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Elysion Pickpocket

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Padre: Pinjarra El Nino
Madre: Elysion Light Fingers
Tipo: Suri (Reproductor probado)
Color: Blanco (Color liso)
Registrado/a en: IAR: 189312
Fecha de nacimiento: 27/03/2014
Edad actual: 3 Años y 11 Meses

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      Surilana Icalon    
  Pinjarra El Nino
(Blanco (Color liso) - Suri)
          Surilana T-Pito
      Surilana Nina    
          Somerset Peruvian Silkwood
Elysion Pickpocket
(Blanco (Color liso) - Suri)
          Peruvian Senator
      Elysion Oliver Twist    
          Somerset Ivory Silk
  Elysion Light Fingers
(Blanco (Color liso) - Suri)
      EP Cambridge Intergaze    

Vellón (2o/2ª):
20.60µ  Desvío estándar 4.30µ
(tomada el 1/11/2015 a los 1 Año y 8 Meses de edad)
Autoridad que realiza el análisis de fibra: Australian Alpaca Fibre Testing

Pickpocket came to us as a cria at foot when we purchased his dam Elysion Light Fingers. Light Fingers comes from a very special suri line out of EP Cambridge Intergaze, and was a multiple supreme champion during her extensive show career. Pickpocket was sired by the illustrious male Pinjarra El Nino, a son of Surilana Icalon, who has produced many outstanding show champions.

We did not show Pickpocket but it is no surprise given his pedigree that he has grown into a beautiful male, who matured at an early age and achieved a pregnancy from his first mating at the age of just over two years. We are now excited to see what these first pregnancies produce when the cria are born in 2017.

Pickpocket has a dense fleece with beautiful lustre and a slippery, silky handle.