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Cedar House Gardenia

$750.00    (VENDUTO)
Padre: Cedar House Platino
Madre: Cedar House Miss Marvlan
Tipo: Femmina incinta (Incinta)
Razza: Suri
Colore: Bianco (Colori puri)
Registrato con: IAR: 162962
Data di nascita: 23rd June 2008
Età attuale: 9 Anni

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  Cedar House Platino
(Bianco - Suri)
Cedar House Gardenia
(Bianco (Colori puri) - Suri)
          Peruvian Senator
      Cedar House Liberache    
          Cedar House Silken Queen
  Cedar House Miss Marvlan
(Bianco (Colori puri) - Suri)
      Peruvian Pearl    

Lana (8°):
25.80µ  SD (scarto) 4.90µ
(preso in carica 5th November 2015 a 7 Anni e 5 Mesi di età)

Gardenia is a robust, healthy female with some unusual genetics on her paternal side, offering an opportunity to bring some genetic diversity.

She has proven to be an excellent mother whose previous female cria has grown out well.

Her fleece stats have held well, being 25.8 micron with SD of 4.9 at 8 years of age.

Gardenia has now been mated to Bumble Hill Chakri, who this year produced his first group of cria for us - all showing excellent density, structure and lustre in their fleeces. The progeny from this mating should be no exception.

Bumble Hill Chakri on third fleece
Nome del maschio:  Bumble Hill Chakri (Bianco)
Data ultimo accoppiamento: 4th September 2016
Data stimata del parto (femmina incinta): 4th August 2017

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