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Useful Links in the Alpaca Industry

Alpaca Societies, Organisations and Groups

Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association (AOBA)

Alpaca Association of Western WA (AAWW)

Alpaca Breeders of Southern California, Inc. (SoCAL)

Alpaca Breeders of the Rockies (ABR)

Alpaca Lovers Actively Sharing Knowledge in Alaska (ALASKA)

Alpaca Ranchers of the NorthWest (AROW)

California Alpaca Breeders Association, Inc. (CALPACA)

Columbia Alpaca Breeders Assoc. (CABA)

Empire Alpaca Association (EAA)

Florida Alpaca Breeders Association (FABA)

Great Lakes Alpaca Association (GLAA)

Intermountain West Alpaca Association (IMpaca)

Kentucky Alpaca Association (KAA)

Mid Atlantic Alpaca Breeders Association (MAPACA)

Midwest Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association (MOPACA)

New England Alpaca Owners & Breeders Assn. (NEAOBA)

Ohio Alpaca Breeders Association (OABA)

Pacific Northwest Alpaca Assoc. (PNAA)

Pennsylvania Alpaca Owners & Breeders Association (PAOBA)

State of Texas Alpaca Ranchers (STAR)

The Suri Network (TSN)

TxOLAN Alpaca Association (incl. TX, OK, LA, AR & NM)

Willamette Alpaca Breeders Assoc. (WABA)

British Camelids Association (BCA)

British Alpaca Society (BAS)

South West Alpaca Group (SWAG)

Southern Alpaca Regional Group (SARG)

Canadian Alpaca Breeders Association (CABA)

The Canadian Llama and Alpaca Association (CLAA)

Australian Alpaca Association (AAA)

Alpaca Association of New Zealand (AANZ)

International Alpaca Association

Alpaca Fibre, Yarn and Clothing

Alpaca Fiber Coop of North America (AFCNA)

New England Alpaca Fiber Pool

Canadian Camelid Fibre Co-operative

UK Alpaca

The Alpaca Wool Company

Concepts of Peru

Wellground Alpaca - Alpaca Fashions and Peruvian Gifts

Purely Alpaca - Naturally Unique Clothing and Gifts

GEM Alpacas - where to Get Everything in the Market


Alpaca Web Site Design and Web Hosting

Broad Ribbon Designs - specialist in web sites for alpaca breeders

Optimate Computer Systems

Alpaca Herd Management Software

AlpaFarm - also business management software for alpaca breeders (Connects to AlpacaSeller)

Herd Master (Connects to AlpacaSeller)

Alpaca Manager - Alpaca Herd Management (Connects to AlpacaSeller)

Alpaca Trade Magazines

Alpaca World Magazine

Useful books about alpacas


Other Alpaca Links

Ideal Alpaca Community

Rockford Bay Ranch