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Last Updated: 5th of January 2017

Big discounts available for those wanting herds and mini herds... as herd numbers and composition are at a constant point of change there are generally animals not yet on the sales list so do phone of there is a particular type/colour of animal that you are interested in.

Packages of alpaca are available to suit many different price ranges offering many colour choices. Regardless of whether a Herd Sire is purchased at the same time, all packages of 3 or more females will include free mating with Sire of choice.

Pennybridge Mating packages available. 5 females covered for 1000..Choice of Quality Brilliant Whites, Bay Black, Mid Rich Brown and Traditional Pretty Fawn herd sires available.
All with excellent genetic background.

Alpaca Meet,Greet and Walk/ The Alpaca Experience 11.00 a.m.-1.00 p.m. most days just call us to book/enquire as to spaces available.

50.00 for 2 people
100.00 for 4 people
150.00 for 6 people

Alpaca Meet,Greet and Walk/The Alpaca Experience Includes:

An introduction to these wonderful creatures together with a general farm safety talk, feeding/general tasks then halter training/walking on halter of alpaca...the length of walk will depend upon the animals being used/trained that day but will be at least 20 minutes
Strictly no dogs allowed.

Over 12's can lead the alpaca with a responsible adult.
This is a lead walk along side the alpacas only. Customers do not ride the alpacas at any stage.
Must wear suitable clothing and shoes, no sandals or flip flops.

Alpaca Adoption and The Alpaca Experience Make Ideal presents for those interested in Alpaca. Do contact us by e-mail or phone for further information.

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British Alpaca Society

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