Capital Camber

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Sire: CS Alpacas Jack The Lad
Dam: CS Alpacas Imogen
Type: Huacaya (Proven Stud)
Colour: Solid Medium Fawn
Registered With: BAS
Date of Birth: 2nd June 2021
Current Age: 3 Years and 1 Month

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          Bozedown Omen
      Bozedown Neo    
          Bozedown Chan
  CS Alpacas Jack The Lad
(Solid Medium Fawn - Huacaya)
          Alpaca Stud Inca The Puglist
      Alpaca Stud Jewel    
          Alpaca Stud Remarque's Caprice
Capital Camber
(Solid Medium Fawn - Huacaya)
          Patagonia Celtic Triump
      Lavender Park Tulley    
          Livanti IonaCatherine
  CS Alpacas Imogen
(Solid Dark Brown - Huacaya)
          Boz of Bozedown
      Livanti Iona Catherine    

Fleece (3rd):
17.40µ  SD 3.38µ  CV 19.40%  CEM 7.40µ  
0.00% Over 30 Microns(µ)  
(taken on 10th April 2024 at 2 Years and 10 Months of age)
Fibre Testing Authority: European Wool Testing Authority

Futuregen Alpaca Fleece Colour Genetics
MC1R + ASIP Genotype:  Ee Aa

Camber is a standout male looking very much like the ideal alpaca in his conformational traits. He is well-balanced with good strength of bone with an extremely attractive head type and great fleece coverage.

He has an extremely fine fleece with excellent uniformity of micron within the staple (SD of 2.7 second fleece). Camber also has a very good level of density resulting in a very organised fleece style, which exhibits small staples with a highly defined crimp.

Camber brings with him highly performing genetics including Lavender Park Tulley and Bozedown Neo.

We are delighted to have him join our stud team for 2024 and look forward to seeing the resulting off-spring.

Capital Camber is in-house only.

Prizes Won:

HoE Fleece Show
Champion Fawn Huacaya Fleece


NWAG Halter Championships

1st Intermediate Fawn Male
Res Champion Fawn Male

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