Birrong Suri Alpacas




Birrong Kerria

$600.00    (VENDU)
Géniteur: Alabaster Kid Klu
Génitrice: Tipperary Flora
Type: Femelle
Race: Suri
Couleur: Blanc
Enregistrer sur: IAR: 230329
Date de naissance: 20/08/2016
Age actuel: 11 Mois

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          Surilana Odin
      Surilana Mendoza    
          Surilana Donella de Mendoza
  Alabaster Kid Klu
(Blanc (Couleur pure/solide) - Suri)
          Jolimont Carlos 2
      Surilana Panama    
          Surilana Pandora
Birrong Kerria
(Blanc - Suri)
          Peruvian Senator
      Peruvian Boyne Lad    
          Peruvian Stardust
  Tipperary Flora
(Fauve clair - Suri)
          Peruvian Pride of Alianca
      Tipperary Fleur    
          Tipperary Florentine

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(pris en charge 17/01/2017 à 5 Mois l'âge)

A very well grown out young weanling female - typical of the cria produced from this maternal line, which is very strong and robust. This youngster is a BC2 but nonetheless has good style to her regrowth fleece, though she does have a small fawn spot on her left midside.

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