who answered the survey classified themselves as alpaca breeders at just under 60%, but we were pleased to also hear from people who were just admirers with the hopes to one day own alpacas at 15%. We also received responses from those who classed themselves as pet owners and smallholders, it was great to have such a diverse group of respondents, so thank you to everyone that answered it.

On a final note this is what our lovely Liz had to say about alpaca ownership; ?It is difficult to pinpoint just one particular thing about alpacas, but seeing them out in the paddocks happily pronking around makes all the hard work worthwhile.?

Want to let us know why you adore the cutest of the camelids? Share it on one of our social pages twitter, facebook or google+.

Don't own alpacas but this article has made you think about getting some? Give Mick and Liz a call to chat 'alpaca' on 01480 461 510 or 07764469132.

Our website is always a working progress. If you can't see what you are looking for, just give us a call, with over 750 alpacas, we are sure to have an Alpackage to suit you. We welcome visits, but please call in advance.

1st June 2015

What a weekend we had at the Royal Bath and West show. It certainly was a tricky first day for us on the Friday as we had tremendous down pours; luckily we were partly inside so we tried to keep our coloured team under cover before their classes, not always successful! But thankfully the sun shone for us all on the Saturday as we had a glorious day, with some equally glorious results!

We took the DOUBLE! Our handsome male Houghton Bellino took Supreme Champion Huacaya and our unbeatable Houghton Mystical Magic has taken Supreme Champion Suri, she also took Best of British.
Our top herd sire?s Houghton Navigator and Suri Storm of Houghton took 1st for Huacaya and Suri 3 Progeny by One Sire respectively, this has been achieved at all shows attended this year. In total we won 2 Supreme Champion, 5 Champion, 4 Reserve Champion, 9 1st Rosettes and 1 Suri Best of British with a number of other placings. Thanks goes to the organisers and everyone that helped us.

Well done Team Houghton!

Bellino?s first cria are also on the ground so we can?t wait to see how they develop, watch this space.

Carmarthenshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Epoch Alpacas
Herd Size:50
Contact Name:Tanya Russell
Telephone Number:07711340658
Nearest Town:Llandovery
About this breeder:Epoch Alpacas manage a herd on our 40 acre farm in Mid Wales. Our main priority is to ensure the highest welfare for our animals, as we enjoy their wonderful characterful and inquisitive natures.
We primarily breed coloured alpaca, appaloosa, multi, grey and other beautiful solid colours. We are breeding selectively to continually improve the temperament, conformation and fleece quality of our animals and have some great genetics in the herd.
We benefitted hugely from the support of the Alpaca community and the training offered in a number of areas, we would very much like to support and pass on any help and advice that we can to those purchasing our animals, using our stud services or just those who need some help.
Our main business is animal sculpture, so ensuring our animals go to the best homes where they will be well cared for is of the utmost importance to us.

Cheshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Akesmere - Penwerris
Herd Size:30
Contact Name:Dianne Hall
Telephone Number:07836545611
Nearest Town:Little Budworth
Address:Akesmere Farm
Chester Rd
Little Budworth
About this breeder:Due to relocation I am reducing the size of the herd.
Over many years my animals have achieved champion and highly placed positions in contests across the UK.

Breeder/Farm Name:Capital Alpaca Ltd
Herd Size:100
Contact Name:Kim & Stuart Murray
Telephone Number:07470028836
Nearest Town:Sutton
Address:Little Pethills Farm
Hollin Lane
SK11 0NJ
About this breeder:A lot of work goes into not only our breeding practices and decisions, but also into our husbandry and care. We strive to ensure that our Alpacas are kept in their peak condition and are thereby very healthy overall and sporting well nourished fleeces.

Our herd is comprised of top notch genetics and we breed very selectively with the aim to make a marked improvement to both huacayas and suris on a national level. We use many colours to accomplish this goal. Although grey is our favourite colour, we are by no means breeding only grey alpacas nor sacrificing colour for quality.

Feel free to get in touch with any queries and see our website for more details!

Breeder/Farm Name:Butterley Alpacas
Herd Size:30
Contact Name:Charlie Lambert
Telephone Number:07731922446
Nearest Town:Nantwich
Address:The Vet Shed
5 Butterley Barns
Heywood Lane
About this breeder:Breeder of quality black huacaya alpacas.
Husbandry advice and support.
Veterinary services

Cornwall  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Alpacas of Cornwall
Contact Name:Sandra Muriel and Allen Muriel
Telephone Number:07870612559
Nearest Town:PRAZE
Address:CARN TREMAYNE FARM,Praze, Cornwall
About this breeder:Pedigree alpacas
National Champions and Champions
Award winning alpaca yarn and products



Breeder/Farm Name:Dark Sky Alpacas
Herd Size:29
Contact Name:Tom & Wendy Scott
Telephone Number:07825105530
Nearest Town:St Breward
Address:Lower Hamatethy
St Breward
About this breeder:Dark Sky Alpacas is home to a breeding herd of Huacaya and Suri Alpacas on the edge of beautiful Bodmin Moor, Cornwall.
We started the farm in 2018 and have 20 acres of sheltered, south facing fields which are protected by a full badger proof perimeter.

Breeder/Farm Name:Kestle Alpacas
Herd Size:20
Contact Name:Thomas Boyd-Lander
Telephone Number:07917434904
Nearest Town:Tregadillett
Address:West Kestle Farm
About this breeder:Kestle Alpacas is a small family farm. We have worked with alpacas since 2017. We breed huacayas for improvement of the fleece quality and other physical characteristics, like health and conformation.

We breed alpacas and also engage in projects like rescue of endangered breeds, support of green energy alternatives and preservation of historic heritage.

Breeder/Farm Name:Sunnydale Alpacas
Herd Size:30
Contact Name:Peter Swann
Telephone Number:07966 132275
Nearest Town:Launceston
Address:Lowley Brook Farm
About this breeder:We are a long established herd with a great selection of prizewinning animals. But I'm well past 70 years old now and I have stopped breeding alpacas. I would love to see my carefully nurtured group of studs continue what they have started so they are all up for sale.

Breeder/Farm Name:Little Acorn Alpacas
Contact Name:Hannah Price
Telephone Number:07912689315
Nearest Town:Liskeard
Address:Little Acorn Farm
St Keyne

Breeder/Farm Name:Carpalla Alpacas
Herd Size:43
Contact Name:Nigel Retallack
Telephone Number:07974796792
Nearest Town:St Austell
Address:Higher Carpalla Farm
St Austell
About this breeder:Nigel and Margaret Retallack are professional breeders of healthy, registered Alpacas.
Stock is reared on a high Cornish farm which is 750 feet above sea level.
We pride ourselves on being open and honest and will give a full description of an animals good and not so good features.

Cumbria  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Cherry Hope Alpacas
Herd Size:39
Contact Name:Elsa Benedict
Telephone Number:07923 133336
Nearest Town:Alston
Address:Stonebarn Cottage
Lower Galligill
About this breeder:Cherry Hope Alpacas is a mixed herd of huacaya and suri based in Alston in Cumbria and Longframlington in Northumberland

Breeder/Farm Name:Beck Brow Alpacas of Cumbria
Herd Size:185
Contact Name:Barbara Hetherington
Telephone Number:07833642752
Nearest Town:Carlisle
Address:Beck Brow
About this breeder:Beck Brow Alpacas of Cumbria is a family run alpaca farm, consisting of 50 acres set within the picturesque Eden Valley. We started breeding in 2009 and currently have 185 alpacas,

With 65 cria born this year, our herd is growing considerably and we expect that a small number of our homebred alpacas will be offered for sale...please contact us if you are interested, as they seldom make the for sale list!

Our core herd has been selected to include some of the best genetics available and we are hoping for some lovely cria again from our 2022 crop.

We have had a very exciting time on the show circuit, with our stunning white male; Beck Brow Explorer winning multiple championship broad ribbons including 3 Supreme Championships.
Explorer has gone on two sire numerous champions including 3 Supreme Champions.

The health and welfare of our alpacas is our top priority. All of the animals on our
farm are known by their name and by their nature. Our alpacas are all well handled and as a result are extremely friendly. Visitors welcome.

Visit our website for further information and to read our blog.
Latest News:British Alpaca Futurity 2011

Beck Brow Explorer 3rd placed junior white male.

Silverstream Galaxt ET 2nd placed adult fawn fleece.

EP Cambridge Lady Gaga 2nd placed adult beige fleece.


Beck Brow Explorer 1st placed junior white male
Res Champion Junior white male

Waradene St. Patrick of EPC owned by Beck Brow 2nd placed adult fawn male

Anzac Viracocha Black Sabbath (co-owned) 1st placed adult black male

Breeder/Farm Name:Greenholme Alpacas
Herd Size:19
Contact Name:Ysobel Sugden
Telephone Number:07719606855
Nearest Town:Sedbergh
About this breeder:I'm cutting down on numbers and no longer breed. I have 19 females ranging in age from 2 -15

Breeder/Farm Name:King Garth Alpacas
Herd Size:40
Contact Name:jane hodgson
Telephone Number:07762286050
Nearest Town:Carlisle
Address:West End
About this breeder:King Garth Alpacas is located in North Cumbria on The Solway Firth. We aim to breed beautiful alpacas with top genetics which are healthy, happy, good to handle. Alpacas for sale range from pet boys to stud males, and breeding females to suit all budgets. Full after sale support and guidance will be provided. Whether you are starting your alpaca journey or are an experienced breeder please feel free to call and discuss your requirements.

Denbighshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Perthi Chwarae alpacas (aka Perthipacas)
Herd Size:30
Contact Name:Pauline Jolly
Telephone Number:07538478999
Nearest Town:Mold
Address:Perthi Chwarae
Llandegla Road
Llanarmon Yn Ial
About this breeder:Hobby breeder of alpacas, in a variety of colours, from white to black, with an interest in grey and fancy. The health and well being of the alpacas if of the utmost importance. Viewing welcome and full support is offered to new alpaca keepers. Delivery available.

Breeder/Farm Name:Dee Valley Alpacas
Herd Size:20
Contact Name:Mrs Debbie Humphreys
Telephone Number:07464617922
Nearest Town:Glyndyfrdwy
Address:Tyn y Celyn Barns
About this breeder:

We are a family run alpaca breeder situated in the beautiful Dee Valley in North Wales on the main A5 ten minutes from Llangollen. My interest is in using good genetics to breed to produce an alpaca that has a quality fleece for many years along with good conformation and a good nature. To this end I include animals in my herd that have inherited potential to maintain fleece quality for many years. The dam of our gorgeous stud Angersleigh Harley is Eringa Park Caramela daughter of EP Cambridge Caesar. Caramela?s 11th fleece was still 22 microns. EP Cambridge Spartacus and Samson, Jolimont Commisario and NWT Ltd Ruffo also add to great genetic potential. Lines from Bozedown and Classical also add to the genetics in our breeding lines. I breed for colour though I have whites too as I like to use wool as naturally as possible and a range of lovely colours allows natural variety in the wool.

We are happy to talk Alpacas if you are just beginning and give ongoing help and advice in caring for your new alpacas. All our animals are BAS registered. In order to keep our herd to a manageable size we occasionally have animals for sale.

Derbyshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Farbrook Alpacas
Herd Size:50
Contact Name:Simon McMahon
Telephone Number:07931 506210
Nearest Town:Buxton
Address:Farbrook Farm
About this breeder:Simon and Gemma McMahon have been breeding alpacas in the Peak District since 1999. Our aims are to provide you with the knowledge and backup required to start a new alpaca business as well as the breeding stock that both suits your budget and the needs of your business.

And of course if you're not interested in alpacas as a business venture we have an excellent range of beautiful boys to grace your paddocks and enhance your life.

Breeder/Farm Name:Commonside Alpacas
Contact Name:
Telephone Number:07376582602
Nearest Town:Barlow
Address:wellspring farm
commonside road

Breeder/Farm Name:Spinney Farm Alpacas
Herd Size:15
Contact Name:Norma Rickards
Telephone Number:07971798138
Nearest Town:Matlock
Address:Spinney Farm Slaley Lane Bonsall Matlock Derbyshire

Devon  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Classical/MileEnd Alpacas
Herd Size:100
Contact Name:Rachel Hebditch/Chas Brooke
Telephone Number:01884 243579
Nearest Town:Tiverton
Address:Vulscombe Farm
Vulscombe Lane
EX16 8NB
About this breeder:Classical MileEnd is an experienced and professional alpaca stud farm now in its 20th year, offering outstanding genetics for alpaca breeders and fibre producers.

Heavy investment in show winning and proven genetics, with blood lines from Australia, Peru, USA and Canada places us in the top ranks of European alpaca breeders.

Please visit our website at or phone for a brochure.

We have for sale a wide range of breeding and non breeding stock at very competative prices, and a renowned mobile stud mating service using our selection of superb machos

In addition we provide many services to both new and existing clients including full pre and post sales advice and support, assistance in sale of their own stock when required, ultrasound pregnancy testing using our own state of the art equipment, training on routine husbandry and shearing.

The UK-Alpaca fibre collecting and processing company provides many fibre growers with a ready market for their fibre crop and a cheque on delivery!

The home of Alpaca World Magazine, the only independent full colour glossy quarterly magazine, completes the circle of facilities and services offered.

All visitors are most welcome to our farms to visit and view stock by appointment.

Latest News:CME Tulaco Centurion did it again in 2007 winning the Show Champion sash at the BAS Spring Show on March 17, 2907. Our new white male Alpaca Stud Jaquinto did well too and was White Male Champion. We expect to see the first Jaquinto cria on the ground in May and Centurion's first babies in the autumn.

Our stunning fawn male CME Tulaco Centurion came home from the first alpaca show of the year, the South of England Spring Show 2006, with the Supreme Champion Huacaya ribbon. This lovely boy is almost two and has just started working. His mother Ashley Grove Flamenco is a bit of a star too with the highest scoring fleece at the 2005 Royal Bath & West Show. His sire is Shanbrooke Accoyo Tulaco, imported and owned by Ron and Dianne Condon of the Shanbrooke Alpaca Stud, whose progeny are bringing home the ribbons in Australia.

MileEnd Gabriella, a fawn junior female, took the Reserve Colour Champion ribbon for fawn females. She is the grand daughter of our multi ribbon winning brown female Mile End Lucille and her sire is CME Benleigh Talisman, a grand son of the famous Australian sire Highlander. Mile End Lucille's 2005 cria CME Poseidon was second in the junior brown male class. He was sired by CME Shanbrooke Distinction.

CME Lysander, sired by CME Aztec Avalanche, took the second place rosette in a hotly contested Intermediate White male class. Our two white youngsters CME Hestia and CME Baccus took third and fourth in the junior white classes. Both youngsters were sired by CME Kurrawa Micah. The judge commented on their excellent conformation, typey heads, good bone and the exceptionally long staple length of their fleeces.

Congratulations to Di Davies of Alpha Alpacas whose black male, sired by our stud male CME Wyterrica Patrick, on the black Colour Championship ribbon at the South of England Show 2006.

Breeder/Farm Name:PowWow Alpacas
Herd Size:14
Contact Name:Abha Wells
Telephone Number:07850718072
Nearest Town:Littlehempston
Address:Gatcombe Park farm
Newton road

Breeder/Farm Name:Bearhouse Alpacas
Herd Size:70
Contact Name:Richard Harris
Telephone Number:07714 031 844/01395 597 693
Nearest Town:Sidbury
Address:The Bearhouse
Sandcombe Wood
About this breeder:Bearhouse Alpacas, based in the beautiful Roncombe Valley near Sidbury in East Devon, breeds quality alpacas for sale as pets and breeding stock, provides stud services and is also a thriving alpaca trekking business. Treks of an hour and a half in the bridleways around our farm, situated in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, are run all year round, weather permitting. Trekking vouchers and alpaca products including alpaca wool and alpaca socks can be purchased on our website:

Latest News:July 2020

We are re-opening for alpaca trekking from Monday 13th July! Please phone 01395 597693 for more information.

June 2020

We're still closed due to the COVid-19 lockdown but hoping to RE-OPEN in mid-July for alpaca trekking.

We have some cria (baby alpacas) born in May which we hope to have on view!

We've had to make the difficult decision to increase our prices for alpaca trekking for the first time in six years due to losses this summer and to ensure that our business remains viable.

We will be making an increase of £5 and charging adults £25 and children £15 when we re-open and will be taking out smaller groups than usual with social distancing measures in place.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

January 2019

We have collected our latest batch of wool from the mill in Cornwall and now have several dyed alpaca wools (50 gm and 100 gm) on our on-line shop: as well as natural blends!

Alpaca trekking gift vouchers have sold well over Christmas and we have had a regular flow of customers over the winter so far for our popular alpaca treks.

The house building project is coming on well. The 'second fix' will start in March. Looking forward to having a proper shop ................

September 2018

Alpaca trekking has been fully booked throughout the summer of 2018 and trekkers have coped very well with the building site! Yes - we were granted planning permission in the spring to build a house here at the farm and the roof will be on by October/November ready for the onset of winter.

Summer 2014 has been busy with exports to Italy, Holland and Belgium. Alpaca Trekking is now a regular event adding another dimension to our farm, although we have sold a few trekkers! We'll be busy next spring training up this year's cria.

We will be at the River Cottage Food Fair this Bank Holiday weekend - 27th, 28th and 29th May. Come along and see the alpacas!

Devon County Show 2014

First prize in the adult fawn female class for Bearhouse Daisy. Alpaca judging continued through Saturday, despite the cancellation of the main show.

Alpaca Trekking In The Rolling Hills of East Devon

Spend a couple of hours with these beautiful animals, trekking through the East Devon Countryside from our farm outside Sidbury. Becoming an alpaca trekker will be an unusual, enjoyable and unforgettable experience. You will be able to take in the glorious scenery of the Roncombe Valley with its steep tracks and rolling hills, or an easier, but just as enjoyable walk, can be arranged. The tracks and pathways may be uneven and suitable footwear and clothing should be worn. Treks can be from 1 to 2 hours in duration and you are welcome to bring a picnic.

Cost? Adults £20 Children £10. Discounts available for larger groups.

Phone: 01395 597693 to book


The Prime Minister made an appearance at this year's North Devon Show, but was more interested in Jacob sheep than alpacas!

Still, it was worth the early start to the day for Bearhouse Alpacas, as we came away with five First Prizes, a Reserve Champion rosette and one second prize. We took six alpacas to the show and the results were as follows:

Bearhouse Kiara - 1st Prize - Brown Junior Female
Bearhouse Valentino - 1st Prize and Reserve Champion - Brown Senior Male
Bearhouse Daisy - 1st Prize - Fawn Intermediate Female
Bearhouse Herodotus - 1st Prize - Fawn Intermediate Male
Dreamfield King Louis - 1st Prize - White Adult Male
Bearhouse Roxy - 2nd Prize - White Intermediate Female

The Judge was Nick Harrington-Smith.

We're taking a rest from showing for this year now, apart from our local fair in Sidbury, but are very pleased with our 2013 results!


A good day on Thursday at our local show - The Honiton & District Agricultural Show. We came away with two first prizes - one for Bearhouse Valentino, our dark brown stud male and another 1st Prize for Bearhouse Kiara in the junior brown female class, a third for Dreamfield King Louis, our white stud male in the adult white class and fourths for Bearhouse Daisy in the Intermediate Fawn Female Class and Bearhouse Roxy in the Intermediate White Female Class. Judge was Catherine Lloyd from EP Cambridge Alpaca Stud.


This year?s Devon County Show attracted record numbers of people with sunshine throughout the three days, only a few spots of rain and almost a heat wave on the Saturday!

The alpacas were a very popular attraction with most of the top breeders from the South West showing their huacaya and suri alpacas. Many of these animals were fully fleeced for the show and will be pleased to be shorn as soon as possible now that some good weather has arrived. Shearing now will give enough time for some re-growth ready for the summer shows.

Sidbury based Bearhouse Alpacas did well with their small but select show team, winning a first prize with Bearhouse Kiara in the Junior Brown Female Huacaya class, a second prize for Bearhouse Aphrodite in the Intermediate Black Female Huacaya class, a second prize for Bearhouse Daisy in the Intermediate Fawn Female class and a second for Bearhouse Herodotus in the Junior Male Light Fawn class. All of these animals will now be up for sale on their website:

Follow Bearhouse Alpaca Farm on Twitter: @BearhouseA and on Facebook: Bearhouse Alpacas.


We have now sold out of haylage but still have hay available at £3.00 per bale. We can deliver for cost of fuel.
Please phone Richard Harris on 07714 031 844
for information.


After five years of breeding Bearhouse female alpacas with award winning stud males, the success of the long term breeding programme is undeniable in 2011.

This year has been an extremely pleasing year at the three shows where we exhibited our animals: The Devon County Show, The North Devon Show and The Honiton Show.
Bearhouse Alpacas won the ?Best Small Breeder? award at the Devon County Show in May, with a 1st, a 2nd and two 3rd prizes and was then awarded three 1st prizes and three Reserve Champion rosettes, plus a 2nd and 3rd prize at the North Devon Show in August.

The string of successes culminated in two year old Bearhouse Valentino (sired by solid black ? Classical Ikon) winning 1st prize in the adult black male class and then overall ?Champion Black Male Huacaya? at the 121st Honiton and District Agricultural Show, billed as the largest one day agricultural show in England. Bearhouse Alpacas also won another 1st, two 2nds and a 3rd prize at the Show.

The best in agriculture was on display at the Honiton Show, with local farmers and breeders showcasing their sheep, cattle, poultry as well as alpacas, to crowds of more than 18,000.

Bearhouse Valentino is now working at stud at Bearhouse Farm - his first cria are due Autumn 2012.


If you would like to buy an alpaca/alpacas but do not have anywhere to keep it/them, we can take care of it/them here at Bearhouse Farm.


If you would rather not buy on-line, please visit us here at the farm in Sidbury or buy our wool and felt from the Spar Shop, Jet Garage, Turk's Head, Honiton, Devon EX14 1BQ. You can also phone us here at the farm on 01395 597693 to place an order. Many thanks.

Breeder/Farm Name:PURE ALPACAS
Herd Size:60
Contact Name:Jay Holland
Telephone Number:07789257222
Nearest Town:Pennymoor
Address:Park Meadows
About this breeder:We are a small, friendly and experienced breeder providing quality alpacas of all colours from proven bloodlines. We have a bias on fleece and emphasise welfare, training and education.

Jay is an international BAS judge, so we regularly run a variety of useful courses - please see our website for details.

Our service includes:-

* Full support, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
* Full documentation including pedigree, medical and health reports.
* FREE husbandry day to new owners.
* Confirmed scanned pregnancies.
* Full breeding/birthing notes.
* Vaccination reminders.

Visitors are very welcome by appointment.

Breeder/Farm Name:Mullacott Alpacas
Herd Size:80
Contact Name:Simon & Kate Brookes
Telephone Number:07540 050 969 or 0797 053 8998
Nearest Town:Ilfracombe
Address:Lower Mullacott Farm,
About this breeder:We have bred alpacas since the Mid 1990s and aim to breed about 25 cria per year. This allows all of our alpacas to get personal attention and gain confidence and trust of humans. We have a full range of colours with lots of appaloosa and harlequins. We offer a full aftercare service with many purchasers coming back for shearing and further purchases. We are always willing to offer after sales support and advice. Check out our latest news on Facebook (Mullacott Alpacas)

Dorset  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Bride valley alpaca
Herd Size:50
Contact Name:tina michelle hardiman
Telephone Number:07554675543
Nearest Town:dorchester
Address:Bride Valley Farm
Higher Kingston Russell
About this breeder:Here at Bridevalley alpaca we have a small but quality herd of coloured huacaya alpaca ,
My alpaca are well handled and have super characters .
When establishing my herd i carefully selected breeding females including topclass genetics and the cria we have bred are stunning show quality / stud alpaca with beautiful fleeces which are ultra fine
We have a selection of alpaca available to purchase from experienced walking boys
Potential stud males
Open young females
Proven females
All our alpaca are upto date with all husbandry and handling.

Breeder/Farm Name:Inca Alpaca
Herd Size:330
Contact Name:Tim Hey
Telephone Number:07875 532827
Nearest Town:Dorchester
Address:Farm and Mailing Address: Inca Alpaca Amberley Farm Higher Drove Chilfrome Dorchester Dorset DT2 0HU England
About this breeder:About Inca Alpaca

Tim Hey established Inca Alpaca in order to help preserve and improve coloured alpaca. This passion for black alpaca offers new owners and breeders an opportunity to obtain high quality bloodstock in order to join in the quest.

The last one hundred and fifty years have seen the majority of alpaca breeders in Peru selectively breed towards white and fawn causing the numbers of black alpacas to fall to a very low level and the quality of the fibre stand still. Breeding high quality coloured alpacas in particular black is a challenge that we have taken up and are passionate about. Through the use of careful breeding decisions and strategies developed in Australia we strive to breed black alpaca to the quality now seen in the best white stock.

Recently Tim's family have exported many of their black alpacas to England to form the core of Inca Alpaca. Also a small group of investors has allowed Inca Alpaca to import extremely high quality black bloodstock form Australia. These imported females have formed the top end of Inca Alpaca's plantel herd.

Inca Alpaca takes great pride in offering clients support and advice from 25 years alpaca farming experience in Australia and the UK. We have taken great care in the selection of our bloodstock to ensure strong uniform genetic lines that will impart desirable characteristics to the progeny. This in turn will ensure our long-term success and that of my clients through minimising breeding risks and developing the sale of high priced bloodstock and fibre domestically and into the ever growing European market.


I have a vision that is shared by many breeders of black alpacas around the world. That vision is to one day breed and maintain a herd of black huacaya and suri alpacas that clip a fleece to the same weight and quality equal to the best white alpacas now found in the UK. By learning from the research and experience in the merino, angora and alpaca industry in Australia and North America I can reduce incorrect breeding decisions and begin to understand the link between nutrition, physiology and fibre. My own experience tells me that my goal is obtainable if I apply all that I have learnt and use males that consistently produce uniform progeny that carry the traits I desire and use newly developed breeding strategies that that are proven to improve the herd?s clip in leaps and bounds while keeping the black colour.

About Tim Hey

I grew up on an Alpaca farm in Tasmania Australia and was involved with many aspects of my families? herd called Van Diemen Alpacas. At the age of 18 I attended the University of Tasmania and graduated three years later with a science degree in Aquaculture. I then worked in a technical and scientific role for the largest Atlantic salmon producer in Australia, while still being heavily involved with the parents? herd and the Tasmanian region of the Australian Alpaca Association. A position with Alpacas of Wessex temped me to England where have enjoyed working with excellent stock and a professional team. At Alpacas of Wessex I still enjoy being part of the team and working with them to take the alpaca industry forward. I have been to Peru and Australia many times on behalf of Alpacas of Wessex, ABQ Alpacas and Inca Alpaca selecting alpaca for import into Europe. I had the privilege of selecting with a team of professionals including Geoff Scott, Monyka Portecarrero and John Gaye where we have selected some of the top alpacas ever to enter Europe. These alpacas included Wessex Rural Alianza Wiracocha, Wessex Adonica and Wessex Rural Alianza Don Pepe.


Located in the South of England on the Dorset Wiltshire border, Inca Alpaca offers interested potential people and existing breeders an ideal opportunity to visit, view stock and learn more about this exciting and new rural enterprise. We are also conveniently located for the International visitor as we are only 90 minutes from London?s Heathrow Airport.
Latest News:Seed Stock Arrives From Australia

Our stud stock from Australia finally arrived from Australia last weekend ending a nervous wait. This selection has been a culmination of twelve months works by and of course us here at Inca Alpaca.

The females were selected using stringent criteria based on our knowledge of the quality of the best black huacayas in Australia in 2005. We needed to increase our number of females that had strong frames, great fineness in the fleece while also carrying the other fibre characteristics that are found in good quality whites. We need females in the UK that will breed exceptional cria every time and with great uniformity.

This import is very exciting for us because it carries some of the best black genetics found and proven in Australia to date. This group of females are totally unrelated to 99 percent of black huacayas in Europe, giving us potential to use males born from these females and improve the industry.

Nine of these girls have retained their pregnancy to Cedar House Amar, a Champion Black sire bred by Cedar Huse Alpaca Stud now residing in NZ with Sherlin Alpacas. This genetic imput by Amar will help secure Inca Alpaca's future in the industry and push our productivity of black fibre forward.

Inspection of these females and all the stock at Inca Alpaca is most welcome.

Breeder/Farm Name:Sol Alpacas
Herd Size:32
Contact Name:Alan Rigby / Tina Lewis
Telephone Number:07767368619 or 07881415134
Nearest Town:Lytchett Matravers
Address:Dew Pond Farm
Castle Farm Road
Lytchett Matravers
About this breeder:

Breeder/Farm Name:Cedar House Alpacas
Herd Size:150
Contact Name:Edward
Telephone Number:07852731638
Nearest Town:Gillingham
Address:Coking Farm , West Stour , Gillingham , Dorset

Dumfriesshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Hebbs Alpacas
Herd Size:70
Contact Name:Beverley Morgan
Telephone Number:0771 258 8639
Nearest Town:Canonbie
Address:Glencartholm Farm
Dumfries and Galloway
About this breeder:We are a small breeder, producing top quality animals. We have a range of animals to suit your needs breeding females, potential stud males and pet boys. Being a small breeder we know our animals very well and can thus match the right animals to the right owners.

We offer full backup services to all our clients and are more than happy to offer advice and support.

Durham  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Castleside Alpacas
Herd Size:8
Contact Name:Jannette Archer
Telephone Number:07703744987
Nearest Town:Consett
Address:22 Wesley Terrace
About this breeder:Castleside Alpacas have a small herd of Huacaya alpacas. Our breeding days are over and we are looking to downsize further.

East Sussex  (Back To Top)

Contact Name:Caroline Vickery
Telephone Number:01342 825145 or 07740 813 011
Nearest Town:Hartfield
Address:Wealden Farm
Parrock Lane
East Sussex
About this breeder:THE FARM
Alpacas at Wealden is located in 'Winnie the Pooh' country, in an area of outstanding natural beauty. The farm stands on a hill overlooking the neighbouring valleys.

Alpacas first came to the farm in late 2006 - 6 beautiful, pregnant Huacaya and Suris. The girls were chosen for their quality, colour and character!

There are now more than 80 Huacayas and Suris, of various colours, on the farm - made up of a mix of pets, stud males, maidens, pregnant females and cria (depending on the time of year).

Stud males are individually selected for each female to ensure improved genetics and quality to each new generation.

Alpacas at Wealden have been showing their alpacas annually at the local, national and international shows since 2008 and have achieved great success every year, winning colour championships (both in fleece and halter classes) and multiple best suri awards.

Whether you are looking for alpacas to improve the genetics and quality of your existing herd, for your initial alpacas to start your own breeding programme, for your own fibre production, as protectors for sheep and poultry, as companions, or simply want these fabulous animals to wonder at and adore, make an appointment to visit Alpacas at Wealden - you will find your own special alpaca!

Females are available for sale from under £1,000.
Stud males from £1,200.
Pets from £500.

Breeder/Farm Name:ferrells
Herd Size:3
Contact Name:07890842431
Telephone Number:07890842431
Nearest Town:hailsham
Address:32 Hawks Road
About this breeder:3 boys for sale 2 white and 1 brown 2 years old just had hair cut .all in good condition in battle east Sussex

Breeder/Farm Name:Spring Farm Alpacas
Herd Size:105
Contact Name:Vicki and Chris Agar
Telephone Number:01825 790885
Nearest Town:Uckfield
Address:Spring Farm
North Hall Lane
East Sussex
About this breeder:We have been breeding Alpacas for seventeen years on our wild flower meadow grassland farm, within the High Weald area of outstanding natural beauty. We keep both Suris and Huacayas and have all classes of animals - from National Champions to fabulous pets. All of our animals are halter trained and are used to being with people. We believe we have the most friendly herd of alpacas in the UK. We offer hands on training, and an in depth knowledge of these fabulous creatures. Our biosecurity is second to none and we are very happy to guide you through every aspect of ownership and husbandry. Our stud males include Snowmass genetics on the Huacaya side and Macgyver on the Suri Side. We also offer alpaca walking and a fully fitted holiday let - The Lodge - so prospective owners can come and stay whilst meeting our herd or even taking alpacas out for walks to see just how friendly our herd is. For details of the walks, please see

Essex  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Georgiespedigreealpacas
Herd Size:9
Contact Name:Georgie Butler
Telephone Number:07798725115
Nearest Town:Halstead
Address:Froyz Hall
About this breeder:Stud services and alpacas for sale

Breeder/Farm Name:Lough Rynn Alpacas
Contact Name:
Telephone Number:07514963356
Nearest Town:Essex
About this breeder:

Breeder/Farm Name:Chinchero Alpacas
Herd Size:80
Contact Name:Steve & Belinda Massenhove
Telephone Number:07852262030
Nearest Town:Maldon
Address:Loftmans Farm
Maldon Road
About this breeder:We are a small/medium size breeder of quality Huacaya Alpaca, in all colours from black through to white including leopard appaloosa, grey and fancy.

Breeder/Farm Name:Alpacashed
Herd Size:12
Contact Name:Emma Daniels
Telephone Number:+447979308150
Nearest Town:Hullbridge
Address:Black Swan Cottage Long Lane

Breeder/Farm Name:Churchfield Alpacas
Herd Size:90
Contact Name:Harley Laver
Telephone Number:07934463342
Nearest Town:Latchingdon, Maldon
Cold Norton Road
About this breeder:Discover the finest Alpaca breeder and stud services at Churchfield Alpacas, nestled in the picturesque countryside of Essex! With an exceptional variety of Alpacas and an impressive lineup of award-winning stud genetics, we're your one-stop destination for all your Alpaca needs.

Join us in our passion for these enchanting creatures, and let us help you find the perfect match for your herd. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your breeding program with our top-quality studs.

For more information or to start your Alpaca journey, reach out to us, and our friendly team will be delighted to assist you. You can also explore our website at to learn more about our offerings and catch a glimpse of our beautiful Alpacas!

Breeder/Farm Name:Freelands Alpacas
Herd Size:35
Contact Name:Steve kidger
Telephone Number:07768122997
Nearest Town:Colchester
Address:Freelands farm
Lower farm lane

Glamorgan  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Garth Hall Farm
Herd Size:40
Contact Name:Helen Edmunds
Telephone Number:07399696742
Nearest Town:Coedely
Address:Garth Hall Farm
About this breeder:We are a small family run farm on the edge of the Rhondda Valleys. We have been breeding alpacas for 3 years now.

Breeder/Farm Name:Cefn Fawr Alpacas
Herd Size:10
Contact Name:Russell Cope
Telephone Number:07720330230
Nearest Town:Cardiff
Address:Cefn Fawr Farm
Cefn Mably

Gloucestershire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:KENSMYTH
Contact Name:Mrs Helen Kendall Smith
Telephone Number:07799700587
Nearest Town:Cirencester
Clay Meadow
Cirencester Road
About this breeder:Welcome to Kensmyth Alpacas. We started in 2007 and are a ring fenced farm between Siddington and South Cerney in the Cotswolds. Our husbandry courses including Alpaca Walking are totally on site in our own grass lanes around the farm. We are one of just a handful of Alpaca Studs totally fenced from badgers. We are a totally Closed herd and have been since 2013. Accommodation can be provided for long distance travellers.
With a lifetime of animal husbandry and previous Veterinary partner, we enjoy our Alpacas as well as them being our business they are our life too - we can help you with your Alpaca dreams.
Biosecurity is paramount and we welcome visitors to meet our Alpacas by appointment only. Please note that we will be exporting soon and will only agist Alpaca purchased from within our own herd.
We are 1 mile from the Historic town of Cirencester and just 1 mile from the fantastic Ashton Keynes Country Water Parks ? why not combine a visit to our graceful Alpacas with a wet fun day out?
Due to the extensive Farm facilities, visitors need not cancel their visits due to inclement weather as our American type barns accommodate under cover.
Kensmyth Stud has been breeding quality Alpacas since 2008. We are very pleased with our colour and fleece breeding results. All of our Alpaca are microchipped, ear tagged and registered with the British Alpaca Society with whom we have been members since 2008.

At Kensmyth Stud there is no pressure to purchase. We enjoy showing all our Alpaca to individuals who are genuinely considering this unusual breed. We do not only ?show what we want to sell? and are happy to show Alpaca of varying ages and prices. We want you to be happy that you are buying what you really want to enjoy looking after, every day. The long term welfare of our Alpaca is our paramount concern and we give each potential owner every support to ensure this happens.

All Kensmyth Clients have had and will continue to have:
?telephone advice whenever required and possible.
?Fully documented history of your chosen alpaca and its unique characteristics.
?Guarantee of live cria on the ground (24 hours) where Kensmyth Stud Males have been used and only when agisted here. We do not do mobile matings.
?Delivery free within 100 miles for 2 or more alpacas purchased and a visit to advise on suitability of your premises if required*.
?Free husbandry advice and updates on new methods/products introduced at our stud.
?Discounted rates on agistment (livery) for animals purchased from us. For reasons of Biosecurity we will not agist outside purchases.
* terms and conditions apply
Some Alpacas in our herd are occasionally for sale, Full husbandry support is given. We do not charge for our husbandry support and advice. We aim to gently introduce all aspects of Alpaca care at all times. Please feel free to enquire.
We may be contacted on 01285 862020 / 07799 700587
Our website is a lighthearted way to enjoy Alpaca in the first instance.
Thank you.
Latest News:Kensmyth Alpacas are based in the Cotswolds and are one of only a handful of Alpaca Studs in the UK that have totally secured their fencing from badgers with X Fence. Take a look around our website WWW.KENSMYTH.COM and look at what we do. We do not just say we do things, we actually do them! Have a look at the fun videos under the VIDEOS section on the homepage.
For Corporate clients - go to Corporate Events
For Alpaca Walking - go to Corporate Events and click on the Family Day Section or off the homepage
For Family outings - go to Corporate Events and click on the Family Day section.
Alpaca for sale, Alpaca purchased from us agisted, Alpaca Blog, Alpaca clothing online - we do it all.
A friendly family run farm whose top priority is the welfare of their livestock... and clients.
Why not visit us soon - we have clients all over the world!

Breeder/Farm Name:Wye Valley Alpacas
Herd Size:20
Contact Name:Libby Sharman
Telephone Number:07712509925
Nearest Town:Lydbrook
Address:The Priory
Proberts Barn Lane

Herd Size:290
Contact Name:Roger Mount
Telephone Number:01386 853 841(07711044106)
Nearest Town:Snowshill
Address:Snowshill Hill Barn,Buckle Street,Temple Guiting,Cheltenham,Gloucestershire
About this breeder:We breed all colours of Huacaya alpacas and aim to breed animals with both excellent fleece quality and conformation. We are, also, breeding Suri Alpacas in various colours (currently numbering +/- 40). We use our own herd sires as well as other top quality sires owned by other breeders. We nearly always have alpacas for sale in addition to those advertised.

Breeder/Farm Name:Alderley
Herd Size:25
Contact Name:Saya Buxton
Telephone Number:01608737057
Nearest Town:Wotton-under-Edge
Address:Alderley Farm
Wotton under Edge
About this breeder:We have 9 alpacas for sale.

Hampshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Faraway Alpacas
Contact Name:Nikki Hayton
Telephone Number:07971 342975
Nearest Town:Fordingbridge
Near Fordingbridge
About this breeder:

Find us in the heart of the New Forest National Park. With stock descended from the 8 x American Suri Herdsire Macgyver and the famous Australian Herdsires Somerset Stirling Moss and Senator. We specialise in Coloured Suri, especially black and grey. Breeding to Maintain the Purity of the Suri Breed.

From the beginning we selected and bred for healthy and reproductively sound alpacas. Our husbandry and nutritional programmes focus on the wellbeing and comfort of our animals. Healthy Breeding Stock is a must. Winning in the Show Ring is a bonus. Give us a call when you are looking for reliable, healthy, well-grown Suri Alpacas that can maintain a high level of productivity for many years.

Of course, not all young males can go on to become herdsires. So if you are looking for that very special pet to grace your paddock come and look at our very friendly, well-handled young boys in a variety of colours, including multi-colours and even appaloosa spotted.

Mobile and On-Farm Stud Services available.

We belong to the Forest Friendly Farming Group and our Handwoven goods carry the prestigious New Forest Marque. We are a British Alpaca Society Breeder and founder member of the European Suri Association - wwww.suri

Latest News:

Herd Size:30
Contact Name:Karen Oglesby
Telephone Number:07913247144
Nearest Town:Droxford
Address:Grooms Cottage
Midlington Hill
SO32 3PU
About this breeder:Karen and Peter Oglesby established Meon Valley Alpacas in 1998.

We have been keeping and breeding alpacas since 1998 and during that time we have seen the industry develop and the quality of alpacas raise dramatically as both the quality of available breeding stock and knowledge of these wonderful animals has progressed.

We have always been keen to breed the best quality, healthiest and happiest of alpacas. We have shown successfully ever since shows began in the UK.
Primarily, they are a lifestyle choice for us, they utilise our small farm and whilst we're not as 'commercial' as some breeders, we do usually have a few of our alpacas for sale.
Our after sales support is second to none - we want you to be happy with our animals and our animals to be happy with you!

Our studs are available for mobile and drive-by services to your females. Please see our website for details.

We hold regular day courses in our purpose built training room on keeping and selecting alpacas. Residential courses are also now available. Please check out our website for dates and details.

Visitors are always welcome, please phone Karen first. Visit our website

Breeder/Farm Name:Pennybridge Alpacas
Herd Size:80
Contact Name:
Telephone Number:01256 764824
Nearest Town:Near Hook Odiham & Basingstoke close to J5 & J6 M3
Address:Pennybridge Farm,
Greywell Road,
Up Nately,
About this breeder:Welcome to Pennybridge.One of the first Alpaca Herds in Southern England, we are based in North Hampshire, close to the Berkshire and Surrey Borders with good access to main routes.Whether you wish to purchase a starter herd with Elite Genetics, Stud Service, Amazingly Pretty Pet Animals or Sheep Guards we have them all here.We breed beautiful Huayaca Alpaca of fine conformity and crimped fleece with good natured temperment.Agistment,Alpaca Experiences, Introductory Husbandry Courses, Alpaca Adoption,Group Visits and yarn/fleece also available for purchase.Visitors are welcome by appointment.
Latest News:As herd numbers and composition are at a constant point of change there are generally animals not yet on the sales list so do phone of there is a particular type/colour of animal that you are interested in.
All females not pregnant upon purchase can be mated free of charge before delivery if wished.A Choice of Quality Brilliant Whites, Bay Black, Mid;Rich Brown and Traditional Pretty Fawn herd sires available.
All with excellent genetic background.
The Alpaca Experience runs throughout the year in most weather conditions. We do not expect people to travel through Amber weather conditions to reach us. In the event of Amber/Red weather conditions being forecast for Hampshire/South of England The Alpaca Experience will not run and customers should email through to us for/with an alternative visit date.

The Alpaca Experience: An Alpaca Meet and Greet together with an Alpaca Walk on Halter of at least 20 mins runs at 11.00 a.m. most days. Just call or use our online system to check availability and book.

£50.00 for 2 people
£100.00 for 4 people
£150.00 for 6 people

Alpaca Meet,Greet and Walk/The Alpaca Experience Includes:
An introduction to these wonderful creatures together with a general farm safety talk, feeding/general tasks then halter training/walking on halter of alpaca...the length of walk will depend upon the animals being used/trained that day but will be at least 20 minutes
Strictly no dogs allowed.

Over 11's can lead the alpaca with a responsible adult alongside.
This is a lead walk along side the alpacas only. Customers do not ride the alpacas at any stage.
Must wear suitable clothing and shoes, no sandals or flip flops.

The Alpaca Experience Makes an Ideal present for those interested in Alpaca. Do contact us by e-mail or phone for further information.

Breeder/Farm Name:Watership Alpacas
Herd Size:50
Contact Name:Keith Taylor and Alison Thompson
Telephone Number:07889864269/01264889206
Nearest Town:Andover
Thruxton Down,
SP11 8PR
About this breeder:We have been enjoying life with our alpacas for over 15 years now. From the beginning, we have seen them as part of our farm family and their health and welfare has been our first aim. Along with the chickens and dogs, our vet once commented that it was animal paradise! Although not one of the big breeders, we have enjoyed participating in alpacas shows near us and had success! From the early days we have carefully selected outside studs to improve our herd, so our herd has the benefit of some of the best genetics. Over the last years we have bought in studs to join our herd, with all of them having champion fathers: Classical Ajax II (father CME Tulaco Centurion), Westways Testament (father Bozedown Comet II) and Classical Caspian (father Jaquinto of Alpaca Stud). We look forward each year to our latest cria to see how the breeding program has improved their fleeces, showing the qualities of fineness, character and staple length. We have been pleased with our placing at fleece shows and the fleece is used for our woven fibre projects.
We halter train all our alpacas from 6 months, which not only being enjoyable for us, makes all handling easier, prepares them for showing or for eventual walking ventures with a new owner. Protection from harsh weather, biosecurity and calm, easy alpaca handling was built into the farm design. Manure is removed from paddocks and composted; alpacas have all vaccinations and frequent observation and condition, mouth and nail checks. Our oldest retired female is now 20 and still heads in to get her fair share of the daily specialist camelid feed. Lastly, the names! Family geology books usefully list rocks from white to black and all the colours and variations in between. And you can usually make a short name from each rock name for every day use. So we have Watership Albite (Albie-a white rock) and Watership Magnetite (Maggie-a black rock). Well, it gives us an interesting pastime each spring!
If you are wondering if alpacas are right for you, please feel welcome to visit and we can share with you our over 15 years of experience. We provide free delivery for up to 100 miles. Vet certificates can be provided if required.

Breeder/Farm Name:Hensting Alpacas
Herd Size:74
Contact Name:Derek Moore
Telephone Number:07876234399
Nearest Town:Eastleigh
Address:Hensting Alpacas limited
Kiln Lane
About this breeder:Welcome to Hensting Alpacas, your premier destination for all things alpaca-related. Nestled in the picturesque countryside of Hampshire, England, our family-run alpaca farm is renowned for breeding and selling top-quality alpacas across the United Kingdom.

At Hensting Alpacas, we take great pride in our commitment to the well-being and welfare of our alpacas. With years of experience in the industry, our knowledgeable team provides expert care and attention to each and every one of our alpacas, ensuring they are healthy, happy, and thriving in their environment.

Whether you are a seasoned alpaca breeder looking to expand your herd or a novice enthusiast eager to embark on this rewarding and fascinating journey, we have an extensive selection of alpacas to suit your needs. From beautiful Huacaya alpacas in a range of stunning colors to Suri alpacas with their exquisite silky fleece, we offer a variety of breeds and bloodlines to choose from.

As champions of responsible breeding, Hensting Alpacas only sells alpacas that meet the highest industry standards. Our breeding program is carefully curated to produce offspring with exceptional conformation, fiber quality, temperament, and overall health. When you purchase an alpaca from us, you can be confident that you are investing in an animal of the finest pedigree.

But our commitment doesn't end at the point of sale. We offer ongoing support and guidance to our customers, ensuring a smooth transition for you and your new alpaca. Our team of experts is always available to answer any questions you may have, providing valuable advice on alpaca care, nutrition, and breeding.

In addition to alpaca sales, Hensting Alpacas offers a range of other services to cater to your needs. Whether you require alpaca shearing, stud services, or training sessions, we have the expertise to meet your requirements.

When you choose Hensting Alpacas, you are not just buying alpacas; you are joining a community of passionate alpaca enthusiasts. We invite you to explore our website and discover the world of alpacas. Contact us today to arrange a visit to our farm, where you can meet our beautiful alpacas in person and experience the magic for yourself.

Hensting Alpacas – Your trusted partner for all your alpaca needs.

Hertfordshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Yew Tree Alpacas
Herd Size:37
Contact Name:Penny Wylie
Telephone Number:01763848257
Nearest Town:Buntingford
Address:Yew Tree Cottage
About this breeder:Yew Tree Alpacas are a herd of 37 alpacas based in Anstey near Buntingford in rural East Hertfordshire.

We started our alpaca journey in 2009 with 4 breeding females - we had planned to keep alpacas as a hobby breeding a few cria each year for selling. However things have expanded a little!

We now have both a breeding herd with a focus on improving the overall fleece quality of our herd each year and also developing the retail side of the business.

Our consumer side focusses on selling all things alpaca- our own yarns, knitting kits and hand knitted accessories aswell as the super warm UK produced alpaca socks. We are also developing our gift range all alpaca related.

Alpaca activities are also part of our range. We offer alpaca adventures and through the Summer group visits including lunch or afternoon tea. Intro workshops designed specifically for your requirements are also part of the range.

As we develop our herd we have to sell some alpacas due to limitations of our grazing area and new births each year. We have pet boy alpacas for sale aswell as stud males and breeding females.

For those who are not sure whether alpacas are right for them we can offer a 4 hour course going through the basics but essentials of looking after alpacas with hand on alpaca training.

If you'd like a personal approach, quality alpacas with genuine after sales help and guidance, please give us a call or send an email You can access our website at

Breeder/Farm Name:HERTS ALPACAS
Herd Size:100
Telephone Number:07802 433155 or 07710 493238
About this breeder:Herts Alpacas have over 18 years experience, having major successes both in and outside the show ring. You can see around 100 alpacas grazing happily in 50 acres of picturesque rolling countryside.
We are a family run business, offering everything you could wish for, from top quality breeding stock and potential studs right through to maidens and friendly pets, that have been fully halter trained.
Our show winning studs offer genuine world beating A line genetics for the serious breeder.
We place a strong emphasis on animal welfare in everything we do and we are able to offer the finest care to all our alpacas along with unbeatable help and advice to all alpaca owners.
All our herd are hand picked or home reared, fine upstanding animals, known by name not number. We offer everything for the alpaca owner whether experienced or not, including free courses for new owners, livery (collection and delivery) award winning stud services (mobile and on farm) feed, supplies and even fleece sales.
Latest News:

2016 young males are now for sale! all under 12 months old.
These beautiful boys all have correct conformation and stunning fleeces. They are all fully halter trained, easy to handle and fully vaccinated.

Kent  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Cold Comfort
Contact Name:Chris Herrmannsen
Telephone Number:07802954545
Nearest Town:Ashford
Address:Cold Comfort
Magpie Hall Road
Stubbs Cross
About this breeder:

Breeder/Farm Name:Furlong
Contact Name:Mark Curtis
Telephone Number:0203 99 55 103
Nearest Town:Goudhurst
Station Road
About this breeder:

Lanarkshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Westyett Alpacas
Herd Size:30
Contact Name:Pauline Robson
Telephone Number:07896 961072
Nearest Town:Lanark
Address:Westyett Farm
About this breeder:Westyett Alpacas began in 2008 with the purchase of 2 pregnant females. Since then we have gone on to create an award winning herd which now numbers over 30 and includes many champion males and females.

Lancashire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Singleton Alpacas
Herd Size:20
Contact Name:Sue Rhodes
Telephone Number:07966483795
Nearest Town:Preston/Blackpool
Address:7 Station Rd
Singleton Village
Nr Blackpool
About this breeder:We live in a beautiful village on the fylde coast.
Most of the stock are halter trained and all of them are very friendly and eat out of your hand.

Breeder/Farm Name:Legacy Alpacas
Herd Size:80
Contact Name:Michael Henderson and Susan Myerscough
Telephone Number:07793 081388 / 07796 678637
Nearest Town:Lancaster
Lancaster Road
About this breeder:Legacy Alpacas are dedicated to breading Quality Huacaya alpacas. We pride ourselves on our customer care and aftercare with 17 years of breading alpacas we are always here to give friendly advice whether you are new to alpacas or an experienced breader.

Lincolnshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Tawnymeade Alpaca’s
Herd Size:20
Contact Name:Danielle
Telephone Number:07788593448
Nearest Town:Fosdyke
Wash road

Breeder/Farm Name:Barkston Alpacas
Herd Size:65
Contact Name:Nicola Scarborough
Telephone Number:07817425375
Nearest Town:Grantham
Address:Heath Farm

Breeder/Farm Name:JandJ Alpacas
Herd Size:86
Contact Name:Martin & Clare Stanger
Telephone Number:01636 626990
Nearest Town:Newark
Address:Meadow Farm
Clensey Lane
Dry Doddington
About this breeder:We live in a small village in Lincolnshire near the Lincs, Notts, Leics borders close to the A1 and A46.

In 2005 we took our first steps into alpaca farming.We, like many farmers were looking for something to diversify into, something that both ourselves and our children would find interesting and enjoy and we have really found that.
On the first day of the school holidays, 4 beautiful huacaya alpaca girls, Mississippi Moonlight, Luminaria, Coco Chanel and Skylark were delivered, one each. The JandJ Alpaca herd was born using the children's initials. Alpacas are addictive and within a year we decided to specialise in coloured alpacas and bought 8 black pregnant girls.
We now have a herd of 90 beautiful alpacas of all colours, all ages. All our alpacas are registered with the British Alpaca Society (BAS) and are micro chipped for identification and security & most of our youngsters are halter trained.
Not all our alpacas for sale are listed on Alpacaseller please phone for an up to date list.

Breeder/Farm Name:Orchard Corner Alpacas
Herd Size:60
Contact Name:Charlotte Major
Telephone Number:+447506595182
Nearest Town:Grantham
Address:Orchard Corner Farm
About this breeder:We are friendly and supportive, and happy to discuss your requirements. We have a range of alpacas of many different colours and ages. We also offer stud services includine mobile and on farm matings. We also offer hands on experience to new owners, and happily continue our support after your purchase.
We are conveniently located near Grantham, only 15 minutes from the A1.
All of our alpacas are microchipped, and registered with the British Alpaca Society.

Monmouthshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Abstract Alpacas
Herd Size:12
Contact Name:Ellen Burridge
Telephone Number:07753191652
Nearest Town:Usk
Address:Tyn-Y-Groes Farm,

Breeder/Farm Name:Usk Valley Alpacas
Herd Size:120
Contact Name:George Morgan
Telephone Number:01600 473 222
Nearest Town:Chepstow
Address:Corn Farm
Cobblers Plain
About this breeder:We are a family run breeder of premium alpacas in South Wales. Set in the beautiful Welsh countryside, we offer both friendly and quality alpacas. Specializing in grey and black huacayas.

Breeder/Farm Name:Puzzle Tree Alpacas
Herd Size:50
Contact Name:Lynne Harris
Telephone Number:+44 7866746689
Nearest Town:Risca
Address:Pant y trwyn Farm
About this breeder:Pant y trwyn Farm – The home of ISCA Alpacas & Abbey.

ISCA Alpacas are located at Pant y trwyn Farm Mynyddislwyn where the land is fertile and well drained.

With panoramic views over the Breacon Beacons it is an ideal environment for alpacas.

With first class facilities ISCA Alpacas breeds pedigree black and coloured alpacas.

Herd Size:200
Contact Name:Glenda & Peter Stoneman
Telephone Number:01291 650655
Nearest Town:Earlswood
Address:Little Goytre Cottage
About this breeder:Amazing Alpacas was established in 2004 from our smallholding near Usk. We breed gorgeous alpacas with sound conformation, great temperaments and luxurious fibre. We supply pet males, breeding females and stud services. Our alpacas are inquisitive, content and great fun to be around.

As founders of the Alpacas in Wales network, we we have links with around 20 Associate Breeders across South and Mid Wales. With a combined herd of around 200, we have a full range of colours to suit every budget.

We would be delighted to show you our stock and help you build your perfect herd.
Latest News:

Morayshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Auld Mill Alpacas
Herd Size:50
Contact Name:Carole Christian
Telephone Number:07773968979
Nearest Town:Elgin
Address:Mossend Farm
About this breeder:We have been keeping and breeding alpacas since 2004 and we are located in Moray in NE Scotland. Currently, our alpaca herd size is approximately 50.

We are effectively a closed herd with purchases now only of breeding males with pre-movement testing and quarantine, and quarantine on arrival. We do not show alpacas, and do not part-own animals or give or receive "mobile" matings.

Our land is all double-fenced or bounded by forestry.

We are British Alpaca Society members - all of our alpacas are on the Herd Book. We are British Alpaca Society Affiliated Trainers and we run husbandry and breeding courses.

Norfolk  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:KirbyCane Alpacas
Herd Size:9
Contact Name:
Telephone Number:07789917825
Nearest Town:Bungay
Address:Kirby Cane Hall

Breeder/Farm Name:Burnt Fen Alpacas
Herd Size:40
Contact Name:Ann Nickerson
Telephone Number:441692630553
Nearest Town:Horning
Address:Burnt Fen
About this breeder:We have been breeding alpacas since 2000, and have a fantastic friendly herd bred from excellent pedigree stock.

Our aim is to have an excellent small herd. Each year we sell a few of our alpacas, enabling us to continue our breeding programme and maintain numbers. This approach allows us to know each of our animals individually and maintain a happy, healthy herd.

We always provide support for our new owners as we want both you and your alpacas to be happy!

North Yorkshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Little Alpaca Company
Herd Size:30
Contact Name:Julie Covell
Telephone Number:07495 269879
Nearest Town:Stokesley
Address:Lonsdale Farm
North Yorkshire
About this breeder:Specialising in breeding high quality black and dark alpacas.
We can offer a range of alpacas ( pet boys, starter herds , pregnant females and stud males ) to meet clients requirements. Stud services available.
24/7 advice and on going support .

Breeder/Farm Name:Sandhills Alpacas
Herd Size:50
Contact Name:Maggie & Paul Slingsby
Telephone Number:07791881556
Nearest Town:Tockwith
Address:Sandhills Farm Cottage
Ness Lane
North Yorkshire

Breeder/Farm Name:ALPACA ALPACA in the Leven Valley
Herd Size:37
Contact Name:Deb Watt
Telephone Number:07976535310
Nearest Town:Yarm
Address:Garth Cottage
Low Leven
About this breeder:Alpaca Alpaca is situated on the outskirts of the beautiful historic town of Yarm, we are a small family ran alpaca farm where we aim to have happy, healthy animals with outstanding herd genetics.

Breeder/Farm Name:Fangdale Alpacas
Herd Size:27
Contact Name:Deborah Sporton & Nicky Mayes
Telephone Number:01439 798168
Nearest Town:Middlesbrough
Address:Fangdale Beck Farm
Fangdale Beck
North Yorkshire
About this breeder:Located in the heart of the North Yorkshire Moors we are committed to breeding quality Alpacas from the finest genetics. Our breeding programme draws on elite genetics including those of our own multi-award winning herd sire Beck Brow Crafter with the aim of improving the fleece characteristics and conformation of our Alpaca progeny each year.

The progress in our breeding programme can be measured by our success in the show ring where we have been awarded sashes for Champion and Reserve Champion Alpaca as well as 1st Place Rosettes.

From 2016 we are offering Beck Brow Crafter for Stud Services and we will be selling females pregnant to him. All our Alpacas are halter trained and we place great emphasis on the health and welfare of our herd. Purchasers will be provided with a full health record, after sale support and we also offer husbandry training days. We welcome visitors to see our Alpacas by appointment and also to view Beck Brow Crafter's 2016 Cria.

We are expanding our online shop where you can purchase yarn spun by individual Alpaca as well as bedding.

Herd Size:35
Contact Name:Mr.Simon Morris & Dr. Daniella Portner
Telephone Number:07919 402 403
Nearest Town:York
Address:Minster Alpacas,York Centre For Avicuture,Sutton Road,Wigginton,York.
About this breeder:We are committed and dedicated alpaca breeders with over 15 years of experience.

Our aim is to promote the industry with honesty and integrity and to this end produce high quality animals using the optimum genetics available.

Breeder/Farm Name:Sheriff Alpacas
Herd Size:11
Contact Name:Caroline Barugh
Telephone Number:07884430958
Nearest Town:Strensall
Address:Goodness Farm
Sheriff Hutton Road
About this breeder:Sheriff Alpacas is a new herd developing on an organic farm in North Yorkshire, York. We have selected some of the highest genetics to start our breeding programme including the contribution of sires such as Inca Prince, Fowberry Nobility and EP Cambridge Top Account. We have also introduced Snowmass Alpacas into our herd from . The Snowmass breed have the most wonderful fleece, it had the softest silkiest handle and such brightness! We are aiming to blend Snowmass with some of our other outstanding genetics for future breeding.

Breeder/Farm Name:Hawthorn Alpacas
Herd Size:30
Contact Name:Doug Moore
Telephone Number:07860186947
Nearest Town:Harrogate
Address:Hawthorn Grange
Church Lane
South Stainley
About this breeder:

Herd Size:31
Contact Name:Andrew Gordon
Telephone Number:07879210195
Nearest Town:Kirklington
Address:Upsland Farm
North Yorkshire
About this breeder:

Northamptonshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Abbots Lea Alpacas
Contact Name:Ali
Telephone Number:07970 990346
Nearest Town:Watford, Northampton
Address:Greetwell house
Main Street

Breeder/Farm Name:Arkadia Alpacas
Herd Size:40
Contact Name:Drew Thomas Wadland
Telephone Number:07831550118
Nearest Town:Woodford Halse
Address:Great Ground Farm
Farndon Road
Woodford Halse
About this breeder:Arkadia at Great Ground Farm is a smallholding on the borders of Northamptonshire, Warwickshire and Oxfordshire, located in the village of Woodford Halse.

The farm is home to a small herd of quality huacaya alpacas. Our aim is to improve the fibre quality of our herd by selective breeding in order to provide 'Arkadia Fibre Shack' with quality fleece for spinning & felting . While we have a multi-coloured herd, our penchant is for greys.

We take bio-security very seriously and have just (Enferplex) tested the whole herd for btb; vaccinations for bluetongue also just completed.

We offer alpaca walking by appointment, craft workshops and our animals attend fetes and country fayres.

A range of hand spun yarns and fleece ready for spinning is available.

Breeder/Farm Name:Lusi Alpacas
Herd Size:25
Contact Name:Lulu Oliver
Telephone Number:07860 499419
Nearest Town:Northampton
Address:Bunkers Hill Farm,
Moulton Road
About this breeder:Established and successful breeder, specializing in black and grey alpacas, other colours can be sourced if required. Select number of high quality animals for sale. Knowledgeable and personal service, will teach all aspects of husbandry and back up after sales service.

Northumberland  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Barnacre Alpacas
Herd Size:320
Contact Name:Debbie and Paul Rippon
Telephone Number:07903347790
Nearest Town:Heddon-on-the-Wall
Address:Turpin's Hill Farmhouse
Heddon on the Wall
About this breeder:Your alpacas should be exactly what you want, and we will do our very best to help you find the alpacas of your dreams.

Barnacre Alpacas was founded in February 2007 after three years research into these enchanting animals. Many hours of studying and farm visits bought us to the conclusion that we wanted to pursue the alpaca dream. With no farming background the learning curve has been very steep, we started with 3 pregnant females and 2 acres of land. Our herd has grown with imports, some great alpacas from around the UK and over 300 births.

To continue our alpaca dream, we sold up in 2011 and then bought a 220 acre Northumbrian hill where we built our new house and purpose built alpaca buildings called Liberty Hill Farm. It wasn't easy, to begin with the caravan we were living in rolled down the hill and exploded!

In July 2017 we moved again. This time to the beautiful Tyne Valley and the idyllic Turpin's Hill Farm. We're just 2 mins off the A69 and 10 miles West of Newcastle - but it feels like we're in the middle of nowhere! We have 2 holiday cottage on the farm that you can stay at for the best alpaca experience ever!

Each of our alpacas is known by name and their friendly individual personalities are recognised. We are using their magnificent fleece to produce a variety of quality handcrafted products, made by Debbie, her mum and two friends.

We offer full support, training courses, alpaca blog, elite genetics stud services and online shop.

Visitors are welcome, by appointment please. Debbie and Paul Rippon.
Latest News:With the 2022 birthing season fast approaching we can't but help think about the various mating decisions we've made with our boys and girls! Fingers crossed we will have around 80 cria this year!


For those of you who aren?t familiar with Sunburst, he is bred from a family of elite Australian champions and is himself a five times undefeated champion. Four different BAS Judges at 5 different shows, both halter and fleece shows and colour and age champions (highly impressive for a grey).

To celebrate his five championship wins we are offering a drive by mating rate of £500 to 5 customers, with no limit on the number of matings per customer, we would request that a deposit of £100 is paid per mating.

In addition to this exclusive rate, our returning female discount of £100 and multiple mating discounts apply, studs can be mixed to obtain multiple mating discounts, see our website or contact us for details.


Thanks to everyone who came to see us at North Shields Victorian Christmas fayre - hope to see you next year if not before!


Our Shepherd's hut is now open on farm - please visit us to buy your knitwear!


Wyona Sunburst of Karkawarri, our Rose Grey stud is now an undefeated quintuple (5 times) Grey Champion in the UK!!!

Wyona Sunburst of Karkawarri, our new Rose Grey stud, himself a Triple Champion and bred from a family of champions, is ready and waiting to meet your beautiful alpaca girls!


We love the Border Union show at Kelso!

Our very special elite white stud male, Wellground Legend of Spartacus of Barnacre Alpacas who was 2009 Scotish National Fleece Show Supreme Champion has now delivered with his progeny.

Barnacre Casiphia was 1st intermediate white female, champion white, best of British and Supreme Champion. She just edged out her half brother (same sire), Barnacre Niveous!

Barnacre Sandstorm was 1st adult fawn and champion fawn.

Barnacre Meketaten was 1st intermediate brown female, champion brown and Reserve Supreme Champion - pretty special for a brown! Her sire is our delightful and charming brown stud, Golden Guinea.

Visitors are welcome to see the results of our breeding for themselves.

The 2011 Scottish National Fleece show was great too! We entered 5 fleeces with highlights being 1st adult white, Barnacre Lualeni with a cracking score of 83.5 in a huge class of 14. Also, 1st junior brown with Barnacre Meketaten with an amazing score of 75.5 beating many white elite fleeces. Barnacre Casiphia from our elite stud, Legend of Spartacus was awarded 2nd junior white in a huge class of 25 achieving a cracking score of 80.5!

Kind regards,

Debbie and Paul Rippon
Barnacre Alpacas
Tel: (01830) 520276

Breeder/Farm Name:Rivenherd Alpacas
Herd Size:60
Contact Name:Jackie Watson
Telephone Number:0748 408 2895
Nearest Town:Alnwick
Leamington Lane
About this breeder:Always looking for continuous improvement of our herd. Breeding for quality not quantity.

Breeder/Farm Name:Stagshaw Alpacas
Herd Size:50
Contact Name:Susan Burnell
Telephone Number:01434 632292
Nearest Town:Corbridge
Address:Stagshaw House
About this breeder: Breeding herd started by four pregnant females from Atlantic Alpacas .The herd is currently around 40; specializing in fawns and browns; All animals halter trained and regularly handled.
Successful show seasons at Nothern shows every year since 2005.

Breeder/Farm Name:Bingfield Alpacas
Herd Size:30
Contact Name:Shaun Stoker & Teri White
Telephone Number:07964551915
Nearest Town:Hexham
Address:1 eastacres
About this breeder:Quality loved alpacas nestled in Northumberland hills North of Hexham
*Stud services
All available please contact us for any information you may require

Breeder/Farm Name:Valentine Vale Alpacas
Herd Size:20
Contact Name:Tammy Jaftha
Telephone Number:07527113437
Nearest Town:Hexham
Address:Housty Farm

Nottinghamshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Bramcote Hills Alpacas
Herd Size:3
Contact Name:Liz Robinson
Telephone Number:07961702758
Nearest Town:East Midlands
Address:7 Gateford Close
About this breeder:

Breeder/Farm Name:Lychgate Alpacas
Herd Size:12
Contact Name:Sabrina Robinson
Telephone Number:07970475840
Address:49 Main Street,
West Leake,
LE12 5RF
About this breeder:

Breeder/Farm Name:Oriontree Alpacas
Contact Name:Dani Kent
Telephone Number:07929781988
Nearest Town:Retford, Nottinghamshire
Address:Oriontree, Cottam Lane
About this breeder:

Breeder/Farm Name:Solstice Alpacas
Herd Size:34
Contact Name:Lyndsey Eborall
Telephone Number:07584 048977
Nearest Town:Southwell
Address:Glebe Farm,
Kirklington Road,
About this breeder:

Breeder/Farm Name:Woolville Alpacas
Contact Name:Jamie Croshaw
Telephone Number:07522244000
Nearest Town:Whaley
Address:Mill Farm,
Whaley Road,

Breeder/Farm Name:Chestnut Farm Alpacas
Herd Size:29
Contact Name:Kay Kirk and Daron Cram
Telephone Number:07775924681
Nearest Town:Girton
Address:Chestnut Farm,
New Lane,
About this breeder:Here at chestnut farm we have a small bio-secure herd of high quality alpacas, we run a selective breeding program using some of the worlds finest genetics.
Our core herd carries genetics from EP Cambridge Peruvian Caesar and NWA Ltd Ruffo, now both sadly deceased.
The herd also carries genetics from other outstanding males including Cambridge
Buckingham, Jolimont Commisario, Cambridge Shotgun, EP Cambridge Peruvian Spartacus, EP Cambridge Samson, Accoyo Killawasi, ARU Cambridge Ice Cool Lad, EP Cambridge Peruvian Maximus, Jolimont Conquistador, Windsong Valley Mateus of Wessex, Cambridge Encounter and Wellground Close Encounter.
We have a selection of quality breeding females,
potential studs, weanlings and wethers for sale.
All open females are sold with a mating to one of our stud males, these currently include
Beck Brow Ammunition (White)
Inca Nobleman (Light Brown)
Chestnut Farm Defiant (White)
The progeny of Beck Brow Ammunition and Inca Nobleman can be viewed here on farm, we are expecting the first progeny from Chestnut Farm Defiant in 2023.

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment to come and see our beautiful herd please do not hesitate to contact us.
Latest News:We recently attended the Northumberland County Show, it was a fantastic day with all of our small show team getting a placing, but the highlight of our day was Chestnut Farm Cassie, the very first progeny of our Supreme Champion Chestnut Farm Lord of Sherwood being awarded 1st Junior White Female and then Champion White Female, we are delighted with this result.

Oxfordshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Little Acres Alpacas
Contact Name:Val Scane
Telephone Number:07868753554
Address:Little Acres Farm
About this breeder:We are a small family run business, breeding quality Suri Alpacas. We use high quality genetics within our breeding programme in order for us to produce show quality animals. We have obtained great results on the show circuits.

Breeder/Farm Name:Lime Tree Alpacas
Herd Size:26
Contact Name:Lou Verrill
Telephone Number:07831657371
Nearest Town:South Stoke
Address:Lime Tree Alpacas
Ferry Lane
South Stoke
About this breeder:

Breeder/Farm Name:Bozedown Alpacas
Herd Size:400
Contact Name:Mary-Jo Smith
Telephone Number:0118 984 3827
Nearest Town:Pangbourne, Berkshire
Address:Bozedown Farm
Hardwick Road
About this breeder:Established 1989. Prizewinning herd.
Providing sound, friendly advice and full support.

Serious breeder committed to the future of the UK alpaca fibre industry.
Breeding for excellence in conformation and fibre.

Huacaya and suri sales.
Introduction Day Course.
Husbandry Courses.
Latest News:!989 - 2014: 25 Years Breeding Champions

At the first Alpaca Show of the year, the prestigious BAS National Show, on March 15/16 2014,
Bozedown Alpacas was awarded the following Champions:

Champion Brown Female
Champion Fawn Male
Champion White Female
Res. Champion White Male

Champion Brpwn Male
Champion Fawn Male
Res. Champion White Male

Report on the Alpaca Classic Event and Auction September 2013

This event was held for a second year at Bozedown Farm in South Oxfordshire. It was a typical September day with sunshine and showers, and more than 100 breeders attended.

The Seminars
Camelid Referral Vet. Claire Whitehead gave 2 enlightening and brand new presentations:
1. The Practicalities and Implications of ET and AI in Alpacas.
2. The top 4 causes of Cria Mortality
These were very well received and gave breeders lots of ideas and information on these important topics.

Fleece Guru Cheryl Gehly, a leading fleece judge and judge tutor in the USA:
1. ?Crimp and Lock Style in Perspective?.
Cheryl?s main message being that fineness, density and uniformity are the most important, with crimp and lock structure being secondary traits, which are also a good indicator of follicular structure beneath the skin. Alpaca judges assess fineness by determining an average micron count. They also look for uniformity within the fleece, looking for overall consistency in micron, length and colour; and density, which indicates the number of follicles per square unit of skin. Fleece judges can make accurate density assessments by evaluating the solidity of individual groups of staples (huacaya) and locks (suri).
2. ?The Meaning of Micron?.
A fun and practical session in which participants learned to assess micron, working in pairs. The amount of variation in micron (SD) needs to be lowered through breeding, in order to reduce the ?itch? factor in the finished product. 3. ?Evaluating Fleece and Gaining a Full Perspective?.
Another practical session, this time in groups of 6 - 8, each with a whole fleece to evaluate. We were assessing micron, uniformity, density and brightness, and we all had lots of fun as this developed into a competition between the groups as to who had the overall ?winning? fleece. Everyone was so engrossed in this activity that it carried on past the 2pm estimated finish until after 5 pm.

The multi talented Brett Kaysen, complete with stetson, from Colorado State University, also gave 2 lectures in his own inimitable and engaging style:
1. ?Alpacas Worldwide - an Independent Perspective? and
2. ?Auctions - Getting the most out of them as a buyer?

Classic Auction
The highest prices achieved on the day were 9,500 guineas for Alpaca Stud Vanessa, and 9,500 guineas and 9000 guineas for the 2 female Breeders Selection lots, which gave the successful bidders the almost impossible task to select from our entire 2012 crop of fantastic females. Barbara Hetherington of Beck Brow alpacas was the successful bidder for the Bozedown female, and was thrilled to be able to select an outstanding brown female Bozedown Campari for her colour breeding programme, thus locking into 2 impeccable Bozedown bloodlines. Through her Grandsire Futurity Huacaya Champion Sire Bozedown Talisman, and her Grandsire Bozedown Thunder, who also sired Champion blacks Boz Oberon and Boz Kazzan,
Among the other Blood stock sold at the auction were Lot 6 and Lot 21 both went to Popham Alpacas, Lot 3 C-S Alpacas, Lot 17 to The Alpaca Farm and Lot 9, a fantastic pair of grey females, to the Gunther family in Belgium. All of these World Class pedigree females have great potential and we look forward to hearing news of some wonderful future progeny. Many congratulations to all of these discerning breeders.

Charity funds raised
There had been recent very bad news from the Puno region of Peru, where more than 25,000 animals had perished in freak severe snowstorms, leaving the subsistence herders there destitute. So at the end of the auction, Bozedown Alpacas and The Alpaca Stud each auctioned an élite Stud Service, which raised £3,500 to buy 238 good quality alpaca blankets. Alonso Burgos of Grupo Inca arranged this for us with no administration costs, and with the help of the local municipal government, the neediest herders were each given 2 of the blankets. It?s hard to describe the severity of the cold on the altiplano, where only 40 nights in the year are frost-free, and the night-time temperatures drop to minus 25 degrees on the majority of nights. The animals depend for their drinking water on above freezing temperatures, and when this does not happen they can die of thirst as well as hunger when the snow does not melt from their grazing, as there is no way of collecting and storing winter fodder as we do in the UK. Our very grateful thanks to the winning bidders Philippa Wills of Great House Alpacas and Lulu Oliver of Lusi Alpacas, who made this possible.

The evening kicked off with a live band playing 60?s and 70?s music in the barn, where there was also a free bar, and there was good food and a warm welcome from the big heaters in the marquee. Even so, the keen delegates turned out in force ready for the Sunday morning presentations. A memorable weekend!

Diary Date
The Third Annual Alpaca Classic Event and Seminars will be held on 6th and 7th September 2014. Brett and Cheryl will both be back to give further Seminars and share more fascinating insights and gems with us. Some of the top breeding from both Bozedown Alpacas and The Alpaca Stud will again be offered for auction - an unmissable opportunity to gain access to genetic developments that have taken many generations to achieve.

Breeder/Farm Name:JADE Alpaca Ranch
Herd Size:40
Contact Name:Jacquie
Telephone Number:07841562024
Nearest Town:Faringdon
Address:JADE Alpaca Ranch, Faringdon
About this breeder:First and foremost we believe in raising happy animals! While we always breed for the highest quality in our alpacas we also make sure that they are living happy and comfortable lives.

Our mission is to improve the fleece quality of alpacas in the UK. We do this by mixing the best genetics from award winning herds across the country, in our carefully selected breeding program. Our main focus is on white huacayas, however we do have other very high quality animals available of other colours periodically.

Pembrokeshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Sweet Home ALpaca
Herd Size:37
Contact Name:Angela Frayling-James
Telephone Number:07367219738
Address:Sweet Home Alpaca, Golwg-Y-Ddol
About this breeder:Sweet Home Alpaca has been breeding alpacas for three years and we started off with just 16 animals. Thanks to our passion and dedication, we now have 38 alpacas, and we're proud to be one of the best breeders of black alpacas in the area.

We believe that our success is a result of our commitment to providing our animals with the best possible care. We work hard to ensure that our alpacas are healthy and happy, and we're proud to say that our breeding program has produced some of the most beautiful alpacas in the area.

As part of our commitment to our customers, we offer full care after sales service. This means that we're available to answer any questions you may have about your new alpaca, and we'll be there to provide you with support throughout their lifetime.

At Sweet Home Alpaca, we're more than just a breeder - we're a team of passionate animal lovers who are dedicated to our craft. We believe that alpacas are unique and special animals, and we're proud to share our love of them with others.

Shropshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Frankly Alpacas
Contact Name:John Franklin-Hackett
Telephone Number:+447535660611
Nearest Town:Broseley
Address:Caughley Farm
Pound Lane

Somerset  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Patou Alpacas
Herd Size:60
Contact Name:Mark & Sue Steele
Telephone Number:Mob: 0788 0542260
Nearest Town:Wellington
Address:Budleigh House Farm
West Buckland,
About this breeder:Patou Alpacas was formed by Mark and Sue Steele with the purchase of their foundation stock in 2006.

From then we have built our herd of coloured alpacas using a well thought out breeding plan incorporating the best dark colored herd sires available.

We now run several coloured herdsires from our beautiful farm on the edge of the Blackdown Hills near Wellington in Somerset.

The herd now numbers approximately 60 in number and we breed and sell alpaca s every year. We have exported alpacas to several EU countries as well as selling to numerous people in the UK.

Over the years we have built up a reputation for honesty, integrity and reliability in the way that we do business.

Mark has been the Chairman of the South West Alpaca Group for the past 4 years, SWAG is the largest regional BAS supported group in the UK.

Mark is also on the show committee for the BAS National Show which is the largest and most successful show in Europe.

Our aim continues to be trying to improve the quality of our herd and along the way sharing our success and passion for alpacas with as many people as possible.

We only sell happy healthy alpacas.

Latest News:Please see our blog for all the latest news

Breeder/Farm Name:Apple Vale Alpacas
Herd Size:16
Contact Name:Dave and Joy Bearman
Telephone Number:01278 722642
Nearest Town:Bridgwater
Address:Rose Cottage
About this breeder:Breeder of alpacas with integral fibre and garment production studio. We have been breeding alpacas since 2008, and have grown steadily as we acquired more land. All of our fleeces are used by Joy to make luxurious, knitted, felted and woven soft garments and accessories.
We take an active part in the local and national agricultural and alpaca show scene.

Follow our development on the 'blog', via.

Breeder/Farm Name:WInsaula Alpacas
Herd Size:27
Contact Name:Paula and Mark Winsor
Telephone Number:01934 732324
Nearest Town:Somerset and Devon
About this breeder:A small and friendly Suri Alpaca farm specialising in breeding Suri Multiple Supreme Champions, particularly Silver grey and black.

Breeder/Farm Name:Garsons Field Alpacas
Herd Size:22
Contact Name:MRS E R Moggridge
Telephone Number:01275 472177
Nearest Town:Winford
Address:The Willows
Near Winford
North Somerset
About this breeder:I'm Elaine Moggridge and I started Garsons Field Alpacas in 2006 when I took early retirement from a long career as a primary school teacher but wasn't ready to give up nurturing!

My husband Garry and I had the opportunity to buy Garsons Field, the land adjacent to our house in 1994. After letting it to local farmers for cattle and sheep grazing we became more and more drawn to the idea of keeping our own animals one day.

Since our children were small, we have always had dogs, rabbits, chickens (and occasionally ducks) and although wanting to keep livestock, we didn?t want anything we?d have to take to market. Alpacas seemed the obvious choice!

After my final day at school we visited various alpaca breeders, who were always very enthusiastic and encouraging.

We started with two pregnant females, one potential stud male and two wethers, chosen purely by their looks (not a wise move).

We now have a herd of sixteen very healthy and happy alpacas, six of our eight females are due to birth in the summer. They are all pets and hand fed twice everyday. Luckily, we have enough space to be able to rotate the paddocks and produce our own hay.

Breeder/Farm Name:Southern Sands Alpacas
Contact Name:Ben Robinson
Telephone Number:07791396986
Nearest Town:Highbridge
Address:Southport Farm
Bristol Road

Breeder/Farm Name:Cadbury Alpacas
Herd Size:30
Contact Name:Charlotte Brockwell
Telephone Number:07931 902292
Nearest Town:Clevedon
Address:The Old Dairy
24 Clevedon Road
North Somerset

Staffordshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Acton Hill Alpacas
Herd Size:80
Contact Name:Stuart Wilson
Telephone Number:07989599801
Nearest Town:Newcastle under Lyme
Address:Acton Hill Barn
Whisper Lane
Newcastle under Lyme
About this breeder:Here at Acton Hill Alpacas we have a herd of breeding females, Stud Males and pet males. Our passion is genetics and our aim is to constantly enhance our animals fleece quality and conformation. Our alpacas are our family so our commitment to biosecurity and ensuring we match our alpacas with suitable, happy homes are our top priorities.
Were now totally immersed in the wonderful world of Alpacas. Our lifestyle has been thoroughly enhanced by spending time with these amazing creatures.
Get in touch to chat through owning your own alpacas or to arrange one of our Introduction To Alpacas packages.

Breeder/Farm Name:Sunnyside Alpacas
Herd Size:30
Contact Name:Margaret Wood
Telephone Number:07968272871
Nearest Town:STONE
About this breeder:Sunnyside Alpacas established in 2010 is based in the picturesque village of Moddershall, Staffordshire.
We take biosecurity very seriously. Our paddocks are surrounded by badger fencing and we haven't introduced any new animals since 2012.
We have continually improved the quality of our Herd, regularly placed at the BAS National Shows. We have Jolimont Rodrigo and Bozedown Comet II blood lines.
We are offering for sale a number of our huacaya while / light females, some of whom can be mated to our Champion male Sunset Horizon if required.
As the welfare and happiness of our alpacas is our primary concern, we prefer to sell a minimum of two together or three if they are not joining an existing herd.
We will offer full support and advise to anyone that purchases one of our beautiful alpacas.

Breeder/Farm Name:Meadow View
Herd Size:11
Contact Name:Edit & Rob
Telephone Number:079553385
Nearest Town:Burton-on-Trent
Address:268 Lichfield Road
Barton Under Needwood
About this breeder:We have a small herd of alpacas, females and males for sale

Suffolk  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Moat Alpacas
Herd Size:40
Contact Name:Sally and Simon Ilett
Telephone Number:07833418863
Nearest Town:Theberton
Address:Moat Farm
About this breeder:Having been dairy and sheep farmers all our working lives, we became hooked on Alpacas.

Our core aim is to produce top quality animals with fleeces for the show ring as well as commercial use.

We are concentrating on breeding animals with excellent confirmation, and fleeces with low sd.
Latest News:Appledene Apollo's first Cria Moat Farm Ezra is awarded first Junior Brown Male at the 2017 National Show

Breeder/Farm Name:Attfield Alpaca’s
Herd Size:24
Contact Name:Laura Attfield
Telephone Number:07522630332
Nearest Town:suffolk
Address:9 coronation rise
gt waldingfield
sudbury suffolk
About this breeder:Attfield Alpacas, We Train animals for trekking and agility! Trained by disabled people. In a small Hurd, so we can spend lots of time with each alpaca. Full husbandry notes details. All sales in contract!
Vaccinations, vet checks! Vitamins and fed on camalibra. Health before profit with out alpacas.

Breeder/Farm Name:Hilly Ridge Alpacas
Herd Size:60
Contact Name:Jo Bridge
Telephone Number:07703005447
Nearest Town:Wattisham
Address:Clayhill Farm
Clay hill Lane
About this breeder:Hilly ridge Alpacas is located on the Suffolk / Essex borders. We try to maintain our herd at around 60 Alpacas We are happy to speak to anyone thinking about starting out and sharing our experiences as we go along.

All our animals are sold with a full back up service , BAS registration and full husbandry record.

We love our Alpacas and welcome any questions !. No question is too silly to ask as I'm sure we asked it somewhere or at sometime!

We welcome visitors to our farm but would appreciate a call first.

Breeder/Farm Name:Brookwood Alpaca's
Herd Size:15
Contact Name:Jean Carlyon
Telephone Number:07848455534
Address:The Paddocks
5 Ipswich Road

Surrey  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Pinnacle Alpacas
Herd Size:57
Contact Name:Hilary and Tony Monkcom
Telephone Number:01306 628003
Nearest Town:Dorking
Church Lane
Okewood Hill
About this breeder:Established in 2013 by Tony & Hilary Monkcom, Pinnacle Alpacas are British Alpaca Society breeders of Elite Huacaya alpacas.

Our prize-winning herd of alpacas can be found nestled, in the heart of the Surrey Hills where they graze peacefully and safely in trenched, badger fenced and Bio Secure, lush pastures.

We are passionate about alpacas and pursuing a breeding programme of distinction with fibre and confirmation at its heart. Every Pinnacle Alpaca comes with an outstanding pedigree. We have highly prized bloodlines within our herd and our elite animals continue to shine in the showring.

As BAS Affiliate trainers, both Hilary & Tony are keen to share the knowledge and experience they have gained over the years and offer an outstanding level of friendly advice and after sales support to ensure you can enjoy your animals without worry.

In 2019 the 'Exclusively Pinnacle' brand was launched featuring a bespoke range of fashion scarves from the Pinnacle herd which showcase just what can be achieved with the finest of fibre from these exceptional animals.

Whether you are looking for upcoming stud males, breeding females, a starter package for your own enterprise, or furry, inquisitive friends to grace your paddock, you can be assured of a warm welcome at Pinnacle and of course, all our animals are halter trained at an early age so are easy to handle.

Breeder/Farm Name:Yana Alpacas Ltd
Herd Size:26
Contact Name:Vicky & Matt Webb
Telephone Number:07540850654 or 07979 643061
Nearest Town:Ripley
Address:Hawthorn Farm
Tannery Lane
About this breeder: We are a husband and wife team who live in the beautiful Surrey countryside in the peaceful village of Ripley, along with our daughter, two dogs and our stunning herd of 26 Huacaya alpacas.

Our alpaca journey started in 2017 when we got up close with alpacas for the first time and immediately fell in love with their quirky faces, graceful movements and their big dark eyes! This kickstarted our passion for these beautiful animals and we immediately set on hatching a plan to include alpacas in our lives. After a lot of research, we made the decision to specialise in black alpacas, with a goal of creating a herd of carefully selective pedigrees. We are passionate about producing high quality alpacas who strive in colour, conformation and fibre quality. In 2018 we purchased 11 pregnant females from Inca Alpaca, and since then we have had 15 crias born to Yana Alpacas. We have maintained our strong focus on quality with every single animal and we believe our alpacas are a reflection of this. Going forward our plan is to develop our breeding programme and continue improving the genetics of our herd year on year.

We are members of the British Alpaca Society (BAS) and each one of our animals are registered with the BAS, micro chipped and fully vaccinated. When looking to purchase a herd of breeding alpaca for your farm, it is essential to buy good quality animals, to ensure a good return on your investment. They will live happily with horses, sheep or goats and make very good protectors from foxes.

Warwickshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Faerie Tale Alpacas
Herd Size:70
Contact Name:Kierti Vaidya
Telephone Number:07950671672
Nearest Town:Kenilworth
Address:Faerie Tale Farm
Rouncil Lane
About this breeder:At Faerie Tale Alpacas we continuously strive to improve conformation and fleece quality. The alpaca industry in the UK has utilised the top genetics from around the world to accelerate our breeding programme. Since starting in 2008, we have taken great care to use only the most elite stud males from the top alpaca breeders in the UK. The males used are chosen for their elite fleece qualities and superior genetics; many are multi and supreme champions and have often been imported from South America or Australia which has an extremely advanced breeding programme. This careful selection has improved the quality of our crias year on year.

In 2015 we purchased our first stud males to introduce top quality colour into our herd. Aztec and Zaire are both superb coloured males offering elite genetics and in demand grey and black. Contact us for more details.

We are currently down sizing our herd for winter and have some lovely pet males at very competitive prices. Discounts on packages, full advice and after sales support given.
Latest News: Alpaca Farm Experience

Ever wanted to get up close and personal with alpacas? Come and meet these charming, gentle animals on our alpaca experience day.

Spend a leisurely 2 hours getting to know all about alpacas, relax as we take a farm tour to meet the alpacas and take an alpaca for a walk. Then finish with a look at our gorgeous range of hand knitted alpaca accessories.

We are located in Kenilworth, Warwickshire just off junction 15 of the M40 with easy access from the M1 and M6, just a 40 minute drive from Birmingham.

A typical itinerary to include:

? 11 am, Introduction to alpacas talk
o What are they?
o What do they eat?
o Are they easy to care for?
o What do you do with them?
o Do they really spit?

? 11.30 Stroll around the farm
o Meet the alpacas, including young cria (baby alpacas)
o If you're very lucky you might see an alpaca birth!
o Look at raw fleeces and discover what makes alpaca fibre so special
o Chance to spot wildlife including rabbits and buzzards and wild flowers
o Splash in the brook

? 12.00 Feed the alpacas and choose an alpaca to take for a walk around the farm. Learn how to catch and halter an alpaca

? 12.45 Finish with a look at out 100% uk alpaca products with a chance to purchase our unique designs at very reasonable prices.

? Option to bring a packed lunch and have a picnic surrounded by our beautiful alpacas.

We run our experience days Wednesday to Sunday from 11am-1. Other times maybe possible, email for details. Days maybe cancelled due to very bad weather.

Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult
Under 12s cannot walk the alpacas but can walk alongside.
1 alpaca per 2 people
Minimum number required is 2 people.
Please wear sensible outdoor clothing and depending on the weather waterproofs. Wellies or waterproof boots must be worn as the tour includes crossing a brook.
Sorry but no dogs allowed on the farm although there is a public footpath if you would like to walk your dog after the farm visit.
All attendees must sign a waiver

All days must be booked and paid for in advance via paypal or postal cheque.
Tel: 07950 671 672

£20 per adult
£15 per child
Family of 4 £50

We can also tailor days to suit you offering advice on herd selection, breeding for success, fleece preparation for showing and processing, farm layout, husbandry and welfare and advice on gaining planning permission for agricultural workers dwellings. Email for details.

Faerie tale farm, Rouncil lane, Kenilworth cv8 1nn

Breeder/Farm Name:Blackoaks Alpacas
Herd Size:20
Contact Name:Malgorzata Poltorak
Telephone Number:07485212331
Nearest Town:Alcester
Address:Pine Cottage, Knighton
About this breeder:Blackoaks Alpacas is a small farm specializing in breeding quality black and grey alpacas. Our alpacas are from the Inca and Bozedown lines. We use only the most elite stud males from the top alpaca breeders in the UK. We usually have some quality males for sale. Biosecurity is our priority. Our paddocks are surrounded by dug-in, badger-proof fences.

Breeder/Farm Name:TOFT Alpaca Stud
Herd Size:120
Contact Name:Rob Bettinson
Telephone Number:07973123008
Nearest Town:Dunchurch Rugby
Address:Toft Manor Lodge
Toft Lane
Nr Rugby
About this breeder:Toft Alpaca Stud is a family business, owned by Rob & Shirley Bettinson on the borders of Warwickshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire. Established in 1997 we breed pedigree prize winning very fine stock in all colours geared to producing alpacas whose fleece stays fine and useable at the top end of the market for a minimum of ten years. We encourage and support all our clients to attain the same goals and willingly share our experience with them to achieve this. We offer a 24/7 full support service to all our clients. We breed and sell on the principles of transparency, honesty trust and integrity in the knowledge that we shall always be there for our clients on the principle that their success will be our success and can only enhance the reputation of the genetic selection available at Toft.

We have a range of pedigree Huacaya and Suri pregnant females, stud males, pets guardians and companion alpacas for sale. We offer on and off farm stud services from a select team of elite males.
We lease proven and unproven stud males for part or whole season at very reasonable rates. Each season we offer discerning breeders a select group of young pedigree stud males for sale in all colours.
Keen to encourage Alpaca ownership we run Family Fun days, Introductory days, Advanced days, Breeder days, fleece, fibre, textile and processing courses, lectures, workshops and seminars.
We process all our fleece and buy in alpaca fleece from other breeders for processing. We sell exclusive alpaca yarn via our on farm shop and online shop.
We offer self catering holiday accommodation on farm for those that want to participate in the alpaca lifestyle without the responsibility.
We aim to support and inform. Visitors are always welcome by appointment to drop in and talk alpaca anytime.

Breeder/Farm Name:FINE ALPACAS
Herd Size:16
Contact Name:Peter and Maxine Watts
Telephone Number:07776 397370
Nearest Town:Warwick
Address:Watchbury Farm,
24a High Street,
About this breeder:Most if not all of our Alpacas are easy to handle and have been trained. We breed all colours. The conformation and fibre are both of a very high standard, having worked on improving the genetics over the past 24 years.

Breeder/Farm Name:Limestone Alpacas
Herd Size:50
Contact Name:Paul Wills
Telephone Number:07855 462760
Nearest Town:Church Lawford
Address:Limestone House, Limestone Hall Lane, Church Lawford, Warwickshire
About this breeder:Experienced (16 years established) and supportive breeder in Warwickshire. Focused on breeding healthy, high quality white and coloured huacaya alpacas from the very best of elite multi championship studs. Whole herd bTb tested for health assurance and the condition of animals speaks for itself. We love all of our animals and undertake their care and management with utmost responsibility. The proof of our breeding is in the wide range of show winning progeny across the colours. Studs standing and available include Softfoot Koo Wee Rup (AUS Imp) mid brown, and Vally Alpacas the Diplomat (white). Always happy to advise, support and offer aftercare (we can provide ongoing support in terms of husbandry training, assistance and faecal testing) or simply talk alpaca. Interest welcomed at all levels from beginners to established herds seeking serious new genetics.

Breeder/Farm Name:Willoughby Alpacas
Herd Size:20
Contact Name:Jeremy Stocker
Telephone Number:01788 890920
Nearest Town:Willoughby
Address:The Old Vicarage
Lower Street
About this breeder:Willoughby Alpacas is a small family-run herd located on the Warwickshire / Northamptonshire border. In addition to our breeding programme, we specialise in sales of halter-trained pet males in a variety of colours. All our animals are accustomed to regular handling and being taken for walks. They are sold microchipped, wormed and vaccinated up to date. Discounts available for purchase of 3 or more alpacas.

West Midlands  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Wildwood Alpacas
Herd Size:40
Contact Name:Sarah Dakin
Telephone Number:07779667798
Nearest Town:Albrighton
County Lane
About this breeder:Breeders of Exceptional quality Alpacas.our genetics include elite genetics from Lilyfield Lavender Park, EP Cambridge, Jolimont, Snowmass ,Inca and Accoyo. We offer a range of services from farm visits to Education and therapy courses for Schools Colleges and Organisations. Independent Testing Service for Equine and Camelids, Goats Sheep and Birds by A Qualified Laboratory Scientist, AMTRA Trained SQP.
Designer and seller of Wildwood Alpacoutre Luxury Halters

West Sussex  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Hurst Alpacas
Herd Size:37
Contact Name:Madeleine & Daniel Vogt
Telephone Number:+44 (0) 7785 296 379
Nearest Town:Hurstpierpoint
Address:Little Danny Farmhouse
New Way Lane
West Sussex
About this breeder:We are a small breeder of Huacaya alpacas in West Sussex. We started in 2005 with three pregnant females and two wethers. We now own a herd of just under 40 alpacas in various colours. In 2011 we had the first three crias from our own stud male Hurst Montezuma. Our aim is to breed good quality animals with sound conformation and dense, soft fleece. We have gained experience through attending workshops, courses and every day hands on experience with these beautiful animals.
Our farm bred stud males Hurst Montezuma and Hurst Ernesto have produced some beautiful crias in the last few years.

We had four crias in summer 2013 from Hurst Napoleon, son of Dovecote Jacquinto of Alpaca Stud ( two males and two females.)
We are planning to reduce our herd and have therefore some good deals available.

We also sell 100% pure Alpaca yarn produced from the fleeces of our own herd.
Latest News:In 2013 we had four crias, all offsprings of Hurst Napoleon, son of Dovecote Jaquinto of the Alpaca Stud. The four youngsters (two males and two females) are growing well despite the wet winter we had.

Breeder/Farm Name:Artwork Alpacas
Herd Size:80
Contact Name:Ken Freivokh
Telephone Number:07785 258740
Nearest Town:Rogate
Address:Mills Farm House
About this breeder:Artwork Alpacas are lifestyle breeders. Having purchased some of the top females in the UK, Ken & Liz secured a share in some of the World's top herd sires, personally chosen by International Judge Nick Harrington-Smith from the World famous Snowmass ranch in Idaho, US. The selection and importation process took almost two years, and resulted in the most amazing collection of top studs, jointly owned with top alpaca breeders Alpaca Stud, Meon Valley Alpacas and Pure Alpacas (brown, fawn, light and white - seven amazing specimens) and with Alpaca Stud and Merrifield Alpacas (two stunning black males)
The current herd includes three generations successively mated to such champion studs. This process has not only achieved the desired fleece characteristics and a dramatic reduction in the micron fineness, but further allowed Artwork Alpacas to achieve the desired optimisation of unique traits, such as perfect conformation, strong frame, short muzzle, uniform fleece distribution.
It is always difficult to select any of our alpacas to place on a ?for sale? list but, equally, we believe it is important that we limit the numbers in our herd, such that we can continue to offer the close and personal care, and we continue to target improvements to raise the overall standard and reinforce the traits which make Artwork Alpacas so special.
Therefore, the alpacas which we reluctantly selected are not on the list because they are in any way inferior; in many cases they are our top animals, but decisions must be taken bearing in mind the stud males available to us.
We are also selectively offering the services of such top Snowmass studs.

Breeder/Farm Name:Redens Alpacas
Herd Size:150
Contact Name:Linda Mackintosh
Telephone Number:0711 647107
Nearest Town:Petworth
West Sussex
About this breeder:We sell and breed black alpacas that are noted for their friendly nature, the softness of their fleece and being easy to handle. Situated in a beautiful peaceful location South of London on the edge of the Sussex Downs in West Sussex our alpacas live in an excellent environment.
We pride ourselves on the support we give to new alpaca owners to ensure they understand what it takes to look after alpacas so they thrive and have lovely lives with their new owners. Our herd of around 140 alpacas is recognised for it's success in the show ring and the quality of alpacas that we breed.

Breeder/Farm Name:Moralee Alpaca
Herd Size:60
Contact Name:Claire Holloway
Telephone Number:07809731164
Nearest Town:West Chiltington
Address:Moralee Farm
Haglands Lane
West Chiltington
West Sussex
About this breeder:

Wigtownshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:East Challoch Farm
Herd Size:10
Contact Name:Joan Waugh
Telephone Number:07900 288943
Nearest Town:Dunragit
Address:East Challoch Farm
About this breeder:We are a small farm and started with 9 alpacas and have successfully bred them and sold them for a few years , we have have kept it smallscale and it seems to work well , they are very happy here and have settled well .

Wiltshire  (Back To Top)

Herd Size:40
Contact Name:Hannah Welch
Telephone Number:07514 672147
Nearest Town:Broughton Gifford, nr. Bath/Bradford-on-Avon
Address:Willowbrook Farm
The Common
Broughton Gifford
Nr. Melksham
About this breeder:Dedicated to the development of a sustainable fleece industry. Breeding quality, healthy alpacas using top genetics. Fine fleeced animals of different colours.

Sole owner of the outstanding brown stud male 'Snowmass Sizlin Hot', who has proved his value time and time again with the continued success of his progeny in the show ring. Sizlin Hot's thirteenth fleece had an MFD of just 24.0 microns! He repeatedly passes this hugely important trait of lasting fineness to his offspring.

Come and see how you can not fail to fall in love with these gentle and enchanting animals.

Help, on-going support, and a cup of coffee always available!!

Breeder/Farm Name:Sienna's Valley Farm
Herd Size:63
Contact Name:Sharon Snook
Telephone Number:07980970060
Nearest Town:Frome
Address:Sienna's Valley Farm
Huntenhull Lane
About this breeder:Sienna's Valley Farm is an independent run family business breeding quality alpacas near Longleat. We have all ranges of colours and with greys being the foremost. We offer full husbandry and planning courses as former members of a planning board and shadow portfolio of a planning department. We sale yarn clothing and fleeces. We offer a stud service for our top quality males.

Breeder/Farm Name:Lane House Alpacas
Herd Size:90
Contact Name:Jodie Lane
Telephone Number:07901287781
Nearest Town:Dauntsey
Address:Lane House Farm
Sodom Lane
About this breeder:Lane House Alpacas is a family run alpaca breeder located in the stunning countryside of Dauntsey Vale in the heart of Wiltshire.

We offer a friendly service and can provide advice and 24 hour support if required.

Our herd of alpacas have been carefully selected from Elite studs and include bloodlines from Australia, Canada, USA and Peru.

We now have a selection of high quality alpacas for sale.

Visitors always welcome.

Herd Size:30
Contact Name:Steve Powell
Telephone Number:01179373862/m07977889262
Nearest Town:Bath/Bristol/Chippenham
Address:Ashwood farm Rookery Lane Hinton Chippenham, Wiltshire
About this breeder:At Ashwood alpacas we cannot accept just average we are breeding superiour quality white alpacas from the most famous and proven bloodlines from Australia and Newzealand.
we believe quality more than quantity is key to succsessfull breeding programme. Contstant improvement sourcing the finest elite genetics. our herd consists of famous bloodlines including peruvian hemmingway, E.P cambridge valour, E.P cambridge cajamarca,Jolimont warrior, jolimont attitude, peruvian Auzengate, E.P cambridge killawasi . from pets to prize winners for sale, we are convenient to bristol, bath and chippenham just 5 mins from M4 J18.

Worcestershire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Cotswold Vale Alpacas
Herd Size:43
Contact Name:Ginnie Meakin
Telephone Number:07702488118
Nearest Town:Evesham, Tewkesbury, Cheltenham, Stratford on Avon
Address:Cherry Tree Farm
Sandfield Lane
About this breeder:We are a Small friendly family business breeding and selling quality animals. We are based in the heart of the Cotswold and are very close to Evesham, Worcestershire, Cheltenham, Tewkesbury and Stratford on Avon. Our aim is to use quality females and breed with quality stud males aiming to breed for both excellent animal conformation and top quality fleece. We can offer help with choosing the right animals and are available for back up and support. We also offer agistment for your animals on a temporary or permanent bases.

We have recently recieved planning for Temporary Agricutural Dwelling, so we can live on site with our animals. For more information please email us.
Latest News:We breed Suri & Huacaya alpacas, have three lovely working Suri Stud males & four Huacaya stud males, two of which are sired by snowmass males, so we are looking forward to what they will produce.

With the new cria arriving this year we have decided we sadly need to sell some of the herd, we have started to add some of the alpacas for sale, so have a look and see if there is anything that would enhance you herd. (This is not all the animals for sale, but I will add them over a period as it takes a bit of time)

Always happy to talk alpaca so give us a ring. Ginnie

Breeder/Farm Name:Blackstone Meadow Alpacas
Herd Size:20
Contact Name:Paul Carpenter
Telephone Number:07985 240002
Nearest Town:Bewdley
Address:Blackstone Meadow Holiday Park
Stourport Road
DY12 1PU
About this breeder:Alpacas for sale
All ages, all colours