Pennybridge Bryn

£4,000.00    (SOLGT)
Far: Arunvale Cloud
Mor: Atlantic Audrey
Type: Avlshingst (Testet avlshingst)
Rasetype: Huacaya
Farge: Medium fawn (Ensfarget)
Registrert med: BAS - UKBAS07221
Fødselsdato: 11/07/2007
Nåværende alder: 11 År og 6 Måneder

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      Dougie (Import)    
  Arunvale Cloud
(Medium fawn (Ensfarget) - Huacaya)
      Arunvale Sunflowers    
Pennybridge Bryn
(Medium fawn (Ensfarget) - Huacaya)
      Macho of Atlantic    
  Atlantic Audrey
(Medium fawn (Ensfarget) - Huacaya)
      Atlantic Cassandra    

Alpakkafiber (1.):
21.20µ  SD 4.40µ  CV 20.90%  
3.70% over 30 micron(µ)  
(tatt på 12/05/2008 ved 10 Måneder av alder)
Fibertesting firma: The Fibre Lab

Pennybridge Bryn is a really beautiful potential stud male with the most gorgeous big eyes and he carries a lovely fine, crimped fleece.

Bryn's sire is Arunvale Cloud who has sired many show winners (see 'At Stud' page of our website for more details of Cloud's progeny - and his dam's sire is Macho of Atlantic M0089, who is also renowned for producing quality alpacas with lovely fine dense fleece.

Bryn has very good conformation and a lovely gentle nature and with such good genetics we are sure he will make a good future stud.

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