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What is AlpacaSeller?

AlpacaSeller is a web site specifically dedicated to the Alpaca Industry. This dynamic web site provides a fantastic advertising platform for breeders across the world and also gives unlimited access to essential information for both existing breeder/owners and potential new breeder/owners.

Searching on AlpacaSeller

To search on the web site is free for everyone. Users are able to search for alpacas under a very wide range of criteria including: type, age, colour, price, fibre statistics, blood lineage, and sires. This includes animals for sale and stud services. Users can also search for breeders under the following criteria: country, location, breed types, herd size, colour specialist, services offered (Stud Services, Agistment Services, Shearing, Backup/Support, Importer/Exporter).

Simple to create an account with AlpacaSeller

AlpacaSeller is very easy to use (even for computer phobics). AlpacaSeller has taken care of all the web development so all you have to worry about is entering your information on simple to use forms. The registration process is easy and fast - your account can be set up in minutes! You will need to supply a user name and password. You can then log on from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection and manage your own account giving a strong internet presence for your alpaca business. Adding information is simple and fast just a matter of completing online forms and uploading photos. All additions, amendments, deletions and photo submissions are immediate.

What can I advertise on Alpaca Seller?

You can advertise the following:
a) Your alpaca business - including a description about yourself as a breeder (up to 500 words). Also included is a link to your web site if you have one and the displaying of your breeder logo if you have one. A photo of your farm can be shown as well. You can write as much as you like about the services which you have specified that you provide.
b) Alpacas which are for sale.
c) Alpaca stud services.
d) Packages of alpacas which are for sale.
e) Diary Dates - Dates when you will be attending alpaca shows or events etc.

Sales leads

Searchers on the site can register any search they make. This means they get an automatic email sent to them when an alpaca is added onto AlpacaSeller which matches their search criteria. They can also specify that they are happy to be contacted by a breeder who is registered on the site. You can browse these requests from searchers and find potential sales leads. Visitors to the site can also register general enquires. You can browse and reply to any of these.

I already have my own web site

You may well already have your own website, in which case AlpacaSeller can be a beneficial addition to your existing internet marketing. AlpacaSeller provides a link to your own web site from AlpacaSeller. AlpacaSeller also provides links you can put into your own web site which will display your sales list of animals and your stud service list from AlpacaSeller. This appears as it normally would for a searcher who is browsing in AlpacaSeller except that there is no AlpacaSeller branding and no AlpacaSeller menu (i.e. no links to any other part of The user will not necessarily be aware they are at a different web site. For users who find it much easier to keep their animal sales list up to date using AlpacaSeller, this is a useful feature. This has the advantage of keeping your sales lists in one centralised place which covers both your own web site and AlpacaSeller.
AlpacaSeller provides you with a search form which you can embed into your own web site. This search form only searches your own sales list of animals on AlpacaSeller and provides the results with re-sorting functionality.
For an example of a breeder using some of these functions in their own web site click here

Advertising Feedback

From the moment that you open your account, AlpacaSeller will keep track of the number of times your breeder details are viewed by visitors to the site. Also, AlpacaSeller will keep track of the number of times that each animal you have listed has its full details viewed by visitors to the site. This way, you can monitor the benefit you are obtaining from using AlpacaSeller. AlpacaSeller uses sponsored links and paid inclusions across major search engines in order to ensure the site attracts a high volume of "alpaca interest" web traffic. AlpacaSeller will continuously make efforts to advertise the site in order to get results for its customers.

How much does it cost?

To be listed as a breeder and have any number of listings of animals for sale, stud services, packages and diary dates. Also full access to all sales leads.
Only €90 (Euro) per year.
There are no hidden costs, incremental charges and no commissions on sales. The one small annual fee covers everything.

Sign up now and get the first month free. You will need to pay for your account by the end of the first month. You can therefore try the service to see if you are happy with it before you pay.


Your password is stored in an encrypted format. When you create your account you will also give a memorable date in case you forget your password. If you do forget your password you will be required to enter your user name along with your memorable date. A new password will then be emailed to you. Next time you log in you can change it.

Closing your account

Closing your account: you can close your account at any time. This will remove all your information from the system with immediate effect.

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