Easter-Wood Sundown

Géniteur: ACC Accoyo Killawasi UKACCBAS00004
Génitrice: Yuralee Sunrise of EPC
Type: Etalon (Etalon avéré)
Race: Huacaya
Couleur: Blanc (Couleur pure/solide)
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Date de naissance: 29/05/2009
Age actuel: 10 Ans

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  ACC Accoyo Killawasi UKACCBAS00004
(Blanc (Couleur pure/solide) - Huacaya)
Easter-Wood Sundown
(Blanc (Couleur pure/solide) - Huacaya)
      ZZZ Starline Stern (Aust)    
  Yuralee Sunrise of EPC
(Blanc (Couleur pure/solide) - Huacaya)
      ZZZ Yuralee Seline (Aust)    

A fine quality stud male of brilliant white fleece, excellent confirmation and gentle temperment.A real plus for any herd..with great genetic lineage from EP Cambridge and Accoyo Killawasi. Mum is still looking veryfine and can be viewed also.

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