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Alabaster Kid Klu

$2,500.00    (SOLGT)
Far: Surilana Mendoza
Mor: Surilana Panama
Type: Avlshingst (Testet avlshingst)
Rasetype: Suri (Homozygot)
Farge: Hvit (Ensfarget)
Registrert med: IAR 146596
Fødselsdato: 2/12/2012
Nåværende alder: 5 År og 11 Måneder

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          Surilana Icalon
      Surilana Odin    
          Pucara Josephine
  Surilana Mendoza
(Hvit (Ensfarget) - Suri)
      Surilana Donella de Mendoza    
Alabaster Kid Klu
(Hvit (Ensfarget) - Suri (Homozygot) )
      Jolimont Carlos 2    
  Surilana Panama
(Hvit (Ensfarget) - Suri)
          Surilana Bosisto
      Surliana Pandora    
          Jingana Germaine

Alpakkafiber (3.):
20.20µ  SD 4.80µ
CF 97.3%  
(tatt på 17/11/2016 ved 3 År og 11 Måneder av alder)

Bred in the purple - this male has an impeccable pedigree, his sire was a National Supreme Champion and his dam a broad ribbon winner at Sydney Royal and National shows. His own show history demonstrates his qualities both in halter classes and subsequently in fleece shows. We have now used Kid Klu for two years and with the need to reduce the number of stud males in our herd have taken the slightly reluctant decision to sell him on.

His fleece qualities have continued to be outstanding and he has passed these attributes on to his progeny. Coloured breeders may also like to note that he has produced fawn progeny from white dams - so should be able to throw colour if desired.

Kid Klu is a virile, robust male but easily handled.

Priser vunnet:
Canberra Royal 2014: Champion Intermediate Male
Boorowa 2014: Champion Intermediate Male
Goulburn 2014: Supreme Champion Suri
Wodonga 2014: Reserve Champion Intermediate Male
Camden 2014: Supreme Champion Suri
Charles Ledger 2014: Reserve Champion Adult Male
Canberra Royal 2015: Supreme Champion Suri Fleece
Sydney Royal 2015: 1st, 18-30 months suri fleece
Charles Ledger 2015: Supreme Champion Suri Fleece

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