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Last Updated: 5th of August 2014

Incamon Alpaca Stud - News 30th January 2009


Last night at 7.25pm "Rondul Park Black April" gave birth, unaided, to 2 healthy male crias 15 minutes apart. Cria No.1 (so far unnamed) weighed in at 4.6kg and No.2 at 6.1kg. Proud dad, "Bryanna Kimba" looked on capturing the beautiful moment.

Michael was on the spot and was talking to Richard on the phone when No.2 appeared. After the initial shock it was a sleepless night ensuring the little guys and mum were okay. Michael was up until 3am and thought it was safe for some shuteye and then at 6.30am found that No.2 had somehow got his front legs into the drinking bucket and got stuck there so the hair dryer came out and the thermal blanket went on and all was well. The vet was called to provide a health check this morning and gave a clean bill of health to mum and both crias.

Michael still has his hands full getting April to accept both crias and getting No.2 to suckle off mum but he's getting there with a lot of patience and persistence. We have given them a little milk supplement to ensure their ongoing health. The next 24 hours will be critical, especially for No.2, but the vet seemed to think that they will be okay and go on to be normal healthy alpacas.

We are so excited!!!!! To say the least!!!

We have been told that twins are rare with only about 1 in 50,000 births result in twins.

A photo is now available

Best regards
Richard & Robin

Incamon Alpaca Stud - News 31st January 2009

?WE HAD TWINS? Continued...

The twins are now 2 days old and have left the Incamon Hospital (The shed) this afternoon to be with other mums and bubs. Michael reports that No.1 is full of beans and was sprinting around the yard while No.2 is active enough he prefers to take it a little slower. Mum has accepted both crias and is now fully feeding them. Michael offered them a supplementary bottle this morning but was rejected outright.

Michael is now monitoring their behaviors to ensure the Cria?s get enough milk and that they stay as a family unit.

These twins are believed to be the eleventh set of huacaya twins to be born and registered in Australia.

Sorry no names decided as yet.

Photos available at

More updates later...

Best regards
Richard & Robin

Incamon Alpaca Stud - News 2nd Feb 2009

?WE HAD TWINS? Continued...

Sad news i'm afraid. On the Saturday night No.2 was unwell and the vet was called on Sunday morning however later we received the sad news that he had passed. He had a very weak heart & lungs, and appeared to have contracted pneumonia.

After all the hipe of having twins we are very saddened by his illness & passing.

We ended up calling No.1 Eik (pronounced Ike) and No.2 Elk. Eik & Elk

April and Eik are both fine with no complications whatsoever.

Best regards
Richard & Robin

Incamon Alpaca Stud - News 6th Feb 2009

On Wednesday 4th Feb Willa gave birth to a lovely 7.5kg brown girl. both are healthy. Not twins but another Precious one helps the healing process.

Best regards
Richard & Robin

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