Dark Sky Toranaga

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Sire: Bozedown Shogun
Dam: Popham Goldie
Type: Huacaya (Proven Stud)
Colour: Medium Fawn
Registered With: BAS
Date of Birth: 15th July 2019
Current Age: 5 Years

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          Trojan of Bozedown
      Bozedown Achilles    
          Bozedown Sahara
  Bozedown Shogun
(Solid Light Fawn - Huacaya)
          Sun King of Bozedown
      Bozedown Bally    
          Bozedown Mabel
Dark Sky Toranaga
(Medium Fawn - Huacaya)
          Accoya Remarque
      Cambridge Joshua    
          NZ Southern Highland Miss of EPC
  Popham Goldie
(Solid Dark Fawn - Huacaya)
          The Golden Gun of ARU
      Popham Golden Syrup    
          Popham Ferren

Fleece (2nd):
18.20µ  SD 3.20µ  CV 17.50%  CEM 6.80µ  
0.40% Over 30 Microns(µ)  SF 17.30µ
Curvature 57.00 deg/mm  

Fibre Testing Authority: Art of Fibre

Futuregen Alpaca Fleece Colour Genetics
MC1R + ASIP Genotype:  Ee Aa
Base Coat Phenotype:  W F BB
Grey/Non-Grey Status:  Non-Grey

Dark Sky Toranaga joined the Beck Brow Stud Team in late 2022 ready for work in 2023.

Tor is exactly the piece of the jigsaw that we had been looking for to complement our successful coloured breeding programme.

He is very attractive in his phenotype with a balanced frame and stylish head type. Add to that an extremely dense, fine fleece with the absence of a strong primary fibre. The standout feature for us was the lack of transition line (no coaser fibres in the extremities). As he comes up to four years of age he retains a fleece that is rarely seen on alpacas who have not been trimmed.

His geneotype does not disappoint either with many highly performing names in his pedigree including Bozedown Achilles, Accoyo Remarque and The Golden Gun of ARU.

Add to this a proven show record and Tor is an exciting new addition for us.

Tor will be in-house during 2023 but pregnant females will be available.

Prizes Won:
2021 Cornish Fleece Show
1st Fawn Fleece 12-24 months
Reserve Champion Fawn Fleece

2022 Heart of England Fiesta

1st Adult Fawn Huacaya Male

2022 SWAG at Somerset County Show
1st Adult Male Fawn
Champion Huacaya Fawn Male

2022 National Champion of Champions National Fleece Show
Reserve Huacaya Fawn Fleece Champion

2022 Cornish Fleece Show
1st Huacaya Fawn Fleece 24-48 months
Champion Fawn Fleece

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