Beck Brow Royal Rebel

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Sire: Viracocha Black Sabbath
Dam: Beck Brow Kiss Me Quick
Type: Stud Male
Breed Type: Huacaya
Colour: Solid True Black
Registered With: BAS
Date of Birth: 10th June 2020
Current Age: 4 Years and 1 Month

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          Snowmass Grey Legend
      Cedar House Amar    
  Viracocha Black Sabbath
(Solid True Black - Huacaya)
      Viracocha Witchcraft of Anzac    
Beck Brow Royal Rebel
(Solid True Black - Huacaya)
          Patagonia Celtic Triumph
      Timbertop Goldmine ET of Beck Brow    
          Timbertop Miss Twiggy
  Beck Brow Kiss Me Quick
(Solid Medium Fawn - Huacaya)
          Waradene St Patrick
      Beck Brow Snooty Boots    
          Cambridge Lady Gaga

Fleece (3rd):
19.80µ  SD 4.20µ  CV 21.20%    CEM 8.10µ  
2.20% Over 30 Microns(µ)  
(taken on 24th April 2023 at 2 Years and 10 Months of age)
Fibre Testing Authority: Art of Fibre

Futuregen Alpaca Fleece Colour Genetics
MC1R + ASIP Genotype:  Ee aa
Base Coat Phenotype:  B
Grey/Non-Grey Status:  Non-Grey

Beck Brow Royal Rebel carries so many of our highly performing Australian genetics.

His dam is a fawn National champion winner (Beck Brow Kiss Me Quick) His maternal grand dam Beck Brow Snooty Boots is dam to numerous champions including National Black Male Champion Beck Brow Jimmy Choos.

His sire is Viracocha Black Sabbath (a highly performing black male) who brings in Cedar House Amar.

Royal Rebel is a really eye-catching male standing on a robust, well-balanced frame giving him a look at me presence.

His fleece has retained a very good level of fineness:
First fleece: 18.8 SD 3.9 CV 20.7 CF 98.8%
Second fleece: 19.8 SD 4.3 CV 21.8 CF 97.5%
Third fleece: 19.8 SD 4.2 CV 21.2 CF 97.8%

The small shift between first and third fleece MFD bodes very well for longevity of fineness on this male and he has retained this soft handle in to his fourth fleece. The minimal shift in CV and CEM is commendable for such a dark colour and is seen in the uniformity within his fleece.

We are also seeing retention of these good fleece qualities extending to the extremities on this working

Rebel has a good level of density and fleece length (130mm at 12 month growth third fleece) and is extremely uniform in colour (we are not seeing any white fibres - something his sire has retained into old age).

Rebel has four progeny from 2023 - all black to non-black dams. He has so much to offer but our focus is on the lighter colours and thus we do not have the work here for him.

On-going support and advice is always available including help with breeding decisions if required.
Fully up to date with all husbandry and full health history provided.

Includes health certificate

We are part of the Sure Farm Survellience scheme and whole herd tested bTB free.

Prizes Won:
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