Inca Flagship

Inca Flagship 2013
Inca Flagship
Inca Flagship 2014
Type: Huacaya (Testet avlshingst)
Farge: Sort (Ensfarget)
Fødselsdato: 21/09/2011
Nåværende alder: 7 År og 5 Måneder
Registrert med: BAS
(På gården):
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          Benleigh Ringleader
      Blue Grass Bollinger    
          Purrumbete Vanilla
  Lillyfield Jack of Spades of Inca
(Sort (Ensfarget) - Huacaya)
          Blue Grass Khan
      Lillyfield Matilda    
          Blue Grass Pretty
Inca Flagship
(Sort (Ensfarget) - Huacaya)
          ILR Snowmass Grey Legend
      Cedar House Amar    
          Karrimar Kalimna
  Inca Anais
(Sort (Ensfarget) - Huacaya)
          Greenwood Lenny Dobell
      Jannarie Rhanee of Inca    
          Jannarie Ruby

Alpakkafiber (2.):  20.50µ  SD 3.90  CV 19.00%  2.80% over 30 micron(µ)  Avkastning 4.34 Kg/år
(tatt på 23/05/2013 ved 1 År og 8 Måneder av alder)
Fibertesting firma: Australian Alpaca Fibre Testing

Inca Flagship is the culmination of 5 generations of careful selective breeding with the goal of achieving an outstanding black male. We here at Inca Alpaca are proud of our achievement with this male as he is the best Jack of Spades son that we have ever produced. Inca Flagship has a pedigree full of the most famous genetic lines found in Australia and Europe. His sire is our champion male Lillyfield Jack of Spades of Inca who is not only a champion himself but has and continues to sire the black champions of the UK show circuit. The dam of Inca Flagship is our own female Inca Anais who is not only a multi black show champion herself but she is from our strongest family line – Jannarie Rhanee.
Conformationally Inca Flagship shows strength, presence and perfect alignment of his limbs and jaw. He is heavy chested and exudes great capacity through his frame. The fleece on this male is where his value really becomes apparent. He is super fine, soft, bright and there is not one white fibre to be seen. Each fibre is well crimped and forms a staple that is thin and perfectly aligned. The very high density and staple length this male exhibits resulted in the maximum cutting weight of all our yearling males. Inca Flagship is the ultimate in black males and seeing is believing.
With an amazing pedigree which is full of champions and an outstanding phenotype Inca Flagship is the diamond standard for any discerning black alpaca breeder.

Priser vunnet:
BAS National Show 2014
1st Place Adult Black Male Huacaya, Champion Black Huacaya Fleece.

BAS SWAG Autumn Show 2013
1st Place Adult Black Male Huacaya, Champion Black Huacaya Male.

British Alpaca Futurity 2013
1st Place Intermediate Black Male Huacaya, Champion Black Huacaya Male

BAS National Fleece Show 2013
1st Place JuIntermediate Black Huacaya

Honiton Show 2012
1st Place Junior Black Male Huacaya Reserve Champion Black Male Huacaya Champion was his sire Lillyfiled Jack of Spades of Inca

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