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Last Updated: 14th of April 2014

8th April

Vale The Don.

15th February 2009

As we are now in closing down mode, we are offering most of our herd at heavily reduced prices. Proven breeding females, (some colours, mainly solid white, both empty and pregnant), and weanling/maiden females, with prices starting from $770. If required, all empty females come with a free mating to top quality males.

We also have two young solid white males of stud quality, ready to work now, guaranteed fertile—$1,650 each.

One multiple ribbon winning certified male, very even light/medium grey, compact in size, and ready to work—$2,500.

Young wethers and wether quality white males $220 each.

Discount for multiples purchased. Make an offer.

All quoted prices include GST and transfer fees for animals sold over $1,000.

Apart from wethers all alpacas are dual registered in AAR and IAR.

Visits and inspections welcome. Interstate transportation easily arranged.

31st July 2008

Alpacas in China.

10th June 2008

Introducing Orrapoora Ridotto.

9th May 2008

Some prefer the lucerne hay in the troughs and some prefer the oaten hay ad lib!

9th April 2008

Show of the Month

4th March 2008

Andromeda Jordi

13th February 2008

Thank you Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

9th January 2008

Orrapoora GREEN

3rd December 2007

Sofia Veronica Valle-Ellinopoullos

12th November 2007

Well on the way to recovery.

8th October 2007

A tough little boy.

6th September 2007


11th August 2007

Like father like son!

2nd July 2007

Rain comes to Airlie.

11th June 2007

Rambo, the Big Merino at Goulburn NSW is Sheep of the Month.

27th May 2007

Auction Sunday 17th June 2007.
Flyer with details available here (PDF, new window, 795KB)
Full Auction Catalogue available here (PDF, new window, 1.87MB).

5th May 2007

Our latest Alpacas of the Month are Rheala and Valentina, a three in one package available in our upcoming auction.

1st May 2007

31st March 2007

Orrapoora’s second Orrapoora-born appaloosa!

March 2007

February crias are Orrapoora’s Alpacas of the Month.

February 2007

Alpaca of the Month is Orrapoora’s first Orrapoora-born appaloosa, Orrapoora Scribbles.

3rd December 2006

Vale Spock.

6th November 2006

Shearing is over for another year.

30th September 2006

Ringo and Trumpeter.

5th September 2006

Kit Kat and Wally.

Helen and Nestor working on the farm

29th August 2006

Jay Harley has presented Orrapoora with this incredible cartoon of Helen and Nestor working on the farm (right). Have a look at Jay’s other work and feel free to contact her if you are interested in a caricature or two.

1st August 2006

Ezra, Reuben, Lazarus and Cyprus are now grown up and enjoy their daily walk with their “Pied Piper Pete”.

8th July 2006

Nestor is running for President of the Australian Alpaca Association. If you are a member of the AAA, please consider the document Candidates for Election to National Committee 2006 recently sent out by the AAA to all members and cast your vote by no later than 4pm EST on Friday, 11th August 2006.

Nestor’s Candidate Statement and supporting statements by Penny Pittard, John Pittard, Raymond Haynes, David de Burgh and Pauline Nugent can be seen here.

Ian Watt, the Immediate Past President of the Australian Alpaca Association, has strongly endorsed Nestor?s nomination and has publicly issued a Letter of Support for Nestor to be the next President of the AAA. If you are a AAA member and would like to receive a copy of Ian Watt's letter, please email

2nd July 2006

Alpaca of the Month: a lovely lady with a beautiful histogram.

8th June 2006

Alpaca of the Month: a tribute to Our Jack

10th May 2006

Runt of the Month

4th April 2006

Due to on-going and worsening drought conditions (we are now into our fifth year) we are anxious to reduce our animal numbers and have slashed our prices - all wethers and wether-quality males now reduced by 25% to $330 each, including GST.
We will also be heavily reducing our prices for females. Please keep an eye on our SALES pages for some upcoming bargains.

1st April 2006

Cyprus, Ezra, Lazarus and Reuben arrive at their new home at Marulan.

1st March 2006

Orrapoora’s Dog of the Month is sadly missed.

10th February 2006

Orrapoora’s website has been given a facelift and is now integrated with AlpacaSeller - data from the AlpacaSeller account displays in Orrapoora’s website seamlessly.

1st February 2006

Shearers’ Cook of the Month.

1st January 2006

Alpaca of the Month - another new boy in town.

31st December 2005

We wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year 2006.

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