Tienda Molino Na´robi

Vader: Inca Knightsbridge (BBLK)
Moeder: Tienda Molino Fergie (SBLK)
Type: Dekhengst
Alpaca type: Huacaya
Kleur: Zwart (Eenkleurig)
Geregistreerd bij: AAB 007871
Geboortedatum: 3/08/2020
Huidige leeftijd: 3 Jaar en 10 Maanden

image Groot   image Klein

          Rosemont Pompey (SBLK)
      Surtierra Shadow (SBLK)    
          Surtierra Salamanca (SBLK)
  Inca Knightsbridge (BBLK)
(Zwart (Eenkleurig) - Huacaya)
          Popham Thunder (SBLK)
      Inca Henna (BBLK)    
          Amiryckk Danica (SBLK)
Tienda Molino Na´robi
(Zwart (Eenkleurig) - Huacaya)
          Blue Grass Bollinger (Light Fawn)
      Lillyfield Jack of Spades (SBLK)    
          Lillyfield Matilda (Mid Fawn)
  Tienda Molino Fergie (SBLK)
(Zwart (Eenkleurig) - Huacaya)
          ATA Cambridge Centurion (SBLK)
      Inca Ellie (SBLK)    
          Wapley Amber (SBR)

Vacht (2e):
23.30µ  SD (standaardafwijking) 4.60µ  CV (variatiecoŰfficient) 19.70%    CEM 8.80µ  
6.60% boven 30 micron(µ)  SF 22.40µ
Golving (Curvature) 34.90 graden/mm  Lengte van de lok 115 mm  
(Genomen op 20/04/2022 op de leeftijd van 1 Jaar en 8 Maanden )
Wolanalyse-organisatie: Art of Fibre

Tienda Molino Na´robi is a well grown young male who is very stylish and true black in colour. Conformationally this male is correct in every area. His head is true to type, he has great substance of bone and his balanced frame is well covered in fleece. The fibre this male is growing is quite unique as its fine, bright, very soft handling and long stapled. His dam, Tienda Molino Fergie is still testing 22,2 microns on her 10th fleece and both times we entered the progeny class with her offspring she was awarded champion female progeny. From this dam we also bred Tienda Molino Kasimir and Tienda Molino Loxely who both made it to Champion in the black class. With such a depth of high quality proven black genetics making up the pedigree, Tienda Molino Na´robi is the ideal male for those wanting to impart style, great conformation and outstanding fleece in to their herd. Tienda Molino Na´robi comes with a full fertility guarantee.

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