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The British Llama Society

Paul Rose

A new organisation with a twenty year history!

The British Llama Society

It was a long and winding road, and not without a few cul-de-sacs. But determination, good humour (mostly), and a united sense of purpose have resulted in a new and constructive structure for the organisations representing camelids in Britain. The original British Camelid Association, having divested itself of its breed society functions, lives on as a charitable organisation that will concentrate on welfare, education and governmental issues affecting all camelid breeds. BAS continues as the single breed society representing alpacas, and the new kid (cria?) on the block is the newly-formed British Llama Society.

All alpaca owners who were members of BCA have had their membership transferred to BAS and those alpaca owners who also had registered ownership of llamas have received free membership of BLS until the formal new subscription year begins next January. Clearly anyone owning alpacas has the husbandry knowledge and basic skills - and probably the infrastructure too - to diversify and experience the pleasure of the alpaca’s larger cousin. Indeed, we are delighted to see an ever-increasing number of alpaca owners adding llamas to their enterprises and if you are thinking of doing the same, then joining BLS is a very good first step. Although a brand new organisation, we do have twenty years of BCA llama experience behind us and will be delighted to put it at your disposal.

Over the coming months we are looking forward to developing initiaives for the diverse range of llama activities and interests – trekking, driving, handicrafts, breeding, flock guarding etc. We also hope that within the BLS structure, guanaco owners will work within their own group to develop the opportunities provided by the outstanding fibre that guanacos provide. A temporary website - - has been set up and we have great plans to develop it into an active llama community cyber meeting place. Do join us there!

Paul Rose
(Chairman, British Llama Society,