Birrong Suri Alpacas





Birrong Orinoco

$1,000.00    (VENDU)
Géniteur: Pinjarra El Nino
Génitrice: Elysion Amazon
Type: Etalon
Race: Suri
Couleur: Blanc (Couleur pure/solide)
Enregistrer sur: IAR 221952
Date de naissance: 11/03/2016
Age actuel: 2 Ans et 8 Mois

image Grand   image Petit

      Surilana Icalon    
  Pinjarra El Nino
(Blanc (Couleur pure/solide) - Suri)
          Surilana T-Pito
      Surilana Nina    
          Somerset Peruvian Silkwood
Birrong Orinoco
(Blanc (Couleur pure/solide) - Suri)
      Jolimont Accoyo Miquel    
  Elysion Amazon
(Blanc (Couleur pure/solide) - Suri)
      Jolimont Corazon    

This young male is a beautiful example of the suri breed. Dense, well-covered and highly lustrous with a terrific macho presence even at a year old. He has all the attributes to grow into a high quality breeding male.

His pedigree is immaculate, combining the genetics of the incomparable Pinjarra El Nino with those of Jolimont Accoyo Miquel.

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