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Alabaster Kid Klu

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Padre: Surilana Mendoza
Madre: Surilana Panama
Tipo: Suri (homocigota) (Reproductor probado)
Color: Blanco (Color liso)
Registrado/a en: IAR: 146596
Fecha de nacimiento: 2/12/2012
Edad actual: 5 Años y 5 Meses

imageGrande   imagePequeña

          Surilana Icalon
      Surilana Odin    
          Pucara Josephine
  Surilana Mendoza
(Blanco (Color liso) - Suri)
      Surilana Donella de Mendoza    
Alabaster Kid Klu
(Blanco (Color liso) - Suri (homocigota))
      Jolimont Carlos 2    
  Surilana Panama
(Blanco (Color liso) - Suri)
          Surilana Bosisto
      Surilana Pandora    
          Jingana Germaine

Vellón (2o/2ª):
19.80µ  Desvío estándar 4.90µ
CP 96.8%  
(tomada el 1/11/2015 a los 2 Años y 11 Meses de edad)

We purchased Kid Klu at the conclusion of his very successful show career for Alabaster - he was shown six times and always achieved a broad ribbon, including two Supreme Championships. His fleece has subsequently been shown three times being awarded Supreme Champion Suri Fleece at Canberra Royal and Charles Ledger and a blue ribbon at Sydney Royal in 2015.

His pedigree is impeccable - his sire (Surilana Mendoza) was the National Supreme Champion in 2010 and his dam (Surilana Panama) was a broad ribbon winner at the National Show and Melbourne Royal (2009) and Sydney Royal (2010).

We selected Kid Klu for his wonderful fleece characteristics, with extreme lustre and slippery, silky handle, together with excellent structure and solidity of lock.

Kid Klu commenced stud duties in 2015 and has proven a keen and fertile young male. We will not be offering outside services, but will choose a small number of pregnant females to add to our sales list.

Premios ganados:
2014 Canberra Royal
1st and Champion Intermediate Male

2014 Boorowa Show
1st and Champion Intermediate Male

2014 Goulburn Show
1st and Champion Intermediate Male
SUPREME Suri Champion

2014 Wodonga Show
2nd and Reserve Champion Intermediate Male

2014 Camden Show
1st and Champion Intermediate Male
SUPREME Suri Champion

2014 Charles Ledger Show
2nd and Reserve Champion Adult Male

2015 Canberra Royal - Supreme Champion Suri Fleece

2015 Charles Ledger - Supreme Champion Suri Fleece