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Health Protocols in the EU

Nigel Cobb

Spanish alpaca breeders Nigel and Ginny Cobb have found the different health protocols for alpacas across Europe frustrating to say the least. They have come up with this proposal for an EU Camelid Health Committee.

This committee should be appointed with the objective of getting better standardised health arrangements for camelids across the EU

To achieve this it will need the associations across the EU to work together through an effective health committee, appointed by the associations and working closely with each country?s Department of Agriculture

The sort of issues that this health committee could investigate might include:

? Agreeing similar movement requirements across the EU for farm to farm or farm to show
? Research into camelid diseases, in particular, TB, BT, FMD and brucellosis and development of preventative measures
? What Bio-security measures should be taken at the farm
? Testing of camelids for disease prevention ? what is required and how often.
? Possible notification of reasons for deaths of alpacas

We feel that all camelid owners across the EU should ask their associations to work together to achieve this.