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Alpacas For Sale - Young Males (Intact)

Animal NameBreeder NameLocationAlpaca TypeColourPrice
Minster Tommy (SOLD)MINSTER ALPACASNorth YorkshireYoung Male (Intact)White
Burnt Fen Herbert (SOLD)Burnt Fen AlpacasNorfolkYoung Male (Intact)Medium Grey£1,500.00
Pennybridge FloydPennybridge AlpacasHampshireYoung Male (Intact)Medium Fawn£4,000.00
CME Alexander ll (CME661)Classical/MileEnd AlpacasDevonYoung Male (Intact)White£700.00
Avenue Alpacas Stanley (SOLD)JandJ AlpacasLincolnshireYoung Male (Intact)Black£500.00
NIMROD OF CS ALPACAS (SOLD)CS ALPACASBuckinghamshireYoung Male (Intact)Black£400.00
Laurel's InchicLaurel Farm AlpacasDevonYoung Male (Intact)White£950.00
Leven Valley Jimmy (SOLD)ALPACA ALPACA in the Leven ValleyNorth YorkshireYoung Male (Intact)Light Fawn£700.00
Major TomRymes Farm AlpacasLincolnshireYoung Male (Intact)Light Brown£5,000.00
Hurst Hercules (SOLD)Hurst AlpacasWest SussexYoung Male (Intact)Medium Fawn£450.00
Penny Bridge EarhartPennybridge AlpacasHampshireYoung Male (Intact)Dark Fawn£4,000.00
Watership Vermiculite (NEW)Watership AlpacasHampshireYoung Male (Intact)White£800.00
MINSTER HUGO (SOLD)MINSTER ALPACASNorth YorkshireYoung Male (Intact)White
Spinney Farm Jack (SOLD)Spinney Farm AlpacasDerbyshireYoung Male (Intact)White£350.00
Teesdale Lightning (SOLD)Teesdale AlpacasDurhamYoung Male (Intact)White£500.00
Rivenherd Cato (SOLD)Rivenherd AlpacasNorthumberlandYoung Male (Intact)Black£550.00
MINSTER REECE (SOLD)MINSTER ALPACASNorth YorkshireYoung Male (Intact)White
Whistlewood Hollywood *NO VAT* (SOLD)Whistlewood AlpacasEast YorkshireYoung Male (Intact)Fancy£1,500.00
Watership Andradite (SOLD)Watership AlpacasHampshireYoung Male (Intact)Light Brown
CRIA RELEASE FROM NOVEMBERWhistlewood AlpacasEast YorkshireYoung Male (Intact)Medium Brown
Town End Mungo (SOLD)Rivenherd AlpacasNorthumberlandYoung Male (Intact)Rose Grey
Laurels Alexander (SOLD)Laurel Farm AlpacasDevonYoung Male (Intact)White£650.00
Minster SCOOBY DOO (SOLD)MINSTER ALPACASNorth YorkshireYoung Male (Intact)Medium Fawn
Spinney Farm Bailey (SOLD)Spinney Farm AlpacasDerbyshireYoung Male (Intact)Light Fawn£350.00
Grange Phantom *NO VAT* (SOLD)Whistlewood AlpacasEast YorkshireYoung Male (Intact)Black£1,350.00
Fellside HeppleFellside AlpacasDurhamYoung Male (Intact)White£1,000.00
Hilly Ridge TeddyHilly Ridge AlpacasSuffolkYoung Male (Intact)Fancy£800.00
Little Acres TheodoreLittle Acres AlpacasOxfordshireYoung Male (Intact)Light Fawn£750.00
Wealden Nimrod (SOLD)ALPACAS AT WEALDENEast SussexYoung Male (Intact)Beige
Teesdale Jet (SOLD)Teesdale AlpacasDurhamYoung Male (Intact)Black£550.00
Wealden Muscari (SOLD)ALPACAS AT WEALDENEast SussexYoung Male (Intact)White£275.00
Dartagnion of CS Alpacas (SOLD)CS ALPACASBuckinghamshireYoung Male (Intact)White£2,000.00
Hurst Casanova (SOLD)Hurst AlpacasWest SussexYoung Male (Intact)Light Brown£500.00
Cold Comfort BertCold ComfortKentYoung Male (Intact)White£600.00
Watership ChalkWatership AlpacasHampshireYoung Male (Intact)White£900.00
Wealden Indigo (SOLD)ALPACAS AT WEALDENEast SussexYoung Male (Intact)Black
Hurst Caesar (SOLD)Hurst AlpacasWest SussexYoung Male (Intact)White£400.00
Leven Valley Karter (SOLD)ALPACA ALPACA in the Leven ValleyNorth YorkshireYoung Male (Intact)Dark Brown£700.00
Lopham Fernando (UKBAS34852) (SOLD)Lopham AlpacasNorfolkYoung Male (Intact)Light Brown£950.00
Woodborough Echo and Woodborough Ezra (SOLD)Woodborough AlpacasNottinghamshireYoung Male (Intact)Medium Brown£1,200.00
Artwork G.L. Rico (SOLD)Artwork AlpacasWest SussexYoung Male (Intact)Light Brown
Rivenherd Bacchus (SOLD)Rivenherd AlpacasNorthumberlandYoung Male (Intact)Black
FELIX (SOLD)CS ALPACASBuckinghamshireYoung Male (Intact)Dark Brown£400.00
Whistlewood Lewin (SOLD)Whistlewood AlpacasEast YorkshireYoung Male (Intact)Medium Brown£1,500.00
Archie of CS Alpacas (SOLD)CS ALPACASBuckinghamshireYoung Male (Intact)Light Fawn£500.00
Fellside Pharaoh (SOLD)Fellside AlpacasDurhamYoung Male (Intact)White£1,000.00
Leven Valley Inca Illusion (SOLD)ALPACA ALPACA in the Leven ValleyNorth YorkshireYoung Male (Intact)Medium Brown£700.00
Watership Mylonite (SOLD)Watership AlpacasHampshireYoung Male (Intact)Medium Brown
Laurels Nicko (SOLD)Laurel Farm AlpacasDevonYoung Male (Intact)White£650.00
Penny Bridge GordonPennybridge AlpacasHampshireYoung Male (Intact)Light Brown£4,000.00
WhyNot Xavier (SOLD)WhyNot AlpacasCumbriaYoung Male (Intact)White
Avenue Alpacas Sidney (SOLD)JandJ AlpacasLincolnshireYoung Male (Intact)Black£500.00
WhyNot Xemplary (SOLD)WhyNot AlpacasCumbriaYoung Male (Intact)Rose Grey
Minster Freddy (SOLD)MINSTER ALPACASNorth YorkshireYoung Male (Intact)White
NERO of CS ALPACAS (SOLD)CS ALPACASBuckinghamshireYoung Male (Intact)White£500.00
Wealden Reiko (SOLD)ALPACAS AT WEALDENEast SussexYoung Male (Intact)Black£525.00
Cold Comfort Rocco (SOLD)Cold ComfortKentYoung Male (Intact)Rose Grey£1,500.00
Beautiful Pet Males (SOLD)AMAZING ALPACASMonmouthshireYoung Male (Intact)White£750.00
JandJ Jet (SOLD)JandJ AlpacasLincolnshireYoung Male (Intact)Black£500.00
Woodborough Amaretto (SOLD)Woodborough AlpacasNottinghamshireYoung Male (Intact)Medium Brown
Wealden Jewel's Silverstream (SOLD)ALPACAS AT WEALDENEast SussexYoung Male (Intact)Medium Grey£850.00
Artwork Ayrton (SOLD)Artwork AlpacasWest SussexYoung Male (Intact)White
Isaac of CS Alpacas (SOLD)CS ALPACASBuckinghamshireYoung Male (Intact)White£3,000.00
Hurst Frederick (SOLD)Hurst AlpacasWest SussexYoung Male (Intact)White£850.00
Easter-Wood Porthos (SOLD)Easter-Wood Alpaca StudBerkshireYoung Male (Intact)White
Hurst Orion (SOLD)Hurst AlpacasWest SussexYoung Male (Intact)Medium Brown£600.00
Rivenherd Benson (SOLD)Rivenherd AlpacasNorthumberlandYoung Male (Intact)Black
*Updated* Alpaca Farm Iregi (SOLD)The Alpaca Farm, ShrophireShropshireYoung Male (Intact)Medium Fawn£600.00
WhyNot Xorbitant (aka Herbie) (SOLD)WhyNot AlpacasCumbriaYoung Male (Intact)Dark Brown
Melford Green Rami (NEW)Orchard Corner AlpacasLincolnshireYoung Male (Intact)White£1,000.00
WhyNot Xtrordnry (SOLD)WhyNot AlpacasCumbriaYoung Male (Intact)Light Grey
Whistlewood Guinness **NO VAT** (SOLD)Whistlewood AlpacasEast YorkshireYoung Male (Intact)Fancy£1,850.00
Rivenherd Boris (SOLD)Rivenherd AlpacasNorthumberlandYoung Male (Intact)White
Rivenherd Casper (SOLD)Rivenherd AlpacasNorthumberlandYoung Male (Intact)White£500.00
Watership MontonilliteWatership AlpacasHampshireYoung Male (Intact)White£900.00
Laurels Cusi (SOLD)Laurel Farm AlpacasDevonYoung Male (Intact)Black£650.00
Burnt Fen Humphrey (SOLD)Burnt Fen AlpacasNorfolkYoung Male (Intact)Light Grey£1,000.00
Amazing Usk Centurian (SOLD)AMAZING ALPACASMonmouthshireYoung Male (Intact)White£1,800.00
Watership AluniteWatership AlpacasHampshireYoung Male (Intact)Light Fawn£1,500.00
Artwork Rico & Artwork Dynamo (SOLD)Woodborough AlpacasNottinghamshireYoung Male (Intact)Light Brown
MINSTER SAMUEL (SOLD)MINSTER ALPACASNorth YorkshireYoung Male (Intact)White
Grange Pernod- NO VAT (SOLD)Whistlewood AlpacasEast YorkshireYoung Male (Intact)Dark Brown£695.00
Moralee Snowy (SOLD)Moralee AlpacaWest SussexYoung Male (Intact)White£500.00
Rivenherd Cassius (SOLD)Rivenherd AlpacasNorthumberlandYoung Male (Intact)Black
Lopham Gemstone (SOLD)Lopham AlpacasNorfolkYoung Male (Intact)Light Fawn£800.00
Lopham Griffin (SOLD)Lopham AlpacasNorfolkYoung Male (Intact)Black£800.00
Teesdale Tornado (SOLD)Teesdale AlpacasDurhamYoung Male (Intact)Medium Brown£650.00
WhyNot XLNC (SOLD)WhyNot AlpacasCumbriaYoung Male (Intact)Fancy
Hurst Uranus (SOLD)Hurst AlpacasWest SussexYoung Male (Intact)White£300.00
UltravoxCS ALPACASBuckinghamshireYoung Male (Intact)White£500.00
Artwork M.M. Dynamo (SOLD)Artwork AlpacasWest SussexYoung Male (Intact)Black
Spinney Farm Murphy (SOLD)Spinney Farm AlpacasDerbyshireYoung Male (Intact)Fancy£350.00
Lopham Frankel (SOLD)Lopham AlpacasNorfolkYoung Male (Intact)Light Brown£950.00
Whistlewood Billabong *NO VAT* (SOLD)Whistlewood AlpacasEast YorkshireYoung Male (Intact)Black£1,500.00
JandJ Didier (SOLD)JandJ AlpacasLincolnshireYoung Male (Intact)Black£500.00
Weanling boys (NEW)Classical/MileEnd AlpacasDevonYoung Male (Intact)White£700.00
JandJ Bruce (SOLD)JandJ AlpacasLincolnshireYoung Male (Intact)Medium Brown£500.00
Hurst Poseidon (SOLD)Hurst AlpacasWest SussexYoung Male (Intact)Medium Fawn£300.00
Wealden Jak (SOLD)ALPACAS AT WEALDENEast SussexYoung Male (Intact)White
FLYNN OF CS ALPACAS (SOLD)CS ALPACASBuckinghamshireYoung Male (Intact)White£400.00
Summerdale Amadaeus Symphony (SOLD)ALPACAS AT WEALDENEast SussexYoung Male (Intact)Beige
Fellside Ramesses (SOLD)Fellside AlpacasDurhamYoung Male (Intact)White£1,100.00
JandJ Wade (SOLD)JandJ AlpacasLincolnshireYoung Male (Intact)Medium Brown£500.00
Minster ReticentMINSTER ALPACASNorth YorkshireYoung Male (Intact)White£600.00
Three Cliffs Great TorThree Cliffs AlpacasGlamorganYoung Male (Intact)Dark Brown£800.00