Birrong Suri Alpacas





Birrong Gazania

$700.00    (SOLGT)
Far: Cedar House Illumini
Mor: Cedar House Gardenia
Type: Hoppe
Rasetype: Suri
Farge: Hvit (Ensfarget)
Registrert med: IAR: 221950
Fødselsdato: 21/04/2016
Nåværende alder: 1 År

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          Snowmass Silken Gold
      ILR Snowmass Illumination    
          Snowmass Crystal Palace
  Cedar House Illumini
(Hvit (Ensfarget) - Suri)
          ILR Pperuvian Amador
      Pacofino Amarosa    
          Pacofino SFU Galadriel
Birrong Gazania
(Hvit (Ensfarget) - Suri)
      Cedar House Platino    
  Cedar House Gardenia
(Hvit (Ensfarget) - Suri)
          Cedar House Liberache
      Cedar House Miss Marvlan    
          Peruvian Pearl

Alpakkafiber (1.):
16.10µ  SD 4.10µ
CF 100%  
(tatt på 5/11/2016 ved 7 Måneder av alder)

This young female is carrying a mix of classic genetics (Amador; Senator) with those of US import ILR Snowmass Illumination and Peruvian import, Cedar House Platino.

Recently shorn for the first time, Gazania is extremely fine (16.1 micron, with SD4.1) and has a shining, silky handle to her fleece. Her comfort factor was 100% Her regrowth fleece is now showing good style and structure.

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