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New Federation for France

Andrew Spillane

Like just about every other country that has Alpacas and Llamas, France has two associations.
Like every other country this does not lead to a great deal of harmony but a good deal of confusion and sometimes acrimony. At last the initiative has been taken to form a new federation representing all interests in the alpaca & lama industries.

This important step forward was hastened by a somewhat bizarre communique from the government that appeared to place lamas in the dangerous animal category rather than domestic. In France to communicate with the government and be taken seriously it is necessary for an industry to have a federation or Syndicate, without this government recognised vehicle dialogue is extremely difficult.

Early this year several experienced breeders formed the Syndicat National des Eleveurs de Lamas et Alpagas ( SNELA) to resolve the growing problem. Fortunately they succeeded quickly, without this rapid intervention the recent show, reported elsewhere, could not have taken place.
Further information can be obtained by writing to
09400 CAZENAVE , France