Stud Service Terms and Conditions

We offer an on farm alpaca stud service to our existing clients. One single purchase from Houghton Hall Alpacas gives you access to all of our quality stud males.

We require the clients female alpaca to stay with us until pregnant (this usually takes around 2 months to confirm), the costs for which is included in the our service fee.

We would continually strive to get her pregnant but if it should fail we would be be happy to change the female.

Our alpaca breeding service is offered with a guaranteed live cria (baby alpaca) up to 24 hours after the birth.

Other costs which may be incurred during alpaca breeding would be vets fees, should she require any treatment whilst with us but only after consultation with the customer and any travel expenses incurred by ourselves, transporting your alpaca.

At Houghton Hall Alpacas we have impeccable facilities where your female alpaca would be well looked after and regulary monitored.