Limestone Red

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Sire: Softfoot Koo Wee Rup of FPA
Dam: Blenheim Ophelia
Type: Huacaya (Proven Stud)
Colour: Medium Brown
Registered With: BAS
Date of Birth: 10th August 2019
Current Age: 4 Years and 11 Months

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      Softfoot Corroboree    
  Softfoot Koo Wee Rup of FPA
(Solid Medium Brown - Huacaya)
      Alpacaspecialist Black Sapphire    
Limestone Red
(Medium Brown - Huacaya)
      Blenheim Khachaturian    
  Blenheim Ophelia
(White - Huacaya)
      EP Cambridge Candinall of Blenheim    

Fleece (5th):
22.70µ  SD 3.68µ  CV 16.20%  CEM 6.90µ  
3.20% Over 30 Microns(µ)  
(taken on 10th April 2024 at 4 Years and 8 Months of age)
Fibre Testing Authority: European Wool Testing Authority

Red has all the qualities we have been looking for to complement our existing males standing at Beck Brow. He has perfect conformation with great strength of bone. A glance into the paddock confirms that he is a ‘look at me’ male with eye-catching presence.

Whilst Red ticks all the boxes for fineness, density and fleece length, what really stood out (making him the chosen one after the long search) was the uniformity within his fleece. Uniformity of micron within the staple and across the body into the extremities. Red carries very little strong primary fibre in to his brisket area, something we see in our lighter colours, but have found harder to find in our search for a coloured male.
We probably should also mention here the exceptional fleece length on this male, growing 125 mm on his second fleece in an 11 month growth period.

With Softfoot Koo Wee Rup as his sire, a male who is demonstrating longevity of fineness and fleece qualities in his progeny, we are expecting Red to maintain his excellent fleece attributes. This is backed by the impressive lack of guard hair seen in the fleece of his dam (Blenheim Ophella of LMS) who at 9 years of age maintains a good level of fineness and uniformity. Having seen progeny from both parents, this confirmed the depth of quality behind Red

Red had his first 14 cria born in 2022 who have performed highly in the show ring.

Limestone Red will remain in-house during 2024

Genetic colour tested Ee Aa Red has produced all colours from white to black all of high quality with high levels of density and stand out frames.

Champion Dark Sire's Progeny BAS National Show 2024 and Heart of England Fiesta 2024

Prizes Won:

BAS National Dark Sire's Progeny Champion

Heart of England Fiesta Dark Sire's Progeny Champion

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