Birrong Suri Alpacas





Birrong Cherokee

$1,200.00    (SOLGT)
Far: Surilana Mister Macusani ET
Mor: Esterlina de Chantel
Type: Avlshingst
Rasetype: Suri
Farge: Hvit (Ensfarget)
Registrert med: IAR 210817
Fødselsdato: 4/07/2015
Nåværende alder: 3 År og 4 Måneder

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      Surilana T-Pito    
  Surilana Mister Macusani ET
(Hvit (Ensfarget) - Suri)
      Surilana Macusani Miss    
Birrong Cherokee
(Hvit (Ensfarget) - Suri)
      Surilana Bosisto    
  Esterlina de Chantel
(Hvit (Ensfarget) - Suri)
      Surilana Donella Diaz    

Alpakkafiber (1.):
18.80µ  SD 3.90µ
CF 98.7%  
(tatt på 17/11/2016 ved 1 År og 4 Måneder av alder)

This young male is now two years old and keen to work; not yet certified, but price includes certification and fertility guarantee. He is well grown with excellent bone and sound conformation.

His fleece is exhibiting the beautiful greasy lustre typified by his sire, Surilana Mister Macusani ET, who was a National Champion as an intermediate.
His first fleece had excellent statistics, with a micron of 18.8 and SD of only 3.9, making him well worth consideration as a herd sire. His regrowth second fleece is showing excellent structure and style and has retained its handle and lustre.

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