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Birrong Camellia

$500.00    (såld)
Far: Kirrala Amadeus
Mor: Tipperary Flora
Typ: Dräktig sto (Dräktig)
Ras: Suri
Färg: Vit (Enfärgad)
registrerad med: IAR: 134287
Födelsedatum: 14/03/2008
Nuvarande ålder: 9 År och 3 Månader

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      ILR Pperuvian Amador    
  Kirrala Amadeus
(Ljus fawn (Enfärgad) - Suri)
          Peruvian Senator
      Cedar House Lotus    
          Peruvian Summer Haze
Birrong Camellia
(Vit (Enfärgad) - Suri)
          Peruvian Senator
      Peruvian Boyne Lad    
          Peruvian Stardust
  Tipperary Flora
(Ljus fawn - Suri)
          Peruvian Pride of Alianca
      Tipperary Fleur    
          Tipperary Florentine

Ull (8.):
24.20µ  SD (standart avvikelse) 5.00µ
(Tagit de 5/11/2016 vid åldern av 8 År och 8 Månader gammal)

Camellia is a BC2 suri female from a very reliable maternal line - Tipperary Flora - who was one of our foundation suri females. Like all Flora's progeny, Camellia is a very robust and well grown female who produces strong cria which grow out beautifully, without her losing body condition during lactation.

Camellia was sired by Kirrala Amadeus (deceased), carrying the classic genetics of Amador, Senator and Summer Haze, who always passed on good lustre and lock structure to his progeny. Camellia has a well structured fleece (see photograph of her eighth fleece shorn this year) and has produced cria with terrific density. On her eighth fleece her stats are still very creditable at 24.2 micron.

Camellia has been mated to our young male Elysion Pickpocket, who commenced stud duties this year - with his formidable genetic mix, including Elysion Light Fingers and Pinjarra El Nino, we are anticipating some terrific progeny from him.

In addition to her fleece and breeding attributes, Camellia is also blessed with a very friendly character and will always come up for a bit of special attention in the paddock.

Namn betäckningshingst:  Elysion Pickpocket (Vit)
Senaste betäckningsdatum: 30/08/2016
Förväntad födelsedatum (dräktig sto): 30/07/2017

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