Service Fee (Drive By):  £500.00 (excl VAT)   
Service Fee (Mobile Mate):  £550.00 (excl VAT)   
Sire: Snowshill Raphael
Dam: Bozedown Dividend
Type: Suri (Proven Stud)
Colour: Solid Dark Brown
Registered With: The British Alpaca Society
Date of Birth: 8th August 2009
Current Age: 14 Years and 2 Months

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          Peruvian Conquistador (Aust)
      Andean Legacy of I-Spy (Imp)    
          Windsong Valley Andean Jewel (Aust)
  Snowshill Raphael
(Solid Medium Brown - Suri)
          Casique of Purston (Imp)
      Snowshill Letitia    
          Hermione of Willaston (Imp)
(Solid Dark Brown - Suri)
          Valentino of Bozedown (Imp)
      Bozedown Scholar    
          Justine of Bozedown (Imp)
  Bozedown Dividend
(Light Fawn - Suri)
          Peruvian Male
      Michelle of Bozedown (Imp)    
          Peruvian Female

Fleece (4th):
28.60µ  SD 7.00µ  CV 24.40%
30.10% Over 30 Microns(µ)  SF 28.70µ
Yield 6.00 Kg/Year  
(taken on 24th June 2013 at 3 Years and 10 Months of age)
Fibre Testing Authority: Yocom-McColl Testing Laboratories

Oberon is beautifull true to type dark brown suri with a fine and lustrous fleece. His father, Snowshill Raphael, is a show winning mid-brown suri and his mother, Bozedown Dividend, is a very fine and lustrous light fawn/beige suri and was Champion Coloured Suri at the 2006 South of England Show and is still being placed first in fleece shows as a senior. His grandmother, Snowshill Letitia, was placed first in every show entered as both a junior and as an intermediate.

The renowned judge; Val Fullerlove, described Oberon (at the 2011 National Show) as being one of the very best brown Suris that she had seen.
(NB. His fleece stats are for a 22 month fleece. If tested at 12 months growth, his fleece micron would likely be a bit lower).
At the 2013 Royal Three Counties Show, Nick Harrington Smith described him as having perfect conformation with exceptional substance of bone combined with a fine, dense, even coloured and very lustrous fleece with good lock structure.

Oberon started working in 2012 and his first four cria were a fawn out of a fawn mother, a fawn out of a white, a mid brown out of a white and a black out of a fawn. All four are solid colours have excellent suri fleece characteristics. Oberon has produced a number of other nice cria, a number of whom have won show championships and several have retained superfine fleeces (despite his own fleece, and that of many of the mothers, not being so!)

Oberon is another Suri Stud who produces much finer fleece than his own. Many of his cria have sub 20 micron fleeces (some sub 16 micron) even when mums have relatively high micron.

Prizes Won:

Not shown.


2011 BAS National Show
Ist Intermediate Brown Male and Champion Brown Suri.
Judge: Val Fullerlove

2011 Heart of England Autumn National Fleece Show - 3rd Intermediate Brown Suri Fleece. Judge: Val Fullerlove.

2011 Scottish National Fleece Show - 2nd Intermediate Brown Suri Fleece. Judge: Rob Bettinson.

2012 Futurity International Fleece Show - 2nd Brown Suri Fleece. Judge; Liz Barlow.

2012 WSAG - Three Counties Fleece Show - 1st Brown Suri Fleece. Judge : Rob Bettinson,


2012 Futurity Halter Show
1st Adult Brown Suri Male.
Judge: Matt Lloyd.

2012 South West Alpaca Group Spring Show - 1st Adult Brown Suri Male. Judge: Val Fullerlove.

2012 Heart of England Spring Fiesta - 1st Adult Brown Suri Male. Judge: Nick Harrington Smith

2012 WSAG - Three Counties Show - 1st Adult Brown Suri Male. Judge: Rob Bettinson .

2013 Futurity Halter Show - 2nd Adult Brown Suri Male. Judge: Amanda VandenBosch.

2013 Royal Three Counties Halter Show - 1st Adult Brown Suri, Champion Adult Suri, Champion Brown Suri, Best British Bred Suri and Supreme Champion Suri. Judge: Nick Harrington Smith.

2013 Heart of England Fleece Show - 2nd Adult Brown fleece. Judge:

2014 National Fleece Show - 1st Adult Brown fleece and Reserve Champion Brown Suri fleece. Judge: Mary-Jo Smith.

2014 Royal Three Counties Fleece Show -
1st Adult Brown Suri fleece, Champion Brown and Best British Bred Suri fleece.
Judge: Tim Hey

2015 Royal Three Counties Fleece Show - 1st Senior Brown Suri Fleece and Reserve Champion.
Judge: Rob Bettinson.

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