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Average Alpaca Sale Prices

Average prices are calculated real time from the AlpacaSeller database and therefore subject to constant change.

Pregnant Females
Animals in sample: 3
Average Price: SEK34166.67 (3)
Average Price (Huacaya): SEK34166.67 (3)
Average Price (Fawn): SEK22500.00 (1)
Average Price (Black): SEK40000.00 (2)
Highest Price: SEK45000.00
Lowest Price: SEK22500.00
Average Micron: 22.6
No data available:  
Average Micron: 23.5
Females with cria at foot
Animals in sample: 2
Average Price: SEK52500.00 (2)
Average Price (Huacaya Only): SEK52500.00 (2)
Average Price (Black): SEK52500.00 (2)
Highest Price: SEK55000.00
Lowest Price: SEK50000.00
Stud Males
Animals in sample: 5
Average Price: SEK36000.00 (5)
Average Price (Huacaya Only): SEK36000.00 (5)
Average Price (Grey): SEK75000.00 (1)
Average Price (Black): SEK28333.33 (3)
Average Price (Fancy): SEK20000.00 (1)
Highest Price: SEK75000.00
Lowest Price: SEK10000.00
Average Micron: 21.6
Young Males (Intact)
Animals in sample: 3
Average Price: SEK18333.33 (3)
Average Price (Huacaya Only): SEK18333.33 (3)
Average Price (Black): SEK18333.33 (3)
Highest Price: SEK35000.00
Lowest Price: SEK10000.00
No data available: