Inca frederico

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Far: Lillyfield Jack of Spades of Inca
Mor: Inca Cameo
Type: Avlshingst (Testet avlshingst)
Rasetype: Huacaya
Farge: Sort (Ensfarget)
Registrert med:
Fødselsdato: 29/07/2011
Nåværende alder: 7 År og 10 Måneder

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          Benleigh Ringleader
      Blue grass Bollinger    
          purrumbete Vanilla
  Lillyfield Jack of Spades of Inca
(Sort (Ensfarget) - Huacaya)
          Blue Grass Khan
      Lillyfield Matilda    
          Blue Grass Pretty Phoebe
Inca frederico
(Sort (Ensfarget) - Huacaya)
      ATA Cambridge Centurion    
  Inca Cameo
(Sort (Ensfarget) - Huacaya)
      West Park Bettina    

Alpakkafiber (2.):
18.60µ  SD 4.00µ  CV 21.30%  
(tatt på 23/05/2013 ved 1 År og 10 Måneder av alder)
Fibertesting firma: Australian Alpaca Fibre Testing

From the moment he was born Inca Frederico has stood out as a stylish male.
His sire is the champion Lillyfield Jack of Spades of Inca and his dam is Inca Alpaca's most decorated female who is unbeaten for champion - Inca Cameo.
As the picture shows Inca Frederico has a great head type, straight legs and a level top line. When he moves into stride each leg tracks straight with little or no deviation.
The fleece is very dense and soft. Each staple is thin and well aligned and the fibres are fine and bright.
With such a decorated pedigree, a full brother who is a champion (Inca Emporio) and a phenotype that is most desirable Inca Federico is a must for the most demanding breeder. He has been working well on our farm this season.

Priser vunnet:
Bath & West 2013 2nd
Both Parents are multi winning champions

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