Show Success

   Silcron Kahruba (& dam, Amber)    Alpaca Name: Silcron Kahruba
  Alpaca Type: Female

3 outings for 3 second placings

   Silcron Atatori   Atatori 3rd fleece  Alpaca Name: Silcron Atatori (Imp. Aust)
  Alpaca Type: Pregnant Female

2nd in a large class at the Auckland Easter Show, and 5th in a big class of Intermediate females at the NZ National 2011

   Minerva 3rd fleece   Minerva fleece staple, 3rd  Alpaca Name: Silcron Minerva (Imp. Aust)
  Alpaca Type: Pregnant Female

2nd Junior White & Light Fawn - Warkworth
2nd Junior White & Light Fawn - Franklin
1st Junior White & Light Fawn - Morrinsville
1st Junior White - Kumeu
3rd Intermediate White - Auckland

   Soubrette Feb   Son, Ronroco  Alpaca Name: Silcron Sweet Soubrette
  Alpaca Type: Pregnant Female

2nd, Adult White Female, Royal Toowoomba

   Silcron Cassandra    Alpaca Name: Silcron Cassandra
  Alpaca Type: Female

Shown twice for
1st Junior LF Female Hawkes Bay 2012
2nd Junior LF Female Waikato 2012
both large classes

   Silcron Antara   Antara, fleece 4  Alpaca Name: Silcron Antara (Imp. Aust)
  Alpaca Type: Female

3 firsts from 3 outings, and 1 Reserve Championship

   Silcron Icemaster fleece   Icemaster, Champion Junior, Warkworth 2012  Alpaca Name: Silcron Icemaster
  Alpaca Type: Stud Male

1st Adult LF Male NI Colourbration 2013
2nd Senior LF Male Auckland 2013
2nd Intermediate LF Male Morrinsville 2013
Champion Junior Warkworth 2012
1st Junior White & LF Male Warkworth 2012
3rd Junior LF Male NZAA National 2011(v lge class)
1st Junior LF Male Franklin 2012
Reserve Champion Franklin 2012
3rd Junior LF Male Kumeu 2012

   Ronroco headshot   Ronroco Fleece  Alpaca Name: Silcron Ronroco (Imp. Aust)
  Alpaca Type: Stud Male

Ronroco has placed 1st at 9 of his 11 outings, including Champion Brown at Kumeu in both 2011 & 2012, Reserve Champion Brown at the recent Hamilton Colourbration and placed 1st at the 2011 National Expo where the judge, Lyn Dickson, described him as a clear winner.

   Anamaya, headshot   Eighth fleece Silcron Anamaya  Alpaca Name: Silcron Anamaya (Imp. Aust)
  Alpaca Type: Female

8 1st places
7 Championships
1 Reserve Championships
from 8 outings

   Silcron Charango     Alpaca Name: Silcron Charango (Imp Aust)
  Alpaca Type: Stud Male

Warkworth Senior Male 1st

Charles Ledger Senior Male- 1st & Res Champion
Gold Coast Adult Male 1st
Sunshine Coast Adult Male 1st Reserve Champion & Best White
Ipswich Adult Male 1st
Sunshine Coast Intermediate Male 1st
Ipswich Intermediate Male 1st & Res Champion
Royal Toowoomba Junior Male 1st