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Bumble Hill Chakri

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Padre: Bumble Hill Krishna
Madre: Bumble Hill Pacocha
Tipo: Suri (Reproductor probado)
Color: Blanco (Color liso)
Registrado/a en: IAR 181377
Fecha de nacimiento: 29/02/2012
Edad actual: 7 Años y 2 Meses

imageGrande   imagePequeña

      EP Cambridge Peru Accoyo Armadeus    
  Bumble Hill Krishna
(Beige claro (Color liso) - Suri)
          Peruvian Senator
      Cedar House Lotus    
          Peruvian Summer Haze
Bumble Hill Chakri
(Blanco (Color liso) - Suri)
          Surilana Icalon
      Surilana Piccolo    
          Surilana Macusani Ma Belle
  Bumble Hill Pacocha
(Beige claro (Color liso) - Suri)
          Bumble Hill Hallie's Comet
      Bumble Hill Leya    
          Bonamanda Peruvian Princess

Vellón (3o/3ª):
23.60µ  Desvío estándar 5.40µ
(tomada el 1/11/2015 a los 3 Años y 9 Meses de edad)

We first saw Chakri at the Canberra Royal in 2013, when he was awarded Supreme Champion Suri at the only show he was every entered in. We finally became his co-owners (with Bumble Hill) in 2015 and his first cria were born into our herd in 2016. They have proved all we hoped for with excellent structure, superior density and beautiful lustre to their fleeces, along with strong boned frame.

Now on his fourth fleece Chakri still exhibits beautiful lustre with a highly desirable flat wave style to his lock structure.

His genetics combine those of the incomparable Surilana Piccolo (Icalon/Ma Belle) with those of EP Cambridge Peru Accoyo Armadeus, now exported in New Zealand.

Chakri is not available for outside stud services but we do offer for sale some females pregnant to him.

Premios ganados:
Canberra Royal 2013: Supreme Champion Suri