Birrong Suri Alpacas



Birrong Starley

Vater: Somerset Peru Ivoty Adsail
Mutter: Starline Quazar
Typ: Trächtige Stute (Trächtig)
Rasse: Suri
Farbe: Weiss (Reinfarbig)
Registriert mit: IAR: 134322
Geburtsdatum: 5/10/2009
Heutiges Alter: 7 Jahre und 8 Monate

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  Somerset Peru Ivoty Adsail
(Weiss (Reinfarbig) - Suri)
Birrong Starley
(Weiss (Reinfarbig) - Suri)
      Somerset Atahualpa    
  Starline Quazar
(Weiss (Reinfarbig) - Huacaya)
      Jolimont Zandra    

Vlies (7.):
24.90µ  Standardabweichung 4.90µ
(Entnommen an 17/11/2016 im alter von 7 Jahre und 1 Monat )

If you are interested in suri fleece then don't be put off by the fact that this female is a first cross suri. Starley has produced such exceptional progeny, from a commercial fleece perspective, that we are still reluctant to let her go, and have kept her female progeny in our breeding herd. Her first fleece had an SD of 3.4 and this is a trait which has been passed down the line.

Starley is pregnant to our youngest stud male, Elysion Pickpocket, and hopefully will produce yet another high class BC1.

Name des Deckhengsts:  Elysion Pickpocket (Weiss)
Letztes Deckdatum: 20/08/2016
Geburtstermin des Crias (Trächtige Stute): 20/07/2017

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