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Alpaca Breeders in the UK

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Aberdeenshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Cairncake Alpacas/Knowehead Farm
Herd Size:16
Contact Name:Heather Rawles
Telephone Number:01888 544502
Nearest Town:Cuminestown
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Knowehead of Cairncake
About this breeder:We have a small herd of alpacas, various colours, all bred in Aberdeenshire. We currently have alpacas for sale, including proven breeding and pregnant females - please contact us for details and prices, not all are listed on the site. We are part of Grampian Alpaca, a cooperative of small, local herds, who process and sell our yarn together. We offer support to new owners who purchase animals from us.

Breeder/Farm Name:Ardo Alpacas
Herd Size:45
Contact Name:Lorna Renshaw
Telephone Number:01651 806619
Nearest Town:Ellon
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Newseat of Ardo
About this breeder:Situated in 60acres of rolling Aberdeenshire cattle land, we have an expanding herd of alpacas and a small collection of llamas.
Our aim is to produce good quality breeding stock, easy to handle and suited to our climate.
We can provide help and support for owners and encourage you to visit the farm and spend some time getting to know the animals.
We have a range of alpacas for sale from lead rope trained pet males to top quality breedings females and can provide stud services and livery.
Please call us to arrange a visit

Breeder/Farm Name:Zanzibah Alpacas
Herd Size:41
Contact Name:Jayne Ward Major
Telephone Number:07435566349
Nearest Town:Banff, Aberdeenshire
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact


About this breeder:
Zanzibah Alpacas
Where the future is ........" Fine 'n' Fancy".

A wonderful,

L ovable,

P recious Camelid,

A dorable to,

C herish,

A pleasuse to own,

Passionate about Alpacas !

We specialise in the colourful world of alpacas. Our herd ranges from Elite Solid colours to Multi-coloured and Fancy Huacaya.

Zanzibah Alpacas was founded in 2006 and is registered with the BAS.

We have quickly grown in numbers, due to the curious, charasmatic nature of these animals.

We have some of the finest genetics in Scotland. Our aim is to produce quality alpacas with beautiful fleeces which in return will provide luxurious yarns.

Because my animals were primarily for my own personal pleasure , I believe that this, sets us apart from the majority of commercial breeders.

We hope to continue to enjoy these wonderful animals and endevour to always do our best to achieve high standards.

I sometimes have quality coloured alpaca fleece for sale. Although I have mastered the 'art of spinning myself' and enjoy using this luxurious fleece for my own use.

If you might like to master the art of spinning, please feel free to contact me....

Our future aim is, to continue to have happy, healthy, quality colourful alpacas, to enjoy.

Zanzibah Alpacas.... where the Future is Fine 'n' Fancy and growing Hairier All The Time !!

'Zanzibah Alpaca logo' is registered with UK Copywright service. Reg No.284668

You can also find us at

Bedfordshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Rushmere
Herd Size:25
Contact Name:Jo Parker
Telephone Number:01525 237416
Nearest Town:Leighton BUzzard
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Little Cuppers
Leighton Buzzard
About this breeder:Rushmere Alpacas is a small breeder established in 2006 by Jo Parker and Neil McAndrew . We have 19 acres dedicated to alpacas on the borders of Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire and are within easy reach of the M1.

We have a wide range of colours and have had consistent success in both halter and fleece shows including several 1st prizes and a reserve championship and continue to improve our herd quality by using the most successful bloodlines from a number of major breeders .

We hand feed our alpacas every day ourselves and so our alpacas are friendly and easy to handle with all them halter trained.

We are also happy to provide tailored training for any purchasers and full after sales support. We can also export to Europe if required. ( All our alpacas are multi lingual!) Oh and Jo speaks fluent French
Latest News:Rushmere Darius, our grey weanling from Bozedown Comanche and Alborada Claudia has won first prize at Kennilworth Show

Berkshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Headley Forge Alpacas
Herd Size:26
Contact Name:Beverley Elliott
Telephone Number:07787 186271
Nearest Town:Newbury
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Forge Farm
Newbury Road
About this breeder:Enthusiatic breeder of quality huacayas across the colour range. Currently looking for new homes for six females for a former breeder who has had to reluctantly retire.

Breeder/Farm Name:Easter-Wood Alpaca Stud
Herd Size:13
Contact Name:Jeff or Sheila Easter
Tel: 0118 973 5218
Telephone Number:0781 8022212 & 0781 0026753
Nearest Town:Finchampstead, Wokingham
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Longwater Lane, Finchampstead, Wokingham, Berkshire
About this breeder:Elite criaEaster-Wood Alpaca Stud is a BAS-registered, family-run Alpaca breeding enterprise, located in the Royal County of Berkshire. It is run by Sheila and Jeff Easter who have focused upon breeding elite genetics as the core of their business. The company, set up in 2008 is as a result of a long awaited dream of creating and managing a country-based livestock business.

This husband and wife team are passionate about Alpacas and have created a pivotal business around their first 5 Elite Australian Alpacas purchased back in June 2008. In August 2008, the herd was further complimented by 13 Alpacas consisting of a mix of both pregnant females and 3 cria. This again was further enhanced with a purchase of a half share of an award-winning stud male; Our first herd sire, Cambridge Ice Cool Lad has helped the herd's development, producing some stunning progeny during the following 3 years. Easter-Wood are now the proud owners of progeny from some of the world's best genetics including; Cambridge The Chairman of ACC and EP Cambridge Lawbreaker of EPC. Our current stud males are direct descendants of these wonderful animals. The Easter-Wood farm operates strict bio-security rules. All of our Alpacas are BAS-registered and after-sales support provides full operational and medical records. We offer stud services and husbandry courses and we operate an on-line shop providing 100% pure Alpaca yarn and hand knitted Alpaca garments.

Sheila has a long history of animal husbandry including breeding experience. Her original passion for horses has been instrumental in the initial development of the Alpaca Stud and along with Jeff’s experience of creating and managing successful commercial businesses, the Easter-Wood team offer a well-developed and creative Elite Alpaca breeding and Services enterprise.

Latest News:Please refer to our web site: for our latest Blog news.

Breeder/Farm Name:Scotfield Alpacas
Herd Size:50
Contact Name:Sue Hipkin
Telephone Number:01344 459289
Nearest Town:Bracknell
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Scotlands Farm
Forest Road
Newell Green
About this breeder:We have been breeding both suri and huacaya alpacas in Warfield in Berkshire since 2004 and now have 40 females in colours ranging from white through to black. We have four stud males that are available for stud services this year. I-Spy Polaris II, a stunning white homozygous suri male sired by Andean Legacy (jointly owned with Faraway Alpacas), I-Spy Merak another macho homozygous suri male sired by Andean Thunder (jointly owned with Faraway Alpacas), Scotfield Benjamin our home-bred brown Champion huacaya stud male sired by Talisman of Bozedown and The Fox, a Champion huacaya brown male, sired by Dream Inspiration. Further details of our stud services and alpacas for sale are available on our website.
Latest News:We are delighted with our new yarn and I am sure you will be too. 50gm balls Double Knit in either Natural or Rich Brown priced at £6.00 per ball plus postage. These yarns are 100% pure alpaca from our own herd here in Berkshire and are undyed. If you would like a small sample, please send s.a.e. to Scotfield Alpacas, Scotlands Farm, Forest Road, Warfield, RG42 6AJ. Postage: orders up to £75.00 - £3.00; orders up to £100.00 - £5.00; orders above £100.00 - post free.

Our huacaya stud male, Scotfield Benjamin, won Champion Adult Brown Male 2012 at the Spring Fiesta in April. This is in addition to the Champion ribbon awarded to him in 2010. He is still holding a fine fleece at 4 years old and also has a wonderful temperament!

Buckinghamshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:CS ALPACAS
Herd Size:60
Telephone Number:07803726464
Nearest Town:FORD
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact

Breeder/Farm Name:Abbotts View Alpacas
Herd Size:29
Contact Name:Jo
Telephone Number:07989 063595
Nearest Town:Aylesbury
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Abbotts View Farm
Moat Lane
Aston Abbotts
About this breeder:We are a small breeder just over the Beds/Bucks border. We also offer Alpaca Experiences, birthday parties, school visits and tours of our Eco Farm. Most of our animals are halter trained but a few are not so keen and were older when we got them but they would make excellent guard animals. Contact us for the right package.

Breeder/Farm Name:pet alpacas
Herd Size:10
Contact Name:Angela Churcher
Telephone Number:07768484686
Nearest Town:buckingham
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Bailiffs cottage
home farm

Cambridgeshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:New Barn Alpacas
Herd Size:14
Contact Name:Brian and Dawn French
Telephone Number:01767 631021
Nearest Town:Royston
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:New Barn Farm

Breeder/Farm Name:Houghton Hall Alpacas
Herd Size:800
Contact Name:Mick and Liz George
Telephone Number:07764 469132 07860 430280
Nearest Town:Houghton
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Houghton Hall,
St Ives Road (Mere Way),
About this breeder:Houghton Hall Alpacas is a premium independent farm, breeding quality pedigree Alpacas in Cambridgeshire.

Since 2001 our dedicated sourcing and expert staff have gained recognition through selective breeding with prize winning stock to offer potential customers a real taste of the quality available in Alpacas. Our facilities have been purpose built for practical alpaca management. We also offer full support with every aspect of alpaca ownership.

We have many alpacas available for purchase, which may not be on our sales list. Just contact Mick or Liz to find our more.

Our Elite Herd includes:

Premium Huacayas and Suris available in a wide range of colours including:-
Top quality young pregnant females with excellent fibre
Recipient females, carrying elite embryo from our top breeding girls.
Male and female weanlings and geldings.
Prize winning stud males.
New studs on the block.

So whatever you are looking for, be sure to contact us and we are confident we will have an 'alpackage' to suit you.
Latest News:27th March 2015


It’s annual shearing time for a herd of almost 800 alpacas in Cambridgeshire, UK. Spring has arrived bringing with it the prospect of warmer weather; which means it is time for the Houghton Hall Alpaca herd to have their thick and dense winter coats shorn helping to keep them cool in summer.

Once a year the team at Houghton Hall Alpacas are tasked with the mammoth challenge of shearing their entire herd; from yearlings (last year’s cria/baby alpacas), to pregnant females and stud males. This year shearing week began on Sunday 22nd March and with the weather beginning to warm up the alpacas are relieved. Although, any animals that have been selected for the 2015 show team will not be sheared until later in the year as they will need their fleece in the show ring. All of the alpacas will under go a general health check up which involves; vaccinations, worming, teeth and toe nail trimming, and removal of ‘fighting teeth’ from the youngsters.

Owners Mick and Liz George are well experienced in running shearing week as they have been breeding alpacas since 2001, and due to the vast number of animals to get through it is vital to run it like a military operation. The alpacas are let in to the shed in batches, and their expert shearer Ben takes between 4-5 minutes to remove a complete blanket from the alpaca. This fleece is then cleaned and sorted separately.
Liz George, describes the farm atmosphere; “Shearing time is a spectacularly busy time for us on the farm as we have almost 800 alpacas to get through in an exceedingly short time, so it’s definitely a case of all hands on deck.

The dramatic change from fluffy teddy bear like creatures to lean and trimmed alpacas is quite an unusual sight, especially for the uninitiated! We do like to leave a bit of hair on their faces and heads to give them some personality though.”

For more information about Houghton Hall Alpacas and their herd please visit


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17th March 2015

Hasta la vista Tequila

This week we have said goodbye to one of our promising young boys who has gone to Belgium to start his new career as a stud male. Mick and Liz left in the early hours of Tuesday morning to hand deliver Houghton Tequila to his new owners at Top-Line Alpacas.

Tequila is an outstanding young light fawn male. He has a fabulous temperament and is very easy to handle. He is an upstanding macho with a fleece of great density, fineness and handle, and good uniformity. He has always done us proud in the show ring as you can see from his results. It is with great sadness we have to let him go. He is now eager and ready to work and we are confident he will carry on his parents great genetics to bring something special to his new herd.

His Sire is one of our most renowned herd sires Neptune of Houghton and his Dam is Timara of Houghton one of our best coloured breeding females; she has produced an impressive number of show winners for us, including Houghton Titan who has made his debut in the ring this year.

With Tequila’s own incredible show record we know that he will bring something dynamic and exciting to the European alpaca industry that hasn’t been seen before.

We wish both the wonderful new owners and our handsome Houghton Tequila good luck in their new venture and look forward to hearing about his and his progenies many successes in the years to come.

Don't forget if you want more information about Houghton Hall Alpacas and our prizing winning herd please sign up for our newsletter here, and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Our website is always a working progress. If you can't see what you are looking for, just give us a call, with over 750 alpacas, we are sure to have an Alpackage to suit you. We welcome visits, but please call in advance.


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13th March 2015

Finally, after a long week of catching up after the BAS National 2015 (7th-8th March), as well as having the wonderful BAS here for a Suri Judges course we have had a moment to sit down to let you know how the National went! We were very proud of Team Houghton who made a fabulous start to the 2015 season and for many it was their first time in the ring.

The National really demonstrated the world class Suri genetics in our herd; Houghton Mystical Magic took Supreme Champion Suri whilst Houghton Royal Duchess won Supreme Champion for her Suri fleece. The rest of the team certainly didn’t let us down as they won a total of 22 1sts, 7 Reserve Champions and 4 Champions along with an impressive number of other rosettes. Our handsome little Houghton Spirited (only 8 months old) almost took Champion black, but we were very happy to settle with Reserve Champion! We simply cannot wait to see what he can achieve in the future.

Bring on the British Alpaca Futurity in a few weeks… hopefully we will get to catch up on some sleep before then too! If you’d like to see the photos from the weekend they are here.

We’ve had a couple of surprise births during the weekend of the National; a gorgeous dark brown girl and a very striking white and fawn boy. So, not long before the madness begins and we have many more cria join the herd!

Don't forget if you want more information about Houghton Hall Alpacas and our prizing winning herd please sign up for our newsletter here, and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Our website is always a working progress. If you can't see what you are looking for, just give us a call, with over 750 alpacas, we are sure to have an 'alpackage' to suit you. We welcome visits, but please call in advance.

3rd March 2015

BAS Judges Calibration Clinic

We hope that a great time was had by all who attended the BAS Judges Clinic held at Houghton Hall Alpacas, Cambridgeshire last week. Lots of interesting information and debate went on helping to continue the UK’s Judges’ unified approach to judging alpacas. Whilst the weather was pretty grim for the second day of the course everyone braved the wind and rain and got stuck in grading and evaluating the Huacayas and Suris being displayed. Big thanks to everyone that attended and to Nick Harrington-Smith for hosting the event. Take a look at our Facebook page if you’d like to see some pictures from the course.

We look forward to welcoming many more BAS members and alpaca owners to our farm in the future.

And if you are attending the 2015 British Alpaca Society National this weekend, we can’t wait to see you all and we wish you lots of luck in the show ring!

Don’t miss the BBC The One Show tomorrow night (4th March 2015) as two of our beautiful ladies, Houghton Martini and Houghton Muse will be live on TV!

If you would be interested in attending any of the BAS’ future courses please check their website or if you would like more information about our herd at Houghton Hall Alpacas please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

10th February 2015

Can you believe it? It's almost the beginning of the 2015 alpaca show season already! Once again time is merrily whizzing us by. We have been busy preparing and selecting our teams for both the British Alpaca Futurity and the British Alpaca Society National Show 2015. We know that we've got a fab collection of youngsters from our 2014 cria that we cannot wait to exhibit in March.

As part of the show preparations we have been hard at work halter training all of our cria; which is a mammoth task with so many born in 2014.

Not to mention lots of visitors to the farm keen to get some studs for their ladies and some of our cute little weanlings for their herds.

We hope to see you all at the National on 7th March, not long now.

Don't forget if you want more information about Houghton Hall Alpacas and our prizing winning herd please sign up for our newsletter here, and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Our website is always a working progress. If you can't see what you are looking for, just give us a call, with over 750 alpacas, we are sure to have an 'alpackage' to suit you. We welcome visits, but please call in advance.

30th January 2015

What Do You Look For When Choosing Your Perfect Paca?

In October last year you might remember that we asked some of our social followers which key qualities they consider to be most important when buying a new alpaca. We discovered somewhat unsurprisingly that most alpaca breeders, farmers and owners take into account a number of different factors when they are searching for a new alpaca for their herd. One breeder put it well; “Conformation first and foremost. Then fleece quality and then a price to match these characteristics”. Which particular traits you are looking for be it conformation, depth of colour or low primary fibre micron depends entirely on what you want to improve in your herd, and whether or not they are show potential, breeding or pets.

Find out which trait received the highest vote below;
Survey Chart

Here were a couple of comments we received from other alpaca owners highlighting how they select their new herd member;

“The most important aspect when buying alpacas, is that you trust the sellers implicitly and can rely on them to help you.”

“We chose our first one simply because he was super cute :) Now the biggest of the bunch, super friendly and wouldn't be without them :)”

“Fleece quality is important but you need a healthy animal to generate it.”

Don’t agree with what our responders have said? Let us know what you look for through one of our social pages, found below.

For more information about Houghton Hall Alpacas and our elite herd please sign up for our newsletter here, and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Our website is always a working progress. If you can't see what you are looking for, just give us a call, with over 750 alpacas, we are sure to have an 'alpackage' to suit you. We welcome visits, but please call in advance.

*All data collected via the Houghton Hall Alpaca survey 13/10/14 – 19/10/14

28th January 2015

Why We Support the British Alpaca Futurity

We are once again proud to be supporters of the British Alpaca Futurity (BAF) which promotes the improvement and quality of alpaca bloodlines as well as the whole UK alpaca industry. It is a fantastic non profit event organised by a number of the UK's top alpaca breeders, including us at Houghton Hall. This year's event will take place on the 27th-28th March at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.

There are expected to be well over 400 alpacas, a mix of Huacaya and Suri at the BAF, making it the largest of its kind in Europe. As normal there will be both a Halter and Fleece show which the British Alpaca Futurity have organised two top judges to compare for; Pete Kennedy (AUS) and Wade Gease (USA).

For those of you that are fans of using alpaca fibre you'll be pleased to hear that for the first time the event will also include the p-Lush Show which promotes all users and designers of natural fibres. You can also get your hands on some of their special p-Lush branded knitting needles and crochet hooks without feeling guilty as the proceeds are going to their chosen charity Target Ovarian Cancer.

Why we love the BAF

The event is suitable for all alpaca enthusiasts no matter what their experience in alpaca breeding as it is a perfect opportunity to meet other breeders from across the UK, Europe and beyond. Meaning whether you have gone in to exhibit your prized animals, or just to learn more to take your herd to the next level whilst meeting great people on the way, this event is a must.

Mick George Comments; "We are proud to be actively promoting and influencing the future of alpaca breeding and fleece production for the benefit of the UK's industry and worldwide. The British Alpaca Futurity triumph the alpaca industry at every stage from field through to final product making us world renowned."

We really missed it last year, so can't wait for the event this Spring to celebrate all things alpaca. See you there!

Don't forget if you want more information about Houghton Hall Alpacas and our prizing winning herd please sign up for our newsletter here, and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Our website is always a working progress. If you can't see what you are looking for, just give us a call, with over 750 alpacas, we are sure to have an 'alpackage' to suit you. We welcome visits, but please call in advance.

12th January 2015

Importing & Exporting Alpacas

Recently we were interviewed by the leading alpaca magazine Alpaca Culture regarding our experiences with importing and exporting alpacas, which was published along with a number of other alpaca breeders from Europe, Australia and the US.

Read our part below;

Houghton Hall Alpacas have been major importers and alpaca breeders since early 2001.
They “regularly buy the best available stock to compliment our alpaca breeding programme.”
They have imported a large variety of alpaca stud males directly from Australia to compliment their breeding program, which are available for stud services and they regularly assist clients with all the requirements needed for exporting alpacas to Europe.
We asked what led Houghton Hall to become exporters. Mick George, Owner, explains. “We are always looking for additional clients and due to the demand and growth in the European export market it seemed like the obvious place to go. Some animals we have sold into Europe we wouldn’t have sold in the UK. European breeders are looking for superior genetics and we can offer that. It is also vital to help with improving the diversity and quality of alpaca bloodlines.”
To export alpacas, Mick explains, “We give our alpacas a full and thorough health check, whether they are going abroad or staying in the UK, along with TB and Brucellosis testing. We must also apply for export papers via Carlisle DEFRA for all exports.”
“We have exported into the whole of mainland Europe,” Mick says. Export destinations “really vary at the moment, as there is an ever increasing interest in alpacas.”
The quarantine process, “Varies for each country. Prior to export we keep the animals isolated from the rest of our herd. Certain countries require very strict quarantine which is in keeping with our own biosecurity procedures and with independent quarantine we abide by their protocol.”
Houghton Hall safeguards their charges’ health and well being by adhering to export rules, “But we are also keen to transport the alpacas ourselves and having exported some 170 animals in the last 2 years the vast majority we have delivered ourselves. We have only just returned from the South of France, delivering 6 alpacas to a new breeder there, where we stayed for a couple of days to help the animals settle in and help the new owner with basic husbandry.”
What is most important to remember when exporting alpacas? “Timing of all the tests and quarantine is vital to fit in with transporting. Make sure DEFRA are aware. We also consider where they are going and what requirements the alpacas will have there. Is the potential new breeder ready for them? Do they have the right facilities and veterinary expert locally, or another breeder to help,” Mick says

An excerpt from Alpaca Culture magazine’s December 2014 Issue. You can read the rest of the article and find out more of the latest alpaca news from around the world on their website

For more information regarding our export services visit our website or contact Mick and Liz on 07764469132 and at

Our website is always a working progress. If you can't see what you are looking for, just give us a call, with over 750 alpacas, we are sure to have an 'alpackage' to suit you. We welcome visits, but please call in advance.

7th January 2015

Happy New Year to you all. We hope you had a peaceful Christmas and trust the New Year brings you everything you are wishing for and more ....

Most of our crias have now been weaned and are growing out nicely and halter training has started in earnest for them. We can't wait to show the crème de la crème of our 2014 crias in the Show ring this year.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Don't forget if you want more information about Houghton Hall Alpacas and our prizing winning herd please sign up for our newsletter here, and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Our website is always a working progress. If you can't see what you are looking for, just give us a call, with over 750 alpacas, we are sure to have an 'alpackage' to suit you. We welcome visits, but please call in advance.

19 December 2014

Well, the festivities are in full swing at Houghton Hall HQ, it's definitely cold too, and we've still got our fingers crossed for snow.
It's been an incredible year, we've achieved phenomenal successes in the show ring; from winning double Supreme at the BAS 2014 National to our fantastic Houghton Travatore progeny taking 1st at every show they attended, along with taking another 8 Supremes from the 5 other events attended. We have gained awards in too many categories to mention, but it is fair to say that we have proudly shown that truly impressive genetics run throughout our herd.
Not to mention breaking our record for cria births with over 200 being welcomed to the herd. They have been keeping us very busy, particularly recently as we are now weaning them, a job which always makes us feel very guilty.
We also had a great first year for our new Alpaca ShowTime event, so watch this space for details about the next one.

We are immensely proud of our herd, which have certainly gone from strength to strength this year, we cannot wait to find out what successes 2015 brings!

We hope you have a wonder Christmas and a happy New Year!

Don't forget if you want more information about Houghton Hall Alpacas and our prizing winning herd please sign up for our newsletter here, and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Our website is always a working progress. If you can't see what you are looking for, just give us a call, with over 750 alpacas, we are sure to have an 'alpackage' to suit you. We welcome visits, but please call in advance.

25 November 2014

It has been a wet and windy few weeks, which neither us, nor the alpacas are a fan of! Yet another month has follow by with a flurry of activities, we’ve said goodbye to our Supreme Champion Damian who’s gone to Norway to join the fabulous herd at Sigdal Alpakka. We’ve also been hard at work with the general everyday care of our 800 strong herd along with introducing lots of breeders and owners to their next alpaca.

This evening on the farmWe have got a few exciting things going on at the moment and can’t wait to show you all in the New Year. Our new e-newsletter will be starting in January, make sure you sign up so you don’t miss out. We’ve also updated the for sales page on our website with lots of new alpacas, so why not start looking for your perfect alpaca!

For more information about Houghton Hall Alpacas and our elite herd please sign up for our newsletter here, and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Our website is always a working progress. If you can’t see what you are looking for, just give us a call, with over 800 alpacas in our herd, we are sure to have an ‘alpackage©’ to suit you. We welcome visits, but please call in advance. 01480 461510 Office/Mobile 07764469132

29 October 2014

Alpaca Herdsman and General Farm Worker Required

We are looking for an experienced Alpaca Herdsman to join our team at Houghton Hall Alpacas, Cambridgeshire, UK. The successful candidate must have experience working with, and handling alpacas and other livestock. This is a full time position sharing in the daily care of over 1000 alpacas at one of the largest breeding farms in Europe. These duties will consist of, but are not limited to; basic husbandry, administering medication, halter training, general farm work and complying with farm bio-security policy.

This is the ideal opportunity for a driven and committed individual wanting to join a dynamic and growing farm of elite quality alpacas.

Applicant must have full driving licence and must be capable of operating all types of farm machinery.

Start would be immediate, but we are willing to wait for the right person.

Interested applicants can send a copy of their full CV to the following;

6 October 2014

Celebrate Wool and Knitting Week 2014 with Alpacas

It’s World Wool and Knitting Week (6th-12th Oct)! So, we think it is the perfect time to promote the benefits of the lustrous, cosy and itch-free alpaca fibre. Now, we might be biased as we have been breeding these wonderful animals for more than 12 years at Houghton Hall Alpacas. But don’t just take our word for it, ask anyone that has worked with alpacas, there is a reason why the Incas called this fantastic fibre ‘The Gold of the Andes’. Alpaca fleece is incredibly versatile; from spinning and felting to being hypoallergenic, are you ready to find out more?

There are an estimated 3 million alpacas worldwide. Huacaya alpaca have a tight crimped and dense fleece that comes directly out of the skin and it will grow between 4 -5 inches a year. Suris’ produce approximately double this as their fleece is much longer and hangs down the body in loose, silky locks. There is a huge demand for alpaca fibre coming from the fashion industries of Italy, China and others as the must have fibre to replace cashmere; which has seen a significant reduction in quality due to attempts to make it more affordable and sustainable.

So what is it that is driving the need for the fleece? Alpaca fibre is incredibly useful and versatile making it an ideal material that is being applied in a multitude of industries. Alpaca fleece can be easily mixed or blended with other fibres from wool, to silk and even synthetics. It is exceptionally light weight, yet has excellent thermal properties making it very popular for winter clothing. Due to the structure of the alpaca fibres no pilling occurs in the wearing of the fabric, so it is incredibly durable. It is also second only to silk for natural fibres in strength, proof of these extraordinary properties are that archaeologists have recently discovered intact Inca tunics.

Why is it so versatile? The fantastic thing about alpaca fibre is that it is so unbelievably adaptable from clothing and wall hangings, to carpets and upholstery, and even housing insulation. The story doesn’t end there either as alpaca fleece is also put to good use as homes for birds and native wildlife, as well as used for it’s incredible property of absorbing oil; meaning that it has been utilised to aid in the clean up after environmental disasters.

Not only is it useful, but alpacas and their fleece are environmentally friendly. They have soft padded feet so don’t poach the ground, are incredibly efficient eaters, and do not produce lanolin like sheep or goats, which can cause an allergic reaction in some people. The lack of this oil product means that you don’t need high temperatures and harsh chemicals to process it. Similarly, with the fleece coming in over 20 officially recognised colours (and all those in between) there is no need to use dyes for those that are environmentally conscious. Even more fabulously, if you buy your yarn or fleece directly from a breeder the fibre can be traced straight back to the alpaca that produced it! What’s not to love about that?

So what are you waiting for? Get knitting, crocheting and felting!

Got any other ideas for how to use alpaca wool or tips for working with it? We’d love to hear about them through our social pages below…

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25 September 2014


Last week we said goodbye to three of our elite friendly ladies and their cria who have gone to start their new life in the South of France. Mick and Liz made the decision to drive there themselves in order to help ease the alpacas transition, as well as provide some vital support to the new owners. So, they all started their two long, long days of travelling in the early hours of Tuesday (16th Sep) morning, and arrived safely on Wednesday afternoon to the beautiful Pyrenees Orientales region. Houghton’s Thalia, Nigella , Harriet and cria have all settled in superbly. Their new owner is now hoping to start an alpaca farm breeding top quality light and white alpacas. They were really keen to start with some prestigious bloodlines and could think of no better alpaca than that of our award winning Stud Sire, Navigator. We suspect that there will be some great alpacas coming from this farm in the future.

For more information about importing or exporting alpacas in the UK and Europe visit our page here, get in touch via email or phone 01480 461510. With many years of experience importing and exporting for ourselves, and our customers we would be happy to help and organise for you.

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10 September 2014

We can't quite believe we are in to September and Like many of you we are now at the end of our birthing season - phew! and what a bumper year we have had with over 200 cracking crias born in a variety of colours, we are delighted with the quality and can't wait to exhibit some of our 2014 crop in the Shows next year. We are busy getting ready for the winter and moving our animals to pastures new.

Our website is always a working progress. If you can't see what you are looking for, just give us a call, with over 800 alpacas in our herd, we are sure to have an 'alpackage' to suit you. We welcome visits, but please call in advance. Tel: 01480 461510 office/Mobile 07764469132

19 July 2014

Here we are well into our birthing season, with over 180 births so far and another 40 plus to give birth - we have been very busy. We are delighted with our stunning cria. Emmeline has joined us at Houghton Hall Alpacas and is busy getting more fabulous 'alpackages' ready to go on our website of pregnant Dams with cria at foot for sale.

Our website is always a working progress. If you can't see what you are looking for, just give us a call, with over 750 alpacas, we are sure to have an 'alpackage' to suit you. We welcome visits, but please call in advance.

17 June 2014


It was our Travatore progeny that once again did us proud at The Three Counties Show with another 1st, our stunning Royal Duchess scooping Supreme suri yet again. Our Navigator progeny were awarded 1st against a fabulous line up. This was our last show of the season and we are absolutely delighted with the results of our gorgeous show team. Our show team will be shorn this weekend. Our thanks go to each and every one of you that has been part of the organising of all the shows.

We have had a busy few days on the farm with eight cria born yesterday! bringing our total so far to 120! We will post some photos soon.

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1 June 2014


Our Navigator progeny did us proud again at the Bath And West Show last week achieving a 1st against stiff competition. Travatore's progeny did it again! 1st place Suri progeny has been awarded to them at every show, a fabulous achievement! Our gorgeous junior Navigator daughter Houghton Majestic was given SUPREME CHAMPION, we are absolutely delighted.

Our last show of the season is The Three Counties, see you there.

Our website is always a working progress. If you can't see what you are looking for, just give us a call, with over 700 alpacas, we are sure to have an 'alpackage' to suit you.

6 May 2014

Another fabulous weekend was had at the South of England Show, Ardingly. Thanks so much to Liz Butler and her team of helpers for putting on a lovely show. We are once again delighted that we were awarded 'DOUBLE SUPREME' with Houghton Damian, son of Navigator and Houghton Royal Duchess, a Travatore daughter. Travatore's and Navigator's progeny were also awarded 1st in the progeny class - A fabulous weekend. Once again Team Houghton are very happy.

Our next show is the Bath and West, we hope to see you there.

Our website is always a working progress. If you can't see what you are looking for, just give us a call, with over 700 alpacas, we are sure to have an 'alpackage' to suit you.

30 April 2014

Wow, what a weekend! Thanks to the organisers of the Heart of England for another great show. We are absolutely delighted as we achieved DOUBLE SUPREME! Supreme Champion Huacaya with Houghton Bentley a Neptune son, Supreme Champion Suri with our gorgeous Travatore daughter Malibu, Travatore's progeny also were awarded 1st place again and we got Best of British Suri with Houghton Mystical Magic on her first show and to top it all we were awarded the Large Herd Award. A great weekend and Team Houghton are very happy.

Can you believe we are on the last day of April? We just need that sunshine back, We now have nine new additions to our herd and mighty fine they are looking too. We have some girls that are overdue, so are keeping a watchful eye on them.

We look forward to the South of England Show this weekend. See you there - oh yes, if you go onto the SEAS web site for the spring show, just look at who is advertising the Spring Alpaca Show !!!!

Our website is always a working progress. If you can't see what you are looking for, just give us a call, with over 700 alpacas, we are sure to have an 'alpackage' to suit you.

11th April 2014

What a busy few weeks we have had. We have now shorn most of our alpacas and they are full of the joys of spring. We are still eagerly awaiting the arrival of our first cria. Next show is the Heart of England, closely followed by the South of England, hope to see you there. Wishing you all a Happy Easter and look forward to catching up again very soon.

Our website is always a working progress. If you can't see what you are looking for, just give us a call, with over 700 alpacas, we are sure to have an 'alpackage' to suit you.

2nd April 2014

Another brilliant weekend was had by all at Houghton Hall Equestrian Centre, where our fabulous new show 'Alpaca Showtime' took place. We would like to thank all involved in helping to make the show a great success. Peter Kennedy from Australia was an outstanding judge. We were proud to come away with Supreme Suri, with our gorgeous Royal Duchess. Once again our Travatore progeny got the Champion Suri progeny. We would also like to thank all the Exhibitors, we really appreciated all your support. Don't forget to look at the stunning images that Lewis from Andy Fountain Photography took of your animals via their website

We are busy shearing now, may the sun keep on shining. Our first cria are now due, so exciting times ahead.

Next show is the Heart of England, closely followed by the South of England, hope to see you there.

20 March 2014

17 March 2014

We have had a fabulous weekend at The National Show in Telford. Our team did us proud achieving Supreme Champion Huacaya with our gorgeous male, Houghton Damian, who also achieved supreme fleece! Our stunning suri female Houghton Royal Duchess achieved Supreme Champion Suri. Our Travatore progeny achieved suri progeny light champions, are we chuffed? Yes we certainly are. Thanks to all our super team and to all the organisers involved for making the show a great success.

We look forward in seeing you at 'Alpaca Showtime' on the 29/30 March.

We have many alpacas on our sales list, not all have made the website yet. If you can't see what you are looking for, just call and we will happy to assist you in your alpaca search.

12 March 2014

The sun is shining, spring is in the air and it certainly makes you feel better, it's so nice not to have to wear wellingtons all the time! We are busy getting 'Team Houghton' ready for the National Show. We look forward to seeing you there.

We would like to thank all you lovely breeders who have registered their animals into our brand new show 'Alpaca Showtime' - your support is greatly appreciated. For more information please visit

We are looking forward to April, when our first cria are due, we have approximately 150 births to look forward to, that will keep us busy.

We have many alpacas on our sales list, not all have made the website yet. If you can't see what you are looking for, just call and we will happy to assist you in your alpaca search. Until next time.....

12 February 2014

A little update from happenings at Houghton Hall Alpacas. We have had great fun choosing our Show team for 2014, amongst the mud and wet! We are really excited about our new show 'Alpaca Showtime'. Online entries are open, thank you to those breeders who have registered their alpacas for the show, we really do appreciate your support. Keep those entries coming in. For more information please visit

We have many alpacas on our sales list, not all have made the website yet. If you can't see what you are looking for, just call and we will happy to assist you in your alpaca search.

8 January 2014

Wishing you all a fabulous 2014. We trust you all had a lovely Christmas and hope this awful wet weather is not causing you too many problems. Everywhere at Houghton Hall is a bit soggy, but not dampening our spirits, as we have so much to look forward to in 2014. We are looking forward to our new exciting show 'Alpaca Showtime ' - online entries are now open, we look forward to welcoming you to this new show. For more information please visit

We have many alpacas on our sales list, not all have made the website yet. If you can't see what you are looking for, just call and we will happy to assist you in your alpaca search.

10 December 2013

We are fast approaching Christmas and would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Happy 2014. Our show plans are well underway, we look forward to welcoming you all to this new exciting show. Alpaca Showtime BAS online entries will be open early January. For more information please go to

1 November 2013

Another busy few months at Houghton Hall. We were privileged to hold the advanced alpaca course here at Houghton Hall Alpacas. Eight delegates were given expert advise and training from three experienced judges/ breeders over two days. A big thank you to everyone involved.

This weekend we attended the SWAG show at Clevedon, showing 35 of our finest alpacas. We had a fabulous show, winning many rosettes. We were also awarded supreme champion with our stunning suri girl Houghton Bessie, coming away with a beautiful trophy. Thanks to the organisers for a great show.

A note for your diary: 2014 - Alpaca Show time is a brand new exciting show, which we are organising along with Bozedown Alpacas and The Alpaca Stud, being held at Houghton Hall Equestrian and Alpaca centre - 29/30 March. Watch this space for more information.


We were delighted to be asked by the Heart of England Alpaca Group if they could visit our farm. Last Saturday we welcomed the group and had a lovely informal day showing them around our bespoke Alpaca Farm and Equestrian Centre. The weather was fairly kind to us, only a couple of little showers. It was fabulous all sharing our knowledge of alpacas over the course of the day. We would like to thank all of you that took the time out to visit us.

We are almost to the end of our birthing season and to date we have 115 young cria's running around the farm of all colours. We have some absolutely stunning cria, which we are really looking forward to showing. By the way - girls still rule! For more information on alpacas for sale, please contact Mick or Liz who will be delighted to assist you.

12 August 2013

Here we are almost half way through August and we are still busy with our births at Houghton Hall. Today we had our 100th cria born a stunning male. So far we have girl power on the cria front and are very pleased with the youngsters that we have produced thus far in a variety of colours. We are very much looking forward to our next show. For more information on alpacas for sale, please contact Mick or Liz who will be delighted to assist you.

24 July 2013
Well it has been some time since we have updated our latest news. Like many of you we have been immensely busy with our birthing's having some 85 crias born so far this year, with yet more to come. We are currently updating our website with some superior animals becoming available to purchase. Our latest addition to the website is a stunning grey girl - Houghton Selby with her beautiful dark grey female cria. For more information on Selby, please go to our sales list. We have many alpacas available for purchase that are not on the website, so if you don't see what you are looking for, please just give us a call Liz or Mick and we will be happy to assist you.

We would like to say how delighted we are that our new Royal Prince of Cambridge has been named George!

13 May 2013
We have had great success in the Show ring over the past few weeks, we were proud to support the NWAG Show, The Spring Alpaca Fiesta, The South of England and this weekend the BAS National Show. At the National we proudly came away with 12 Champion sashes and shields, four reserve champion sashes. A cup and sash was won for Supreme Champion Suri. We also achieved a first in Suri Dams progeny and Suri Sires Progeny. Our young handler Will Roberts got a well deserved first with Nell. We are chuffed to bits. A full list of the results will follow.

18 March 2013
Wow! What a fabulous weekend we had at The British Alpaca Futurity and Fibre Festival. Thank you to all involved in making it another huge success. Special thanks to the judges Amanda and Jill and the many overseas visitors. We were delighted with our many first place rosettes and champion and reserve Champion sashes Our beautiful Houghton Monica looked and behaved impeccably and won Champion suri white female and then was awarded the best suri of the show. 'Houghton Malibu' was given Reserve Champion suri. We also achieved Champion white male huacaya with our stunning Navigator male 'Houghton Perry' with 'Houghton Remington' achieving Reserve Champion. Another Champion sash was given to our light male suri. We will update you more this week with a full list of our results.

9 March 2013
Here we are into March and hoping the spring weather will peep out soon. It's all systems go at Houghton Hall and we are looking forward to our first show of the season 'The British Alpaca Futurity and Fibre Festival' next weekend at the NEC Birmingham. We hope to see you there. We have many exciting 'alpackages' to suit you, just call Liz or Mick find out more.

23 February 2013
Well here we are into February and still snowing at Houghton Hall! We hope 2013 has started off well for you. We are excited to be bringing a fabulous show team to The British Alpaca Futurity and Fibre Festival on March 15/16 at The NEC in Birmingham. Our auction girl Snow Flower is simply a stunning white female. she could be yours, take a look at her We look forward to seeing you at this exciting event.

28 December 2012
We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all an enjoyable festive season and hope 2013 brings you everything you are wishing for.

8th November:
A small selection of the many alpacas we have for sale are on our website. If you are unable to find what you are after, please just call us and we are sure we will have an 'alpackage' to suit your needs.

We have just returned from a fabulous trip to Australia, where we visited and met many alpaca breeders. We enjoyed the National Show in Adelaide and even purchased a couple more elite alpacas to enhance our herd even further. Thank you to all 'Down Under' for your great hospitality. Bendigo next year? Hope to see you there.
7th November
My what a busy year we have had, the weather is becoming colder & Christmas is just around the corner!
This year has been amazing time for Houghton Hall Alpacas, producing yet again 162 exceedingly beautiful Cria's.
Please feel free to contact us for more details.

19 September
We would like to announce that we have been invited by Purl Alpaca Designs to join them on TV (20 September), Channel 671, Create and Craft at 2pm. We are bringing along some of our beautiful show team to the event which will be presented by Anthea Turner. All in aid of 'Get Britain Crafting'.

12th September
We are coming to the end of our birthing season (phew) and currently have over 150 beautiful cria in a variety of colours pronking around the paddocks. If you would like to know more about keeping these beautiful animals or indeed are looking to enhance your herd with some outstanding genetics, give us a call. We would be delighted to assist you in any way we can. We have some exciting 'Alpackages' up for grabs, including females with stunning cria at foot. If you are just after some pets, we have some reasonably priced gelded males for sale in a variety of colours. Call to find out more information, you won't regret it.

31st August

Well today is officially the end of Summer and apparently the wettest for 100 years, we can certainly vouch for that!
We are happy to report that we now have 150 beautiful Cria’s & caring Mums, with a few more arrivals before the end of the Autumn. Check out our Cria photos.

10th August
We now have 122 beautiful Cria's, look out for these in the show ring!

16th July
We currently have 85 Cria births so far, with many more to come.Take a look at these beautiful 2012 arrivals under our "Cria Photo Gallery".

2nd June
We hope you are all enjoying your Jubilee Celebrations. Here's hoping the weather will improve.

We are really excited as our first ET cria are now being born. We will put pictures in our cria gallery for you to see.

11th May
We had a very busy weekend. We continued our 2nd batch of shearing - thankfully the weather stayed dry for most of it. On Saturday we attended the one day Newark & Notts show and came away with amazing results - 6 Champions and 2 Supreme Champions! We were so delighted that our elite team came up trumps. Thanks to all concerned for organising the show and making the day very enjoyable, even the sun was shining.

6th May
We attended the South of England Show and although the weather wasn't kind to us, we all kept in good spirits and a great show was put on. We purchased three stunning alpacas at the show. The first two, we spotted as they were arriving and thought 'we must have them'. They are mother and daughter, both black, bred by Robert at Moorfield Alpacas. Both went onto win their class and the Junior Nell, got champion! The third was a super young white male from Bozedown Alpacas, we are sure will do us proud and bring new bloodlines into our herd.

We recently attend the Spring Alpaca Fiesta in the Heart of England Show - 28th 29th April, again we came away with very pleasing results:-

We had a very pleasing spring show at The Hand Equestrian Centre last weekend, winning an impressive 11 1st places including 2 champions and 5 reserve champions - proving that our genetics are second to none.

We had a very enjoyable show and met many breeders including some from overseas.

Our sire's suri progeny came 1st (storm). In the huacaya's progeny we achieved a 2nd (Neptune), 3rd (Navigator) and 4th again Neptune. Our stud sire's did us proud again.

We also achieved first places in the following halter classes - Junior male - White & Fawn, Junior female - White and Beige, Intermediate Male Black and Fawn to name a few. See below our latest show results:-

South West Group Spring Show (SAS) – 14 April 2012

Huacaya Junior Female White

1st Houghton Gabby (UKBAS18681) Sire: Cambridge Navigator of ACC (Imp) (UKBAS09694)Dam: Gabriel of Houghton (Import) (UKBAS04274)
5th Houghton Angelina (UKBAS19104) Sire: Cambridge Navigator of ACC (Imp) (UKBAS09694)Dam: Houghton Angelica (UKBAS08929)
6th Houghton Diane (UKBAS18837) Sire: Cambridge Navigator of ACC (Imp) (UKBAS09694)Dam: Diamond of Houghton (Import) (UKBAS05431

Huacaya Junior Female White

4th Houghton Modesty (UKBAS18734) Sire: Cambridge Navigator of ACC (Imp) (UKBAS09694)Dam: Mistico of Houghton (Import) (UKBCL15331)
5th Houghton Mitzi (UKBAS18771) Sire: Cambridge Navigator of ACC (Imp) (UKBAS09694)Dam: Mistral of Houghton (Import) (UKBCL15333)

Huacaya Junior Female Beige

1st Houghton Hema (UKBAS19100) Sire: Neptune of Houghton (Imp) (UKBAS08575)Dam: Hemlock of Houghton (Import) (UKBAS04277)
3rd Houghton Summer Pudding (UKBAS18835) Sire: Neptune of Houghton (Imp) (UKBAS08575)
Dam: Houghton Pudding (UKBAS12186)

Huacaya Junior Female Fawn

2nd Houghton Rock Rochelle (UKBAS18846) Sire: Cambridge Navigator of ACC (Imp) (UKBAS09694)
Dam: Rock Star of Houghton (Import) (UKBAS05522)
4th Houghton Brigitta (UKBAS18683) Sire: Neptune of Houghton (Imp) (UKBAS08575)Dam: Brittania of Houghton (Import) (UKBAS05931)

Huacaya Junior Female Grey

3rd Houghton Selby (UKBAS18669) Sire: Blue Circus of Houghton (Import) (UKBAS05525)
Dam: Sophia Rose of Houghton (Import) (UKBAS05524)

Huacaya Junior Female - Black

4th Houghton Missy Poppins (UKBAS18736) Sire: Inca Balboa (UKBAS08922)Dam: Houghton Mary Poppins (UKBAS08758)
5th Houghton Suzette (UKBAS18719) Sire: Inca Balboa (UKBAS08922)Dam: Houghton Suki (UKBAS12127)

Suri Junior Female Beige

1st Houghton Maliha (UKBAS18712) Sire: ACC Suri Storm (UKBAS06166)Dam: Pinjarra Malynda of Houghton (Imp) (UKBAS08586)

Huacaya Junior Male White

1st Houghton Remington (UKBAS19202) Sire: Cambridge Navigator of ACC (Imp) (UKBAS09694)Dam: Cambridge Lady Remarque (UKBAS19158)
2nd Houghton Lancelot (UKBAS18680) Sire: Cambridge Navigator of ACC (Imp) (UKBAS09694)Dam: Lolita of Houghton (Import) (UKBAS04279)
5th Houghton Montgomery (UKBAS18727) Sire: Cambridge Navigator of ACC (Imp) (UKBAS09694)Dam: Maytime of Houghton (Import) (UKBAS05933)

Huacaya Junior Male Beige

3rd Houghton Lincoln (UKBAS18773) Sire: Cambridge Navigator of ACC (Imp) (UKBAS09694)Dam: Lacquer of Houghton (Imp) (UKBAS08559)

Huacaya Junior Male - Fawn

1st Houghton Tequila (UKBAS18728) Sire: Neptune of Houghton (Imp) (UKBAS08575)Dam: Timara of Houghton (Imp) (UKBAS08571)

Huacaya Junior Male - Brown

1st Houghton Celtic Lorne (UKBAS18769) Sire: Neptune of Houghton (Imp) (UKBAS08575)Dam: Celtic Lass of Houghton (Imp) (UKBAS08579)
3rd Houghton Mumford (UKBAS18720) Sire: Neptune of Houghton (Imp) (UKBAS08575)Dam: Fleur de Lys Mystique of Houghton (Imp) (UKBAS10099)
4th Houghton Laurian (UKBAS18682) Sire: Neptune of Houghton (Imp) (UKBAS08575)Dam: Houghton Black Laurel (UKBAS08766)

Huacaya Junior Male - Grey

5th Houghton Logan (UKBAS18842) Sire: Blue Circus of Houghton (Import) (UKBAS05525)Dam: East Trayne Lucy (UKGTFBAS00006)

Suri Junior Male Beige

1st Houghton Porter (UKBAS18735) Sire: ACC Suri Storm (UKBAS06166)Dam: Surilana Prestige of Houghton (Imp) (UKBAS12687)

Huacaya Intermediate Female Beige

2nd Houghton Aimee (UKBAS18830) Sire: Neptune of Houghton (Imp) (UKBAS08575)Dam: Houghton Abella (UKBAS12143)
3rd Houghton Cerian (UKBAS16318) Sire: Neptune of Houghton (Imp) (UKBAS08575)Dam: Houghton Carra (UKBAS08730)

Huacaya Intermediate Female - Fawn

3rd Houghton Charlotte (UKBAS18831) Sire: Neptune of Houghton (Imp) (UKBAS08575)Dam: Callie of Collingwood (Import) (UKBAS02210)

Huacaya Intermediate Female - Black

3rd Houghton Honesty (UKBAS16323) Sire: Lillyfield Jack of Spades of Inca (Imp) (UKBAS08468)Dam: Blueberry Centurian Holly (UKBAS07546)

Suri Intermediate Female - White

4th Houghton Monica (UKBAS18834) Sire: ACC Suri Storm (UKBAS06166)Dam: Moonshine of Houghton (Imp) (UKBAS12686)
5th Houghton Passion Flower (UKBAS18710) Sire: ACC Suri Storm (UKBAS06166)Dam: Pinjarra Tall Poppy ET of Houghton (Imp) (UKBAS08592)

Huacaya Intermediate Male - Fawn

1st Houghton Ambrose (UKBAS16801) Sire: Neptune of Houghton (Imp) (UKBAS08575)Dam: Houghton Amber (UKBAS07047)

Huacaya Intermediate Male - Brown

5th Houghton Jones (UKBAS18166) Sire: Neptune of Houghton (Imp) (UKBAS08575) Dam: Jubilee of Houghton (Imp) (UKBAS08570)

Huacaya Intermediate Male - Grey

2nd Houghton Royal Prince (UKBAS16306) Sire: Salvador of Houghton (Import) (UKBCL15338)Dam: Royal Peach of Houghton (Imp) (UKBAS08583)

Huacaya Intermediate Male - Black

1st Houghton Major (UKBAS18170) Sire: ATA Cambridge Centurion (UKBAS04308)Houghton Dam: Houghton Masquerade (UKBAS08761)

Huacaya Adult Female - Fawn

1st Houghton Magenta (UKBAS12150) Sire: Devante of Houghton (Import) (UKBCL15339)Dam: Rock Star of Houghton (Import) (UKBAS05522)
2nd Houghton Beatrix (UKBAS13114) Sire: Neptune of Houghton (Imp) (UKBAS08575)Dam: Brianna of Houghton (Import) (UKBAS04269)

Huacaya Adult Male - Fawn

2nd Houghton Tyrone (UKBAS13827) Sire: Houghton Samson (UKBAS03501)Dam: Houghton Talia (UKBAS06739)

Huacaya 2 progeny from one Dam

1st Rock Star of Houghton (Import) (UKBAS05522) Sire: Australian Male (AUST.M) Dam: Australian Female (AUST.F)

Huacaya Champion White Male

R Houghton Remington (UKBAS19202) Sire: Cambridge Navigator of ACC (Imp) (UKBAS09694)Dam: Cambridge Lady Remarque (UKBAS19158)

Huacaya Champion Beige Female

R Houghton Hema (UKBAS19100) Sire: Neptune of Houghton (Imp) (UKBAS08575)Dam: Hemlock of Houghton (Import) (UKBAS04277)

Suri Champion Beige Female

C Houghton Maliha (UKBAS18712) Sire: ACC Suri Storm (UKBAS06166)Dam: Pinjarra Malynda of Houghton (Imp) (UKBAS08586)

Suri Champion Beige Male

R Houghton Porter (UKBAS18735) Sire: ACC Suri Storm (UKBAS06166)Dam: Surilana Prestige of Houghton (Imp) (UKBAS12687)

Huacaya Champion Fawn Female

R Houghton Magenta (UKBAS12150) Sire: Devante of Houghton (Import) (UKBCL15339)Dam: Rock Star of Houghton (Import) (UKBAS05522)

Huacaya Champion Fawn Male

C Houghton Ambrose (UKBAS16801) Sire: Neptune of Houghton (Imp) (UKBAS08575)Dam: Houghton Amber (UKBAS07047)

If we can be of any further assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact us.


2nd April

We are happy to introduce to you our new born 2012 Cria's to Houghton Hall.

22nd March

Well our 2012 shearing began last week and what and ideal week it was, with such beautiful weather!


We are still updating our website and have many exciting opportunities for you to purchase some outstanding alpacas from us. If you can't see what you are looking for, just let us know as we have many animals for sale who have not made the website yet! We are sure to have an 'Alpackage' to suit your needs with over 500 alpacas in our herd. Visitors always welcome.

The British Alpaca Futurity - 16 & 17 March 2012 - NEC - What a fabulous show!

We were proud Gold Sponsors of this prestigious event. We would like to express our thanks to all involved in making this such a great show.

We were delighted with our show team, who once again did us proud, picking up a very respectable 37 ribbons, 11 of which were first place, two champions and five reserve champions!


We are a premium, independent alpaca farm, breeding high quality alpacas. We have consistent excellent show successes and are now offering a small selection of our exceptional alpaca stock for sale.


We have an ‘alpackage’ to suit your needs

Becoming our client gives you access to one of the largest selection of proven alpaca stud males in the UK – Our boys really will improve the genetics of your herd!


Our young males are growing out nicely - watch out for more information on the new 'Studs' on the block.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. We look forward to welcoming you to our alpaca farm.

Take a look at the other sides of Mick George:

Cardiganshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Alpacas of Wales
Herd Size:90
Contact Name:Susan Myerscough
Telephone Number:01545 590361
Nearest Town:Llandysul
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Ty Gwyn
Llwyn Cottages
About this breeder:Well - we have done it - taken the plunge and moved lock stock & barrel from the truly lovely Teifi Valley which has been our home for 7 years, to the stunning Clettwyr Valley with it's panoramic views. After some time to settle in the animals all seem to have settled and to be very happy - dogs included!
We welcome all our friends and clients to our new home - just give us a call and we will be delighted to see you!

We started breeding our alpacas in 2003 with a small herd of 3 pregnant females, based in the beautiful Teifi Valley. It has been a challenge sometimes, but with the help and support of other breeders, careful selection of the best quality stud males and some additional purchases we are have about reached our optimum herd size. Our animals are part of the family and a real attraction for local people and neighbours who keep a watchful eye on the girls and their babies - they always notice a 'new face', and many know the names!!

We strongly believe that there are excellent alpacas and breeders in Wales, a positive treasure trove of knowledge about the animals and their fleece, and superb quality on offer for anyone wishing to start a herd or expand and improve their own herd. We believe this so strongly that we renamed our farm 'Alpacas of Wales' - we want to draw attention to what is available here, right on people's doorstep, right across Wales - in fact 'all you'll ever need'!!
Support your local breeder - why travel to England when there are several high quality established breeders right on your doorstep?!!
Latest News:March 2010
Spring appears to have Sprung, at least for a while and at least for long enough to help us all enjoy being outside! Our gorgeous girl Amai's Breeze has done it again - she took 1st Intermediate Fawn Female at the 2010 British Alpaca Futurity & went on to scoop the Fawn Female Colour Champion Sash!! We are very proud of her - photo is on our Breeder details! (Sire: Bozedown Minstrel)

Dec 2009
Well we have finally done it - moved lock stock and barrel to our new holding in the stunning Clettwr Valley (though it wasn't that simple or easy come to think of it !!!) - everyone has settled in and seems very happy, even the human!! Looking forward to our first Christmas in our new home and to a fun, interesting & successful 2010


Another Spring weekend and another Alpaca Show!
This was our first time at the South of England Show and we were thrilled to pick up a 4th place rosette in the Junior fawn female class with Breeze who was sired by Bozedown Minstrel; we also picked up a 1st place rosette with Tess, a stunning light fawn adult female sired by multi Futurity Champion, Bozedown Galaxy.


Well we are back from the SWAG Show - very tired but pleased with our rosettes!

Our lovely white stud male Bozedown Calidor took a 2nd place in the Senior White male class - he is holding his fleece characteristics and we are looking forward to having a bevy of lovely cria from him in 2009!

Bartholomew our super mid fawn suri boy had a 1st place rosette as a Senior Male Suri and his first cria in Wales will be on the ground this summer; shorn suris are notoriously difficult to judge and we were delighted that Judge Val Fullerlove could see the lock structure returning in Barty's fleece!

Carmarthenshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:White Rose Alpacas
Herd Size:20
Contact Name:Lisa Grewar and Paul Raines
Telephone Number:01559370578
Nearest Town:Rhos
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
About this breeder:Small breeder of quality alpacas

Cheshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Penwerris
Herd Size:30
Contact Name:Dianne Hall
Telephone Number:01829 760348
Nearest Town:Little Budworth
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Akesmere Farm,
Chester Road,
Little Budworth,
About this breeder:Penwerris herd was established at the turn of the Millennium to complement an existing flock of Jacob sheep. As a keen craftswoman, my aim is to produce high quality fleeces for spinning and knitting.

The herd is based on a small farm run by Dianne and Ray Hall, who also have a friendly farmhouse B&B. We know each alapaca by name as well as their individual personalities. We keep health, husbandary and breeding records of our alpacas to ensure a complete picture of the herd is built up.

Over the past decade many cria have been retained as replacements, but having reached an optimum herd size, we are now looking to sell some breeding stock.

We want our customers to be happy with their choice of alpacas and so provide a full back-up service with a commitment to provide all the necessary support and advice.

Cornwall  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Carpalla Alpacas
Herd Size:43
Contact Name:Nigel Retallack
Telephone Number:07974796792
Nearest Town:St Austell
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Higher Carpalla Farm
St Austell
About this breeder:Nigel and Margaret Retallack are professional breeders of healthy, registered Alpacas.
Stock is reared on a high Cornish farm which is 750 feet above sea level.
We pride ourselves on being open and honest and will give a full description of an animals good and not so good features.

Breeder/Farm Name:Popham Alpacas
Herd Size:90
Contact Name:Gary & Felicia Sanders
Telephone Number:01752 843518/ 07812145902
Nearest Town:Saltash
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Popham Alpacas
Popham Farmhouse
About this breeder:Our objectives are to have top quality genetics available to alpaca breeders in the South-West especially Devon and Cornwall. To facilitate this we have made our own imports from Australia and backed these up with quality purchases made in this country.

We now have working stud males of the finest quality from
Ambersun Alpacas in Adelaide. These joined us in 2005 and their first cria are with us and showing great potential. We are happy to do mobile or on farm matings.

Situated only 15 minutes from Plymouth, just off the Saltash to Callington road we are easily accessible and welcome visitors.

Alpaca sales, both breeding animals and pets,support and advice, stud services and a friendly voice at the end of the phone line.

Popham is also home to our affiliated herd, Poachers Moon Alpacas.
Latest News:The end of 2013 approaches rapidly and now time to reflect on the year. The Popham show team won several championships in both Huacaya and Suri classes but the highlight was the double at Honiton where Popham Dancha was supreme Huacaya and Popham Jubilee supreme Suri both were fawn. This made us realise that our fawn animals are improving every year. The fawn cria of 2013 are also looking promising so why not give us a call and visit the farm.

Breeder/Farm Name:Rosecraddoc Alpacas
Herd Size:20
Contact Name:Teresa Hawkin
Telephone Number:01579 345328
Nearest Town:Liskeard
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
About this breeder:We are a small breeder based just over the border into Cornwall, specialising in grey alpacas. Although our absolute passion is for GREYS we do keep some other colours, including some patterned animals, because of a real interest in the science of colour genetics. Being small, however, doesn’t mean that we compromise on quality. We have made, and continue to make, use of top quality coloured genetics, predominantly black and grey, in our breeding programme and as a result, we are starting to see some impressive results in the show ring - see the Prizewinners page of our website.

Temperament is always a top consideration in both our purchasing and mating decisions and we keep our herd size small so that we can devote time to individual feeding and handling of our animals. As a result, our animals are used to people and readily come up to eat carrots from your hand in the field. And they are all used to being called into catch pens daily from a very young age for their food (just a few days old in most cases), making it easy to catch and handle them and perform any necessary husbandry tasks (see our farm photo). This is so ingrained that our females have even been known to come in during labour!

Health and bio-security is paramount. We work very hard to keep our animals in top condition. Our farm has been operating according to a health plan drawn up with our vet, who specialises in alpacas, since 2008 and this is reviewed on a regular basis. It covers not only nutrition, parasitic control (e.g. worms, coccidiosis, mange) and vaccination regimes, but also bio security against infectious diseases such as TB, BVD, Johne’s Disease, etc.
Our land is double fenced at the boundary, with extra base wires, to prevent any interaction with other animals/wildlife and boundaries are patrolled daily. Our British Alpaca Society Bio-Security questionnaire resulted in an “excellent” rating.
All new animals that we purchase are tested for TB and BVD before coming onto the farm and go through a strict quarantine process on arrival. We are happy to arrange similar tests for our customers (skin or Enferplex blood test for TB, blood test for BVD).
We do not offer, nor have we ever sent our females for, on-farm matings and any drive-by matings with visiting males or females are conducted away from our paddocks.
Our animals are fed only top quality proprietary alpaca feed and the best quality hay and we take the time to feed and supplement them on an individual basis.
In addition, our fields are poo picked daily, 365 days of the year.

All our animals are microchipped and registered with the British Alpaca Soceity.

Breeder/Farm Name:Cherokee Alpacas
Herd Size:20
Contact Name:Jacqui Phillip
Telephone Number:07740198279
Nearest Town:SALTASH
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Clover Park
Tideford Cross
About this breeder:I have bred Alpacas since 2005. I work in textiles therefore I breed to get the best from an alpaca. Fineness. I also show and have won many shows. My alpacas are all BAS registered. health checked. happy to have tb test done on selling.

Breeder/Farm Name:Hope farm Alpacas
Herd Size:20
Contact Name:Mrs Hazel Hayman
Telephone Number:01736762858
Nearest Town:Helston
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Hope FarmTrewBreageHelstonCornwall
About this breeder:We are a small family run farm. We love all our animals and have created our herd from a small foundation herd. We have our own splendid white Macho Thistledown Pepillo. We have had one offspring from him and he will start with our whole herd this year, so we will expect plenty of his crias next year. We have a mixed variety of colours and types from half accoyo to the peruvian type with the lovely dished face. We also have a brown and white fancy macho who won the brown huacaya championship at the cca show in camborne.We will be using him this year to improve our coloured collecction. We look forward to enquiries about our lovely herd .

Breeder/Farm Name:Bowden Alpacas
Herd Size:20
Contact Name:Angela Locke
Telephone Number:01288353815
Nearest Town:Bude
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Bowden House
About this breeder:Bowden Alpacas was set up six years ago with 6 females, 4 of whom were pregnant, Our intention was to have a coloured herd which we have achieved. We also use well known studs for our herd to improve the quality of the alpacas and their fleeces. The fleece is important to us as alongside Bowden Alpacas we have a specialist yarn shop here in Bude, Coastalyarns selling our own yarns alongside other well known and quality Alpaca yarns. All our alpacas are halter trained and have been bred for their placid temperament. We therefore have a herd of happy and healthy alpacas ideal for the new breeder looking to purchase a package or the more experienced breeder looking to enhance their herd.

Cumbria  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Little Eskrigg Alpacas
Herd Size:35
Contact Name:John and Linda Heap
Telephone Number:01539 738759
Nearest Town:Kendal
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Little Eskrigg End Farm
Old Hutton
About this breeder:A small breeder based in the picturesque Lake District. Members of the Cumbrian Fibre Cooperative dedicated to the breeding of quality alpacas and concerned about the welfare and well being of our animals. We will not concentrate purely on self coloured animals but take great enjoyment from a mixture of colours and personalities.

Our alpacas give us a tremendous amount of pleasure and make us 'smile' and we are always willing to share this with anyone who would like to visit us.

'Merrylegs Bill', (son of Wessex Julius and Bozedown Maud) our stunning light fawn stud has produced some excellent cria as has Blueberry Sinbad Holly (black) who has now gone to a new home. We are awaiting cria this year from Dominator (black), Warrior (black), Sarman (white) and Sunburst (rose grey), so a very exciting year ahead.

Never underestimate your alpacas!

We attended our first ever show (Westmorland County Short Fleece Show) on 11 September 2008 taking with us 'Goya' (a black huacaya) 'Greer' (brown) 'Holly' (white). We were both astounded and hugely delighted to receive 2 first places and a third. The icing on the cake was 'Little Eskrigg Goya' who won 'Black Huacaya Champion' - a fantastic day!

Breeder/Farm Name:Moonlight Alpacas
Herd Size:50
Contact Name:Wendy J Price
Telephone Number:01539 824419
Nearest Town:Kendal
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Simgill Farm
About this breeder:Our life with Alpacas started with 3 boys as pets several years ago. After breeding beef cattle and sheep, Alpacas were something completely different. Immediately we realized they were for us, easy to keep, not heavy on the land, inquisitive and just loveable, we wish we had made the changes sooner. The decision was taken and we sold all our other livestock in order to concentrate on looking after these beautiful animals. We have a growing herd of over 50 alpacas on our farm in the South Lakes. We have a mix of colours but mainly have black, grey, rose grey and dark brown. We are hands on with our Alpacas encouraging them to be at ease around people which in turn makes them friendly and easy to handle. Enjoying over 40 acres of grassland to roam around they have a stress free life and enjoy coming to call to meet people. Should you wish to visit us and meet our herd please contact us to make an appointment.

Breeder/Farm Name:Town End Alpacas
Herd Size:80
Contact Name:Brian Raine
Telephone Number:07740 918380
Nearest Town:Kendal
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Town End
About this breeder:Town End Alpacas is a small, professional breeder based in Cumbria, in the Lake District, conveniently close to J36 of the M6. By importing champion alpacas from Australia, we have complemented our high quality Huacaya herd and a few quality Suris. We have also selectively used stud males from the best in the UK, in order to constantly improve the characteristics of our prize-winning fleece and to ensure correct conformation. Our show results have demonstrated our level of quality - multiple supreme champions (both huacaya and suri) and numerous rosettes/ribbons. The fibre analysis of the first fleeces of our 2013 born cria illustrate the quality - ranging from 15 to 21 micron with all but one being ultra fine and superfine. We are no longer VAT registered so alpacas from Town End are even greater value.

We are breeding alpacas with a wide range of natural coloured fleece from which we manufacture a wide range of natural garments and offer variety to weavers, spinners and knitters.

Town End Alpacas sells pregnant females for breeding, potential stud males, and wethers as pets or for fibre production. All our animals are pedigree and are registered with the British Alpaca Society. A full history and independent veterinary certificate are supplied with each animal. Tailored packages are available to suit individual requirements. Why not contact us to arrange a 'no obligation visit' to see our herd and how we look after our alpacas, and to see how we can help you - we don't think that you will be disappointed.

Extra support and advice is available for new owners, including full husbandry services (such as shearing, toe-nail clipping and vaccinations).

You can also book our 4* self catering holiday cottage and enjoy a relaxed alpaca experience specifically tailored to meet your exact requirements
Latest News:Herd dispersal auction. Sale of 40 high quality breeding females and a small selection of stud males and pet animals. Northwest auctions 2nd May 2015 at J36 Auction Centre near Kendal just off junction 36 of the M6. All breeding alpacas will be TB tested and have veterinary certificates. Export service also available - call 07740 918380 to discuss options.

LATEST - Town End Alpacas is deregistering from VAT so alpacas from Town End are even greater value!

Breeder/Farm Name:WhyNot Alpacas
Herd Size:75
Contact Name:Robin & Caroline Sandys-Clarke
Telephone Number:01539 621246
Nearest Town:Sedbergh
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
About this breeder:
****WhyNot Alpacas, only a small selection of whose animals are listed in the For Sale section of this website, in fact have a WIDE VARIETY OF ALPACAS FOR SALE, including alpacas of both sexes in varying ages and colours.

****We are always happy to put together a package of animals to meet each individual customer's wishes; and are confident that we shall be able to fit you up with just the alpacas to suit your particular taste/needs****

****Quotes from Satisfied Customers who have bought animals or Knitwear from WhyNot Alpacas (**See our website for more):

“Boys are great – ever charming, & we can’t believe how little trouble they are. Seems every time I look out of the window they’re having their photos taken by people in shorts.”

“You would not believe how well they have settled-it is as if they were meant to live in our copse. We are completely, utterly and absolutely in love. Bliss!”

"Just to say the pullover is super. Wear it all the time."

****WhyNot Alpacas is an expanding, family-run herd, established in 2000. All our animals for sale are hardy and well-handled; and all youngstock are halter-trained.

****The ever-improving quality of our herd has been demonstrated at Shows over the years.

****As a part of our service, we are always happy to offer comprehensive after-sales back-up where needed; and some hands-on experience for first-time owners, at Ghyllas, if required.

Deals available on packages of three or more animals.


1. Because we firmly believe that, especially in the North of England, it is not beneficial to cover a young female before she has had proper time to mature, it will be found that our home-bred girls have all been given plenty of time to grow up, rather than being covered in adolesence. We hope that they are going to be breeding for many years; and our policy is based upon not spoiling the sheep for a ha'porth of tar (or the extra six months). We hold that waiting to start them on a Spring-birthing cycle can do nothing but good, to both them and their owners.

2. This year, as in previous years ever since its inauguration, we are looking forward to a successful two days at Cockermouth's Woolfest. As usual, we shall be taking both a selection of our home-bred alpacas and our home-grown alpaca products. In the past, the Public's interest in the alpacas has been phenominal. We hope to meet there as many friends ~ both old and new ~ as we have done in earlier years. See You There!

Also, once again, we are hoping to take a selection of alpacas, together with our own alpaca products, to the HOLKER HALL GARDEN FESTIVAL, near Cartmel, in early June. And we are confident that, once again, our stand will attract enormous interest from the Festival's many visitors***.

3. As we have done so successfully for several years past, we expect to take our animals and alpaca products to the Westmorland County Show on 10th September, and to several other local shows in and around Cumbria.




****ALPACA KNITWEAR: On-farm and On-line SHOP now in operation with a selection of wonderful products made from our own, home-grown fleece. Until you have seen and felt our ultra-special Baby Clothes, you ain't seen nuthin' yet!***

Breeder/Farm Name:Beck Brow Alpacas of Cumbria
Herd Size:32
Contact Name:Barbara Hetherington
Telephone Number:01768896105
Nearest Town:Carlisle
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Beck Brow
About this breeder:Beck Brow Alpacas of Cumbria is a family run alpaca farm, consisting of 50 acres set within the picturesque Eden Valley. We started breeding in 2008 and currently have 40 alpacas.

With 23 cria due this year, our herd will be growing considerably and we expect that a small number of our homebred alpacas will be offered for sale...please contact us if you are interested, as they seldom make the for sale list!

Our core herd has been selected to include some of the best genetics available and we are hoping for some lovely cria again from our 2012 crop.

We had a very exciting time on the 2011 show circuit, with our stunning white male; Beck Brow Explorer winning multiple championship broad ribbons including 2 Supreme Championships. Explorer will be joining our stable of elite stud males and should be working very soon.

The health and welfare of our alpacas is our top priority. All of the animals on our farm are known by their name and by their nature. Our alpacas are all well handled and as a result are extremely friendly. Visitors welcome.

Visit our blog for lots of day to day info about owning and caring for alpacas.
Latest News:British Alpaca Futurity 2011

Beck Brow Explorer 3rd placed junior white male.

Silverstream Galaxt ET 2nd placed adult fawn fleece.

EP Cambridge Lady Gaga 2nd placed adult beige fleece.


Beck Brow Explorer 1st placed junior white male
Res Champion Junior white male

Waradene St. Patrick of EPC owned by Beck Brow 2nd placed adult fawn male

Anzac Viracocha Black Sabbath (co-owned) 1st placed adult black male

Breeder/Farm Name:Almapacas
Herd Size:12
Contact Name:Andrew Hipwell
Telephone Number:07917206152
Nearest Town:Kendal
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Station Inn

Breeder/Farm Name:Trainriggs Alpacas
Herd Size:50
Contact Name:Katy and Kev BUSH
Telephone Number:07899914611
Nearest Town:Shap
Email:Click Here To Contact
About this breeder:Small breeding herd of huacaya on our rare breed farm. Stock always for sale.Stud male available. We are members of the cumbrian alpaca fibre group. Alpaca Fleece and knitting yarn for sale.

Breeder/Farm Name:Greenside Alpacas
Herd Size:160
Contact Name:Mary Tollit / Mike Griffiths
Telephone Number:01539567922 or 07876781962
Nearest Town:Kirkby Lonsdale
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Greenside farm
Kirkby Lonsdale
About this breeder:We are breeders of price winning Huacaya & Suri Alpacas registered with the BAS.

We have both Huacaya and Suri Alpacas for sale.

We have both Suri & Huacaya Stud Males standing at Greenside with prize winning progeny.

We now have probably the most comprehensive selection of Stud males available in the North of England. And we are very proud of all our boys.

Some of which we now share with our Alpaca partners.

Please take a look at our prize winning selection of Males.

Our main priority is Welfare, and we try to ensure any Alpacas we decide to offer for sale go to caring and responsible new owners.

We offer 24 hour friendly advise to any new or existing Alpaca owner.

Complementary Alpaca husbandry day offered to new owners.

Latest News:Northumberland Show 2006

1st in Class & Reserve Junior Champion " Greenside Toby" Sired by "Purston Luminosity"

2nd in Class Junior Fawn Male "Greenside Bruno" Sired by " Bertie of Greenside"

Two great results underlining our desire to breed Champions of tomorrow.


Birth of our shortest gestation : 9 Months 1 week !!
Rico Born 1.4.07 Dk Brown Suri from Molly one of our black Huacayas
Sire : Inca Firefly.


1st In class : Brown Junior Suri (ESMERELDA)

1st In class : Fawn Intermediate Suri (MAHRA)

1st In class : Brown Intermediate Suri (KATRINA)


All Females Sired by our Homozygous Fawn Suri Firefly Well done Firefly

In all a great weekend with the best to come in the future.

BAS Northumberland Show 2007

1st,3rd & 4th Suri Class All Sired by our Homozygous Fawn Suri Male " FIREFLY"

The luster and fineness in these prize winners was commended by the Judge.

1st Adult Huacaya Fawn Male "Old Cross Breeze" Our latest Fawn stud Male

2nd Junior Huacaya White Male & Reserve Junior Champion "Wessex Hobnob " Sired By Wessex Don

2nd Junior Huacaya Brown Female " Greenside Kerry " Sired by Purston Legacy

3rd Junior Huacaya Fawn Female "Greenside Hannah" Sired by Wessex Don Pepe

4th Junior Huacaya Fawn Female "Greenside Tabatha" Sired by Wessex Don Pepe

3rd Intermediate Huacaya White Female "Greenside Polly" Sired by Purston Legacy

Another great day and so much to forward to next year.

Show season is over for us now and its down to business !!!! Shearing and birthing and remating for next year, a very impotant time for us, as selecting the right males will make all the difference to our herd next year..

Cumberland Fleece Show 21st July 2007 JUdge : Dominic Lane

1st Junior White Fleece Wessex Hobnob Sire: Wessex Don Pepe
1st Junior Fawn Fleece Greenside Hannah Sire: Wessex Don Pepe
2nd Junior Fawn Fleece Greenside Tabatha Sire: Wessex Don Pepe
3rd Overall "Highly Recommended" Sire: Wessex Don Pepe

"Hobnob" was our star again. He was just one point from being Supreme Champion Fleece.
Hobnob has already grown an impressive length of fleece in just 3 weeks.

By next summer, if we get one! Hobnob will start to work. He will have already visited the National Championships & the Northhumberland.

Hobnob was bottle fed by Mary & I for weeks, in fact he had his last bottle on his 1st birthday !!
He is a great character and the spitting image of his father.
Don Pepe is an outstanding Alpaca and we are sure Hobnob will live up to his fathers reputation.

Northumberland Show 2008

Greenside Caramac Junior Fawn Male Huacaya 1st in Class
Greenside Moses Junior Fawn Male Huacaya 3rd in Class

Greenside Jericho Intermediate Fawn Male Huacaya 1st in Class & INTERMEDIATE FAWN CHAMPION

Old Cross Breeze Adult Fawn Male Huacaya 3rd in Class

Blueberry Sinbad-Holly Adult Black Male Huacaya 1st in Class & BEST BLACK

EP Cambridge Denzel Senior Black Male Huacaya 2nd in Class

AOA Xanadu Junior Black Male Suri 2nd in Class

Greenside Fireball Junior Brown MaleSuri 4th in Class

Scottish National Show 2008 Kelso

Greenside Beethoven Junior White Male Huacaya 1st in Class

Greenside Caramac Junior Fawn Male Huacaya 2nd in Class

Greenside Socrates Junior Brown Male Huacaya 1st in Class

Greenside Jericho Intermediate Fawn Male Huacaya 1st in Class

Wessex Hobnob Adult White Male Huacaya 1st in Class & BEST WHITE HUACAYA

Westmorland Show 2008

Greenside Beethoven Junior White Male Huacaya 1st in Class

Greenside Caramac Junior Fawn Male Huacaya 1st in Class

Greenside Socrates Junior Brown Male Huacaya 1st in Class

Greenside Jericho Intermediate Fawn Male Huacaya 1st in Class

Wessex Hobnob Adult White Male Huacaya 1st in Class

Horley Ameretto Senior Brown Male Suri 2nd in Class

Autumn National Fleece Show 2008

Greenside Jericho 12-24 Months Fawn Fleece 1st & CHAMPION HUACAYA FAWN FLEECE

Greenside Tabatha 24-48 Month fawn Fleece 2nd in Class

The British Alpaca Futurity 2009

Greenside Thunder Junior Black Male Huacaya 3rd in Class

Blueberry Sinbad- Holly Adult Black Huacaya 2nd in Class

Greenside Socrates Intermediate Brown Male Huacaya 1st in Class &

Greenside Jericho Intermediate Fawn Male Huacaya 5th in Class

Wessex Hobnob Adult White Male Huacaya 3rd in Class

AOA Xanadu Intermediate Black Male Suri 1st in Class

National Show May 2009

Blueberry Wiracocha Fedora Junior White Male Huacaya 1st in Class & JUNIOR MALE RESERVE CHAMPION HUACAYA

Greenside Jericho Intermediate Fawn Male Huacaya 4th in Class

Greenside Socrates Intermediate Brown Male Huacaya 2nd in Class

Wessex Hobnob Adult White Male Huacaya 5th in Class

AOA Xanadu Intermediate Black Male Suri 1st in Class

Northumberland Show May 2009

Greenside Socrates Intermediate Brown Male Huacaya 1st in Class


Greenside Rumplestiltskin 1st in Class Jn Fawn Male Huacaya & BEST OF BRITISH AWARD

AOA Xanadu 1st in Class Int Male Suri Black

Wessex Hobnob 2nd in Class Adult White Male Huacaya

Greenside Socrates 1st in Class Int Male Huacaya Brown

Greenside Jericho 1st in Class & BEST FAWN HUACAYA

Blueberry Wiracocha Fedora 2nd in Class

HOPE SHOW August 2009 (Fleece Show)

Greenside Hannah 1st Adult Fawn Female Huacaya

Blueberry Wirachocha Fedora 1st Junior White Male Huacaya

Greenside Socrates 2nd Intermediate Brown Male Huacaya

AOA Xanadu


Greenside Rumplestilskin 2nd Junior Fawn Huacaya Male

Blueberry Sinbad Holly 1st Adult Black Huacaya Male

Greenside Jericho 2nd Adult Fawn Huacaya Male

Greenside Hobnob 3rd Adult White Huacaya Male

Greenside Socrates 1st Intermediate Brown Huacaya Male & BROWN HUACAYA CHAMPION

AOA Xanadu 1st Black Adult Suri Male

YORKSHIRE SHOW, Thirsk, October 2009

Blueberry Sinbad Holly 1st Adult Black Male Huacaya & BLACK MALE HUACAYA CHAMPION

Greenside Socrates 1st Intermediate Brown Male Huacaya & BROWN MALE HUACAYA CHAMPION

Greenside Rumplestilskin 1st Junior Fawn Male Huacaya & FAWN MALE HUACAYA CHAMPION

Greenside Jericho 2nd Adult Fawn Male Huacaya

Greenside Hobnob 2nd Adult White Male Huacaya

Blueberry Wiracocha Fedora 1st Intermediate White Male Huacaya & RESERVE WHITE MALE HUACAYA

AOA Xanadu 1st Adult Black Male Suri & COLOURED MALE SURI CHAMPION


1st Greenside Pongo Junior White Male Huacaya

1st Blueberry Wiracocha Fedora Intermediate White Male Huacaya

1st Wessex Hobnob Senior White Male Huacaya

1st Greenside Rumplestiskin Intermediate Fawn Male Huacaya

2nd Greenside Bertie II Intermediate Fawn Male Huacaya

2nd Greenside Jericho Adult Fawn Male Huacaya

1st Greenside Socrates Adult Brown Male Huacaya

2nd Blueberry Sinbad Holly Senior Black Male Huacaya

Yorkshire Show, Thirsk, 2010

Westmorland Show 2011

Greenside Sally Ann : 1st Black Huacaya female and CHAMPION Black Huacaya

Wessex Hobnob : 1st Senior White male

Greenside Socrates : 1st Adult Brown male

Greenside Jericho : 1st Senior Fawn male

Yorkshire Show,Thirsk,2011

Wessex Hobnob 1st Senior White male

Greenside Socrates--1st Brown male and CHAMPION Brown Huacaya male

Greenside Pandora --1st brown female and CHAMPION Brown Huacaya female

Greenside Mon Cherie--2nd Jnr Brown female

ACC Admiral 1st Intermediate Fawn(class of 8), huacaya jointly owned with Little Eskrigg Alpacas and The Ststion Inn


Northumberland Show

1st Junior Suri Greenside Romulas BEST SURI
2nd Junior Suri Greenside Gok Wan
3rd Junior Suri Greenside Odo

2nd Junior Brown Male Greenside Nuzzle
2nd Junior White Male Greenside Leonardo II
2nd Intermediate Brown Male Greenside Dudley.


Westmorland Show

Greenside Suri Romulas : 1st Junior Fawn Male Suri SUPREME CHAMPION SURI

Greenside Suri Gok Wan 1st Intermediate Fawn Suri

Greenside Suri Moonboots 2nd Intermediate Black Suri

Greenside Nuzzle : 1st Intermediate Huacaya Brown Male

Greenside Socrates : 1st Senior Huacaya Brown Male CHAMPION BROWN HUACAYA MALE

Greenside Jericho : 2nd Senior Huacaya Fawn Male

Wessex Hobnob : 1st Senior Huacaya White Male

2012 Yorkshire Alpaca Show (Thirsk)

Brookfield Dominator : 2nd Adult Huacaya Black Male

Greenside Nuzzle : 3rd Intermediate Huacaya Brown Male

Wessex Hobnob : 2nd Senior Huacaya White Male

Greenside Suri Hercule : 2nd Intermediate Suri Black Male

Greenside Suri Bright Eyes : 1st Junior Suri Brown Male RESERVE BEST BROWN SURI

Greenside Suri Romulas : 1st Junior Suri Fawn Male BEST FAWN SURI & SUPREME SURI CHAMPION

Greenside Suri Gok Wan : 1st Intermediate Suri Fawn Male

Breeder/Farm Name:Popplemire Alpacas
Herd Size:12
Contact Name:Agnes Robinson
Telephone Number:01539723117
Nearest Town:Old Hutton
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Greaves Farm
Popplemire Lane
Old Hutton

Denbighshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Sodom Hall Alpacas
Herd Size:49
Contact Name:Michael or Celia Berry
Telephone Number:01352 720382
Nearest Town:Bodfari
Web Site:http://Under review
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Ty Newydd
About this breeder:Celia and Michael Berry have been breeding Alpacas in North Wales since 2002. Once we had our first alpacas sheared, we asked other breeders what they did with the fleeces and found "not a lot" was the usual answer. We decided to purchase the NorWEFT Mini-Mill and now offer Alpacas for sale, either as a starter herd or singly as additions to your herd, stud male services, plus fleece processing for our alpaca customers, and bespoke knitting of garments from your fleeces.

Derbyshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Farbrook Alpacas
Herd Size:50
Contact Name:Simon McMahon
Telephone Number:01298 23085
Nearest Town:Buxton
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Farbrook Farm
About this breeder:Simon and Gemma McMahon have been breeding alpacas in the Peak District since 1999. Our aims are to provide you with the knowledge and backup required to start a new alpaca business as well as the breeding stock that both suits your budget and the needs of your business.

And of course if you're not interested in alpacas as a business venture we have an excellent range of beautiful boys to grace your paddocks and enhance your life.

Breeder/Farm Name:Spinney Farm Alpacas
Herd Size:15
Contact Name:Norma Rickards
Telephone Number:07971798138
Nearest Town:Matlock
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Spinney Farm Slaley Lane Bonsall Matlock Derbyshire

Breeder/Farm Name:Whistling Duck Alpacas
Herd Size:20
Contact Name:Leigh Woods
Telephone Number:07812 103518
Nearest Town:Derby, Leicester, Nottingham
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Whispering Trees
Shardlow Road
About this breeder:Whistling Duck Alpacas is the home to a small herd of sensational and friendly Suri Alpacas. We have a small prize winning herd with colours ranging from white through to black. Our award winning alpacas have excellent conformity and fine fleeces to provide the ultimate natural fibre. They are perfect for small or large land owners, easy to care for and their gentle nature makes them safe with children.

Our breeding programme uses carefully selected elite stud males with proven genetics and the most desirable traits. All of our alpacas are bred for excellent conformity, superior fleece characteristics whilst also being very friendly and easy to handle.

Based in the East Midlands we offer everything a new or potential owner needs to keep and care for alpacas with our free life-time support throughout the UK.

Breeder/Farm Name:The Alpaca Partnership
Herd Size:60
Contact Name:Lesley Howard and Jan Allcock
Telephone Number:07715487330/01298813323
Nearest Town:Eyam
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Hollow Brook
Water Lane

Breeder/Farm Name:Derwent View Alpacas
Herd Size:7
Contact Name:Richard and Trudy Cox
Telephone Number:07772638819
Nearest Town:Belper
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:The Paddocks
Dertwent View
Crich Lane

Devon  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Classical/MileEnd Alpacas
Herd Size:200
Contact Name:Rachel Hebditch/Chas Brooke
Telephone Number:01884 243579
Nearest Town:Tiverton
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Vulscombe Farm
Vulscombe Lane
EX16 8NB
About this breeder:Classical MileEnd is an experienced and professional alpaca stud farm now in its 15th year, offering outstanding genetics for alpaca breeders and fibre producers.

Heavy investment in show winning and proven genetics, with blood lines from Australia, Peru, USA and Canada places us in the top ranks of European alpaca breeders.

Please visit our website at or phone for a brochure.

We have for sale a wide range of breeding and non breeding stock at very competative prices, and a renowned mobile stud mating service using our selection of superb machos

In addition we provide many services to both new and existing clients including full pre and post sales advice and support, assistance in sale of their own stock when required, ultrasound pregnancy testing using our own state of the art equipment, training on routine husbandry and shearing.

The UK-Alpaca fibre collecting and processing company provides many fibre growers with a ready market for their fibre crop and a cheque on delivery!

The home of Alpaca World Magazine, the only independent full colour glossy quarterly magazine, completes the circle of facilities and services offered.

All visitors are most welcome to our farms to visit and view stock by appointment.

Latest News:CME Tulaco Centurion did it again in 2007 winning the Show Champion sash at the BAS Spring Show on March 17, 2907. Our new white male Alpaca Stud Jaquinto did well too and was White Male Champion. We expect to see the first Jaquinto cria on the ground in May and Centurion's first babies in the autumn.

Our stunning fawn male CME Tulaco Centurion came home from the first alpaca show of the year, the South of England Spring Show 2006, with the Supreme Champion Huacaya ribbon. This lovely boy is almost two and has just started working. His mother Ashley Grove Flamenco is a bit of a star too with the highest scoring fleece at the 2005 Royal Bath & West Show. His sire is Shanbrooke Accoyo Tulaco, imported and owned by Ron and Dianne Condon of the Shanbrooke Alpaca Stud, whose progeny are bringing home the ribbons in Australia.

MileEnd Gabriella, a fawn junior female, took the Reserve Colour Champion ribbon for fawn females. She is the grand daughter of our multi ribbon winning brown female Mile End Lucille and her sire is CME Benleigh Talisman, a grand son of the famous Australian sire Highlander. Mile End Lucille's 2005 cria CME Poseidon was second in the junior brown male class. He was sired by CME Shanbrooke Distinction.

CME Lysander, sired by CME Aztec Avalanche, took the second place rosette in a hotly contested Intermediate White male class. Our two white youngsters CME Hestia and CME Baccus took third and fourth in the junior white classes. Both youngsters were sired by CME Kurrawa Micah. The judge commented on their excellent conformation, typey heads, good bone and the exceptionally long staple length of their fleeces.

Congratulations to Di Davies of Alpha Alpacas whose black male, sired by our stud male CME Wyterrica Patrick, on the black Colour Championship ribbon at the South of England Show 2006.

Breeder/Farm Name:Tidderson alpacas
Herd Size:18
Contact Name:teresa dibble
Telephone Number:01884 881455
Nearest Town:tiverton
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Tidderson lodge , tidderson lane , rackenford
About this breeder:Welcome to tidderson alpacas,we are a family buisness located in the beautiful mid / north devon rolling countryside, our aim is to breed quality rather than quantity we are a newly based alpaca farm. we would like to offer a down to earth approach to keeping these fasinating animals .Our aim is to breed alpacas with good confirmation, combined with fleece characteristics of fineness and density, from champion studs with a record of good bloodlines. we are very fortunate to have bloodlines of snowmass, and silverstrem czar of anzac.
Latest News:we are very proud to announce that we have two very beautiful female cria , who are both ashwood dukes progeny. super soft fleeces.
We now have snowmass progeny beautiful white girls , which will be shown next season

Breeder/Farm Name:Rosewyn Alpacas
Herd Size:18
Contact Name:Peter Roissetter
Telephone Number:01837 659429
Nearest Town:Okehampton
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Rosewyn, Brightley, Okehampton, Devon, UK
About this breeder:We are a family run enterprise specialising in coloured Suris.
The herd is small but growing, allowing us to concentrate on producing and caring for quality alpacas.
We provide firendly advice and after sales support along with agistment services.

Breeder/Farm Name:Andaw Alpacas
Herd Size:25
Contact Name:Dawn & Andy Scoots
Telephone Number:01363 877616/07748 604913
Nearest Town:Crediton
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Parks Farm
Morchard Bishop
About this breeder:Breeding since 2006, huacaya alpacas are a passion, hobby and a small business. We have, from early on, considered where we want to go with our small herd which has now grown to 25, and have invested in good females and exceptional stud males, ourselves importing a very well bred young male in 2010 from NZ to maintain our closed herd status since Aug 2009. We have some lovely girls and potential studs to offer which come with our full support and assurances. Always willing to help and we feel that your success is our success.
We take biosecurity very seriously and operated a closed herd policy since August 2009. Our smallholding has also been assessed by Field Services South West and we are delighted to have been awarded their 'Certificate of Biosecurity Conformity'.

Andy & Dawn

Breeder/Farm Name:Bearhouse Alpacas
Herd Size:70
Contact Name:Richard Harris
Telephone Number:07714 031 844/01395 597 693
Nearest Town:Sidbury
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:The Bearhouse
Sandcombe Wood
About this breeder:Bearhouse Alpacas, based in the beautiful Roncombe Valley near Sidbury in East Devon, are now in their ninth year of breeding huacaya alpacas. Suri breeding females and a suri stud male joined the now 70 strong herd in 2014. The alpacas can be seen grazing the 40 acres of rolling pasture land in this area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Alpaca Trekking has become a regular attraction (see our website: and is available for alpaca enthusiasts wishing to take in the amazing views and take some exercise at the same time.

Quality breeding stock and alpacas as pets are for sale at: along with many alpaca products from the on-line shop including Double Knit and 4PLY alpaca wool in natural colours, alpaca socks, alpaca felt shoe/boot insoles, and raw alpaca fleece.

Bearhouse’ breeding programme, using studs from top herds, is tailored to ensure continued improvement in the quality of fibre for wool production and the high calibre of the breeding stock. 2013 saw the birth of the first appaloosa alpaca at Bearhouse Farm.

Not all our stock is shown on-line so please call us on:01395 597693 for information on alpacas for sale.

Follow us on Facebook: Bearhouse Alpacas and Twitter: @BearhouseA
Latest News:Summer 2014 has been busy with exports to Italy, Holland and Belgium. Alpaca Trekking is now a regular event adding another dimension to our farm, although we have sold a few trekkers! We'll be busy next spring training up this year's cria.

Devon County Show 2014

First prize in the adult fawn female class for Bearhouse Daisy. Alpaca judging continued through Saturday, despite the cancellation of the main show.

Alpaca Trekking In The Rolling Hills of East Devon

Spend a couple of hours with these beautiful animals, trekking through the East Devon Countryside from our farm outside Sidbury. Becoming an alpaca trekker will be an unusual, enjoyable and unforgettable experience. You will be able to take in the glorious scenery of the Roncombe Valley with its steep tracks and rolling hills, or an easier, but just as enjoyable walk, can be arranged. The tracks and pathways may be uneven and suitable footwear and clothing should be worn. Treks can be from 1 to 2 hours in duration and you are welcome to bring a picnic.

Cost? Adults £20 Children £10. Discounts available for larger groups.

Phone: 01395 597693 to book


The Prime Minister made an appearance at this year's North Devon Show, but was more interested in Jacob sheep than alpacas!

Still, it was worth the early start to the day for Bearhouse Alpacas, as we came away with five First Prizes, a Reserve Champion rosette and one second prize. We took six alpacas to the show and the results were as follows:

Bearhouse Kiara - 1st Prize - Brown Junior Female
Bearhouse Valentino - 1st Prize and Reserve Champion - Brown Senior Male
Bearhouse Daisy - 1st Prize - Fawn Intermediate Female
Bearhouse Herodotus - 1st Prize - Fawn Intermediate Male
Dreamfield King Louis - 1st Prize - White Adult Male
Bearhouse Roxy - 2nd Prize - White Intermediate Female

The Judge was Nick Harrington-Smith.

We're taking a rest from showing for this year now, apart from our local fair in Sidbury, but are very pleased with our 2013 results!


A good day on Thursday at our local show - The Honiton & District Agricultural Show. We came away with two first prizes - one for Bearhouse Valentino, our dark brown stud male and another 1st Prize for Bearhouse Kiara in the junior brown female class, a third for Dreamfield King Louis, our white stud male in the adult white class and fourths for Bearhouse Daisy in the Intermediate Fawn Female Class and Bearhouse Roxy in the Intermediate White Female Class. Judge was Catherine Lloyd from EP Cambridge Alpaca Stud.


This year’s Devon County Show attracted record numbers of people with sunshine throughout the three days, only a few spots of rain and almost a heat wave on the Saturday!

The alpacas were a very popular attraction with most of the top breeders from the South West showing their huacaya and suri alpacas. Many of these animals were fully fleeced for the show and will be pleased to be shorn as soon as possible now that some good weather has arrived. Shearing now will give enough time for some re-growth ready for the summer shows.

Sidbury based Bearhouse Alpacas did well with their small but select show team, winning a first prize with Bearhouse Kiara in the Junior Brown Female Huacaya class, a second prize for Bearhouse Aphrodite in the Intermediate Black Female Huacaya class, a second prize for Bearhouse Daisy in the Intermediate Fawn Female class and a second for Bearhouse Herodotus in the Junior Male Light Fawn class. All of these animals will now be up for sale on their website:

Follow Bearhouse Alpaca Farm on Twitter: @BearhouseA and on Facebook: Bearhouse Alpacas.


We have now sold out of haylage but still have hay available at £3.00 per bale. We can deliver for cost of fuel.
Please phone Richard Harris on 07714 031 844
for information.


After five years of breeding Bearhouse female alpacas with award winning stud males, the success of the long term breeding programme is undeniable in 2011.

This year has been an extremely pleasing year at the three shows where we exhibited our animals: The Devon County Show, The North Devon Show and The Honiton Show.
Bearhouse Alpacas won the ‘Best Small Breeder’ award at the Devon County Show in May, with a 1st, a 2nd and two 3rd prizes and was then awarded three 1st prizes and three Reserve Champion rosettes, plus a 2nd and 3rd prize at the North Devon Show in August.

The string of successes culminated in two year old Bearhouse Valentino (sired by solid black – Classical Ikon) winning 1st prize in the adult black male class and then overall ‘Champion Black Male Huacaya’ at the 121st Honiton and District Agricultural Show, billed as the largest one day agricultural show in England. Bearhouse Alpacas also won another 1st, two 2nds and a 3rd prize at the Show.

The best in agriculture was on display at the Honiton Show, with local farmers and breeders showcasing their sheep, cattle, poultry as well as alpacas, to crowds of more than 18,000.

Bearhouse Valentino is now working at stud at Bearhouse Farm - his first cria are due Autumn 2012.


If you would like to buy an alpaca/alpacas but do not have anywhere to keep it/them, we can take care of it/them here at Bearhouse Farm.


If you would rather not buy on-line, please visit us here at the farm in Sidbury or buy our wool and felt from the Spar Shop, Jet Garage, Turk's Head, Honiton, Devon EX14 1BQ. You can also phone us here at the farm on 01395 597693 to place an order. Many thanks.

Breeder/Farm Name:Lower Mullacott Farm
Herd Size:30
Contact Name:Simon & Kate Brookes
Telephone Number:07970538998 or 07540 050 969
Nearest Town:Ilfracombe
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Lower Mullacott Farm,
About this breeder:We have bred alcpacas since the Mid 1990s and aim to breed about 12 cria per year. This allows all of our alpacas to get personal attention and gain confidence and trust of humans. We have a full range of colours and have five stud males, so are able to offer matings to unrelated males. We offer a full aftercare service with many purchasers coming back for shearing and further purchases. We will happily look after your alpacas for you, short or long term and while waiting for re-sale if necessary.

Breeder/Farm Name:Hollycombe Alpacas
Herd Size:20
Contact Name:Graham Jelley and Jenny Charlton
Telephone Number:01626 870838
Nearest Town:Teignmouth
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Hollycombe House
Manor Road
About this breeder:Why buy an animal from us?

We abide by the BAS Code of Conduct, and have never been under any movement restriction.

We have never refused any official request to skin test for bTB.

None of our animals have been in contact with any livestock with or on a holding that has any known health risks.

We have taken the decision to be a closed herd - this means no alpacas from other farms come onto our property

We have our own Stud Inca Cayenne

Welfare of the Alpacas are our prime concern with the highest level of Biosecurity being foremost in our breeding strategy

Breeder/Farm Name:Alta Lyn Alpacas
Herd Size:20
Contact Name:Charles Hoveman
Telephone Number:01271 867085
Nearest Town:Lynton
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:27 Crofts Lea Park

Breeder/Farm Name:LEE MEADOW FARM
Herd Size:60
Contact Name:MATT NUNNEY
Telephone Number:01271879825
Email:Click Here To Contact
About this breeder:We have a large herd of Breeding females of various age and colour studs young boys and girls please call in and see us at anytime we are normally around to show you are alpacas

Breeder/Farm Name:Strawbridge Alpacas
Herd Size:12
Contact Name:Maria Roberts
Telephone Number:01805603042
Nearest Town:Torrington
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
About this breeder:Strawbridge Alpacas are located in the beautiful part of North Devon.Having been brought up on a farm and having experienced life with cattle and sheep;from milking cows but mainly having sole charge of looking after 500 mule cross breeding ewes.
Huacaya alpacas seemed a good way to diversify.Care of these elegant and intelligent animals are paramount here at Strawbridge Alpacas and we are dedicated to provide friendly back up advice,breeding stock for sale to suit all budgets and pet alpacas in different colours

Breeder/Farm Name:Caton Alpacas
Contact Name:Tania Smith
Telephone Number:07881384110
Nearest Town:Ashburton
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Four Acres
Newton Abbot
About this breeder:At Caton Alpacas the focus is on quality.

Our aim is to breed well conformed animals with a dense, fine and even fleece.

Our strategy of always selecting superior genetics in line with the above has put us well on the way to achieving our ultimate goal.

We have a limited selection of animals for sale, phone us to arrange a viewing.
Latest News:****Caton Juba - Supreme Champion****

We took our four youngsters over the border and took part in the Cornwall Camelid Show held on Bank Holiday Monday.

It blew a gale but the rain held off, so the alpacas were at their best. Jay Holland was the Judge and a very relaxed and fun day was had by all.

Our young boys Caton Gunsmoke and Caton Fox were placed first and third in their respective classes.

The lovely Makena came third in her class.

But the star of the show was Caton Juba, which means Little Dove, who took first place in the junior fawn female class. She was Colour Champion and finally went on to take Supreme Champion.

We are looking forward to showing Caton Juba again later in the year.

Breeder/Farm Name:Devonian Alpacas
Herd Size:6
Contact Name:Jo Harper
Telephone Number:07914922554
Nearest Town:Ashburton
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:The Crib

Breeder/Farm Name:Childerley Alpacas
Herd Size:40
Contact Name:Karen Childerley
Telephone Number:01598 710673
Nearest Town:Barnstaple
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Benton Springs
Bratton Fleming
About this breeder:We are an established alpaca breeder producing alpacas with both excellent conformation and fleece characteristics.
We offer a full range of services and currently have a selection of alpacas for sale.
Dream, plan and achieve your ideal alpaca herd with Childerley Alpacas
Latest News:1st place for our yarn at the GWR show. Jean Field did an excellent job of judging the yarn she was blown away by the soft handle of our white yarn. Our brown also did very well coming 4th out of a class of 11. And we were awarded a 4th for one of our fleeces out of a class of 10. We quite like the concept of the GWR fleece judging and will certainly be taking more fleece to the show next year.

Karen's article relating to training the fire service has been featured in the latest addition of the BAS magazine. We are very proud to be able to offer this service to the brave men and women of the brigade. Karen has now agreed more training dates and we have named our little suri male in honour of their exceptional work Wildfire.

Little Raine was awarded a 1st for her fleece at the Hope fleece show. Judge Nick Harrington Smith. We are really pleased as she is holding her fineness and has been rightly judged as having a fleece with advanced fleece traits.

Inferno Champion Brown Male at Honiton show
Autumn 2nd intermediate fawn female Honiton show
Dark Knight 2nd intermediate black male Honiton show

Ricochet Champion Brown Male at North Devon show
Dark Knight 1st intermediate black male North Devon Show
Autumn 3rd INtermediate fawn female North Devon show

British Alpaca Futurity fleece results. Inferno 1st adult brown, Dark Knight 2nd adult black, Calypso 2nd adult brown Suri, Ricochet 3rd intermediate brown. We are very happy with these results having competed against the best alpacas in Europe. We are looking forward to the next event at the North Somerset show.

Breeder/Farm Name:Laurel Farm Alpacas
Herd Size:35
Contact Name:Geraldine Thomas
Telephone Number:01460 220763
Nearest Town:Axminster
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
About this breeder:Laurel Farm is a family run alpaca breeding business we established in 2004 with a small foundation herd of females bred in the UK. Numbers have increased from births within the herd and imported alpacas specially selected for their ability to enhance the quality of the herd.

The majority of the alpacas for saleat Laurel Farm now have been bred on farm from the original start up herd and their progeny. As part of our breeding programme we aim for the best quality fleece combined with alpacas of moderate size so that they are easy to handle.

Latest News:28th February 2015

This website and our Alpacastuff online shop website have been revamped and brought up to date so that they can easily be viewed on tablets and phones as well as conventional computers. As well as our popular Country Socks we now also stock Walking Socks and Short Socks. The walking socks are 75% alpaca and are ideal for walking, climbing, and hiking because alpaca fibre does not absorb moisture like other fibre and therefore bacteria does not cling to them readily and make them smell. Short socks are 55% alpaca and ideal to wear with smart shoes or trainers. These and much more are available in our farm shop at Laurel Farm or online from Alpacastuff.

30th January 2015

There is not much good grass left in the home paddocks so after securing the fencing where the ram escaped and checking the entire boundary, we felt we could risk sending the male alpacas and all the sheep down to the winter paddocks. Although the grass down there will not be very nourishing this time of year, at least there is plenty of it. Mike moved the old stock trailer down there so the hay and feed can be stored down there, saving a lot of wear and tear on the muddy tracks.

16th January 2015

At last some dry weather. The alpacas have all become used to feeding in the barn and so they roll up at about 4 p.m. when I put the chickens away. We also keep their water just inside the barn in a raised trough. It is very convenient and it means that the food is eaten or guarded so that no vermin get a chance over night. The cat is also on duty. It all helps with bio-security.

2nd January 2015

All the alpacas are in the home paddocks now and with the recent frosty mornings are pleased to be chomping their way through the hay, although they still like the grass when it has defrosted. We are looking forward to a really great 2015 and wish the same for all our friends and customers.

28th December 2014

Back to normal after a really good family Christmas and business in the Laurel Farm shop was really going well. New ideas in the pipeline for the spring holiday makers.

24th December 2014

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at Laurel Farm Alpacas.

18 December 2014

Just arrived - jute bags. Small ones which are ideal as gift bags and larger shopping bag size. Lovely soft cream alpaca scarves nearly sold out. See the online shop.

11 December 2014

New in our farm shop Alpaca Bedsocks. Pretty pink and blue in small (4 - 7) size and basic cream in small, medium and large. They are very attractive and lovely and warm.

3rd December 2014

Our alpaca bedsocks have sold out. New stock arriving soon in pink, blue and cream. All available in our farm shop at Tytherleigh, Devon or online at Alpacastuff.

25th November 2014

In addition to our scented candles we now have delightful hand made soaps in the Alpacastuff shop. They are only available to visitors to the farm and not online as yet. Oatmeal, rose, honey and almond are just a few of the treats in store.

21st November 2014

Henning III our new Gotland ram (half share) arrived yesterday and is settling in well. We are hoping for a good crop of lambs in the spring to help graze the bottom fields and give fleece to sell or use - we have not decided on that yet. The ram will be over-wintering with us when he has serviced the ewes. He will have to be a sheep friend for our male alpacas as we have no other rams.

20th November 2014

New in our alpaca farm shop hand made cowls made from our own alpaca yarn! Only in champagne at the moment but can be made to order in any of our natural colours. See the alpaca yarn on our Alpacastuff website.

16th November 2014

We ran a condition check over the male alpacas today and decided that it is time to give them some extra hay and protein feed. The grass has lasted longer than usual, but some of the goodness has gone out of it now. We are also taking dung samples to check for fluke (even though we have already taken preventative measures) and other parasites.

15th November

We have sold out of our home made alpaca scarves. We are busy making some more ready for next week. As soon as they are ready the online stock will be adjusted.

14th November 2014

The Sheep have been released into the wild again after being confined to the barn whilst their fleece was growing back a bit. They have loved the company of the alpacas and so we have been letting them run with the females. They were all a bit bedraggled today because of intermittent showers, but most of the time they seemed happy enough.

11th November 2014

Our Gotland sheep complement the alpacas in that they graze the areas that the alpacas disdain. They also have excellent fleece which we are currently selling to hand spinners at £14 per kilo.

8th November 2014

The alpacas are using the barn more and more as the November rain kicks in. Our "pet" Gotland sheep ewes were shorn yesterday and are being kept in the barn until enough fleece grows back to keep them warm. They are shorn twice a year.

3rd November 2014

I was checking the October shop takings with last year and found that we had no takings at all in October last year because the roof had been blown off in the gales and terrific rainstorms, so we had to close for a while to repair and regroup. It has been a different story this year with more visitors and more sales.

Latest addition to the shop - hand made scented candles and hand made soap - just in time for Christmas presents.

The alpacas love coming up to the paddock near the shop as they get a bit of a treat to entice them to meet visitors, so it is heads up when another car is driven in.

7th October 2014

This is the time of year given the damp warm weather, when Liver Fluke can attack livestock, so we have been drenching our alpacas to try and protect them from this parasite.

9th October 2014

The last of our sock delivery has arrived. We now have a selection of Country Socks (Knee length) Walking socks (cushion soles) and dress socks (short).

3rd October 2014

We have just received a delivery of short alpaca socks which will be added to the online shop stock tomorrow.

2nd October 2014

We opened the shop again today after our break. The alpacas who come into the paddock next to the shop when it is open, did not need to be asked twice. I think they sensed that there was some lovely fresh grass up there, or maybe thought there was a chance they would be fed by visitors, which quite often happens.

I thought it was a bit early for Christmas sales, but was surprised that I sold a calendar and three cards today. As there is no storage space for extra stock, I usually put everything out on display when it arrives.

1st October 2014

The farm shop will be reopening tomorrow with our usual range of 100% pure alpaca yarn, hand knits, colorful alpaca throws from South America, gifts and cards. Alison's Animals 2015 Calendars now in stock. A selection of our pretty alpacas will be happy to meet you in the paddock next to the shop.

26th September 2014

We have closed the farm shop until 2nd October when we will introduce autumn/winter opening hours. Thursday to Saturday 11.30 - 5p.m. (or dusk). As ever, we will of course be available to show customers our alpacas for sale, and are happy to open the farm shop for customers who have made the journey specially.+

12 September 2014

I am in the process of updating our Alpacastuff website now that the summer is drawing to a close. There are new products and new photos so click on the online store button to see what we have in store.

30th August 2014

We now have six young intact male alpacas for sale, ready to work. See our Sales Page.

18th August 2014

The footfall in our little farm shop has increased nicely over the past few weeks and the extra shelving I bought for the Honiton show has come in very useful as a display for our new range of walking socks. There has also been quite a lot of interest in the alpacas and visitors love to sit with their cup of tea, coffee or an ice cream and watch them quietly grazing. If they are too far away for a photograph I try to tempt them closer by shaking a bucket of food and some people enjoy the experience of walking in the paddock and the patient ones are investigated by the alpacas with a wary sniff or two.

8th August 2014

Sadly our day at Honiton Show did not go well. The FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) Marquee had next to no footfall. The boring FSB banners made it look like a hospitality tent, and probably most people assumed that it was an insurance company or, maybe, solicitors.

Also East Devon Council had a stand next to us and their banners completely blocked sight of our stand and all the other stands on the same side of the marquee.

Whatever the reason the footfall was extremely low and none of the exhibitors had a good day, even though the avenue outside was crowded.

It was more frustrating because the craft marquee next door was heaving. I did not think we qualified for the craft section as about 50% of our products are hand made from our own alpaca yarn, but the rest is bought in. On visiting the Craft Marquee, I found that many of the stands had a similar mixture and so we would have qualified in that section.

18th July 2014

We have made the final payment for our stand at the Honiton Show. We will be in the FSB marquee with our own alpaca yarn, hand knitted garments as well as colourful throws, scarves and shawls from South America. We have been unable to find out what the footfall is likely to be in the marquee so it is difficult to estimate how much stock to take!! My friend, Pam is full on with the hand knitting and I am making as many scarves as possible on the knitting machine. Fingers crossed for dry weather on the day.

16th July 2014

We are currently waging a war against Himalayan Balsam. It is a prolific week which was imported and is overpowering some of our native plants, leaving just bare earth when it dies back in autumn. Luckily most of it is along our ditches and behind the stock fencing, so even if it is bad for alpacas, they should not be able to get at it easily. We try not to use chemicals so between us we are pulling it up and strimming it.

12th July 2014

We had a great day at Uplyme today. The weather was kind and the promised rain did not start until we got home!! The alpaca boys behaved very well and were not too worried by it all, and we sold a surprising amount considering it is summer time and was quite hot!! This bodes well for our latest adventure which is a stand in the FSB marquee at Honiton Show in August.

11th July 2014

We are off to Uplyme Summer Show and Country Fair tomorrow. We will be taking three or four young male alpacas as well as some of our shop stock.

10th July 2014

New to the farm shop - we now have alpaca walking socks with cushion soles. They come in red, black, cream and dark green. Will be online at soon.

8th July 2014

Now that the school holidays are nearly upon us we are opening the farm shop for longer hours and bringing the female alpacas and their cria up to the paddock next to the shop so that visitors can see the bearers of our exceptional soft fleece and enjoy seeing and buying their lovely yarn and hand knitted accessories, like hats, scarves, throws and more.

Our visitors seem to love being so near to the alpacas and often Dad and the children will happily gaze or take photos whilst Mum can rummage uninterrupted in the shop. At last the dogs are getting used to the chime which goes off in the house when anyone enters the gate. This is partly due to the fact that on a windy day the hedge moves and quite often sets the chimes off, so now it is difficult for the dogs to know what is a true visitor and what is a false alarm, and partly because the novelty of people coming in and out has worn off.

24th June 2014

Petra as a weanling managed to clear three 4ft fences to get back to her Mum. She has grown into one our our biggest alpacas and was really quite flightly when being handled, although being in the barn so much during the recent horrible winter has made her much calmer and more co-operative than she used to be. Hence I was not surprised that well past the expected due date she was still acting as though she was pregnant by spitting off the male. First of all I thought she was just being her old self, but when she wandered over to the water trough which they use as a bathing station with a lump coming out of her bottom, I realised that she was trying to give birth. There must have been a clerical error when entering her mating date!!

We now have a lovely light fawn healthy male with a devoted mother, despite a difficult birth. See Laurelfarm for more details.

9th June 2014

Milk bandit, Angelina, was being rejected by her Mother. Nina, one of our favorite female alpacas has had five cria, so it was unusual that she was not looking after her properly. She has now been treated for possible mastitis and has had medication to improve her milk flow. See for the whole story.

3rd June 2014

We have currently six young in tact males for sale and one working stud male. We are retaining our remaining females as breeding stock for our own herd until next year.

30th May 2014

Angelina is an amazingly bright white cria who was born on the 21st May. She is quickly catching up with Annie our first born cria of 2014 and they are often seen running around together, although sometimes the younger adult females try to join in and it puts them off a bit, which is a shame.

Her fleece is exceptionally soft but does not have as much crimp as I would like, whereas Annie's definitely has the wow factor.

See Laurelfarm for more details.

19th May 2014

Annie is doing well - see photos on our blog. Laurelfarm Also we have made our first alpaca sales of the year. A little later than usual, but still much appreciated. Two males are going as chicken guards and one pregnant female is also leaving us for new pastures.

9th May 204

The first cria of 2014, Annie, was born this morning to our oldest alpaca, Citrine. Mother and baby are doing well. See the farm blog for a photo.

4th May 2014

We should have believed our alpacas when they became agitated and ran up and down their paddock. They must have seen the fox in the next field who took one of the hens. We usually have some alpacas in the same paddock as the hens but have been resting the grazing. Needless to say they will be returning to guarding duties tomorrow.

13th April 2014

Quality young male alpacas for sale at bargain prices. See our for sale page for special deal on a trio of males. Coming soon in the farm shop - ice cream and cold drinks.

9th April 2014

We have started on our new venture - willow trees in our acre of wetlands. The alpacas and sheep loved the willow leaves so we have had to run an electric fence round the saplings to protect them. Willow is a natural wormer, so we might let them have some access once the trees are established. See our blog for photos etc:

3rd April 2014

Our farm shop is now open Tuesday to Saturday 11.30 a.m. to 3.30p.m. weather and farm duties permitting. As we are only a two man band we sometimes have to deal with alpaca issues and of course our lovely animals have to come first. We have given up opening when the weather is really bad as we have to batten down the hatches and bring the signs in for safety reasons. We would not be very popular if one of our A boards went into the road!! So, if you are coming specially, it is a good idea to phone ahead.

24th March 2014

We have a new arrival. Nanook is a lovely young white male with excellent fleece and we are hoping that when he matures he will bring some valuable new genetics into our herd. Our alpacas have really soft fine fleece but from time to time we need to add a new ingredient to the mix, so to speak. See our blog for photos.

18th March 2014

Today we set up the last of our young females with Pedro, our beautiful dark brown stud male. He will stay in the paddock with his young female alpacas so that we can expect his quality progeny next spring. This means that shortly all our females will be pregnant and ready for sale or to increase our herd back to its normal size.

12th March 2014

See our For Sale page for a new special package deal on quality young in tact males.

10th March 2014

We have just moved all our alpacas to fresh grazing and given them a preventative treatment against fluke, which is a parasite that thrives in wet conditions and can cause fatal liver damage to livestock. We also treated the sheep and when we put the goats out they will be dosed as well.


The sun is out at last and for the second day in a row the female alpacas and the ewes have been able to graze the paddock around the farm shop, which is closed for repairs. They have also managed to destroy my containers full of plants, which I forgot to remove. We have to keep the farm gate locked whilst they are up there, as there is nothing else to stop the animals walking on to the road. We cannot risk someone walking in and forgetting to shut the gate, or leaving it insecure. See our blog for some happy photos .

Whilst we are waiting for Nick's (Influenza) and Mike's (Irregular Heatbeat) health and the weather to improve the shop remains shut, so we decided it would be a good idea to let the female alpacas and the Gotland sheep graze in that paddock.

Not a simple as it sounds because the hedges are laid in the traditional way and would be alpaca proof especially as we have a long Devon Bank across the frontage to the main road, but we were not so sure about the sheep. Nick only did the hedges at the end of last year and so they have yet to thicken, leaving a couple of places where a determined ewe could access the road. Mike and I spent a happy hour untangling some netting and making a temporary block in both the top corners.

See for the rest of the farm news.

At last there has been a break in the weather which coincided with Nick, our once a week helper, being on the farm. With his help in holding them I managed to take some new photos of our male and female alpacas for sale. This is a serious business so the photos need to look professional, but there are some really funny shots of Nick trying to stand up on the wet ground. In one he looks as though he is dancing with his alpaca. They have been cropped for display on the for sale pages, but I think I will try to find the dance one to go on the blog!!


Having the alpacas in the barn makes it very easy to carry out routine husbandry and Nick and I trimmed all the female alpacas' feet and the ewes', followed by a dose of ADE vitamin drench (to help compensate for the lack of outdoor light) before they were released for a bit of exercise and fresh air.

It is still almost impossible to stand still in some areas of the farm without getting stuck in the mud and I am sure I am developing a duck waddle. If only I had four legs.

See our blog for photos and the rest of the news.

The alpacas have been mainly indoors this winter because of the terrible wet weather here in the West Country but the last couple of days it has been possible to leave them out to get some exercise and enjoy the winter grass (not the best). It also saves them from going stir crazy and getting grumpy with each other.

They are very keyed in to their daily feed now and this afternoon I went into the barn casually for some reason only to be joined suddenly by galloping sheep and alpacas all hoping to get there first. I had all the dogs out and they were rummaging in the straw in the barn and so the herd was quite surprised to come face to face with four collie dogs in their living quarters, so they all turned tail and galloped back out.

See for the rest of the farm news.

After photographing all the young male alpacas for sale last week, Nick and I trimmed the female alpacas' topknots to make them smarter and took photographs of them for our alpaca sale page as well. The photos are on our for sale page but check out our blog too!!

See for the rest of the farm news.

Cria (juvenile alpacas) can often be seen pronking at dawn and dusk. This usually starts off with one youngster pronking (similar to a canter in a horse) and is quickly joined by one or two and usually then all the youngsters in the herd. They go at a considerable speed and obviously enjoy themselves. It is probably to exercise their limbs as much as anything but it looks like really good fun.

I cannot remember seeing adult alpacas doing this. They gallop if they are running away from trouble or to food but do not pronk!! Yesterday, however, first the adult females in one field and then the adult and yearling males in the adjoining field decided to have a pronking session!! It was lovely to see and it is nice to know that even adult livestock have childish impulses. I can only think that they got the wind (quite blustery) under their tails!!

This afternoon there was a sudden blast of wind which is probably the pre-cursor of the forecast gales and the whole herd galloped up from the bottom of the field and seemed relieved when we ushered them into the barn or their shelter. Obviously a more serious form of exercise and not for fun either!!

See for the rest of the farm news.

We left it as long as possible before ordering more hay and straw for the alpacas in the hope that we could pick a dry day and one when Nick was here to help. The hay loft is wonderful but high so we have a system between three of us.

Michelle from a neighbouring farm delivered a load of 50 small bales of hay and 10 bales of straw. She drives a huge tractor and trailer as if it was a mini!!

She threw the bales down and Nick and I piled them on the barn floor. After Michelle left Nick went up into the hayloft and Mike was below with our tractor. My job was to load three bales at a time into the tractor bucket for Mike to lift up to Nick in the loft to unload. It went very smoothly but we were all ready for a break and a cuppa. The cat took the opportunity to have a cuddle on my lap.

See our blog for photos and the rest of the news.

When we first moved on to our 15 acres to farm alpacas it was completely derelict and amongst other things we spent a lot of money on really good stock fencing for our alpacas. We expected them to last for many years, but this year we are having to demolish a large percentage because they have rotted making them unsafe and/or ineffective.

Our friends, Clive and Elaine, cam to stay for the weekend and put in a lot of work to start the process. We intend to end up with two fields each split into two so that we can divide males and females. The small paddocks dividing various classes of alpacas, which we used when our herd was bigger, will disappear.

See for the rest of the farm news.

Time for the alpacas routine vaccinations. They have been grazing outside during the day for a few hours to give them a chance to stretch their legs and to give us a chance to muck out. To help prevent infection it is advisable to give any sort of injection when the skin and fleece is dry (unless of course it is an emergency).
With the sudden showers and heavy downpours it has been difficult to find a time when the alpacas are dry and it is convenient for us to carry out this procedure.

See for the rest of the farm news.

The place looks strangely deserted in the mornings these days because all the alpacas are kept in over night in their various shelters to protect them from this winter's uncertain and vicious weather. It is a shame that they missed the beautiful start of the day today but they soon made up for lost time when they finally stepped out at about 9 a.m.

These photos show the dawn view from the balcony in our bedroom and include a recent visitor who sits on the fence for quite a while every morning occasionally pouncing on some poor unsuspecting creature for breakfast. Unfortunately even with the zoom on my little camera I could not get a really good shot of the buzzard.

See for the rest of the farm news.

The problem with the goats' feet made us have a rethink and whilst Mike was having his routine blood test this morning, I introduced the older male alpacas, Anchor, Pedro and Spirit to the yearlings. They have been sniffing each other over the fence for ages and so when I put them in a paddock together they hardly noticed.

I then moved the goats into their shelter which I had cleaned up and added lovely dry clean straw for their comfort. It was easy to move the goats up the long race. I just showed them the bucket of feed and they were putty in my hands. My only concern was the proximity of their long horns. Not that they meant me any harm, but they find food extremely exciting!! I hope a stay in the dry, without access to the wet grass, will help their poorly feet to return to normal. When I looked in a little later they certainly seemed very much at home. The chickens have not ventured in yet, but I am sure they will eventually. They will probably use the horns to perch on.

When Mike returned we moved the wheeled hay rack out of the alpaca yearlings' shelter and put up some wall racks to make more room and when the rain came Dolly and I herded them all in. They were quite keen when they saw the buckets of alfalfa waiting for them and I listened carefully when I went up to shut the farm gates and there was no noise, so presumably they were all happy together.

This will make it much easier because with the goats housed indoors and only two lots of alpacas instead of three there will be a lot less mileage in the muddy fields.

See for the rest of the farm news.

The weather in the West Country has been appalling and we have kept the alpacas in shelters or in the barn for most of the time, letting them out to exercise and get a few rays whenever possible. They have all learnt to recognise the shake of a bucket and rush to return to their abode whenever summoned thus. The girls in the barn make a bee-line to get back in as soon as it starts raining. The four Gotland sheep are in with them and they are worse than the goats for eating, so if I do have a bucket in my hand I have to hang on for dear life and dish out the contents before being mugged.

The chickens are enjoying the alpacas being kept in because it means lots of straw and hay lying around with plenty of seeds for them to scratch around for. We have to cover up the wheelbarrows if there is any hay on them or it all ends up on the floor, having been thoroughly scrutinised for the slightest tasty morsel

See for the rest of the farm news.

The weather has been extremely wet and windy down here for the last few days, with a few hours of calm and brightness in between. since the alpacas do not get a chance to dry in between I have gone back to shutting them in at night. Until last year we never felt the need to get them in at all, but the winter was so severe that we had the main herd in the barn, but this year with our fewer numbers I am keeping them in their paddocks but enticing them into their shelters with a feed just before dark so that I can at least make sure they are not exposed to the wind and rain over night. It is not a bad thing as it forces me to go do the rounds morning and night so that I will spot any fallen trees, broken fences etc: caused by the storms.

See for the rest of the farm news.

Even the alpacas were surprised to hear Victor, our resident cockerel. He has has finally achieved it. For ages he has been croaking. Then he developed a "cock-a-dooerrr" but this morning he gave forth a true Cock-a-doodle-doo! Luckily it was about 9.30 a.m. and even then it was not too raucous, so fingers crossed he will remain conservative in his vocal efforts. I think it will be a mixture of crowing and croaking for a while yet.

See for the rest of the farm news.

Alpacas are our main farming interest, but our other animals including the chickens also have their place. They pay for themselves and make a bit of profit too.

Chicken Licken (ours, not the story book one) is now an ex chicken. The first signs that she was poorly were that she was easily knocked over by the other chickens and on one occasion I saw her actually somersault. On Friday she became lethargic and had obviously lost interest even in eating, which was her favourite hobby. By yesterday she was not really with us and we made a comfortable bed for her in the shed where I store the straw for the henhouse.
This morning I thought she was dead but she chortled very slightly, so I just let her rest on until later when she finally breathed her last.

Originally a battery hen, she was the sole survivor of a fox attack a few years ago (when I accidentally left the door to the henhouse open over night) and my friend Pauline taught her to be cute and feed from her hand. From then on she thought she should have access to all of our property including the kitchen if we were not careful. She was often seen riding in the land rover or the back of the quad bike.

All the other hens are all right, but they only lay eggs, they are not friends!!

See for the rest of the farm news.

Having reduced our herd of alpacas this year we are taking the opportunity to re-brand the business with greater emphasis on the wonderful alpaca products that are available both from our own alpacas and from South America. Our on line shop has been revamped and the Christmas Market was a re-launch for the farm shop.

We will always have our own alpaca wool and our practical, classic hand knitted products but there is also a place for the lovely bright colours available from South America .

The new borns in the spring will revitalise the herd and continue to provide lovely soft fleece for spinning. I just love the baby alpaca fleece which is the softest of all.

See for the rest of the farm news.

All went to plan for our Christmas Market with lots of visitors for most of the morning. The cars started to pour in at 10.30 a.m. and it was really busy up until lunch time when it started to quiet down. The farm animals, alpacas, sheep and chicken all behaved well and were quite a draw especially for the children.

See for the rest of the farm news.

With the Christmas season nearly upon us the alpacas' wool and the garments we make from them are at their most popular. Our online shop is doing well and we expect the Christmas Market on Sunday 1st December will give us a kick start in the farm shop.

The weather should be dry for Sunday, so fingers crossed we will have plenty of visitors to make it worth while for the stallholders and, of course, for our own shop.

The barn will be full of interesting stalls from pottery and handmade walking sticks to soap and goats cheese with patchwork, bunting, natural Christmas decorations, fabric goods, cakes and preserves and more in between.

As we do not dye our own alpaca wool, we have introduced a range of fair trade alpaca throws, scarves and shawls in vibrant colours to complement our own classic and practical hand knits. Our alpaca socks are, as always at this time of year, selling well and now that most of our building work has been completed the farm is looking quite neat and tidy. 29.11.2013

See for the rest of the farm news.


Just before I was about to close the farm shop today a car pulled in and four young men emerged. They wandered down the drive as I wandered up and I made the observation that I presumed they were not interested in the shop and they confirmed that they were more interested in the alpacas.

As usual when visitors particularly want to see them the alpacas had removed themselves to a lower paddock, so I offered to bring them up so they could see them at close quarters. They were really pleased and so I called Dolly the dog out to help me move them.

As luck would have it Dolly acted like a participant in One Man and His Dog on this occasion. (Sometimes of course it can go horribly wrong)! She listened to my voice and whistle commands and casually herded the eight young males up the paddock and through two gateways. She then lay down to block the second gateway whilst the visitors took photos and generally enjoyed the experience. When I felt that the alpacas had settled down I called Dolly back and raised my hand in a wave as Dolly and I walked away.

One of the boys waved back and shouted "I have got to say that your dog is awesome." so what I always knew is now official!!

See for the rest of this farm news.

We are making the most of the weather to prepare for the winter ahead. We sent the three older male alpacas who normally free-range around the house and barn areas down the race which separates our paddocks from the perimeter fence. The grass was in need of a trim up and the boys enjoyed the fresh grazing but after a couple of days they kept coming back up to the gate in the hope that they could access their normal shelter and, I think, be part of the "family" including the yearling alpacas, dogs and chickens. They are now back in their home territory and enjoying being Lords of all they Survey again. See the photos on our blog.

See for the rest of this farm news.

We have been gradually working our way through the routine husbandry for the alpacas and finally finished by trimming their toe nails. It was a nice easy job as they are all well behaved and the wet weather has kept the nails soft and easy to cut. Sometimes in long spells of dry weather the nails seem to be as hard as stone.

See for the rest of this farm news.

With the wet warm weather that we are experiencing, the warnings are out that liver fluke is becoming a problem for sheep and alpacas in the area. The liver fluke is a flatworm with a complex lifecycle which relies on moisture and warm temperatures for survival,

Acute infestation can cause livestock deaths if the parasite is left to multiply unchecked. Sheep of all ages are equally susceptible, with the most acute forms of infestation observed during the autumn. Alpacas can also carry this parasite, especially if they are grazing on wetlands . We have a spring in the winter paddocks and quite a large marshy area, which is particularly attractive when the marsh orchids are in bloom.

As a precaution we drench our alpacas against fluke three times over the winter, starting in October and the last dose in April. With our smaller herd it is an easy job for me to do without any help. Today was the turn of our females and I was really pleased at how well they behaved. Even Perdita, a well built but sometimes unco-operative young female, gave way gracefully.

See for the rest of this farm news.


SUNDAY 1ST DECEMBER 2013 IN THE BARN ON THE FARM!!! Christmas Craft and Gift Market. Refreshments.
Meet the alpacas, sheep and chickens.
10.30 a.m. - 3.30 p.m.


The chicken guarding alpacas are obviously feeling on top of the world and told Romie, the dog, to leave their exalted position. The chickens think that Mike's yard is just another perching opportunity and the dogs are accepted as four legged chickens, I think. Only the cat remains aloof and literally on top. She has taken over the barn as her abode and sleeps on the highest bale in the hay loft.

See for the rest of this farm news.



Having survived the terrible winter and summer last year when for the first time we had to keep our alpacas in the barn for several weeks, we have had a change of plan this year. We have sold off about half the herd and are left with just 24 now. The female alpacas are in the "winter" paddocks which boasts a large shelter in one corner, and the young male alpacas are in the home paddocks with the three older stud males free ranging around the farm yard area.

Rather than having to occupy the barn for long periods, thus making it unavailable for any other purpose, we have decided to house the alpacas over night in the shelters. Whilst it is not yet cold we have had torrential rain sometimes (usually when I am out without a coat) and when it happens during the night as well as the daytime the animals do not dry out. If this were to be combined with cold weather, they could well get very cold indeed.

See for the rest of this farm news.

Dolly usually herds alpacas when we need them moved around but one of her other duties is helping to put the chickens away at night.

In the summer we do this at tea time before we go indoors for the evening and Dolly is very useful as the hens do not believe it is bed time. She herds them into their pen and they can still wander around and feed until dusk when they go indoors and the automatic pop hole shuts them in safely for the night.

See the to find out what Dolly did next!

The Vet recommended a suitable wormer to fight the parasites identified from dung samples and we have now dosed the bucks, sheep, male and female alpacas, so they should be fine now, although I will probably take a percentage sample for testing in a couple of weeks just to make sure the treatment was successful.

The three alpacas who act as chicken guards and lawnmowers in the house area did not appear to have any worms according the test results but we have decided that it would be a good idea to give them a prophylactic dose anyway

See for the rest of this farm news.

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About this breeder:We are Guy and Penny and have a small herd, no more than 8 Alpacas at any one time, we are dedicated to improving our herd and occasionally have some quality alpacas for sale, we will always fully back up and assist any new friends we make through the sale of these wonderful animals.

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We offer sound, friendly advice based on experience and science and are happy to guide 'beginners with alpacas' and the more experienced who want to step up their husbandry to improve performance.

All purchases are accompanied by a complete husbandry back up and support service - second to none!

We have developed our herd over the last 6 years with an emphasis on the highest quality fleece. We use our fleece exclusively to produce the finest alpaca knitting yarns in the UK. The diversity and beauty of natural alpaca colours has encouraged us in our quest to produce natural yarns in the most environmentally friendly way. Proud that our yarns are hypo allergenic, so kind to even babies skin, we do not compromise by mixing alpaca with sheep wool. We sell pure, natural yarns to give your project the best possible ingredients.

As a policy, to maintain the very best husbandry practice and least stress for our animals, we do not attend agricultural shows. Biosecurity is of paramount importance to the ongoing health of the herd. The herd partner, Sue Thomas, has been conducting scientific research into the health and welfare of alpacas living in the UK. Sue is continuing this research towards a doctorate with the Royal Veterinary College. At Lyme Alpacas, husbandry and welfare are a priority, knowledge which is shared at the frequent husbandry and parasitology courses, offered to all owners. Call to book your place on a course.

We aim to breed beautiful, contented alpacas, easy to handle and a joy to share...

Visitors are always welcome by appointment, so please do phone to book a date 07887 511774.

Breeder/Farm Name:Amiryck Alpacas
Herd Size:30
Contact Name:Richard and Karen May
Telephone Number:05603 660818
Nearest Town:Hemyock
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Lower Mackham Farm
About this breeder:We are a small breeder, specialising in quality coloured alpaca.

We provide a full back up and support service.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Breeder/Farm Name:ALPHA ALPACAS
Herd Size:50
Contact Name:DI DAVIES
Telephone Number:01308 488661/07739 382483
Nearest Town:BRIDPORT
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
About this breeder:A small elite herd maintained on a bio secure site in West Dorset. Alpha has an impressive show record stretching back to 2002. The focus at Alpha is the production of fine fibre and support to clients. The herd is 50% white and 50% coloured stock.

Herd Size:30
Contact Name:Rosemary and Carl Aylett
Telephone Number:01258 817711
Nearest Town:Sturminster Newton
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
About this breeder:We are a family run business located in the beautiful Dorset countryside. Each individual alpaca is very important to us - and we know them all very well, their health and happiness is a primary concern! We breed both huacaya and suri alpacas and are always pleased to 'talk alpaca'! We use our fleece to produce knitwear and are continuously striving to create the most luxurious yarn possible. We have recently moved house and would be delighted to receive visitors at our new home where we are extremely fortunate to have some of our alpacas by the house. If you are thinking of an alpaca purchase, whether it be for alpacas as pets or to start your own business, phone or email and have a chat. Visitors are very welcome, get in touch and we can arrange a convenient date and time.

If you do not see what you are looking for on our sales list, do contact us as we have other alpacas who may be what you are looking for.

Find out more about us and our alpacas through our website at

You can also follow our blog which can be found on our website.

Breeder/Farm Name:The Letterbox Herd
Herd Size:19
Contact Name:Dr Michael and Mrs Barbara Humphreys
Telephone Number:01747 811142
Nearest Town:Shaftesbury
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Homers Farm
Gupples Lane
About this breeder:The Letterbox Herd derives its’ name from the instructions we gave visitors to our house when the postal address was not enough and in the days before sat nav was a common piece of equipment in cars.

We started The Letterbox Herd in 2005 with the primary aim of managing and developing a huacaya herd which collectively produced the highly desirable fleece that good quality alpacas are known for and of turning it into yarn of which we could be proud. Winning first prize in the 2009 British Futurity craft competition with a sweater knitted in yarn from Letterbox fleece and again in 2012 was an indication that we were heading in the right direction.
As an important consideration for us though, is enjoyment and satisfaction in owning haughty, intelligent and continually fascinating alpacas such as Peruvians Erica and Georgie, their much more amenable British born offspring and later brown and rose grey additions. From a starting point of three, the herd has increased in size at a steady and considered rate by using sires such as Dovecote Jacquinto of Alpaca Stud, Classical Mileend Tulaco Centurion, Canchones Witness of Inca and Wessex Don Pepe and Wiracocha and others owned by some of the most successful and effective breeders in the south of England.

Our first alpacas, white and pregnant, produced almost exclusively male cria in the early years with the occasional useful female to help us build up numbers. We put the boys to good use and some of them have gone on to work in a school as part of a programme of rural studies, others have been part of the activities offered at a residential facility and one works as a sheep guard. Naturally the early over representation of boys has adressed itself in recent years so that now we have some very nice young females to add to our breeding stock or sell.

Together with the attributes we wanted in the processed fleece, welfare and quality of life of our herd informs all our breeding, movement and showing decisions. Not all females are breed every year and all babies are born in the spring or early summer. We are fortunate in being able to provide for our alpacas, an average of an acre of grazing land each which together with conscientious care and vigilance helps to maintain a high level of health.

We manage The Letterbox Herd using the principles of Camelidynamics at Handler’s Seal level. The purpose of this approach is to be fun, kind, respectful and efficient in handling and training alpacas and other camelids. One result is that visitors to the farm comment on how calm our animals appear to be. All are handled regularly and most, except the very youngest, are halter trained. Each year we are invited to display some of our alpacas at local fetes and fairs where they display much confidence.

Homers Farm includes a site of nature conservation interest with a useful diversity of plant and grass forage to which the alpacas have access. As hay is made on the farm the alpacas benefit from this range of plants all year. A friend described Homers Farm as "alpaca heaven" since as well as the SNCI the location offers our alpacas acres of space, lush pastures, hills and streams, and an absolutely stunning view of the Blackmore Vale.

We are members of the British Alpaca Society and active members of the South West Alpaca Group. We welcome interest in buying our alpacas, especially from breeders aiming for fine quality animals nurtured in a caring, relaxed and sensitive way and interest also in the fleece they produce. We are always happy to talk about how keeping alpacas helps us preserve the integrity of the SNCI of which we are guardians.

Breeder/Farm Name:Snooks Farm Alpacas
Herd Size:50
Contact Name:Chris
Telephone Number:07971269441
Nearest Town:West Parley
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Snooks Farm Alpacas
Church Lane
West Parley

Breeder/Farm Name:Inca Alpaca
Herd Size:330
Contact Name:Tim Hey
Telephone Number:01300320580 Mob: 07875 532827
Nearest Town:Dorchester
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Farm and Mailing Address: Inca Alpaca Amberley Farm Higher Drove Chilfrome Dorchester Dorset DT2 0HU England
About this breeder:About Inca Alpaca

LyraTim Hey established Inca Alpaca in order to help preserve and improve coloured alpaca. This passion for black alpaca offers new owners and breeders an opportunity to obtain high quality bloodstock in order to join in the quest.

The last one hundred and fifty years have seen the majority of alpaca breeders in Peru selectively breed towards white and fawn causing the numbers of black alpacas to fall to a very low level and the quality of the fibre stand still. Breeding high quality coloured alpacas in particular black is a challenge that we have taken up and are passionate about. Through the use of careful breeding decisions and strategies developed in Australia we strive to breed black alpaca to the quality now seen in the best white stock.

Recently Tim's family have exported many of their black alpacas to England to form the core of Inca Alpaca. Also a small group of investors has allowed Inca Alpaca to import extremely high quality black bloodstock form Australia. These imported females have formed the top end of Inca Alpaca's plantel herd.

Inca Alpaca takes great pride in offering clients support and advice from 12 years alpaca farming experience in Australia and the UK. We have taken great care in the selection of our bloodstock to ensure strong uniform genetic lines that will impart desirable characteristics to the progeny. This in turn will ensure our long-term success and that of my clients through minimising breeding risks and developing the sale of high priced bloodstock and fibre domestically and into the ever growing European market. Inca Alpaca shares a strong relationship with Alpacas of Wessex here in the UK and ABQ Alpacas in Chile. This alliance ensures clients the best service and resources possible in this new European farming venture.


Champion black fleeceI have a vision that is shared by many breeders of black alpacas around the world. That vision is to one day breed and maintain a herd of black huacaya and suri alpacas that clip a fleece to the same weight and quality equal to the best white alpacas now found in the UK. By learning from the research and experience in the merino, angora and alpaca industry in Australia and North America I can reduce incorrect breeding decisions and begin to understand the link between nutrition, physiology and fibre. My own experience tells me that my goal is obtainable if I apply all that I have learnt and use males that consistently produce uniform progeny that carry the traits I desire and use newly developed breeding strategies that that are proven to improve the herd’s clip in leaps and bounds while keeping the black colour.

About Tim Hey

Tim Hey with dogsI grew up on an Alpaca farm in Tasmania Australia and was involved with many aspects of my families’ herd called Van Diemen Alpacas. At the age of 18 I attended the University of Tasmania and graduated three years later with a science degree in Aquaculture. I then worked in a technical and scientific role for the largest Atlantic salmon producer in Australia, while still being heavily involved with the parents’ herd and the Tasmanian region of the Australian Alpaca Association. A position with Alpacas of Wessex temped me to England where have enjoyed working with excellent stock and a professional team. At Alpacas of Wessex I still enjoy being part of the team and working with them to take the alpaca industry forward. I have been to Peru and Australia many times on behalf of Alpacas of Wessex, ABQ Alpacas and Inca Alpaca selecting alpaca for import into Europe. I had the privilege of selecting with a team of professionals including Geoff Scott, Monyka Portecarrero and John Gaye where we have selected some of the top alpacas ever to enter Europe. These alpacas included Wessex Rural Alianza Wiracocha, Wessex Adonica and Wessex Rural Alianza Don Pepe.


Upper Leigh FarmLocated in the South of England on the Dorset Wiltshire border, Inca Alpaca offers interested potential people and existing breeders an ideal opportunity to visit, view stock and learn more about this exciting and new rural enterprise. We are also conveniently located for the International visitor as we are only 90 minutes from London’s Heathrow Airport.
Latest News:Seed Stock Arrives From Australia

Our stud stock from Australia finally arrived from Australia last weekend ending a nervous wait. This selection has been a culmination of twelve months works by and of course us here at Inca Alpaca.

The females were selected using stringent criteria based on our knowledge of the quality of the best black huacayas in Australia in 2005. We needed to increase our number of females that had strong frames, great fineness in the fleece while also carrying the other fibre characteristics that are found in good quality whites. We need females in the UK that will breed exceptional cria every time and with great uniformity.

This import is very exciting for us because it carries some of the best black genetics found and proven in Australia to date. This group of females are totally unrelated to 99 percent of black huacayas in Europe, giving us potential to use males born from these females and improve the industry.

Nine of these girls have retained their pregnancy to Cedar House Amar, a Champion Black sire bred by Cedar Huse Alpaca Stud now residing in NZ with Sherlin Alpacas. This genetic imput by Amar will help secure Inca Alpaca's future in the industry and push our productivity of black fibre forward.

Inspection of these females and all the stock at Inca Alpaca is most welcome.

Breeder/Farm Name:Manor Farm Alpacas
Herd Size:150
Contact Name:Edward Billington
Telephone Number:07852731638
Nearest Town:Gillingham
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Manor Farm, Stour Provost , Gillingham , Dorset
About this breeder:Manor Farm Alpacas was establish in 2011 having first went to buy a few pet males we ended up coming home with 6 pregnant females and then another 30 and then decided to embark upon the journey of bringing over a group of females and studs from Australia which have enhanced the quality and now we are up there competing with the big names for awards. We have a newly renovated historic farm with many outbuilding and purpose built facilities for alpaca breeding and management. We continue to strive to breed High quality alpacas with low micron and super density. We have all colors throughout the herd and are always welcoming visitors to come and see our alpacas and how we operate.

Breeder/Farm Name:Marshwood Vale Alpacas
Herd Size:70
Contact Name:Geoff and Brenda Bugler
Telephone Number:01297 678181
Nearest Town:Marshwood near Crewkerne/Bridport/Axminster
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Payne's Down Cottage
About this breeder:Breeders since 1998, we strive for density, fineness, soft handle and certainty of colour in our crias.
Our females have been bred to some of the best male studs in the country and our crias continue to improve every year.

We now have for sale alpacas of various ages and colours being, pregnant females, empty females, males for breeding and males for fleece.
Do come and have a look but please first phone for an appointment or to have a chat about the pleasures and the problems of keeping these beautiful animals.
Latest News:
New crias are being born throughout the summer until end of August and as usual we have pregnant females for sale. Breeding and non-breeding males also available.

We also manufacture alpaca handling equipment and hurdles. We make the Alpaca Easy-Pen with optional wide end frame etc. for use on your own existing yard gates and we make 4ft, 6ft and 8ft Galv. Steel or Aluminium Hurdles. The Alpaca Easy-Pen can also be attached to the Hurdles to make a complete stand-alone system complete with opening gate.

We are stockists of Camelid Complete Feeds. Alpaca fleece also for sale.

We are open for viewing most days but please just ring Brenda or Geoff to pick a convenient time to call.
Tel: 01297 678181

Breeder/Farm Name:Snooks Farm Alpacas
Herd Size:72
Contact Name:Christine
Telephone Number:07971269441
Nearest Town:West Parley, Ferndown
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Snooks Farm Alpacas
Church Lane
West Parley

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Breeder/Farm Name:Prince Bishop Alpacas
Herd Size:22
Contact Name:Carole Burn
Telephone Number:01325 733272
Nearest Town:Darlington
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Masons Cottage
3 The Green
Co. Durham
About this breeder:Prince Bishop Alpacas of Durham is situated in the quiet hamlet of Headlam close to Darlington. We started alpaca farming two years ago and it is our intention to have a small group of elite but well socialised alpacas.

Our core herd of seven females were selected from the prize winning genetics of Beck Brow Alpacas in Cumbria.
We now have a much larger group and have been fortunate enough to introduce some impressive bloodlines and a variety of colours into the Prince Bishop herd.

For details of alpacas that are for sale, please call 01325 733272 or submit an on-line enquiry via our website.

Breeder/Farm Name:Teesdale Alpacas
Herd Size:35
Contact Name:Doug and Sam Steen
Telephone Number:07976 423258
Nearest Town:Barnard Castle
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Jock House Barn
Barnard Castle
County Durham
About this breeder:Owned and managed by Doug and Sam Steen ; We started our herd with a few boys for several years before deciding to breed our own alpacas.

We prioritise the happiness and welfare of our alpacas above all and are happy to offer husbandry information and advice prior to sales as well as after sales support and assistance.

We have access to a number of Stud males including our own proven Appaloosa Stud Male and other studs with quality american genetics.

We are the local stockist for Camelid Complete feed and serve on the BAS Welfare Committee.

We produce a number of textile products using local (or as local as you can get!) traditional companies.
Latest News:We are proud to be Silver Sponsors of the British Alpaca Society (BAS) National Show 2014 at Telford. We will be there with a selection of our Alpacas and Alpaca Products....come by and say hello!

Breeder/Farm Name:dene view alpacas
Herd Size:5
Contact Name:liz veitch
Telephone Number:07731963572
Nearest Town:satley
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:dene view satley bishop Auckland co durham
About this breeder:Hobby breeder

Breeder/Farm Name:Castleside Alpacas
Herd Size:10
Contact Name:Jan Archer
Telephone Number:07703 744987
Nearest Town:Consett
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:22 Wesley Terrace
Co Durham
About this breeder:Castleside Alpacas is a recently established small breeding herd. Our aim is to concentrate on breeding quality, friendly alpacas through careful selection of the core herd and stud males.

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Breeder/Farm Name:Atacama Alpacas
Herd Size:250
Contact Name:Philip O'Conor
Telephone Number:+44 (0) 7801109243
Nearest Town:North Chailey
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Tomkins Farm
Cinder Hill
North Chailey
East Sussex
About this breeder:Atacama Alpacas was formed by Philip O'Conor back in 2010. Having been a part of the alpaca industry since 2000 Philip is able to assist with almost all your alpaca needs and questions. He prides himself on being there to help his valued clients as well as other alpaca breeders when they are in need.

He can supply alpacas for any budget, working Males, castrates and Females of all ages. We have Stud males on farm hand picked from around the world to help your herd develope. Why not let us become a part of your future?

Contact Name:Caroline Vickery
Telephone Number:01342 825145
Nearest Town:Hartfield
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Wealden Farm
Parrock Lane
East Sussex
About this breeder:THE FARM
Alpacas at Wealden is located in 'Winnie the Pooh' country, in an area of outstanding natural beauty. The farm stands on a hill overlooking the neighbouring valleys.

Alpacas first came to the farm in late 2006 - 6 beautiful, pregnant Huacaya and Suris. The girls were chosen for their quality, colour and character!

There are now more than 50 Huacayas and Suris, of various colours, on the farm - made up of a mix of geldings, maidens, pregnant females and cria (depending on the time of year).

Outside stud males are individually selected for each female to ensure improved genetics and quality to each new generation.

Alpacas at Wealden achieved great success in its 1st show season with all alpacas that were entered into the Spring South of England Show 2008, being placed. The highlight was homebred Wealden Inca Aurora Borealis being awarded Championship Best Brown Male Suri.

Inca has gone on to be awarded Championship Best Coloured Suri at the Heart of England 2008 Fleece Show, and further championships in 2009 and 2010.

The other members of the show team have also continued with great success in 2009 and 2010, winning several championships.

Whether you are looking for alpacas to improve the genetics and quality of your existing herd, for your initial alpacas to start your own breeding programme, for your own fibre production, as protectors for sheep and poultry, as companions, or simply want these fabulous animals to wonder at and adore, make an appointment to visit Alpacas at Wealden - you will find your own special alpaca!

Females are available for sale from just £3,000.
Potential stud males from £1,600.
Geldings from £400.

Breeder/Farm Name:Spring Farm Alpacas
Herd Size:105
Contact Name:Vicki and Chris Agar
Telephone Number:01825 790885
Nearest Town:Uckfield
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Spring Farm
North Hall Lane
East Sussex
About this breeder:We have been breeding Alpacas for ten years on our wild flower meadow grassland farm, within the High Weald area of outstanding natural beauty. We keep both Suris and Huacayas and have all classes of animals - from show winners to fabulous pets. Most of our animals are halter trained and are used to being with people. We offer hands on training, and an in depth knowledge of these fabulous creatures. Our biosecurity is second to none and we are very happy to guide you through every aspect of ownership and husbandry. Our stud males include Snowmass genetics on the Huacaya side and Macgyver on the Suri Side.

Essex  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Finchingfield Alpacas
Herd Size:40
Contact Name:Harvey Scoot
Telephone Number:07957 165990
Nearest Town:Braintree
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Finchingfield Farm
Howe Street

Breeder/Farm Name:Butlers Farm Alpacas
Herd Size:120
Contact Name:Liz & Ian Giblin
Telephone Number:01277 896565 / 07811 353105
Nearest Town:Ongar/Chelmsford
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Butlers Farm
Bassetts Lane
Established, family run, alpaca breeder. The entire Butlers Farm Alpaca herd of high quality animals are BAS registered. We have a variety of alpaca boys and girls for sale, all very friendly, in range of colours. We offer all the advice you need and the full range of services for your alpacas. Our stud services include Champions and highly sought-after Australian genetics. We also create wonderful hand-knitted products from our spun fleece, and have a wide range of products available in our farm shop and online. We run Alpaca Experience days and offer Alpaca Adoptions. We look forward to welcoming you to Butlers Farm Alpacas in the heart of Essex. Please contact us for further information or for any advice you may need.

Liz & Ian Giblin

Breeder/Farm Name:Orchard Farm Alpaca
Herd Size:30
Contact Name:Debbie Amos & Vicky Simms
Telephone Number:01206 272837
Nearest Town:Boxted, Colchester
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Orchard Farm
29 Straight Rd
About this breeder:We are are small breeder based on the Essex/ Suffolk border. We are dedicated to improving Alpaca genetics and producing quality Cria not only for the serious breeder but the pet market, and fleece industry alike.

We have a beautiful mixed colour herd that are all super friendly and love to hand feed.

All of our youngsters are either halter trained or training.
Our animals for sale can vary so please ask if we dont have advertised what you are looking for.

We currently have some beautiful Alpaca's for sale, a gorgeous proven stud male, a 2014 young male and a few select females for sale. We can offer a small group of mixed colour females. Please contact us for further details.

We also offer a fantastic a stud service with some great genetics to add to your herd. At present we have some excellent studs, all of whom already proven. Our Stunning grey boys have added to the stud team with the first matings in 2014. These boys all have champion parentage. We are very hopeful for this years Cria.

Viewings welcome by appointment. or come to an open day. Visit

Breeder/Farm Name:Cutlers Green Alpacas
Herd Size:6
Contact Name:Kirsty
Telephone Number:07876 357514
Nearest Town:Thaxted
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:The Mill House
Cutlers Green

Breeder/Farm Name:Blackwater Alpacas
Herd Size:40
Contact Name:Glenn Lockey & Claire Burton
Telephone Number:07736 320490 / 07813 290 708
Nearest Town:Braintree / Colchester
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Blackwater Alpacas @ Bradwell Trout Farm & Vineyard
The Slades
Cuthedge Lane
About this breeder:Blackwater Alpacas has been an established alpaca farm for several years and owners Glenn and Claire have a wealth of knowledge on all things "Alpaca"...

We usually have around 40 animals on the farm, however, our herd size changes constantly with births, sales and bloodline additions.

We are very lucky to have both huacaya and suri animals and have both types of stud animal available.

We have six working studs on farm huacaya and suri or various colours. Progeny can also be seen on farm.

Our herd consists of various coloured alpacas, as many of our customers like "pretty" animals in a variety of colours. We breed alpacas for conformation and temprement, friendly, well natured alpacas are a huge selling point for us and testamonials to confirm this are available from our past customers.

We advise our customers about animals whether they are for breeding programmes, agricultural planning herds, guardians, pets or ornamental lawnmowers.

We have a very strict vaccination programme and are fortunate in that TB is not a problem in our part of the UK.

When customers purchase alpaca's from us, they have peace of mind that we are available 24/7 for help and advice. All new alpaca purchases come with vaccination and breeding reports (if applicable) and also handover information.

We offer our "off farm" teaching and husbandry sessions, we show new owners how to carry out basic husbandry, vaccinations, ear tagging, toenail trimming and we are one of the only farms in the region that offer an alpaca dentistry service.

We are very "hands on" as we have been dealing with several different species of livestock for several years and work closely with our vets . Currently (Autumn 2014) we are working on two different breeding programmes of livestock with a very large UK zoo.

Pure breed and hybrid chicks and chickens, doves, African pygmy goats and Cameroon sheep are also often available for sale on farm.

We always welcome visits to the farm, but please do telephone us first to arrange an appointment.

The prices we charge are competitive and there is NO VAT!

Breeder/Farm Name:Justices Farm Alpacas
Herd Size:20
Contact Name:Sam and Michael Spink
Telephone Number:07764577999
Nearest Town:Finchingfield
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Justices Farm House
Wethersfield Road
About this breeder:We are a small alpaca farm which sell quality alpacas. We sell alpacas for keeping the grass cut, starting your own herd of alpacas or breeding.

Breeder/Farm Name:Old Wheatsheaf Alpacas
Herd Size:30
Contact Name:David Green
Telephone Number:01621 828918
Nearest Town:Stow Maries
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Old Wheatsheaf, The Street,
Stow Maries,
About this breeder:We are small breeders of alpacas. In 2009 we acquired our first 4 girls and have gradually increased the herd by using stud services from selected breeders. We have now built up our herd and offer girls and boys for sale in a range of colours.

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Breeder/Farm Name:SilverCloud Alpacas
Herd Size:24
Contact Name:Kim Swetman
Telephone Number:07894669090
Nearest Town:Llantrisant
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:SilverCloud Alpacas
Pant Y Ddrainnen Farm
About this breeder:I have purchased top quality alpacas both Huacaya and Suri to breed from and produce fantastic fleeces that I spin to make luxurious garments. My stud males include multiple championship winning males with good bloodlines.

Breeder/Farm Name:Welsh Valley Alpacas
Herd Size:43
Contact Name:Steve & Sue Heatherington
Telephone Number:07881 626634
Nearest Town:Felindre, Swansea
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Ty Blaenant Ddu
Heol Myddfai
About this breeder:Welsh Valley Alpacas is conveniently accessible from J46 of the M4 in the hills north of Swansea. As a husband and wife team, Steve & Sue Heatherington have been breeding alpacas since 2008 and now have a herd of just over 40. This is the usual mix of males (pets and potential studs) and breeding stock and pet females, some with cria at foot. We have a good spread of colours and breadth of bloodlines. We believe support before and after sale is important and offer a shearing service for clients. Accessible and approachable we will help you achieve your desired result.

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Breeder/Farm Name:PURE ALPACAS
Herd Size:85
Contact Name:Jay and Hilary Holland
Telephone Number:07789 257222
Nearest Town:Tewkesbury
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Torsend House
Main Road
About this breeder:We are a small, friendly and experienced breeder providing quality alpacas of all colours from proven bloodlines. We have a bias on fleece and emphasise welfare, training and education.

Jay is an international BAS judge, so we regularly run a variety of useful courses - please see our website for details.

Our service includes:-

* Full support, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
* Full documentation including pedigree, medical and health reports.
* FREE husbandry day to new owners.
* Confirmed scanned pregnancies.
* Full breeding/birthing notes.
* Annual shearing.
* Vaccination reminders.

Visitors are very welcome by appointment.

Breeder/Farm Name:Autumn
Contact Name:R Williams
Telephone Number:07845 056124
Nearest Town:Ross-on-Wye
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:16 Gloucester Road
Latest News:Recently Listed:
Individual Animals
Package Animals with attractive discounts......30%-40% off
07845 056124

Breeder/Farm Name:OAK VIEW ALPACAS
Herd Size:50
Contact Name:Garry & Andrea Naish
Telephone Number:01454 227124
Nearest Town:Wickwar
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Oak View
Firing Close
Wotton Under Edge

Herd Size:100
Contact Name:Roger Mount
Telephone Number:01386 853 841(07711044106)
Nearest Town:Snowshill
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Snowshill Hill Barn,Buckle Street,Temple Guiting,Cheltenham,Gloucestershire
About this breeder:We breed all colours of Huacaya alpacas and aim to breed animals with both excellent fleece quality and
conformation. We are, also, breeding a small number of Suri Alpacas. We use our own herd sires as well as other top quality sires owned by other breeders.

Herd Size:15
Telephone Number:07957921385 / 01179325561
Nearest Town:BITTON
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
About this breeder:Situated in a lovely valley between Bath and Bristol, lives my happy herd of alpacas. Now breeding to produce fine fawns and blacks, the herd has been specially selected to reflect this.
Valley Alpacas Cinnamon is the main stud ( a fawn male with several colour championships to his name, and Australian genetics) Some of his stunning cria are here for inspection.
My aim is to produce fine quality breeding stock, with fabulous fleeces.
I can offer help and advice to new breeders, and to anyone who would like to keep these lovely creatures as pets. Full after sales support and husbandry instruction is freely given for new owners. Packages tailored to suit individual requirements

Breeder/Farm Name:Alpaca Power
Herd Size:50
Contact Name:Helen Macdonald
Telephone Number:01454 228892
Nearest Town:Rangeworthy
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Shepherds Close Farm
Wotton Under Edge
South Gloucestershire
GL12 8PE
About this breeder:Knowledge Breeds Success

Alpaca Power is owned and managed by an experienced Registered Veterinary Nurse.

We are established, successful breeders of high quality black and coloured alpacas with a strong emphasis on welfare, training and education as well as promotion of British Alpaca Products.

We are keen to spend time with anyone who has questions about these remarkable animals and are determined to help and support owners with fact based knowledge and experience.

We selectively breed the highest quality alpacas using the best genetics sourced from around the world. We specialise in high quality black alpacas and our award winning Chalford herd is proof of this.

We also breed alpacas in fawn and grey. We do not offer breedings to our elite herd sires but progeny are available for sale.

We offer alpacas for sale with confidence. Our farm is strictly biosecure and we work closely with our vet and have a herd health plan in place to ensure our alpacas remain happy and healthy.

Central to the South West, Wales and Midlands, we offer a comprehensive service to clients old and new, including advice, courses and sales.

Providing knowledgable, unbiased advice, we are happy to discuss all things alpaca. Visitors are always welcome.

Please check our website for courses and events.
Latest News:Welcome to Alpaca Power, home of the Chalford herd, where Knowledge Breeds Success!

Founded in 2002, our herd has grown over the years and we now have a very high quality core group of females with excellent genetic backgrounds. We also have an impressive selection of herd sires of different colours including blacks, fawns and greys.

The predominant colour in our herd is true black and the genetics they carry are often unique to most black alpacas in this country. To add to our herd sire line up, we have imported a new true black herd sire from Magical Farms in the USA to continue to add genetic diversity and advanced fibre traits to our herd.

We have always taken herd health and biosecurity extremely seriously and with a Vet Nurse owning and running the farm almost singlehandedly, it is clear to see there are no compromises.

Whilst we no longer attend halter classes, we do show our fleeces, believing this to be a true measure of how well our breeding program compares to other herds in the UK and elsewhere. Have a look at our show results for more details.

Our core herd of award winning blacks has now grown enough to allow us to sell to other breeders. If you are looking for new black and coloured genetics to add to your herd then look no further.

Quality pet males are available for sale in a wide range of colours. These boys make excellent field pets, companions, grass cutters or flock guards. They are halter trained and easy to handle.

We welcome visitors by appointment and will be pleased to show you our happy, healthy alpacas from our closed herd. Don't be surprised to find our alpacas approachable and friendly. Come and see how we can help you build a future with alpacas.

Based in South Gloucestershire, our farm is only 15 minutes from M4, M5 and M32 motorways.

Contact Name:Mrs Helen Kendall Smith
Telephone Number:01285 862020 / 07799700587
Nearest Town:Cirencester
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Kensmyth Stud
Clay Meadow
Cirencester Road
About this breeder:Welcome to Kensmyth Alpaca Stud – aiming to safely introduce Alpacas and their husbandry in the Cotswolds. We even do safe Alpaca Walking on site in our own grass lanes around the farm. We are one of just a handful of Alpaca Studs totally fenced with ~X fence from badgers. Accommodation can be provided for long distance travellers.
With a lifetime of animal husbandry and previous Veterinary partner, we enjoy our Alpacas as well as them being our business they are our life too.
Biosecurity is paramount and we welcome visitors to meet our Alpacas by appointment only. Please note that we will be exporting soon and will only agist Alpaca purchased from within our own herd.
We are 1 mile from the Historic town of Cirencester and just 1 mile from the fantastic Ashton Keynes Country Water Parks – why not combine a visit to our graceful Alpacas with a wet fun day out?
Due to the extensive Farm facilities, visitors need not cancel their visits due to inclement weather as our American type barns accommodate under cover.
Kensmyth Stud has been breeding quality Alpacas since 2008. Previously breeding top show ponies which qualified for Horse of the Year Show and Ponies UK, our homebred Alpaca have already won in the show ring. We are very pleased with our colour and fleece breeding results. All of our Alpaca are microchipped, ear tagged and registered with the British Alpaca Society with whom we have been members since 2008.

At Kensmyth Stud there is no pressure to purchase. We enjoy showing all our Alpaca to individuals who are genuinely considering this unusual breed. We do not only “show what we want to sell” and are happy to show Alpaca of varying standards and prices. We want you to be happy that you are buying what you really want to enjoy looking after, every day. The long term welfare of our Alpaca is our paramount concern and we give each potential owner every support to ensure this happens.

All Kensmyth Clients have had and will continue to have:
•telephone advice whenever required and possible.
•Fully documented history of your chosen alpaca and its unique characteristics.
•Guarantee of live cria on the ground (24 hours) where Kensmyth Stud Males have been used and only when agisted here. We do not do mobile matings.
•Delivery free within 100 miles for 2 or more alpacas purchased and a visit to advise on suitability of your premises if required*.
•Free husbandry advice and updates on new methods/products introduced at our stud.
•Discounted rates on agistment (livery) for animals purchased from us. For reasons of Biosecurity we will not agist outside purchases.
* terms and conditions apply
Some Alpacas in our herd are occasionally for sale, Full husbandry support is given. We do not charge for our husbandry support and advice. We aim to gently introduce all aspects of Alpaca care at all times. Please feel free to enquire.
We may be contacted on 01285 862020 / 07799 700587
Our website is a lighthearted way to enjoy Alpaca in the first instance.
Thank you.
Latest News:Kensmyth Alpacas are based in the Cotswolds and are one of only a handful of Alpaca Studs in the UK that have totally secured their fencing from badgers with X Fence. Take a look around our website WWW.KENSMYTH.COM and look at what we do. We do not just say we do things, we actually do them! Have a look at the fun videos under the VIDEOS section on the homepage.
For Corporate clients - go to Corporate Events
For Alpaca Walking - go to Corporate Events and click on the Family Day Section or off the homepage
For Family outings - go to Corporate Events and click on the Family Day section.
Alpaca for sale, Alpaca purchased from us agisted, Alpaca Blog, Alpaca clothing online - we do it all.
A friendly family run farm whose top priority is the welfare of their livestock... and clients.
Why not visit us soon - we have clients all over the world!

Breeder/Farm Name:Atkins Alpacas
Herd Size:30
Contact Name:Nick Atkins
Telephone Number:01453731023
Nearest Town:Minchinhampton
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Atkins Alpacas
Charity Barn
Windmill Road
About this breeder:Atkins Alpacas is a family run business in its 14th year of trading. We work full time running our alpaca farm, and were the first breeder to import not only the first but the largest number of Snowmass alpacas into the UK.

We are passionately fond of our alpacas which come in many different colors,we have top genetics from the USA in both our Huacaya and Suri alpacas.

Price wise we have alpacas females ranging from just £1000 up to £3950 depending on age and whether pregnant or empty.

We have seven stud males to choose from in both Suri and Huacaya.

Our back up is 24/7 and we take great pride in looking after our clients, many of whom have become long term friends years after their first purchase.

Please come and visit and see for yourselves The Atkins Difference.

Hampshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Watership Alpacas
Herd Size:30
Contact Name:Keith Taylor and Alison Thompson
Telephone Number:07889864269/01264889206
Nearest Town:Andover
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Thruxton Down,
SP11 8PR
About this breeder:If you are wondering if alpacas are right for you, come and visit us and we will give you the benefit of our own startup experience. With the purchase of three or more alpacas we invite you to spend a day at Watership Alpacas finding out about alpaca care (lunch provided).
We can provide a full backup service and ongoing advice to new owners with hands-on support if needed.
We can provide a holiday or emergency home for your alpacas.
All our alpacas have good pedigree, are BAS registered and microchipped.

Free delivery upto 100 miles. Vets certs can be supplied if required. Discount available for more than one animal. If you can't see what you are looking for please call as we can help you to find a perfect match.

Herd Size:70
Contact Name:Karen Oglesby
Telephone Number:07913247144
Nearest Town:Droxford
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
About this breeder:Karen and Peter Oglesby established Meon Valley Alpacas in 1998.

We have been keeping and breeding alpacas since 1998 and during that time we have seen the industry develop and the quality of alpacas raise dramatically as both the quality of available breeding stock and knowledge of these wonderful animals has progressed.

Whilst alpacas offer us the lifestyle that we love, we are not content to breed any other than those of the highest quality. With this in mind we have made very serious investment over the years in some of the best stud males in the Country, including our Snowmass collection of 8 jointly owned fawn and white Snowmass studs from the USA with their World Class genetics, selected by International Judge and co-owner Nick Harrington Smith.

Many of the progeny from these males have won Championships at the top Alpaca Shows in the UK.

We are now in a position to offer for sale the progeny from these males, young stock, pregnant females and working males.

of course, we also have plenty of pet boys for sale - they can't all be studs, but they will have amazing fleeces!

Our after sales support is second to none - we want you to be happy with our animals and our animals to be happy with you!

All of our studs are available for mobile and drive-by services to your females. Please see our website for details.

We hold regular day courses in our purpose built training room on keeping and selecting alpacas. Residential courses are also now available. Please check out our website for dates and details.

We offer friendly advise and knowledgeable consultancy based on many years experience. We offer stud services to some of the best males in the country. We offer breeding stock and pets for sale, along with after-sales support and service which allows you to enjoy your animals without worry.

Visitors are always welcome, please phone first. Visit our website

Breeder/Farm Name:Forest Paradise Alpacas
Herd Size:39
Contact Name:Julie Packwood
Telephone Number:07557942338
Nearest Town:Hordle
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Forest Paradise
Silver Street

Breeder/Farm Name:Pennybridge Alpacas
Herd Size:42
Contact Name:Joy Newman
Telephone Number:01256 764824 mob.07801 132757
Nearest Town:Near Hook Odiham & Basingstoke (Between J5 & 6 M3)
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Pennybridge Farm,
Greywell Road,
Up Nately,
About this breeder:

Welcome to Pennybridge.

Aerial photo of PennybridgeOne of the first Alpaca Herds in Southern England, we are based in North Hampshire, close to the Berkshire and Surrey Borders with good access to main routes.

Whether you wish to purchase a starter herd with Elite Australian Genetics, Stud Service, pretty pet animals or Sheep Guards we have them all here.

We breed beautiful Huayaca Alpaca of fine conformity and crimped fleece with good natured temperment.

Agistment,Alpaca Experience Days, Introductory Husbandry Courses, Alpaca Adoption,Group Visits and yarn/fleece also available for purchase.

Visitors are welcome by appointment.

Latest News:Half-Term Alpaca Walks and Halter Training of Cria available £10 per person. Do contact us for further info./times available

Pennybridge Mating packages's that time of year again! 5 females covered for £1000..Choice of Quality Brilliant Whites, Bay Black, Mid Rich Brown and Traditional Pretty Fawn herd sires available.
All with excellent genetic background.

Pennybridge Alpaca are proud to announce the arrival of a Stunning New Dark Brown Herd Sire Inca Frederico.

Progeny from two of Tim Heys favourite animals, his Sire being Lillyfield Jack of Spades and his Dam Inca Cameo.

He is immediately available for Drive By and Mobile mating's.

This years Cria are now weaned and available for sale ....A mix of different blood lines all with fine and superfine fleece...can be sold together as a very cute package of 10 or seperately to go alongside other alpacas.

We currently have many good quality Haucaya alpaca for sale. not yet added to the sales page, including a choice of Prestigious Herd Sires.

Packages of alpaca are available to suit many different price ranges offering many colour choices. Regardless of whether a Herd Sire is purchased at the same time, all packages of 4 or more females will include free mating with Sire of choice.

Please contact us for further information

Alpaca Experience Days Make Ideal presents for those interested in Alpaca. Do contact us by e-mail or phone for further information.

Breeder/Farm Name:Petlake Alpacas of the New Forest
Herd Size:67
Contact Name:Sue Sears
Telephone Number:02380 811710
Nearest Town:Southampton
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Petlake Farm
Ringwood Road
About this breeder:We are small family business based on the edge of the New Forest. We have a selcetion of breeding females, pet boys, potential studs and studs for sale with a stunning selection of studs with impressive bloodlines.

Breeder/Farm Name:Faraway Alpacas
Contact Name:Nikki Hayton
Telephone Number:07971 342975
Nearest Town:Fordingbridge
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Near Fordingbridge
About this breeder:
Rare alpaca twinsRare alpaca twinsThe Synergist

Find us in the heart of the New Forest National Park. With stock descended from the 8 x American Suri Herdsire Macgyver and the famous Australian Herdsires Somerset Stirling Moss and Senator. We specialise in Coloured Suri, especially black and grey. Breeding to Maintain the Purity of the Suri Breed.

From the beginning we selected and bred for healthy and reproductively sound alpacas. Our husbandry and nutritional programmes focus on the wellbeing and comfort of our animals. Healthy Breeding Stock is a must. Winning in the Show Ring is a bonus. Give us a call when you are looking for reliable, healthy, well-grown Suri Alpacas that can maintain a high level of productivity for many years.

Of course, not all young males can go on to become herdsires. So if you are looking for that very special pet to grace your paddock come and look at our very friendly, well-handled young boys in a variety of colours, including multi-colours and even appaloosa spotted.

Mobile and On-Farm Stud Services available.

We belong to the Forest Friendly Farming Group and our Handwoven goods carry the prestigious New Forest Marque. We are a British Alpaca Society Breeder and founder member of the European Suri Association - wwww.suri

Latest News:

Breeder/Farm Name:Hensting Alpacas
Herd Size:34
Contact Name:Derek Moore
Telephone Number:02380602080
Nearest Town:Owslebury
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Alpaca Meadow,
Hensting Lane,
About this breeder:Hensting Alpacas have been trading and breading alpacas for a good few years. We breed about 12 cria every year and have all solid colors from white to black and everything in between. All our animals are micro chipped and registered with BSA. All our animals are wormed and vaccinated against clostridial diseases. We keep our animals on 14 Acers of rolling Hampshire countryside adjacent to and including the river Itchen, where they have access to grass all year long! just recently we have invested in new stud Inca grand design and some very high specification girls, so from 2016 we shall have some very high quality alpacas for sale.
Latest News:A Busy year of investment!

Purchase of a new stud male Inca Grand Design
Purchase of 2 females Coco Chanel and Hoty Toity from Willowbrook Alpacas to bring in Accoyo and Snowmass bloodlines.
Purchase of 1 grey female Little Eskrigge Koala mated to Inca Grey Flight cria due May

2 mattings with the famous Inca Jack of Spades to Hensting Elarna and Hensting Kitty

BAS National Show 2015
Willowbrook Hoity Toity 2nd place Intermediate brown female
Inca Grand Design 3rd Adult black male
Hensting Buttercup 6th junior white female
Hensting Thistle 6th Junior Brown male

Herd Size:90
Contact Name:Graham Finch : Kathy Curryer
Telephone Number:01725 519411
Nearest Town:East Martin, near Salisbury
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Cherwell Leys Farm
East Martin
About this breeder:Cherwell Leys Alpacas is based in Hampshire close to the borders with Wiltshire and Dorset. If you are new to alpacas we are happy to help and willing to pass on our knowledge of these animals with guidance and husbandry courses tailored to your requirements. If you want to get started with alpacas, but have no land, we can offer alpaca livery "agistment" whilst you get to know your alpacas and find them their new home. This gives you an opportunity to learn and feel comfortable with your knowledge before "going solo". If you are already involved with alpacas and are looking to add to your herd, we have quality alpacas bred here at Cherwell Leys especially for improving fleece characteristics.

We are a small and friendly farm with our aim to breed alpacas using the finest genetics, selecting primarily for superior fleece characteristics and sound conformation. We have an ongoing commitment to improving fleece quality through our breeding program here at Cherwell Leys. With this in mind we have added Australian genetics to our herd, four females pregnant to top Australian stud males are now at Cherwell Leys. We have not focused solely on whites and have a herd of many colours, but realize the need to add the improved genetics available from the southern hemisphere to develop our breeding program. We have had plenty of show success with our home bred alpacas.

We have our females and six stud males, our SUPREME CHAMPION, Cherwell Leys Tangaroa, Prize winning Cherwell Leys Charnwood Phoenix, Champion Cherwell Leys Smokey Joe, Cherwell Leys Star, Cherwell Leys Shaman, Cherwell Leys Rufus,
All with Australian Pedigrees including Highlander, Hemmingway, Ruffo, Caesar, Spartacus and Commisario some of the great pedigrees from Australia and USA

We offer friendly advice and visitors are always welcome, please telephone first, Graham or Kathy on 01725 519411

Breeder/Farm Name:Willow Tree Alpacas
Herd Size:30
Contact Name:Clare Faul
Telephone Number:07880728250
Nearest Town:West Wellow
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Willow Tree Farm,
Scallows Lane,
West Wellow
About this breeder:A small family run business breeding quality huacayas in a variety of colours. Stud services available from our three fantastic black male stud, Inca Dakota, Inca Camberley and EP Cambridge Bellagio. Full backup, advice and support can be provided to those new to alpaca ownership.

Herefordshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Lignum Suri Alpacas
Contact Name:Angela Palliser
Telephone Number:01544 388791 or 07974 344299
Nearest Town:Pembridge
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Nutfield Cottage
About this breeder:We are Lignum Alpacas, an all Suri alpaca farm in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside.

We are striving to produce the finest suri alpacas possible, with a particlar interest in producing the best coloured suris.

We invest whatever time and money is needed in our animals to ensure they are all fit, healthy and happy.

We take biosecurity and the health of animals extremely seriously.

Our alpacas are very friendly and peaceful animals and live quietly alongside us.
Latest News:Heart of England Fleece Show 2014

Lignum Mojito 1st place in Suri Fawn Fleece (24-48 months) and Suri Fawn Champion

Lignum Maybach 3rd place in Suri White Fleece (6-12 months)


Hope Fleece Show 2013

Lignum Mojito 1st place in Suri Fawn Fleece (12-24 months)


British Alpaca Futurity Fleece Show 2013

Lignum Mojito 1st place in Suri Fawn Fleece (6-12 months) & FAWN SURI CHAMPION

and in the halter show

Lignum Matrix 3rd place in Suri Black 6-12 months


Heart of England Fleece Show 2012

Lignum Mojito 1st place in Suri Fawn Fleece (6-12 months) & highest scoring fawn suri
Bozedown Chess 2nd place in Suri Black Fleece (12-24 months)


Three Counties Fleece Show 2012

Lignum Mojito 1st place in Suri Fawn Fleece (6-12 months) & highest scoring fawn suri
Bozedown Amnesty 1st place in Suri Fawn Fleece (24-48 months)
Bozedown Maximus 2nd place in Suri Fawn Fleece (24-48 months)


World Alpaca Conference Fleece Show 2012

Lignum Magnum 1st place in Suri Brown Fleece (Intermediate) & BROWN SURI CHAMPION
Scoring 82 points, he was the highest scoring colour Suri!
Bozedown Amnesty 4th place in Suri Fawn Fleece (Intermediate)


Scottish National Fleece Show 2011

Lignum Magnum 1st place in Suri Brown Fleece (12-24 months) COLOUR CHAMPION & CHAMPION SURI
Bozedown Amnesty 1st place in Suri Fawn Fleece (12-24 months)
Bozedown Maximus 3rd place in Suri Fawn Fleece (12-24 months)


Great success Heart of England Fleece Show 2011
Lignum Magnum - 1st place in Suri Brown Fleece (12-24 months)
Bozedown Amnesty - 1st place in Suri Fawn Fleece (12-24 months)
Bozedown Maximus - 3rd place in Suri Fawn Fleece (12-24 months)

Breeder/Farm Name:Aquila Alpacas
Herd Size:30
Contact Name:Gail Harding or Joy Burnet
Telephone Number:01886 853783
Nearest Town:Bromyard
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Three Gates House
Tedstone Wafre
About this breeder:Small friendly breeder based in the Herefordshire countryside. Our aim is to breed high quality alpacas with fine dense fleece and good sound conformation. As a small breeder we understand the importance of making the right choice and aim to offer individual advice and support. From helping select the animals best suited to you and any aftercare husbandary needs or services you may require. We have a wealth of experience gained through breeding and successfully showing our own herd, professional qualifications in animal handling and training (Camelidynamics) and the B.A.S Level Two Judge Training Certificate. We are members of the British Alpaca Society. All our animals are registered and microchipped.

Hertfordshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:HERTS ALPACAS
Herd Size:100
Telephone Number:01763 271301 /07802 433155
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
About this breeder:Herts Alpacas are one of the countries fastest growing and most respected alpaca breeders, with major successes both in and outside the show ring. You can see around 100 alpacas grazing happily in 50 acres of picturesque rolling countryside.
We are a family run business, offering everything you could wish for, from top quality breeding stock and potential studs right through to maidens and friendly pets, that have been fully halter trained.
Our show winning studs offer genuine world beating A line genetics for the serious breeder.
We place a strong emphasis on animal welfare in everything we do and we are able to offer the finest care to all our alpacas along with unbeatable help and advice to all alpaca owners.
All our herd are hand picked or home reared, fine upstanding animals, known by name not number. We offer everything for the alpaca owner whether experienced or not, including free courses for new owners, livery (collection and delivery) award winning stud services (mobile and on farm) feed, supplies and even fleece sales.
Latest News:

Hurry our 2010 young males are now for sale! These boys are really friendly and we mean really friendly!
These beautiful boys all have corect conformation and stunning fleeces. They are all fully halter trained, easy to handle and fully vacinated plus until the end of the year we will be Delivering Free of charge and carrying out a free induction course at our farm or at your home on delivery (if required).... plus you can also take advantages of even bigger discounts when you buy two or more alpacas.
Checkout our special package deals NOW! If you cant see the package you want call us, and we will tailor make the package to suit your individaual needs.

Isle of Wight  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:West Wight Alpacas
Herd Size:68
Contact Name:Michelle Payne
Telephone Number:01983 760900
Nearest Town:Yarmouth
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Wellow Alpaca Stud
Main Road
Isle of Wight
About this breeder:West Wight Alpacas was formed by Michelle and Neil Payne in 2010 and already is one of the top suri studs in the country specialising in rare coloured suri’s including the elusive black and the even more elusive silver grey. Our animals are descended from some of the top lines in the USA, which are unique to this country.

We are a working family business and we all get our hands dirty. We keep a few good quality huacaya’s to produce animals to walk with. Our suri’s are mainly kept to breed for showing and for the UK and European sales market. We offer suri packages along with individual sales of our alpacas, both pregnant and non-pregnant females. Each of our alpacas has a unique personality and all of our alpacas are very friendly due to the regular handling and attention they receive from us. All of our alpacas are pedigrees and registered with the British Alpaca Society.

If you are travelling over to the Island we are more than happy to collect you from the ferry and it is only a short drive to our farm.

Breeder/Farm Name:Coppidthorne Farm
Herd Size:25
Contact Name:Dr Dawn White
Telephone Number:01983531283
Nearest Town:Yarmouth
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Elm Lane
Isle of Wight
About this breeder:I have a smallholding on the Isle of Wight where I breed and sell alpacas, llamas and pygmy goats.
A selection of alpacas of different ages and colours available for sale.
Fleeces and wool available.
There is no VAT to pay on animals or products.
Delivery of animals can be arranged.
Vists to the farm can be arranged by emailing me or via my website.

Breeder/Farm Name:Bathingbourne Alpacas
Herd Size:35
Contact Name:Amanda Cuddon
Telephone Number:01983 863537
Nearest Town:Godshill
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Green Acres Farm
Isle of Wight
About this breeder:Breeding for fine fleece, good conformation and good temperament, our main aim is happy, healthy alpacas.

Breeder/Farm Name:New Close Farm
Contact Name:Adrian Lax
Telephone Number:07840279452
Nearest Town:Newport
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:New Close FarmNunnery LaneCarisbrooke Isle of Wight

Kent  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Goodwin Alpacas
Herd Size:26
Contact Name:Robert Reeve
Telephone Number:01580 762404 07718793580
Nearest Town:Tenterden
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Goodwin House
Small Hythe

Breeder/Farm Name:Valley View Farm
Herd Size:30
Contact Name:Kirstie Brown
Telephone Number:07880 544794
Nearest Town:Canterbury
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Valley View Farm
Honey Hill
About this breeder:Medium sized, high quality breeder

Breeder/Farm Name:Appledene Alpacas
Herd Size:31
Contact Name:Sara Claydon
Telephone Number:01622 831119
Nearest Town:Marden
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Little UnderlynMaidstone RoadMardenKent TN12 9BG
About this breeder:Maurice and Sara have enjoyed owning and breeding Alpacas since 2000 after meeting them for the first time whilst showing Anglo Nubian Goats at the South of England Show. We started with six wethers to see if we were able to cope and discovered what addictive animals they are. We have 31 now with 11 crias expected this year by our fantastic fawn male Eringa Park The Commandante of ACC. They will be our first crias from him and we are very excited.
Over the next few months I will add more things to the website. Keep watching for new pictures as I seem to have taken thousands over the years.
Latest News: Genuine Reduction Sale
Hi Everyone!
It is with a very heavy heart,due to long term ill health, we are having to reduce our beautifully bred alpacas.
Blood lines include,Eringa Park The Commandante, Jolimont Commisario, Jolimont Conquistador, Don Pepe Of Wessex and Dovecote Jaquinto.
We will be holding an auction at Little Underlyn ,Maidstone Road, Marden , Kent , TN12 9BG, on Saturday 21st of March 2015 at Noon. For further details please ring 01622 831119.

Lanarkshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Westyett Alpacas
Herd Size:20
Contact Name:Pauline Robson
Telephone Number:01555 871464
Nearest Town:Lanark
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Westyett Farm
About this breeder:Westyett Alpacas began in 2008 with the purchase of 2 pregnant females. Since then we have gone on to create an award winning herd which now numbers 20 and includes our champion brown male Westyett Talisman.

Lancashire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Singleton Alpacas
Herd Size:20
Contact Name:Sue Rhodes
Telephone Number:01253 884658 or 07966483795
Nearest Town:Preston/Blackpool
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:7 Station Rd
Singleton Village
Nr Blackpool
About this breeder:We are a small family breeder but due to illness we feel we need to cut down on the stock we have at the moment,
We live in a beautiful village on the fylde coast.
Most of the stock are halter trained but all of them are very friendly and eat out of your hand.

Breeder/Farm Name:Swinden Rise Alpacas
Herd Size:14
Contact Name:Keith Lawson
Telephone Number:01282 414939
Nearest Town:Burnley
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:202 Red Lees Road
About this breeder:Small breeder started in 2009

Breeder/Farm Name:Bonnie Alpacas
Herd Size:15
Contact Name:Brian & Maureen Mackrael
Telephone Number:07794 478687
Nearest Town:Croston near Leyland
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:23 Out Lane
About this breeder:Based in rural Lancashire, Bonnie Alpacas is a small friendly farm breeding huacaya alpacas. We provide excellent after-sales and herd management advice.
As a smaller alpaca farm, we are committed to offering individual attention to both our alpacas and our customers and to making ourselves available as mentors for new alpaca owners. We would encourage anyone interested to feel free to call us with questions.
All our animals are registered with the BAS (British Alpaca Society) and are known by name and treated on an individual basis with respect to their unique personalities and traits. To care for these very special animals we are constantly working to ensure they are happy and raised in a low-stress, safe, healthy environment.

Breeder/Farm Name:Old Cross Alpacas
Herd Size:50
Contact Name:Shirley Hopkinson
Telephone Number:01457 874320
Nearest Town:Denshaw
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Bent Heath Farm
About this breeder:Having spent 40 happy years in livestock husbandry,I now specialise in breeding alpacas. Peruvian and Chilean males at stud. Friendly guidance and backup services for first time buyers,including foot trimming, worming,and injections.

Breeder/Farm Name:Hebbs Alpacas
Herd Size:10
Contact Name:Beverley Morgan
Telephone Number:0771 258 8639
Nearest Town:Cockerham
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Batty Lodge
Lancaster Road
About this breeder:We started our herd in Feb 2013. We are a small breeder and thus know our animals very well.

We take the time to halter train all our cria and find it makes a big difference when needing to handle them.

Breeder/Farm Name:Sudell Alpacas
Herd Size:60
Contact Name:Angela Whittle
Telephone Number:01772 860277 / 07957949218
Nearest Town:Preston
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Sudell House Farm
Brabiner Lane
About this breeder:Sudell Alpacas is a small family run Business who breed both Huacaya and Suri Alpacas. We pride ourselves on the breeding of quality good natured Animals with prices to suit all budgets.

We specialize in breeding prize winning grey Alpacas.

All our animals are sold with a full after sales service and 24hour help line.

We are currently in a 4year TB testing zone and run very tight biosecurity throughout our farm.

Breeder/Farm Name:Cockerham Alpacas
Herd Size:25
Contact Name:Judith & Michael Henderson
Telephone Number:01524 751592
Nearest Town:Cockerham
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
About this breeder:Small family-run breeder in NW Lancashire. Working to improve fibre quality through excellent breeding.

Breeder/Farm Name:Nerduit Alpacas
Herd Size:12
Contact Name:Andrew Jenkinson
Telephone Number:01253 700233
Nearest Town:Poulton le Fylde
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:The Brambles
Paul's Lane
Poulton le Fylde

Breeder/Farm Name:Blackberry Alpacas
Herd Size:35
Contact Name:Harvey & Claudeen Brown
Telephone Number:07887 526973
Nearest Town:Colne
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Scald Bank Farm
Skipton Old Road
About this breeder:Breeders of Black & Brown Alpacas in the North West of England

Blackberry alpacas are now the largest dedicated breeder of black and brown alpacas in the north of the UK
with many years experience we now are breeding some of the finest quality Alpacas currently available in the Europe .

We currently have alpacas for sale all selected and bred for amazing fleece quality and conformation. If you are looking for a "start up breeding herd" or just some adorable pets; we have the right animals for your requirements and budget.

Leicestershire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Grange Alpacas
Herd Size:22
Contact Name:Mrs Tracey Cockburn
Telephone Number:01664 840171
Nearest Town:Leicester
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Cordelia Cottage
7 Church Lane
About this breeder:We are small scale breeders concentrating on quality rather than quantity. We have alpacas from winning bloodlines and are hoping to continue this sucess in the show ring.

Visitors are more than welcome to see our alpacas on our 70 acre smallholding.

Prizes won
1st senior brown male (available as stud)
1st junior black female (for sale)
2nd place coloured suri fleece at the Royal (for sale)
1st junior grey male

We have some alpacas for sale, as well as raw fleeces, yarn from our own alpacas and some British Alpaca products.

Breeder/Farm Name:Charnwood Forest Alpacas
Herd Size:55
Contact Name:Chris Deakin
Telephone Number:07597703492
Nearest Town:Loughborough
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Vale Farm
Charley Road
About this breeder:Conveniently located in central England and only 5 minutes from J23 of M1. Charnwood Forest Alpacas offer Premium Breeding of Alpacas in Leicestershire. We have 3 magnificent studs available for drive by matings including the superb EPC Cambridgre Courage sired by the legendary Ruffo from Australia.

Our herd consists of white, brown, fawn and black with our breeding programme specialising in Elite fawns and blacks. Alpacas for sale include pets of all colours, pregnant females, females with cria at foot and starter herd packages of 3 or 4. If you cannot see anything specific for sale, please contact us as we have many options available.

Breeder/Farm Name:WillowBank Alpaca Stud
Herd Size:40
Contact Name:Karl & Lisa Birch
Telephone Number:01455 888646
Nearest Town:Thurlaston
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Dusty Fox Farm
Earl Shilton Road
About this breeder:We are a family run business based in the heart of the Midlands breeding Quality Elite Alpacas. We offer a range of alpacas for every pocket and if we don't have it, we can source further Quality alpacas from other top breeders.

Lincolnshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Del Magna Alpacas
Herd Size:25
Contact Name:Sue Pocklington
Telephone Number:01529 415547 or 07971 625524
Nearest Town:Evedon/Sleaford
Email:Click Here To Contact
About this breeder:Breeding alpacas, although a business, is more a way of life for me. A farmers daughter, I have been around farming all my life and now that I am retired I want to carry on doing something I love and undertand. I hope to concentrate on breeding black, brown and grey Suri and Huacaya. I started out in August 2010 so am fairly new at this job. I have 3 stud males:- Arch Road Flopsy (known as Winston) a Grey Huacaya, Farrlacey Napoleon a Black Suri and Belvoir Errol a white Huacaya....all three having Bozedown lineage.

Breeder/Farm Name:JandJ Alpacas
Herd Size:90
Contact Name:Martin & Clare Stanger
Telephone Number:01636 626990
Nearest Town:Newark
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Meadow Farm
Clensey Lane
Dry Doddington
About this breeder:We live in a small village in Lincolnshire near the Lincs, Notts, Leics borders close to the A1 and A46.

Ten years ago in 2005 we took our first steps into alpaca farming.We, like many farmers were looking for something to diversify into, something that both ourselves and our children would find interesting and enjoy and we have really found that.

On the first day of the school holidays, 4 beautiful huacaya alpaca girls, Mississippi Moonlight, Luminaria, Coco Chanel and Skylark were delivered, one each. The JandJ Alpaca herd was born using the children's initials. Alpacas are addictive and within a year we decided to specialise in coloured alpacas and bought 8 black pregnant girls.

We now have a herd of 90 beautiful alpacas of all colours, all ages. All our alpacas are registered with the British Alpaca Society (BAS) and are micro chipped for identification and security & most of our youngsters are halter trained.

Not all our alpacas for sale are listed on Alpacaseller please phone for an up to date list.

Monmouthshire  (Back To Top)

Herd Size:60
Contact Name:Glenda & Peter Stoneman
Telephone Number:01291 650655
Nearest Town:Earlswood
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Little Goytre Cottage
About this breeder:Amazing Alpacas was established in 2004 as breeders of quality Huacaya Alpacas. We breed animals with sound conformation and fine fibre. Our Alpacas are inquisitive, content and great fun to be around. We would be delighted to show you our stock and help you build your perfect herd.
Latest News:

Breeder/Farm Name:HAPUS ALPACAS
Herd Size:11
Contact Name:Miles & Lisa Morgan
Telephone Number:07714 241823
Nearest Town:Chepstow
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Little Folly
Bluebell Road
About this breeder:Hapus Alpacas started from a simple interest in these lovely animals. From that we have grown our herd picking animals not only on fleece quality and breeding but also on personality and friendliness this now gives us a herd we are truly proud of, as well as coming from strong breeding lines they are very family friendly.

We have recently purchased our own prize winning stud male, Bozedown Greystoke, who again has a lovely nature, a fantastic bloodline and has sired many beautiful cria.

Given the size of our small holding we simply cannot keep every animal we breed so we sell the odd animal simply for space. If you are looking for family friendly Alpacas with great attitude look no further.

Breeder/Farm Name:Oak Hill Alpacas
Herd Size:50
Contact Name:Mary or Peter Bickley
Telephone Number:01600 780014
Nearest Town:Monmouth
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Red House Farm
The Hendre
About this breeder:Our herd of huacayas grazes contentedly on our farm in peaceful Monmouthshire. Having concentrated up to now on building the herd from a very carefully selected foundation and breeding on from high quality sires we do now have animals for sale. All our stock are BAS registered. Visitors are welcome but please do make an appointment first to avoid a wasted journey. We would like to reduce our herd so offer large discounts to buyers of multiple animals (male or female).

Norfolk  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:The Backyard Alpaca Company
Herd Size:11
Contact Name:Jacob Keen
Telephone Number:01362 637669
Nearest Town:Dereham
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Freshfields Barn
Harkers Lane
Swanton Morley
About this breeder:We started breeding in March 2014 and focus on breeding top class Suri alpacas. We have black, white and brown suris and have huacaya rolling along in the background.

Breeder/Farm Name:Burnt Fen Alpacas
Herd Size:30
Contact Name:Ann Nickerson
Telephone Number:441692630553
Nearest Town:Horning
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Burnt Fen
About this breeder:We have been breeding alpacas since 2000, and have a fantastic friendly herd bred from excellent pedigree stock.

Our aim is to have an excellent small herd. Each year we sell a few of our alpacas, enabling us to continue our breeding programme and maintain numbers. This approach allows us to know each of our animals individually and maintain a happy, healthy herd.

We always provide support for our new owners as we want both you and your alpacas to be happy!

North Yorkshire  (Back To Top)

Herd Size:30
Contact Name:Mr.Simon Morris & Dr. Daniella Portner
Telephone Number:07784 625 863
Nearest Town:York
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Minster Alpacas,York Centre For Avicuture,Sutton Road,Wigginton,York.
About this breeder:We are committed and dedicated alpaca breeders with over 7 years of experience.

Our aim is to promote the industry with honesty and integrity and to this end produce high quality animals using the optimum genetics available.

Breeder/Farm Name:Ouseburn Alpacas
Herd Size:6
Contact Name:Bruce Drinkwater
Telephone Number:07970 836118
Nearest Town:Little Ouseburn
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Beech House
Main Street
Little Ouseburn
North Yorkshire
About this breeder:A breeder specialising in Huacaya Alpacas. Developing a herd of the highest quality with strong confirmation and fineness of fleece.

Breeder/Farm Name:Carlshead Alpacas
Herd Size:21
Contact Name:Robin Gaunt
Telephone Number:07786918640
Nearest Town:Sicklinghall
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Carlshead Farms
Paddock House Lane
About this breeder:Carlshead Alpacas started in 2009, as a diversification for Carlshead Farms, with the objective of breeding high quality fleeces. Most of our stock comes from Fowberry Alpacas and we use their stud services. The alpacas are also part of a social enterprise running on the farm.

Herd Size:68
Contact Name:Graham and Jenny MacHarg
Telephone Number:00 44 (0) 1653 619 520
Nearest Town:Barton Le Willows
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Crambe Grange,
Barton Le Willows,
North Yorkshire
About this breeder:Based in North Yorkshire, we have within our herd, multi-championship and show winning bloodlines in demand throughout the UK and Europe. Careful genetic selection through performance and pedigree has ensured alpacas with elite fleece characteristics and correct conformation. Our reputation has been built on fine and valuable fleece and we are proud to offer breeders a fine stable of herd-sires, bred to improve upon future generations and including the legendary EPCambridge Top Account of Fowberry (72 progeny championships incl. 12 Supremes).

We also offer popular and regular introductory and advanced alpaca courses in our purpose-built training centre (course dates always up on our website); business/farm planning; alpaca-buying advice; on-line shop stocked with Fowberry alpacas’ knitwear, garments and gifts, as well as committed and on-going support for new owners.

Our experience can help you succeed too!

Fowberry Alpacas – where the future is fine.

Below, photo of Keiko (2007 Best Fawn Fleece at The Royal Show. Cameron Holt) at four hours old and Mum, Hazel.

Latest News:We are delighted to offer you a selection of Fowberry alpacas for sale this spring, from a Supreme Champion female, maidens pregnant for the first time to young males ready to work. We have had the female lines of all the female alpacas we offer for a decade, going back generations. We only ever put forward for sale, reliable, proven quality genetics to enhance your herd and the Fowberry name. Our aim is for your Fowberry alpaca to be successful for your herd and we offer any assistance you may need, whenever you need it. Come and visit the Fowberry herd, see how balanced, happy and predictable they are; see how this care is reflected in the quality of fleeces and general health. Look at the weight and health record and shorn fleece of any female or male from birth onwards, along with its sire, dam, siblings, aunties and uncles.


Yorkshire Alpaca Show - October

Although we were unable to attend the Yorkshire Alpaca Show this year, we are grateful that our friends and clients did, which resulted in four Champions, one Reserve Champion, six First places, one 2nd, one 3rd and one 4th for the Fowberry herd sires. Many congratulations all round!

A herd sire whose black progeny has always excelled in the show ring is WD Miguel of Fowberry - this time with one Champion, one Reserve Champion, two Firsts and one Second. Our thanks go to Carlshead Alpacas - represented sires: EPC Top Account of Fowberry and Fowberry Inca Prince; Moss Carr Lodge Alpacas - Ninbella Harrison and Fowberry Lucien; Nero Black Alpacas - WD Miguel; Cherry Hope Alpacas - WD Miguel and Hawthorn Alpacas - EPC Top Account of Fowberry.


On Saturday evening, we were stunned and excited to learn that EPC Top Account of Fowberry received the top award at the British Alpaca Futurity - the Huacaya Herd Sire Champion 2012 after a two day show at the superb new venue of the NEC Birmingham (442 alpacas). His progeny won points for him by winning classes:- Fowberry Nobility - Fawn Male Champion of 40 fawn males; Fowberry Paloma - White Female Champion of 53 white females and Judges Choice (equivalent to Supreme Champion); Fowberry Prodigy - Beige Male Champion of 21 beige males; and Fowberry Morgan - Reserve Champion Beige Male and now owned by Winterhead Alpacas of Snowdonia. There are so many thank-yous due to all our friends who brought their own Top Account progeny, including Matt and Cathy of EP Cambridge, and particularly Barbara and Paul of Beckbrow Alpacas - if they had not taken the lovely Beckbrow Rumour Has It (2nd Place Junior White Female, Beckbrow Explorer's half sister, same dam), then Top Account would have just lost out in the points total to another herdsire as it was extremely close. Most particularly we were honoured by the magnificent support of our fellow breeders and friends, particularly here in the North - thanks to Nero Black Alpacas with two superb black offspring of WD Miguel of Fowberry, 2nd and 3rd in big classes and also Moss Carr Lodge Alpacas and Cherry Hope Alpacas.

Breeder/Farm Name:Granary Alpacas
Herd Size:15
Contact Name:Sylvia Sharpe
Telephone Number:01759 373133
Nearest Town:York
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:The Old Granary Low Catton York
About this breeder:We were established in 2004 with a small breeding herd of 3 quality females and by selective breeding we now have a herd of 15.Our intention is to continue in this manner,improving fleece quality, year on year.

Breeder/Farm Name:Newland Alpacas
Herd Size:38
Contact Name:Mrs Kathryn Wordsworth
Telephone Number:01757 618714
Nearest Town:Selby
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Cliffe-Torn Lodge
Nth Yks
About this breeder:Newland Alpacas was established in 2000 ,starting with 3 animals.The herd has been steadily growing with important additions in 2003. A female from Peru arrived in May and to further enhance our breeding programme a solid white stud male from Australia(sourced from the Allianza Plantel herd in Peru) arrived in July . We have continued a steady breeding programme and offer animals for sale and a Stud service.Over the last few years we have branched out to breed Suris and this is the way our herd is going.We still continue to breed a few select Huacayas which we offer for sale.
Latest News:Alpaca herd for sale.Huacaya and Suri.Maiden Females, Proven Females, Package of 5 Non Breeding Females,Young males and Gelded males.All females are at present empty.Very reasonable prices.We are situated in North Yorkshire with a 48month TB Current Parish testing interval. All animals are open for inspection on farm. Please e-mail or phone for more info. 01757 618714. 07961989432.

Breeder/Farm Name:Egremont Alpacas
Herd Size:16
Contact Name:Dave Pearson
Telephone Number:07980 451843
Nearest Town:Stamford Bridge
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Egremont Pines,
Newbridge Lane,
North Yorkshire
About this breeder:Egremont Alpacas are committed to breeding top quality, correctly conformed and fine-fleeced alpacas. Using superior herd-sire genetics and with an emphasis on appropriate and correct feeding, the Egremont alpacas are healthy, productive and happy girls and boys. We have offspring from all the Fowberry Alpacas herd-sires and won Reserve Colour Champion at our first show! Please make an appointment to explore ownership of these enchanting and rewarding animals. Photo below: Our Kizzy at four hours old.

Breeder/Farm Name:Brookfield Alpacas
Herd Size:22
Contact Name:Lawrence Waller & Jean Waddington
Telephone Number:01287 660728
Nearest Town:Castleton
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Brookfield Farm
The Howe
North Yorkshire
About this breeder:Specialising in black Huacaya and white Suri

Breeder/Farm Name:Beacon Alpacas
Herd Size:26
Contact Name:Jacki Barlow
Telephone Number:01347 868879 or 07716917315
Nearest Town:Thirsk
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Suncliffe Beacon Farm
About this breeder:Breeding and rearing quality Huacaya alpacas with genetics from prize winning stock.
We offer stud services in some colours and safe secure agistment for your females. When you buy our alpacas you will receive excellent after sales help and advice and new owners will receive husbandry training in the care of you alpacas
Starter herds and stud packages are available at excellent prices to help you buy quality genetics at good value.
All our alpacas for sale are halter trained, friendly and easy to handle. A comprehsive heath record is provided with each animal sold.
Latest News:Beacon Alpacas will be attending the North Yorkshire County show on Sunday 15th June 2014
We will be taking some alpacas each day to the Great Yorkshire Show as part of the Welcome to Yorkshire stand on the 8th 9th and 10th July 2014

We are holding a SPECIAL ONE DAY SALE on Saturday 12 July from 10 am until 3 pm with packages of our prizewinning alpacas at substanially reduced prices for one day only

See the website for more details or call for more information

Northamptonshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Alpina Alpacas
Herd Size:13
Contact Name:Zoe Hemsley/Mrs Vicky Golden
Telephone Number:07812177809/07850061115
Nearest Town:Towcester
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Bronte House
Eastcote Road
About this breeder:Alpina Alpacas is a family run herd with 11 Alpacas. We are based in the beutiful South Northamptonshire countryside near to Towcester, easily accessible from the A5 and junction 15a of the M1 motorway.
Starting with three pregnant females in 2007 our white and fawn herd is growing in size and quality. Our aim is to breed good quality alpacas to sell to other breeders and as pets.
We are very proud of our Stud males Alpina Georgio & Alpina Fabrizio who have produced some beautiful cria.
All of our cria are halter trained, registered and micro chipped. We offer helpful, sound advice in starting a business with alpacas based on our own experiences and after sales support.

Breeder/Farm Name:Nene Valley Alpacas
Herd Size:15
Contact Name:Carol Corstin
Telephone Number:07786912945
Nearest Town:Raunds
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:40 Sheffield Court

Breeder/Farm Name:Lusi Alpacas
Herd Size:25
Contact Name:Lulu Oliver
Telephone Number:07860 499419
Nearest Town:Northampton
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Bunkers Hill Farm,
Moulton Road
About this breeder:Established and successful breeder, specializing in black and grey alpacas, other colours can be sourced if required. Select number of high quality animals for sale. Knowledgeable and personal service, will teach all aspects of husbandry and back up after sales service. Stud services available from our three fantastic black male stud, Inca Dakota, Inca Camberley and EP Cambridge Bellagio

Breeder/Farm Name:Penn Alpacas
Herd Size:10
Contact Name:Jan Penney
Telephone Number:01327359935
Nearest Town:Towcester
Email:Click Here To Contact

Breeder/Farm Name:Brampton Valley Alpacas
Herd Size:14
Contact Name:Laura Thorpe-Williams or Ben Thorpe
Telephone Number:07957626669
Nearest Town:Northampton
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:7 Church Lane
Latest News:We are now able to offer a microchipping service as well as shearing & injections.

Please get in contact if this is a service you could be interested in.

Ben 07912553869 or Laura 0795762669.

18th March 2014.

We are now entering our 3rd year of shearing & looking forward to catching up with friends & seeing all those fleeces.

If you are looking for a shearing in 2014 please fell free to contact us or come & find us at the Alpaca Showtime Show 29th & 30th March.

Ben 07912553869 or Laura 0795762669.

27th Aug 2013
Well today's shearing job was the last of the season for us.
The last boy also won spitter of the year!
We have had a good year, learnt alot & enjoyed nearly ever minute.
We have also been luck to meet some really nice people along the way too.

It's not too early to start thinking about next years shearing so if you are looking for a shearer for 2014 the please feel free to contact us!

Ben 07912553869 or Laura 0795762669.

Northumberland  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Stagshaw Alpacas
Herd Size:50
Contact Name:Susan Burnell
Telephone Number:01434 632292
Nearest Town:Corbridge
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Stagshaw House
About this breeder: Breeding herd started by four pregnant females from Atlantic Alpacas .The herd is currently around 40; specializing in fawns and browns; All animals halter trained and regularly handled.
Successful show seasons at Nothern shows every year since 2005.

Breeder/Farm Name:Fallowfield Alpacas
Herd Size:30
Contact Name:Melanie Douglas
Telephone Number:01434 681276
Nearest Town:Hexham
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Crag House
About this breeder:Fallowfield Alpacas is owned and run by Mike and Melanie Douglas. We believe in breeding top class alpacas, with fine, heavy-cutting fleeces with great character, mainly whites, but we also have a good selection of very stylish coloured alpacas. We import alpacas through our Austalian partners, Flowerdale Estate Alpacas in an attempt to introduce the best Australian genetics into this country. We offer great support and backup to novice breeders, with husbandry courses as required.

Breeder/Farm Name:Cherry Hope Alpacas
Herd Size:20
Contact Name:Lesley Oliver
Telephone Number:01665 570864
Nearest Town:Rothbury
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Mount PLeasant
About this breeder:Breeder of quality huacaya and suri alpacas, based in Northumberland.

Breeder/Farm Name:Barnacre Alpacas
Herd Size:140
Contact Name:Debbie and Paul Rippon
Telephone Number:07903347790
Nearest Town:Otterburn
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Liberty Hill Farm
About this breeder:Your alpacas should be exactly what you want, and we will do our very best to help you find the alpaca(s) of your dreams.

Barnacre Alpacas was founded in February 2007 after three years research into these enchanting animals. Many hours of studying and farm visits bought us to the conclusion that we wanted to pursue the alpaca dream. With no farming background the learning curve has been very steep, we started with 3 pregnant females and 2 acres of land. Our herd has grown with imports, some great alpacas from around the UK and around 100 births. In 2011 Barnacre Casiphia blew the judges and crowd away at the 2011 Border Union show at Kelso. She was awarded 1st intermediate white female, white champion, best of British and Supreme Champion – what a girl! Her first fleece was then shown at the 2011 Scottish National fleece show where it scored a brilliant 80.5 and was awarded 2nd place junior white in a huge class of 25.

To continue our alpaca dream, we sold up in 2011 and then bought a 220 acre Northumbrian hill where we built our new house and purpose built alpaca buildings called Liberty Hill Farm where a warm and hospitable welcome awaits and the electric Aga means the whistling kettle is always on!

Our farming practices are approved by Natural England, we help conserve and enhance the countryside, generate and sell solar electricity, use ground source heating and fresh water is drawn from our own spring. You will find us located on the edge of the stunning Northumberland National Park 3 miles to the east of Otterburn, just of the A696.

Each of our alpacas is known by name and their friendly individual personalities are recognised. We are using their magnificent fleece to produce a variety of quality handcrafted products.

We offer full support, training courses, alpaca blog, elite genetics stud services and online shop.

Visitors are very welcome, by appointment please. Debbie and Paul Rippon.
Latest News:With the mating season fast approaching and our thoughts turning to 2014 breeding decisions we hope you don’t mind us letting you know about a fantastic offer we have on our quintuple grey champion Wyona Sunburst.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Sunburst, he is bred from a family of elite Australian champions and is himself a five times undefeated champion. Four different BAS Judges at 5 different shows, both halter and fleece shows and colour and age champions (highly impressive for a grey).

To celebrate his five championship wins we are offering a drive by mating rate of £500 to 5 customers, with no limit on the number of matings per customer, we would request that a deposit of £100 is paid per mating.

In addition to this exclusive rate, our returning female discount of £100 and multiple mating discounts apply, studs can be mixed to obtain multiple mating discounts, see our website or contact us for details.


Thanks to everyone who came to see us at North Shields Victorian Christmas fayre - hope to see you next year if not before!


Our Shepherd's hut is now open on farm - please visit us to buy your knitwear!


Wyona Sunburst of Karkawarri, our Rose Grey stud is now an undefeated quintuple (5 times) Grey Champion in the UK!!!

Wyona Sunburst of Karkawarri, our new Rose Grey stud, himself a Triple Champion and bred from a family of champions, is ready and waiting to meet your beautiful alpaca girls!


We love the Border Union show at Kelso!

Our very special elite white stud male, Wellground Legend of Spartacus of Barnacre Alpacas who was 2009 Scotish National Fleece Show Supreme Champion has now delivered with his progeny.

Barnacre Casiphia was 1st intermediate white female, champion white, best of British and Supreme Champion. She just edged out her half brother (same sire), Barnacre Niveous!

Barnacre Sandstorm was 1st adult fawn and champion fawn.

Barnacre Meketaten was 1st intermediate brown female, champion brown and Reserve Supreme Champion - pretty special for a brown! Her sire is our delightful and charming brown stud, Golden Guinea.

Visitors are welcome to see the results of our breeding for themselves.

The 2011 Scottish National Fleece show was great too! We entered 5 fleeces with highlights being 1st adult white, Barnacre Lualeni with a cracking score of 83.5 in a huge class of 14. Also, 1st junior brown with Barnacre Meketaten with an amazing score of 75.5 beating many white elite fleeces. Barnacre Casiphia from our elite stud, Legend of Spartacus was awarded 2nd junior white in a huge class of 25 achieving a cracking score of 80.5!

Kind regards,

Debbie and Paul Rippon
Barnacre Alpacas
Tel: (01830) 520276

Breeder/Farm Name:Nero Black Alpaca
Herd Size:20
Contact Name:Paul and Kathryn Shrimpton
Telephone Number:01434 602 630
Nearest Town:Hexham
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Fairshaw Rigg
About this breeder:Nero Black Alpaca is a specialist breeder dedicated to breed quality in black. We are based in the heart of beautiful Northumberland yet have access to and strive to achieve the very best in black genetics. Equally important to us is the production of luxury commercially viable fibre products. Our sister Company, Wear Alpaca produces a contemporary range of ladies accessories with a subtle vintage twist.

Breeder/Farm Name:Northumbrian Alpacas
Herd Size:75
Contact Name:Jonathan Russell
Telephone Number:01434 240597
Nearest Town:Falstone
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Ridge End Farm
About this breeder:Northumbrian Alpacas is a unique herd of top quality white huacaya alpacas based in the North Tyne Valley, within 15 miles of the Scottish border and about 20 miles north of Hadrian’s Wall.

We are dedicated to breeding a herd of elite animals with the qualities valued highest in the industry:

Softness of fleece
Density of fleece
Pure white colour

At the same time we operate a set of guiding principles and values which we regard as of highest importance:

Our animals are happy and contented
Our animals are reared on the highest quality nutrition and forage
Our animals receive all the care and attention they need at all times.

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Herd Size:18
Contact Name:LINDA LYONS
Telephone Number:07976 961376
Nearest Town:eastwood
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
About this breeder:We have had the privilege of knowing these animals for over five years. Starting with just 2 pregnant females our herd has both grown and improved. We keep in contact with every person who purchases alpacas from us and offer 24 hour support for as long as they feel they need it whether this be 3 months or 3 years. Every alpaca that leaves us is as important to us as the day they were born on our fields and our love of them never diminishes. We feel that enjoyment of the animals is as important as their success in the show ring. That is why we spend a lot of time with our animals every day and are proud that they are both friendly and very used to human contact. We are equally proud of their continuing show success.

Contact Name:Cathy Stacey
Telephone Number:07779219404
Nearest Town:Retford
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:New House
Forwood Farm
About this breeder:We are a small breeder who specialize in quality and temperament. Every alpaca is BAS registered and fully inoculated and will come with a health check.
We will give any new buyers all the back up and advice they need, full husbandry training can be given and we are only a phone call away.

Breeder/Farm Name:Chestnut Farm Alpacas
Herd Size:33
Contact Name:Kay Kirk and Daron Cram
Telephone Number:07775924681
Nearest Town:Girton
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Chestnut Farm,
New Lane,
About this breeder:Here at chestnut farm we have a small bio-secure herd of high quality alpacas, we run a selective breeding program using some of the worlds finest genetics.
Our core herd carries genetics from EP Cambridge Peruvian Caesar and NWA Ltd Ruffo, now both sadly deceased.
The herd also carries genetics from other outstanding males including Cambridge Buckingham, Jolimont Commisario, Cambridge Shotgun, EP Cambridge Peruvian Spartacus, EP Cambridge Samson, Accoyo Killawasi, ARU Cambridge Ice Cool Lad, EP Cambridge Peruvian Maximus, Jolimont Conquistador, Windsong Valley Mateus of Wessex, Cambridge Encounter and Wellground Close Encounter.
Our own stud males carry some of these excellent genetics.
We have a selection of quality breeding females, potential studs, weanlings and wethers for sale.
All open females are sold with a mating to one of our stud males, this includes our prize winning stud,
Chestnut Farm Lord of Sherwood, who has Show Results to date of
1st Intermediate White Male.
Reserve Champion White Male,
Best of British Bred.
1st Adult White Male.
Champion White Male.
2nd Adult White Male.
3rd Adult White Male.
1st Adult White Male.
Champion White Male.
Supreme Champion.
2nd Adult White Male.
1st Adult White Male.
Champion White Male.
Supreme Champion.
Not only has Chestnut Farm Lord of Sherwood won Supreme Champion twice, but his very first progeny was recently awarded 1st Junior White Female and Champion White Female.
Proving himself to be a champion herd sire, with all of his offspring being the finest that we have bred here at Chestnut Farm.
If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment to come and see our beautiful herd please do not hesitate to contact us.
Latest News:We recently attended the Northumberland County Show, it was a fantastic day with all of our small show team getting a placing, but the highlight of our day was Chestnut Farm Cassie, the very first progeny of our Supreme Champion Chestnut Farm Lord of Sherwood being awarded 1st Junior White Female and then Champion White Female, we are delighted with this result.

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Breeder/Farm Name:Bozedown Alpacas
Herd Size:800
Contact Name:Mary-Jo Smith
Telephone Number:0118 984 3827
Nearest Town:Pangbourne, Berkshire
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Bozedown Farm
About this breeder:Established 1989. Prizewinning herd.
Providing sound, friendly advice and full support.

Serious breeder committed to the future of the UK alpaca fibre industry.
Breeding for excellence in conformation and fibre.

Huacaya and suri sales.
Introduction Day Course.
Husbandry Courses.
Latest News:!989 - 2014: 25 Years Breeding Champions

At the first Alpaca Show of the year, the prestigious BAS National Show, on March 15/16 2014,
Bozedown Alpacas was awarded the following Champions:

Champion Brown Female
Champion Fawn Male
Champion White Female
Res. Champion White Male

Champion Brpwn Male
Champion Fawn Male
Res. Champion White Male

Report on the Alpaca Classic Event and Auction September 2013

This event was held for a second year at Bozedown Farm in South Oxfordshire. It was a typical September day with sunshine and showers, and more than 100 breeders attended.

The Seminars
Camelid Referral Vet. Claire Whitehead gave 2 enlightening and brand new presentations:
1. The Practicalities and Implications of ET and AI in Alpacas.
2. The top 4 causes of Cria Mortality
These were very well received and gave breeders lots of ideas and information on these important topics.

Fleece Guru Cheryl Gehly, a leading fleece judge and judge tutor in the USA:
1. “Crimp and Lock Style in Perspective”.
Cheryl’s main message being that fineness, density and uniformity are the most important, with crimp and lock structure being secondary traits, which are also a good indicator of follicular structure beneath the skin. Alpaca judges assess fineness by determining an average micron count. They also look for uniformity within the fleece, looking for overall consistency in micron, length and colour; and density, which indicates the number of follicles per square unit of skin. Fleece judges can make accurate density assessments by evaluating the solidity of individual groups of staples (huacaya) and locks (suri).
2. “The Meaning of Micron”.
A fun and practical session in which participants learned to assess micron, working in pairs. The amount of variation in micron (SD) needs to be lowered through breeding, in order to reduce the ‘itch’ factor in the finished product. 3. “Evaluating Fleece and Gaining a Full Perspective”.
Another practical session, this time in groups of 6 - 8, each with a whole fleece to evaluate. We were assessing micron, uniformity, density and brightness, and we all had lots of fun as this developed into a competition between the groups as to who had the overall ‘winning’ fleece. Everyone was so engrossed in this activity that it carried on past the 2pm estimated finish until after 5 pm.

The multi talented Brett Kaysen, complete with stetson, from Colorado State University, also gave 2 lectures in his own inimitable and engaging style:
1. “Alpacas Worldwide - an Independent Perspective” and
2. “Auctions - Getting the most out of them as a buyer”

Classic Auction
The highest prices achieved on the day were 9,500 guineas for Alpaca Stud Vanessa, and 9,500 guineas and 9000 guineas for the 2 female Breeders Selection lots, which gave the successful bidders the almost impossible task to select from our entire 2012 crop of fantastic females. Barbara Hetherington of Beck Brow alpacas was the successful bidder for the Bozedown female, and was thrilled to be able to select an outstanding brown female Bozedown Campari for her colour breeding programme, thus locking into 2 impeccable Bozedown bloodlines. Through her Grandsire Futurity Huacaya Champion Sire Bozedown Talisman, and her Grandsire Bozedown Thunder, who also sired Champion blacks Boz Oberon and Boz Kazzan,
Among the other Blood stock sold at the auction were Lot 6 and Lot 21 both went to Popham Alpacas, Lot 3 C-S Alpacas, Lot 17 to The Alpaca Farm and Lot 9, a fantastic pair of grey females, to the Gunther family in Belgium. All of these World Class pedigree females have great potential and we look forward to hearing news of some wonderful future progeny. Many congratulations to all of these discerning breeders.

Charity funds raised
There had been recent very bad news from the Puno region of Peru, where more than 25,000 animals had perished in freak severe snowstorms, leaving the subsistence herders there destitute. So at the end of the auction, Bozedown Alpacas and The Alpaca Stud each auctioned an élite Stud Service, which raised £3,500 to buy 238 good quality alpaca blankets. Alonso Burgos of Grupo Inca arranged this for us with no administration costs, and with the help of the local municipal government, the neediest herders were each given 2 of the blankets. It’s hard to describe the severity of the cold on the altiplano, where only 40 nights in the year are frost-free, and the night-time temperatures drop to minus 25 degrees on the majority of nights. The animals depend for their drinking water on above freezing temperatures, and when this does not happen they can die of thirst as well as hunger when the snow does not melt from their grazing, as there is no way of collecting and storing winter fodder as we do in the UK. Our very grateful thanks to the winning bidders Philippa Wills of Great House Alpacas and Lulu Oliver of Lusi Alpacas, who made this possible.

The evening kicked off with a live band playing 60’s and 70’s music in the barn, where there was also a free bar, and there was good food and a warm welcome from the big heaters in the marquee. Even so, the keen delegates turned out in force ready for the Sunday morning presentations. A memorable weekend!

Diary Date
The Third Annual Alpaca Classic Event and Seminars will be held on 6th and 7th September 2014. Brett and Cheryl will both be back to give further Seminars and share more fascinating insights and gems with us. Some of the top breeding from both Bozedown Alpacas and The Alpaca Stud will again be offered for auction - an unmissable opportunity to gain access to genetic developments that have taken many generations to achieve.

Breeder/Farm Name:Sapphire Alpacas
Herd Size:40
Contact Name:Paul Stead & Val Tew
Telephone Number:01295 721320
Nearest Town:South Newington
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Little Haven,
Barford Road,
South Newington,
About this breeder:Val & Paul, from years of experience of the breeding and management of other farm animals,have created a small herd of Huacaya Alpacas of the majority of colours. The herd is run with a high standard of animal husbandry of a non-invasive nature. We aim to manage our alpacas in a nature-complimentary way which has meant that over the years we have had very few birthing problems, premature cria or nutritional upsets.
We do not run a closed herd but we have not shown for 4 years and we no longer offer outside matings (the last were done over a year ago). We have not purchased any animals since 2011. The farm is bounded by a road or arable land on 3 sides and the fourth side is double-fenced 2 metres apart with a ditch between. We also run a flock of High Health Status Pedigree Sheep ( monitored by the Scottish Agricultural College Goat & Sheep Health Scheme).
We do not run any Husbandry Courses on the farm but we are more than willing to offer anybody full and complete support and advice.
Any purchaser will be offered Agistment services if necessary.
We are stockists of Camelid Complete Feeds and a specialist Alpaca in-feed mineral as sold by JG Animal Health and are always available to offer help and advice with alpaca nutrition.
Visitors will always be made welcome but please contact us first so that we can give you the time that you deserve.
Latest News:WE have a selection of animals for sale - males ready for work, boys as pets, girls with cria at foot, maidens and yearling alpaca of both sexes. All animals are sold with full back-up service and husbandry advice. If you are new or prospective owners then do not hesitate to contact us, we were like you not too long ago and appreciated the help and advice that we were given as we were building our herd.
We sell alpaca feed and specialist alpaca mineral in any quantity that you require.

Herd Size:120
Contact Name:Philippa Wills
Telephone Number:01844 279805
Nearest Town:Great Milton
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Farm Manager: Louise Claydon

Telephone Number: 07778 044811

The Great House
Church Road
Great Milton
OX44 7PD
About this breeder:Having bred alpacas since 1995, we are extremely proud of our exceptionally fine animals which come in a wide range of colours.

Standing at Stud we have a full range of both White and solid Coloured animals. All have dense fleeces with low micron counts and great conformation. Our particular pride and joy is Accoyo Shere Revenge who we imported from Australia after he had become Champion Adult Huacaya Male at the 2006 Royal Melbourne Show. His sire is Accoyo Rasputin, who in turn is son of Don Juio Barreda's number one Sire Shere Kahn.

High quality females are usually sold pregnant, with or without the current year's cria at foot. Should a female be open, the purchaser may choose from our males as to which sire is desired to father the next cria.

We also have Peruvian and Chilean stud males for sale, along with good pet quality animals, all at attractively competitive prices.

We halter train all our alpacas and they are well used to handling.

Friendly on-going support and advice always available.

Visitors are most welcome and encouraged to view our beautiful herd without obligation. Do come and spend some enjoyable hours with us and our wonderful alpacas!
Please telephone Louise Claydon on 07778044811 to arrange an appointment.

As well as being halter trained, all our animals are micro chipped, tagged and registered with The British Alpaca Society.

You will find us nine miles south of Oxford and less than two miles from the M40.

Latest News:We will be showing alpacas at the OXFORD COUNTY AND THAME SHOW, at Thame Show Ground on Thursday 18th September from 8am to 6pm.

We will be situated next to the main show ring, exactly opposite the President's Tent.

This is the largest one day Agricultural Show in the Country, with endless animal competitions from horses, sheep, cattle, dogs, rabbits, birds and more. There will be a Craft marquee, flower competitions, vintage cars, vintage tractors along with the latest in modern machinery, plus a variety of food venues. Bands and exciting displays also take place in the main show ring. There is plenty of close-by parking.

In fact, the THAME SHOW makes a wonderful day out for all the family whatever their interests so do hope to see you there!

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Breeder/Farm Name:Jupiter Alpacas
Herd Size:20
Contact Name:April Lay
Telephone Number:01939 235056
Nearest Town:Shrewsbury
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
About this breeder:As a farmer and Veterinary Nurse I have many years experience in animal husbandry and I am very enthusiastic in expanding my herd of Alpacas, intergrating this enterprise in our livestock and arable farm. Adult females, young females and young males are for sale. Husbandry and pasture advice is given to novice owners.Pregnancy scanning service provided for breeders.

Breeder/Farm Name:Mulberry Alpacas
Herd Size:17
Contact Name:Harry & Roz Edwards
Telephone Number:01691-682757
Nearest Town:Oswestry/Shrewsbury
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Mulberry Cottage
Chapel Lane
Knockin Heath
About this breeder:We have a small, quality, herd of huacaya alpacas and welcome visitors by appointment.
Our experience and insight is greatly appreciated by many who are now regular visitors. We love working with our fleeces and look forward to running various courses in 2013
Our small showroom of products is usually open on Saturdays from 10.00 until 4.00 - we recommend you phone first.
Small groups of visitors are most welcome.
Please enquire about our growing stud services.
Keep an eye on our website.

Breeder/Farm Name:The Alpaca Farm
Herd Size:14
Contact Name:
Telephone Number:01952 541349
Nearest Town:Newport
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:The Stables
Cherrington Grange Barns
About this breeder:The Alpaca Farm is a small friendly business based in the rolling Shropshire countryside specialising in the breeding of Huacaya Alpacas.

We began our adventure with alpacas in March 2010 and have gone on to create an award winning herd, including our multi-award winning champion female Alpaca Farm Buttons. We research our breeding programme very carefully so you will find our herd contains a truly impressive selection of genetics and range of colours.

We take great care & pride in our breeding program & only select animals which we feel will go on to improve our own herd & others.

Committee members of Heart of England Alpaca Group
Registered members of British Alpaca Society

Any questions? We would be delighted to share our experiences & offer any guidance about anything 'alpaca'.

Every day we learn something new - owning alpacas is a dream come true.

Breeder/Farm Name:Tilley Alpacas
Herd Size:17
Contact Name:Rebecca Jarrett
Telephone Number:07885271497
Nearest Town:Shrewsbury
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:The Hayracks
Tilley Village
About this breeder:We are a small family business based in the heart of Shropshire.

If you are interested in purchasing any of our alpacas or even just viewing them please get in contact and we will be more than happy to show you around. They are all very friendly and also all BAS registered.

We have also got some quality wool for sale shorn from our alpacas, all different colours ranging from brown, black white and fawn. We have not treated the wool we have just simply bagged it fresh from the cut. If you are interested please get in contact, we will take offers.

Breeder/Farm Name:Acorn Alpacas
Herd Size:15
Contact Name:Jane Kynaston
Telephone Number:01691 830064
Nearest Town:Oswestry
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:The brow
Penygarreg Lane
SY10 8JS
About this breeder:Acorn Alpacas is a family run business, based on the Welsh border in the village of Pant, near Oswestry. Our alpacas are friendly, full of character, some are halter trained. The majority of the herd are huacaya but we do have four beautiful Suris with prize-winning qualities.
We are happy to chat informally over the phone and offer advice to anybody considering keeping alpacas. Please note - we consider our alpacas welfare a top priority and would never sell an animal to live on its own or in a group of less than three animals.

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Breeder/Farm Name:OAKLEY ALPACAS
Herd Size:30
Contact Name:LISA WALL
Telephone Number:07801 734823
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact

Breeder/Farm Name:Barton Alpacas
Herd Size:22
Contact Name:David Poyner
Telephone Number:07973 114457
Nearest Town:Barton St. David, near Glastonbury
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Butts Drove,
Gosling Street,
Barton St David,
About this breeder:We've been breeding alpacas in the village of Barton St David in Somerset for almost 10 years. Through selective breeding using top-quality stud males, we've progressively improved the overall quality of our animals and won numerous prizes at shows in the South-West, including the prestigious Bath & West.

We have around 14 breeding females in a variety of natural colours and offer a personal service to new alpaca owners and breeders, including farmers and smallholders needing flock guards.

If you'd like to come and visit, please call to make an appointment.
Latest News:18 June 2014 - Female Cria Born
Barton Hayley gave birth to a strong female cria (8.5 Kg) amidst much fuss & bother, due to the attention of the other herd members. No worries - it was a textbook birth and the little thing was trotting around a couple of hours later. The sire is fawn stud Eringa Park Talisker.

25 October 2013 - Two Crias Born
In late September we were blessed with two female crias on successive days; both were textbook births to maiden females Barton Scimitar and Barton Bellissima (aka Janice). Scimitar produced a 9 Kg white girl sired by Strike Gold and Janice, a 7 Kg rose grey, sired by Waradene Pyralis.

23 March 2013 - The Quagmire Continues
Just as the pasture had dried out following 6 months of extremely wet Winter .. down came the rain again and we're back to mud, clay, puddles and the wonderful exercise that goes along with all that. The animals don't seem to mind though and have been appreciating the fresh shoots of grass that have started springing up.

11 October 2012 - 11th Hour Matings
Well, no births this year - mainly due to the fact that none of the ladies were mated last year.

So, looking ahead ... four of our best girls have just been mated to studs from EP Cambridge:

Barton Scimitar and Goodnight (both fawn) to EPC Strike Gold.
Tisbury Bella (rose grey) and daughter Barton Bellissima (brown) to Waradene Pyralis.

Better late than never! All the above ladies are for sale on the website.

3 October 2011 - Sunday Gives Birth
On 31 August, Barton Sunday finally produced a lovely black cria, a 7Kg female, sired by Inca's Lillyfield Jack of Spades.

Sunday is for sale on the Inca Alpaca website.

6 July 2011 - Barton Births
Two crias on the ground so far: a nice white male with fawn ears from first-timer Sushi and a lovely mid-brown female from Sushi's mother, Moonrise. Wiracocha lad Barton Storm is the sire of both.

10th December 2010 - Winter Sale
Just heard from Tim Hey at Inca Alpaca and he's sold our best black female, Barton Romany. She's a sweetheart and we're very sad to see her go, but you can't keep them all!

12th September 2010 - Dogs + Alpacas = No-No
Don't ever take alpacas to a dog show! I don't know what I was thinking ... suffice to say that they couldn't relax, being constantly on alert and didn't eat a thing in almost two hours. We made our apologies and left early. Lesson learned.

21st August 2010 - Last Birth of the Year
Well, Hayley has produced another stunner - all 9.25 Kg of her. Full sister to Barton Sunday (by Wessex Samurai) the new girl is a couple of shades lighter, being dark fawn.

20th August 2010 - New Crias Etc
Five crias on the ground so far - all happy & healthy. Richard (light fawn male), Percy (white male), Alison (med fawn female), Dark Star (brown female) and St David (dark fawn male). One more to come ... Hayley, are you listening? (She's 8 days overdue).

There so little grass around, we've started feeding the Winter haylage! It's good stuff, so no-worries - just keep on doing the rain dance.

29th May 2009 Royal Bath & West Show 2009 Results!
Barton Sunday wins 1st place Intermediate Brown Female. An excellent compact young female, Sunday is by Microsoft's Peruvian Wessex Samurai from Barton Hayley (s. Wessex Julius). Judge Liz Barlow commented particularly on her density, coverage and staple length. See her photo on our home page.

1st June 2008 Royal Bath & West Show 2008 Results!
Barton Charlie wins 2nd place Junior Fawn Male and Barton Peanut 3rd place Junior Brown Male. We're very pleased with these two youngsters. Although both were in real "paddock condition" (i.e. wet), BAS judge Val Fullerlove commented particularly on Charlie's fineness, crimp and excellent fleece organisation. Charlie is by our own Bourne Augustus (s. Wessex Mateus) from Blackmore Vale Shaston Lily (s. Wessex Sunrise). Peanut is by Microsoft's Peruvian Wessex Samurai from Barton Moonrise (s. Wessex Sunrise).

30th March 2008 BAS Spring Show Results!
Barton Comet wins 2nd place in the Intermediate Male Brown class. Comet is a fine, upstanding male, full of character and easy to handle. His fleece is fine and very dense, no doubt inherited from his sire, Wessex Cosmos. Comet seems to be a late developer and has yet to develop an interest in the ladies; we may have to wait until next year to get him working.

17th October 2007 - New Crias
We've had seven healthy crias - two girls and five boys - all textbook births, thank the fibre gods. The eldest, solid white "Barton Storm" (he was born into one) is by the legendary Wiracocha, Supreme Champion at the Bath and West Show 2006. Solid blue-black "Barton Shadow" is by Canchones Discovery. The other lads are by Wessex Samurai (mid-brown "Barton Peanut"), and our own Bourne Augustus (light fawn "Barton Tolly" and mid fawn "Barton Charlie").

Female crias are "Barton Darcey" (very dainty on her feet) by Wessex Rural Allianza Don Pepe and "Barton Sunday" by Wessex Samurai. Sunday's mother refused to let her feed, so we're bottle feeding her goat's milk every three hours from dawn to dusk.

Miraculously - given the very strange weather - we managed to make about 500 bales of hay during August, which looks very good, considering it was so late. Most of the ladies and their crias are away now, four being mated to Don Pepe, two to Costello, one to Sinbad. Oh and we have an Atlantic Cambridge Centurion baby due in the Spring from our lovely Barton Ebony.

23rd February 2007 - Fibre Etc
Late May and early June will be shearing time again. It is always an exciting time as well as busy. There will be new baby fibre for me to spin (oops, I mean for sale). I am trying to make up my mind about whether Comet's fibre, is very dark fawn or light brown. Comet is from Persephone (solid light brown), to Wessex Cosmos (solid white). As Comet has grown older there is a definite butterscotch effect about his fibre. I suppose the definition of dark fawn or light brown in any fleece, is always going to be in the eye of the beholder and subjective to a certain degree.

Then there's Ebony from Zena (solid blue black) to Wessex Koricancha Sinbad (solid black). Ebony looks dark brown at the tips of her fibre, but when you part the fleece you find a gorgeous charcoal black, which is uniform throughout the fleece.

After shearing there will be fibre testing and the proof of last years breeding program will become apparent. Testing will tell us many things, not just about quality, but about the nutrition and health of each animal. It will also show us whether our breeding is producing animals that are an improvement on their dams and sires, whether the mating was suited in terms of the progress toward high quality fibre from our alpacas, and will inform our decisions for future breeding. Over time, testing shows us how each animal holds it quality of fibre diameter, uniformity, brightness, as well as levels of modulated fibre (guard hairs).

12th October 2006 - New Stud
Our own young stud Bourne Augustus (son of multi-supreme champion Wessex Mateus) is beginning to work and has covered four of our older ladies, three of whom are now spitting off. He's certainly keen and not at all shy!

15th September 2006 - New Crias Etc
We've had two beautiful cria this year. Barton Ebony was the first to arrive. She's a gorgeous black from Cammell Zena mated to Wessex Koricancha Sinbad. From the outside she looks very dark brown with jet black extremeties, but inside the fibre bunches she is a beautiful charcoal black.

Next came Barton Comet, our first male cria, from Persephone mated to Wessex Cosmos. From the moment he arrived he had all the ladies running after him and had climbed onto the mound before the afterbirth had come away. He's a medium brown with good coverage and will definitely be going to the Bath & West show next year. Wessex Cosmos has won several progeny classes both last year and this, and we are very pleased with our boy.

In early June we entered some of our young alpacas into the Bath & West Show. We had a long and hot day, but came home with two rosettes; one for Moonrise and one for Midnight; two young females born in 2004. A third and a fourth respectively.

We had a stand at the Baltonsborough Show (our local village), on August bank holiday Monday. It was the 100th anniversary of the show and the weather was kind. The whole event was a whirl from start to finish.

Lynda at her spinning wheelA good friend and bush crafter brought her home-made spinning wheel and stool along. Lynda made her wheel last year from an old bicycle wheel and hazel wood for the rest of it. It works a treat and Lynda spent the day spinning up some of Clementine's fibre and getting her face and spinning wheel in the local paper. Go Lynda!

Overall there was a huge amount of interest in the alpacas. Bags of raw fibre were sold and I talked myself quiet. A good and social day was had by all.

Breeder/Farm Name:Valley Alpacas
Herd Size:40
Contact Name:Sue Wilson
Telephone Number:07899998958
Nearest Town:Bath
Web Site:http://Valley Alpacas
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Valley Farm,
Chelwood Road,
About this breeder:We have been breeding alpacas for eight years.Starting with very average girls we have improved our herd with careful breeding. We aim to give sensible advise to new owners.
Breeding for good conformation and fleece, we have supreme genetics for those wishing to own excellant alpacas.
Free husbandry help with any purchase.

If you wish advice regarding planning, please contact us.

Breeder/Farm Name:Peakview Alpacas
Contact Name:Jonn
Telephone Number:01458 832927
Nearest Town:Burnham-on-Sea
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Peak View Farm
75 Stoddens Road
About this breeder:Peakview Alpacas is a breeder of animals for sale and for the production of fine fibres to be used in making superior soft toys for specialist collectors.

We have a range of colours and ages of animals available.

Breeder/Farm Name:Apple Vale Alpacas
Herd Size:16
Contact Name:Dave and Joy Bearman
Telephone Number:01278 722642
Nearest Town:Bridgwater
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Rose Cottage
About this breeder:Breeder of alpacas with integral fibre and garment production studio. We have been breeding alpacas since 2008, and have grown steadily as we acquired more land. All of our fleeces are used by Joy to make luxurious, soft garments and accessories.
We take an active part in the local agricultural and alpaca show scene, and have been regular attendees and participants at the annual popular Alpaca Futurity show.

Follow our development on the 'blog', via.

Breeder/Farm Name:Starshine Alpacas
Herd Size:9
Contact Name:Mike Starkey
Telephone Number:01278699005
Nearest Town:Westonzoyland
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:50 Momouth Road
Westonzoyland, Bridgwater
About this breeder:Member of British Alpaca Society and South West Alpaaca Group.

Have kept alpacas for 5 years

Breeder/Farm Name:TREETOPS CAMELIDS (Est. 2000)
Herd Size:50
Contact Name:Barrie Stoneman
Telephone Number:01963 31861
Nearest Town:Wincanton
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:The Croft,
Stoke Lane,
About this breeder:

Welfare before profit.

Breeder/Farm Name:Reddingvale Alpacas
Herd Size:50
Contact Name:Vivienne and Andrew Walker
Telephone Number:01963 370223 or 07768 327141
Nearest Town:Templecombe near Wincanton
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Lower Throop Farm, Throop Road, Templecombe, Somerset,
About this breeder:We are a small family run Alpaca farm established in 2003, conveniently situated in central South West England, close to the borders of Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire, easily accessible from the A303. We have spacious up to date facilities and can offer a comprehensive service to Alpaca owners.

All our animals are treated as individuals, temperament and health being our main priority. Our Alpacas are kept in small groups in large paddocks, thus reducing competitive stress and associated health problems. Our philosophy is quality not quantity.

We have some excellent advanced Australian genetics, enabling us to continually improve the fibre quality of our herd.

Visitors are always welcome by prior appointment to view these wonderful and addictive animals.

We specialise in blacks and fawns and are now able to offer a new generation of quality Australian studs to the South West. Their services will be available as either 'Drive By' or 'Mobile' at affordable rates.

Breeder/Farm Name:Knapps Alpacas
Herd Size:29
Contact Name:Mrs Tracey Mead
Telephone Number:07974652637 or 01749880022
Nearest Town:Doulting
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Knapps Farm
Nr Shepton Mallet
About this breeder:My Name is Tracey and i started off with 3 gelded males 6 years ago, i have now increased my herd to 29 . I have a mixture of coulors from White through to Black.

Breeder/Farm Name:Angersleigh Alpacas
Herd Size:30
Contact Name:Judith Newman & Gary Steer
Telephone Number:07901 683802
Nearest Town:Highbridge
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Apple Tree Farm
Westhill Lane
Bason Bridge
About this breeder:We believe that great genetics breeds success and we are trying to pursue this belief through the addition to our herd of the top australian and american genetics we can find. We have the genetics of Spartacus, Ruffo, Brutus, Conquistador, Caesar, Commisario as well as some of the best of the Snowmass lines. We are within 5 mins of junction 22 of the M5 motorway and 10 minutes of junction 23 and therefore easily accessible.

We have top quality stud males and occasionally stock for sale. We also offer a full backup service for new owners. Our aim is to breed top quality whites, fawns and browns.

Breeder/Farm Name:Summerhaze Alpacas
Herd Size:25
Contact Name:Jacqueline & Colin Reeves
Telephone Number:07855966109
Nearest Town:Glastonbury
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Ash view Farm
About this breeder:Ash View Farm is a smallholding of around 16 acres.
We are situated in the Somerset levels, about 5 miles from Glastonbury on the outskirts of the small village of

Over the past year we have been blessed with 3 beautiful female cria - out of 3 of our breeding mums. These we hope to show in the spring...fingers crossed!

This year we are hoping to have a higher percentage of pregnancies/births from our 14 breeding females.

Our breeding plans are to improve the quality and quantity of fleece from our range of coloured animals, which range from bay black, browns, and grey. We also have several white females to compliment and provide good quality young from our part shared stud male....Peruvian concept jack.

We have recently began a new breeding programme by introducing our new stud are very excited by the introduction of their off spring next year.

Latest News:April 2012

We attended our first ever show on the 14/15 April - The Southwest Group 2012 Alpaca Spring Show.

We took 3 of our 2011 Cria and our part owned Stud Male.

We walked away with a 1st place in the Female Junior Grey class, a 2nd place in the Female Junior Brown Class and a 2nd place in the Male Adult White Class. We also won Championship Reserve in the female Grey class. So overall we had an amazing weekend, and an excellent first show for Summerhaze Alpacas.

We are now looking forward to our next couple of shows we have lined up...

September 2012

After a great show success, this has started out to be a good year!
We have had 4 lovely cria born...2 x males 2 x females. thankfully everything went well for both mums and babies!

With strong cria running around the paddocks and our own hay baled...and safely stored for the winter, we look forward to our next challenge....Fencing which is an on going process as we are making them smaller - so more managable (if only the weather helped)!!! Hopefully we should have our first phase finished before winter sets in.
We... like many other breeders, are in a delema not knowing the best way forward with planning when it comes to shelters. Still we battle on and for the animals sake!!

All four cria are filling out nicely and looking good.... so we are looking forward to the halter training ready for the show team for next year.

HAY FOR SALE £3.25 per bale....Good quality Somerset Hay. ( No chemicals or rain). Call - 07855966109/01458 850393 if interested

March 2013

What a winter!!! lets hope spring is on its way!!

We managed to get on the land ....with the couple of weeks dry weather....finished hedge cutting at last. Hay fields topped and harrowed ...all we need now is sunshine for the grass to grow.

As for our animals they are looking good. Busy halter training the young ones, and looking forward to our first newborns next month.

We'd like to thank our customers who recently purchased from our beautiful herd, and wish them all the best.

Now looking at the show calendar .... we had such a good time last year, we wouldn't want to miss this year.

May 2014

This year is running away already, with this years cria due at any time soon. We have had a good year with lots happening, from sales through to our planning being granted for a house....this is a very exciting time and can't wait.

We have started revamping our barn by extending the flooring across to allow more space for hay/straw and to add a fibre room where I can store and sort my fleece without being interrupted and rushed. On the ground floor there will be a large food/storage room and a meeting/viewing room for potential clients and visitors, not to mention a selection of pens ranging from large to smaller ones for last we will be prepared for all weather conditions.

We also bought in a new stud male 'Inca Dakota' are very excited about this. We will be mating him to our females with the intention to add colour, structure, density and just as important...a desirable look to our future herd. We will be offering his services through mobile matings to start with.

Well...the shows are already underway and although we have not entered into the earlier shows we are looking forward to being at the Devon County and the Bath & hopefully see you there.

Breeder/Farm Name:Garsons Field Alpacas
Herd Size:22
Contact Name:MRS E R Moggridge
Telephone Number:01275 472177
Nearest Town:Winford
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:The Willows
Near Winford
North Somerset
About this breeder:I'm Elaine Moggridge and I started Garsons Field Alpacas in 2006 when I took early retirement from a long career as a primary school teacher but wasn't ready to give up nurturing!

My husband Garry and I had the opportunity to buy Garsons Field, the land adjacent to our house in 1994. After letting it to local farmers for cattle and sheep grazing we became more and more drawn to the idea of keeping our own animals one day.

Since our children were small, we have always had dogs, rabbits, chickens (and occasionally ducks) and although wanting to keep livestock, we didn’t want anything we’d have to take to market. Alpacas seemed the obvious choice!

After my final day at school we visited various alpaca breeders, who were always very enthusiastic and encouraging.

We started with two pregnant females, one potential stud male and two wethers, chosen purely by their looks (not a wise move).

We now have a herd of sixteen very healthy and happy alpacas, six of our eight females are due to birth in the summer. They are all pets and hand fed twice everyday. Luckily, we have enough space to be able to rotate the paddocks and produce our own hay.

Breeder/Farm Name:Priddy Alpacas
Herd Size:15
Contact Name:Sue Humber
Telephone Number:01749 870336
Nearest Town:Cheddar
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Wellington farm
Nr Wells
About this breeder:Our small herd are pets but we aim to breed animals with correct confirmation and good quality fleeces.

Breeder/Farm Name:Whitefield Alpacas
Herd Size:13
Contact Name:Christopher Airy
Telephone Number:01984 623200
Nearest Town:Wiveliscombe
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Whitefield Farm House
About this breeder:Small breeder who has achieved a first prize at the Bath and West with home bred male. Has selection females, including pregnant, males of varying ages, including some fine young ones.

Breeder/Farm Name:Alice's Alpacas.
Herd Size:10
Contact Name:Alice Purvis
Telephone Number:07967739616
Nearest Town:Wootton Courtenay
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:The Bourne, Wootton Courtenay, Minehead, Somerset.
About this breeder:I am a small hobby breeder with good quality animals.

Herd Size:28
Contact Name:LYNN PEPPER
Telephone Number:07790674334
Nearest Town:FROME
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
TEL 07790674334



to protect our herd we operate a strict bio security regime on our farm and are a closed herd.



TEL..........07790 674334

Breeder/Farm Name:Cairn-Leigh Alpacas
Herd Size:17
Contact Name:Jackie Giles
Telephone Number:07909680566
Nearest Town:Castle Cary
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Barn Croft
South Barrow
Nr Yeovil
About this breeder:We are a small family run Alpaca farm, breeding quality animals for the production of quality fleece. We have chosen the much sought after Snowmass genetics ensuring our breeding programme produces cria of distinction. Our Alpacas make wonderful pets but for those who want to work with fine, good quality fleece we can offer you a wide choice of colours.

South Yorkshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Moss Carr Lodge Alpacas
Herd Size:32
Contact Name:Miss C Metcalfe
Telephone Number:01302700880/07761170277
Nearest Town:South Yorkshire
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Moss Carr Lodge,
Heyworth Lane,
South Yorkshire
About this breeder:Moss Carr Lodge Alpacas was established in 2008 and currently the herd numbers stand at 32. I was
looking for a change in lifestyle following a serious
riding accident and discovered alpacas! Now I have
a quality herd sourced from top breeders, produce
luxurious yarn for a wide range of uses, have my
own log cabin and my own rewarding business. I have been inspired to invest in alpacas and create my own cottage industry and willingly offer help and
advice to anyone who wishes to do the same.
Latest News:The Yorkshire Alpaca Group Show on 16th October 2010 was a very enjoyable and successful day out. The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly and showing alpacas is so easy and laid back compared to the years when I was showing horses! My little chap, MCL Festival repeated the success he had at the Northumberland County Show in May by winning his Intermediate Class and then being awarded Champion White Male! Hopefully I will be taking him to the Futurity show in March which is something to look forward to during the winter months. On the 12th December I will be attending, for the first time, the Victorian Christmas Fair at Cusworth Hall with my alpacas and paca products. Am looking forward to it and it will get me in the festive spirit!
Now it's March and Spring is almost upon us! Daffodils and tree blossoms are everywhere. I love Spring and in
particular as the trees sprout leaves and the birds sing like mad. Life is gearing up to alpaca births and already my Gold Star is overdue ( she always is!). I think that with the harsh winter a lot of girls will be late this year.
I attended the British Alpaca Futurity on 11-12 March and what a splendid event is was! I took MCL Festival and his pal, Harry and although he wasnt placed he behaved impeccably. The standard of alpacas at the show was awesome and the atmosphere was terrific. Everyone was very friendly and helpful and the seminars very informative. I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed what was a very well organised and successful event. It is the Alpaca showpiece and anyone interested in alpacas should attend and be inspired!
At the Yorkshire Alpaca Group meeting in January I found myself volunteering to take over the reins of Show Organiser this year!! Having had a site visit to Thirsk Farmers Market on 22 March this year's Show will be held on 8 October at the Market. I am very excited and looking forward to organising the event which last year was a huge success. After a lifetime in horses I find showing alpacas such a refreshing and enjoyable change and hope lots of people will attend and bring their alpacas!?
January 8 2014. At the start of the New Year Moss Carr Lodge Alpacas has grown considerably since my last news update on AlpacaSeller. My herd numbers remain at around 30 huacayas and consist of 3 stud males, 3 young males, 3 wethers, 6 weanlings and 15 breeding females. I gained Full Planning Permission to live on my land in a log cabin in 2012 after 4 years on a Temporary Planning Permission. I have horses,dogs, ducks, chickens and ferrets as well as the alpacas which keeps me busy!This year I have 7 females pregnant and as usual am excited about new crias being born! This is the time of year when thoughts turn to which shows to enter and who to take?! For the past 3 years I have organised the Yorkshire Alpaca Show at Thirsk in October and thoroughly enjoy meeting breeders and public alike at what has become a very succesful event. Shows are the ideal time to see what's going on in the alpaca world and to catch up with friends so I advise everyone to go to at least one show this year and enjoy the atmosphere?? The BAS National Show has moved to a brand new venue for 2014 and will include Fancy Dress for alpacas for the very first time. This is the brainchild of Julia Smith, Secretary of the Yorkshire Alpaca Show and is hugely popular with alpaca folk particularly children so anyone who wishes to go to the National but is not sure about showing should enter the Fancy Dress and have some fun!

Herd Size:30
Contact Name:JANET BROWN
Telephone Number:07734154868
Nearest Town:rotheham
Email:Click Here To Contact
About this breeder:My name is Janet Brown and I started breeding alpacas five years ago just by chance - I was looking on the web site for a tractor for my husband and saw a group of 8 suri alpacas for sale - I just went to have a look at them and I was hooked. We now have a herd of 30 alpacas,mostly suri's -I bought my main stud muffin (chezney) four years ago and he is producing some very good quality suri crias. He is available for stud work. It has taken some time to get organised but last year we started to produce socks from our own fleece. I am looking to expand this side of things. We are just building a log cabin as we have been granted temparay planning permission to live on our land which will make thing so much easier and safer for the animals. We only have male alpacas for sale as we are still expaning our herd.

Breeder/Farm Name:Mayfield Alpacas
Herd Size:96
Contact Name:Elaine Sharp
Telephone Number:0114 2630033/07713656301
Nearest Town:Ringinglow
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Quicksaw Farm
Fullwood Lane
Ringinglow Village

Mayfield Alpacas - was set up in 2001 as a working farm. the herd has increased rapidly and we now have nearly a hundred animals, as well as a visitor centre, coffee shop and a shop selling peruvian goods and garments. we also provide educational facilities for young and old alike.
I have been breeding alpacas since 1998,my foundation herd started with just two animals and have increased rapidly over
the past few years.We have both huacayas and suris for sale,excellent young stock with extremely fine fleeces,dense
with low micron counts. I pride myself on providing the best
possible husbandry procedures for my animals and enthusiasts and buyers are welcome to contact me for help and advice.






Staffordshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Three Oaks Alpacas
Herd Size:30
Contact Name:Mr Matthew Cooke
Telephone Number:07931 332294
Nearest Town:Burton on trent
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Three Oaks Alpacas
Belmot Rd
Burton on trent
About this breeder:A breeder of huacaya with Australian , Peruvian , and Chilian blood lines.

Husbandry services available.

Set up and after sales advice.

Please contact us if you would like to come and have a look at our animals.

Suffolk  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Hillyridge Alpacas
Herd Size:40
Contact Name:Jo Bridge and Scott Stevens
Telephone Number:07703005447
Nearest Town:Great Cornard
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Brook farm House ,Bures road,
Great Cornard
About this breeder:Hilly ridge Alpacas is located on the Suffolk / Essex borders. We try to maintain our herd at around 40 Alpacas We are happy to speak to anyone thinking about starting out and sharing our experiences as we go along.

All our animals are sold with a full back up service , BAS registration and full husbandry record.

We love our Alpacas and welcome any questions !. No question is too silly to ask as I'm sure we asked it somewhere or at sometime!

We welcome visitors to our farm but would appreciate a call first.

Breeder/Farm Name:Melford Green
Herd Size:100
Contact Name:Paul Rylott
Telephone Number:01728 668446
Nearest Town:Darsham
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Old Hall Farm
About this breeder:Melford Green are dedicated to improving the quality of Alpaca fleece. At Melford Green Alpacas we combine elite genetics with a unique knowledge of breeding techniques and first class animal welfare standards in order to provide our customers with truly high-quality breeding stock.

We also have a fantastic selection of companion / pet animals. Large range of colours are currently available. All of our companion animals are BAS registered, micro-chipped and socialised before delivery.

As our name suggests we are commited to sustainable agriculture and support local business.
Latest News:BBC Countryfile have visited Melford Green for a 2nd time.
The show will be aired on 17th November 2013

Breeder/Farm Name:Hartwell Alpacas
Herd Size:20
Contact Name:Becky Harvey-Evers
Telephone Number:07980 563154
Nearest Town:Bury St Edmunds
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Hartwell House
Bury St Edmunds
About this breeder:We are a small farm, with a variety of alpacas and also chickens and ducks.

Our aim is to produce happy well bred animals. Having started only a year ago it is early days and we learn something new each day.

We use our fibre for upholstery fabric, flat caps and clothing and I continue to look at how to diversify and use as much of my fibre as possible even the seconds etc.

Breeder/Farm Name:Woodbine Farm Alpacas
Herd Size:52
Contact Name:David Cooper and Pauline Sandell
Telephone Number:01379 854454
Nearest Town:Weybread
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Woodbine Farm
Hoxne Road
About this breeder:We started in 2007 with six pregnant females and now have 52 animals with further cria due in 2013. We are one of the larger alpaca farms in the East of England that specifically breed quality brown and black alpacas. In the last four years we have carefully chosen the best genetics to improve the fineness and density of the fleece of our herd and to continue with this breeding programme we are in the process of importing a black male stud from Australia. We have three studs of our own, Zarza Marley-Rizardo II, a blue black male with true to type confirmation, who has passed on his excellent fleece characterists to his progeny. We also have EP Cambridge Cappuccino a brown stud that we purchased last year and are looking forward to seeing his cria this year. We have also just puchased a solid white stud male, Morden Hall Endor, the Grandson of the famous NWA Ruffo. He has just started working and has females spitting off. Although we specialize in browns and blacks, we do have some fawn and white. We pride ourselves on our high standards of animal welfare and bio security and will be able to offer advice to any prospective buyers. Please check our website for yarn and knitted goods.

Breeder/Farm Name:Alpacas of Essex
Herd Size:8
Contact Name:Lynda Yandell
Telephone Number:01787269085
Nearest Town:SUDBURY
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Little Orchard
Church Road
About this breeder:Small hobby breeder of darker coloured and grey huacaya.
Closed farm; breeding first and foremost for temperament and conformation.
Different sires of entire herd cria can be seen.
Happy to give life long advice and support.
Visitors welcome by prior arrangement.

Breeder/Farm Name:Millbrook Alpacas
Herd Size:70
Contact Name:Joanne Margossian & Michael Hunter
Telephone Number:07767264245 / 07775567157
Nearest Town:Newmarket
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:The Old Rectory,
About this breeder: Millbrook Alpacas, now situated in the beautiful rural Suffolk near the market town of Framlingham, was started in 2004 with the purchase of 7 alpacas.

Owners Joanne Margossian and Michael Hunter have built up numbers rapidly since, with many animals coming from leading studs in the UK. The herd is now over 70 animals strong.

The overriding goal at Millbrook is to improve the qualities in both fleece attributes and animal conformation in coloured alpacas. While we intend to maintain a small group of white alpacas, breeding quality coloured alpacas in the main adjective. We are working towards this improvement by selecting the best stock available both locally and also overseas.

We are committed to being a part of the long term sustainability of alpaca fibre production here in the UK.

In order to help develop and establish Millbrook Alpacas as a leading stud, it was decided to appoint a Stud Manager. In February 2006 Matthew McAninly joined us from Australia. Matt has come to us with a number of years experience with alpaca fibre - having being the only full-time classer for Australian Alpaca Fleece Ltd. He has also has years of farming experience gained from growing up on a dairy farm.

Along with the alpacas, Mill Farm is also home to the Millbrook Scottish Highland Fold and a collection of other unusual farm animals.

We usually have a range of stock for sale, from pet/sheep guards to quality breeding females. Starter packages for new breeders are our specialty. If we believe we don’t have what you are looking for, we are more than happy to assist you in finding the right animals – with our detailed knowledge of the leading UK studs and also leading Australian breeders the right animals for your situation will be sourced.

Millbrook Alpacas is a member of the British Alpaca Society (BAS).
Latest News:We would like to announce that in February, Matthew McAninly from Australia joined us at Millbrook Alpacas as Stud Manager.

Matt is a qualified Wool Classer and before joining us was the fibre classer for Australian Alpaca Fleece Ltd. in Melbourne. He comes to us with expert knowledge of alpaca fibre developed from his time with AAFL.

Recently Matt has consulted for the Alpaca Fibre Co-operative of North America (AFCNA) developing classing guidelines and training their staff on sorting and grading alpaca fibre. He has also been involved in conducting fleece workshops for alpaca growers in Australia.

With Matt?s knowledge of alpaca fibre we believe he can assist in the building of Millbrook Alpacas and establish us as a producer of quality stock.

Matt will be available to clients for advice on breeding, selecting animals or any fibre related question and can also teach anyone interested in learning to sort and grade alpaca fibre.

Surrey  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Sassy Suri Alpacas
Herd Size:13
Contact Name:Julia and Paul Onslow-Cole
Telephone Number:07415 648088
Nearest Town:Godstone
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Hop Garden Cottage
Leigh Place Lane
About this breeder:We are a small & family run Suri breeder, starting in 2012.

Keeping our herd small, allows us to give more personal, hands on attention care for our alpacas.

All our animals are sold with a full back up service ,BAS registration and full husbandry record.

We really enjoy our alpacas and think they are very interesting animals and are happy to share any knowledge and experience we have.

Warwickshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Faerie Tale Alpacas
Herd Size:50
Contact Name:Kierti Vaidya
Telephone Number:07950671672
Nearest Town:Kenilworth
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Faerie Tale Farm
Rouncil Lane
About this breeder:At Faerie Tale Alpacas we continuously strive to improve conformation and fleece quality. The alpaca industry in the UK has utilised the top genetics from around the world to accelerate our breeding programme. Since starting in 2008, we have taken great care to use only the most elite stud males from the top alpaca breeders in the UK. The males used are chosen for their elite fleece qualities and superior genetics; many are multi and supreme champions and have often been imported from South America or Australia which has an extremely advanced breeding programme. This careful selection has improved the quality of our crias year on year. See our Sales page for details

Breeder/Farm Name:Myton Alpacas
Herd Size:30
Contact Name:John Clarke
Telephone Number:01926 842353
Nearest Town:Shrewley
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Myton Cottage
40 Shrewley Common
About this breeder:We are a small breeder specialising in black and brown Huacaya. We have been building up the herd and have had some great results proven by placings at local shows for our stud males. This we are continuing to improve upon and can now offer for sale some of our males and females together with stud services from both black and brown solid males.

Breeder/Farm Name:Toft Alpacas
Herd Size:250
Contact Name:Shirley and Rob Bettinson
Telephone Number:01788 810626
Nearest Town:Rugby
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Toft Manor
Toft Lane
Nr Rugby
About this breeder:Toft Alpacas is a family business, owned by Rob & Shirley Bettinson on the borders of Warwickshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire. Established in 1997 we breed pedigree prize winning stock in all colours from established Peruvian, Accoyo and Australian bloodlines.
Since our alpaca adventure began our thorough selection process has been geared to producing alpacas whose fleece stays fine and useable at the top end of the market for a minimum of ten years. We encourage and support all our clients to attain the same goals and willingly share our experience with them to achieve this. We offer a 24/7 full support service to all our clients. We breed and sell on the principles of transparency, honesty trust and integrity in the knowledge that we shall always be there for our clients on the principle that their success will be our success and can only enhance the reputation of the genetic selection available at Toft.

We have a range of pedigree Huacaya and Suri pregnant females, stud males, pets guardians and companion alpacas for sale. We offer on and off farm stud services from a select team of elite males.
We lease proven and unproven stud males for part or whole season at very reasonable rates. Each season we offer discerning breeders a select group of young pedigree stud males for sale in all colours.
Keen to encourage Alpaca ownership we run Family Fun days, Introductory days, Advanced days, Breeder days, fleece, fibre, textile and processing courses, lectures, workshops and seminars.
We process all our fleece and buy in alpaca fleece from other breeders for processing. We sell exclusive alpaca yarn via our on farm shop and online shop.
We offer self catering holiday accommodation on farm for those that want to participate in the alpaca lifestyle without the responsibility.
We aim to support and inform. Visitors are always welcome by appointment to drop in and talk alpaca anytime.

Breeder/Farm Name:Fosse Alpaca
Herd Size:37
Contact Name:Christine & Alan Lorentzen
Telephone Number:01926612700
Nearest Town:Offchurch, Leamington Spa
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Fosse Wharf Lodge
Fosse Way
Leamington Spa
About this breeder:A small breeder of high quality animals offering after sales support to our clients.

West Midlands  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Farley Alpacas
Herd Size:12
Contact Name:Sue Price Darby
Telephone Number:01562852644
Nearest Town:Kidderminster
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:The Barn Bayhorse Farm
Drakelow Lane
About this breeder:We are a small family breeder of Alpacas. Aiming to produce good quality breeding stock that are easy to handle.

West Sussex  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Moonsbrook Alpacas
Herd Size:300
Contact Name:Melanie Brown
Telephone Number:01403700355
Nearest Town:Billingshurst
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Smale Farm
Wisborough Green
West Sussex
About this breeder:Here at Moonsbrook Alpacas we are dedicated to our breeding program creating top quality Suri Alpacas with elite fibres.

Located in West Sussex in the beautiful village of Wisborough Green, Moonsbrook Alpacas offers a convenient location for visitors and alpaca farming. With world class facilities we also offer a very comprehensive agistment and/or herd management programme for those breeders who are building up their herd with the idea of moving to their own property. Moonsbrook Alpacas offers interested people and existing breeders an ideal opportunity to visit, view stock and learn more about this exciting and new rural enterprise.

Breeder/Farm Name:Clappers Alpacas
Herd Size:12
Contact Name:Jon Monnery
Telephone Number:07909 836501
Nearest Town:Ditchling
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Janes Lane,
Burgess Hill,
West Sussex,
About this breeder:We are a small breeder of high quality alpacas with top Australian genetics , operating a closed herd , all of our animals have been sourced from the highly regarded Wellground Stud.

Breeder/Farm Name:Hurst Alpacas
Herd Size:52
Contact Name:Madeleine & Daniel Vogt
Telephone Number:+44 (0) 7785 296 379
Nearest Town:Hurstpierpoint
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Little Danny Farmhouse
New Way Lane
West Sussex
About this breeder:We are a small breeder of Huacaya alpacas in West Sussex. We started in 2005 with three pregnant females and two wethers. We now own a herd of just over 50 alpacas in various colours. In 2011 year we had the first three crias from our own stud male Hurst Montezuma. Our aim is to breed good quality animals with sound conformation and dense, soft fleece. We have gained experience through attending workshops, courses and every day hands on experience with these beautiful animals.
Our farm bred stud males Hurst Montezuma and Hurst Ernesto have produced some beautiful crias in the last two years.

We had four crias in summer 2013 from Hurst Napoleon, son of Dovecote Jacquinto of Alpaca Stud. They are two males and two females.

We also own a flock of just over 20 rare breed Balwen Welsh Mountain sheep.
We also sell 100% pure Alpaca yarn produced from the fleeces of our own herd.
Latest News:In 2013 we had four crias, all offsprings of Hurst Napoleon, son of Dovecote Jaquinto of the Alpaca Stud. The four youngsters (two males and two females) are growing well despite the wet winter we had.

Herd Size:37
Contact Name:Bruce and Peta Ives
Telephone Number:07766252310
Nearest Town:Chichester
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Dunreyth Alpacas
West Sussex
About this breeder:We are a small family run alpaca business specialising in friendly happy alpacas. We take out groups of people on alpaca walks and produce unique hand knitted garments using our own fibre. We encourage visits from schools and special needs groups and take our boys to residential and nursing homes. We are available for advice and assistance for new owners.

Breeder/Farm Name:The Alpaca Stud
Herd Size:850
Contact Name:Nick Harrington-Smith
Telephone Number:Office +44(0)1903891425
Nearest Town:Horsham
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:The Farm Office
2 Bowford Cottages
Goose Green
West Sussex
About this breeder:The Alpaca Stud was founded in 2005 and has grown to be one of the most recognised UK studs. It is owned and run by Nick Harrington-Smith. Nick has worked with alpacas for over 10 years and has a lifetime’s experience with stock farming behind him. Commited to the success of the British alpaca industry Nick has participated in an extended training programme so that he could gain a better understanding of alpaca breeding. This has lead to him becoming a qualified British Alpaca Society Judge and Trainer, as well as an AOA(American) Judge!

Whether you are looking for colourful pets , Champion breeding females, starter herds, stud services or stud males to own outright or have a share in, you will be spoilt for choice. Call in and see us or we can bring a range of alpacas to you and your budget. You can buy with confidence as we will change any alpaca you don’t like and we are available 24 hours a day if you need any help or advice.

Come and see us or give us a call to assess whether we are the breeder for you.

Breeder/Farm Name:Artwork Alpacas
Herd Size:50
Contact Name:Ken Freivokh
Telephone Number:07785 258740
Nearest Town:Rogate
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Mills Farm House
About this breeder:Artwork Alpacas are lifestyle breeders. Having purchased some of the top females in the UK, Ken & Liz secured a share in some of the World’s top herd sires, personally chosen by International Judge Nick Harrington-Smith from the World famous Snowmass ranch in Idaho, US. The selection and importation process took almost two years, and resulted in the most amazing collection of top studs, jointly owned with top alpaca breeders Alpaca Stud, Meon Valley Alpacas and Pure Alpacas (brown, fawn, light and white – seven amazing specimens) and with Alpaca Stud and Merrifield Alpacas (two stunning black males)
The current herd includes three generations successively mated to such champion studs. This process has not only achieved the desired fleece characteristics and a dramatic reduction in the micron fineness, but further allowed Artwork Alpacas to achieve the desired optimisation of unique traits, such as perfect conformation, strong frame, short muzzle, uniform fleece distribution.
It is always difficult to select any of our alpacas to place on a ‘for sale’ list but, equally, we believe it is important that we limit the numbers in our herd, such that we can continue to offer the close and personal care, and we continue to target improvements to raise the overall standard and reinforce the traits which make Artwork Alpacas so special.
Therefore, the alpacas which we reluctantly selected are not on the list because they are in any way inferior – in many cases they are our top animals, but decisions must be taken bearing in mind the stud males available to us.
We are also selectively offering the services of such top Snowmass studs.

Breeder/Farm Name:Redens Alpacas
Herd Size:50
Contact Name:Linda Mackintosh
Telephone Number:01798 861754 mob: 0711 647107
Nearest Town:Petworth
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
West Sussex
About this breeder:Specialist breeder of black alpacas
Living in a peaceful environment on the edge of the Sussex downs.
Striving to create a unique group of the stunning black animals with carefully selected genetics, that produce fibre that is recognised for its fineness and luxurious feel.
Outstanding females from Inca Alpaca were the foundation of our herd. These foundation females have produced excellent progeny with the females' offspring giving us a group of black females that carry these strong genetics. Our females are strong framed animals so that they can carry a large quantity of luxurious fibre and produce strong and healthy cria.
Black being the most challenging of colours, our goal is to breed one of the finest black herds in the country.

West Yorkshire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Summer Wine Alpacas
Herd Size:20
Contact Name:Gail and Terry Beaumont
Telephone Number:01484 688099
Nearest Town:Holmfirth, Huddersfield
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Far Mount Farm
About this breeder:We live on a 31 acre farm on top of the Pennines where the program "Last of the Summer Wine" is filmed, (at the bottom of our fields in fact). We have 3 horses, 3 goats, 1 dog, 2 manic puppies, 2 cats, 3 sheep and now 20 alpacas, having just sold some.

We became "hooked" on alpacas, by wanting to get 2 or 3 sheep to graze a rather steep lawn for us, as I was fed up of falling off the lawnmower. A very dear friend of mine said, "you don't want sheep, you want alpacas". We had no idea what an alpaca was, so we went on the internet and on Alpaca Seller. Like most people, we loved these wonderful animals. We sourced 7 alpacas in spring 2005 - 2 pregnant females, 2 ten month old boys, 1 potential stud male, (now proven), and 2 six month old girls. The 2 babies were born that July, a boy and a girl. We are now breeding with our original stud male and two of our other boys. We have most colours of alpacas and all are friendly and very happy.

Our rose grey stud is now proven and has produced some lovely cria. We are looking forward to this year's cria as we have also used our pale fawn stud, Bollinger.

Wiltshire  (Back To Top)

Herd Size:30
Contact Name:Hannah Welch
Telephone Number:01225 782661
Nearest Town:Broughton Gifford, nr. Bath/Bradford-on-Avon
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Willowbrook Farm
The Common
Broughton Gifford
Nr. Melksham
About this breeder:Dedicated to the development of a sustainable fleece industry. Breeding quality and healthy alpacas using top genetics. Fine fleeced animals of different colours.

Come and see how you can not fail to fall in love with these gentle and enchanting animals.

Help, on-going support, and a cup of coffee always available!!

Breeder/Farm Name:Ashton Lane Alpacas
Herd Size:36
Contact Name:Peter & Carol Watt
Telephone Number:01380-870603
Nearest Town:Trowbridge
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:7.Dark Lane North
Steeple Ashton
About this breeder:Ashton Lane Alpacas is a herd of quality huacaya and coloured suri alpacas. The alpacas live in harmony with our retired event horses, chickens and our boisterous Maremma sheepdogs, Nanook and Bunty.

We offer stud services, alpacas for sale, raw fleece, rovings for spinning or felting and knitted products. But most of all we offer a friendly, helpful welcome.

Breeder/Farm Name:Lane House Alpacas
Herd Size:31
Contact Name:Diane House
Telephone Number:07854 815832
Nearest Town:Dauntsey
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Lane House Farm
Sodom Lane
About this breeder:Lane House Alpacas is a family run alpaca breeder located in the stunning countryside of Dauntsey Vale in the heart of Wiltshire.

We offer a friendly service and can provide advice and 24 hour support if required.

Our herd of alpacas have been carefully selected from Elite studs and include bloodlines from Australia, Canada, USA and Peru.

We now have a selection of high quality alpacas for sale.

Visitors always welcome.

Herd Size:50
Contact Name:Margaret Silver
Telephone Number:01666 840540
Nearest Town:Tetbury, Gloucestershire
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Pinkney Court
About this breeder:We have been breeding alpacas at Pinkney for fifteen years.

We have a good selection of the highest quality suris for sale ranging from show animals to pets. We also have show winning males standing at stud and offer a mobile stud service.

We started showing our animals late in 2003 and results can be seen alongside details of each animal throughout the Website. Please browse the Website to see information about the stock, their show results and the services that are offered.

We have over 40 Suri Alpacas. These are the results of a selective breeding programme. Colours range from black, browns and fawns, to solid whites.

Accordingly, there is, on offer, a wide choice to any interested buyer, from top show animals through to a 'starter package' or geldings.

Breeder/Farm Name:Patou Alpacas
Herd Size:60
Contact Name:Mark & Sue Steele
Telephone Number:01747870222 Mob: 0788 0542260
Nearest Town:Tisbury
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:81 Ridge
About this breeder:Patou Alpacas is a friendly alpaca breeder located in the beautiful countryside of South West Wiltshire.

Mark and Sue Steele aim to breed up the best herd possible of coloured alpacas. We carefully selected our foundation herd and we use the same care and attention to details when planning future matings, Each year we see an improvement in the overall quality of the herd and we now have some wonderful high quality breeding females for sale.

Our herd was transformed following the arrival of Van Diemen Qjori of Patou in 2012, who we exported from Van Diemen Alpacas, based in Tasmani, Australia. We now have over 30 of his progeny in the herd and he has done a fabulous job of passing on, not only his beautiful rich colour but his fineness, density and suoer soft buttery handle.

We know all our alpacas by name and know their characters very well. We want all our clients to be as happy with their choice of Alpacas as we are. All our alpacas come with our commitment to provide all the necessary support and advice required for those new to Alpacas.

In November 2012 we voluntarily paid for a private Tb test on our entire herd. We used the revolutionary Enferplex test which has been developed in Ireland. The whole herd, as expected tested clear of TB.

We only sell happy healthy alpacas.

Latest News:Please see our blog for all the latest news

Herd Size:20
Contact Name:Janet Kennedy
Telephone Number:07786 228647
Nearest Town:Broughton Gifford near Bath
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
About this breeder:We are situated close to the historic city of Bath with good road links to the rest of the UK. Our aim is to produce alpacas of superb quality with excellent temperament and fleece characteristics. We enjoy producing Huacayas of all colours but have a particular interest in black and grey.

Enquiries are always welcome.
Latest News:Have a look at the cria photos on our website to see our latest additions.

Chalfield Black Beauty wins Champion Black Huacaya Fleece at the GWR Show. Photo coming soon!

Breeder/Farm Name:Honeyfield Alpacas
Herd Size:40
Contact Name:Donna Stalker
Telephone Number:01793790790
Nearest Town:Wanborough
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Honeyfield Farm,
The Marsh,
About this breeder:At Honeyfield Alpacas, we have worked tirelessly to create our multi-award winning herd. With elite genetics from around the world including Ruffo, Caesar, Commish Lad, Spartacus, Conquistador, Commisario, Gianmarco, Czar, Sculptor, Maximus, Remarque, Brutus and Hemmingway.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our alpacas and are passionate about them and their welfare.

Bio-security for us is not a buzz word, it is a strict regime that we adhere to. We have taken every precaution to safe guard the health and safety of our herd, not only for us but as an assurance for all our customers.

All our paddocks are Tornado Badger Fenced with compulsory foot baths at entry points. We offer no stud services and enter only fleece shows. Movements onto our land are extremely rare and only occur if moved from a herd with an equal bio-secure regime and farm set up.

Please be assured that buying alpacas from Honeyfield will give you the quality alpacas you are looking for with the support service you deserve.

We will be there for you and your alpacas.

Herd Size:30
Contact Name:Steve Powell
Telephone Number:01179373862/m07977889262
Nearest Town:Bath/Bristol/Chippenham
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Ashwood farm Rookery Lane Hinton Chippenham, Wiltshire
About this breeder:At Ashwood alpacas we cannot accept just average we are breeding superiour quality white alpacas from the most famous and proven bloodlines from Australia and Newzealand.
we believe quality more than quantity is key to succsessfull breeding programme. Contstant improvement sourcing the finest elite genetics. our herd consists of famous bloodlines including peruvian hemmingway, E.P cambridge valour, E.P cambridge cajamarca,Jolimont warrior, jolimont attitude, peruvian Auzengate, E.P cambridge killawasi . from pets to prize winners for sale, we are convenient to bristol, bath and chippenham just 5 mins from M4 J18.

Breeder/Farm Name:Breninwen Alpacas
Contact Name:Mel and Liz Hopkins
Telephone Number:01666 860735
Nearest Town:Malmesbury
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:2 Querns CottagesMinetyMalmesbury
About this breeder:We are a family run business on the edge of the Cotswolds, experienced in many aspects of livestock breeding, husbandry and handling. We offer a personal service with effective support and backup. We are proud to offer alpacas with the elite Snowmass genetics, breeding for finer fibre.
Latest News:Our open day on 23rd April 2011 was a great success. The weather was gorgeous and the alpacas were very well behaved! Visitors enjoyed taking young alpacas for a walk on halters, sitting in the garden having tea and cakes or shopping for alpaca products. We also raised £50 for Children's Hospice South West.

Contact Name:Rob and Les Rawlins
Telephone Number:07985 235862
Nearest Town:Bratton
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Wellground Farm.
Lower Westbury Road,
About this breeder:Rob and Les Rawlins at Wellground Alpaca Stud breed the highest quality alpacas at their alpaca farm in Wiltshire in the UK. Their breeding plan is described by Rob as being one of “Quality rather than Quantity”. Animals with wonderfully fine and advanced fleeces that are not only highly sought after, but come without all the extra worry and expense of importing animals from around of the World.

Wellground Alpaca Stud have an enviable reputation over the last 15 years for breeding some of the UK’s finest alpacas. Rob and Les breed and offer for sale only elite alpacas with exceptional ancestors, pedigree proven stock.

However, if you are starting out, Rob and Les will provide more than just alpacas to start your foundation herd. They will provide back-up and support for new breeders where required, Rob and Les will be there for you and your alpacas. Providing not only back-up and support, but peace of mind.

Why not call and visit Wellground Alpaca Stud in Wiltshire.
Latest News:18th March 2015

We have now added three elite female alpacas to our sales list. All are white and all are proven breeders with excellent progeny on the ground. Two are Australian imports from EP Cambridge (Australia) and were sired by the legendary EP Cambridge Peruvian Spartacus. See our web site for more information.


1st March 2015

We are offering for sale one of our Elite solid white male alpacas. Wellground Rumpole of the Bailey. This is the ONLY elite genetics male alpaca that we will be offering for sale in 2015. When he is sold, there will be no more of these genetics available until 2016.

Wellground Rumpole of the Bailey was sired by Cambridge Buckingham, his Dam is our most successful female from our core breeding herd, EP Cambridge Assertive Lass. For those who covet their alpaca genetics and target ancestors, this exciting match was created from a distant 'line breed' 'targeting' one of Australia's leading herdsires, Jolimont Commisario. To add even more elite interest, his Dam also has Jolimont Conquistador in her ancestry. This elite breeding selection has proved so successful in creating the very finest alpaca offspring. Wellground Rumpole of the Bailey has to be seen to appreciate the result as the 'proof is in the pudding' here.

From identical breeding, his full sister is twice 'Supreme Champion', Wellground Lismore Lass, who is now resident in Aberdeenshire.

Wellground Rumpole of the Bailey's fleece is incredibly dense, organised in small pencil like staples. The crimp style has very high frequency and as bright as can be. He is fully fleeced having a very full head growth, for his age he is very strong boned with a solid, correct conformation.

Why not call Rob and Les @ Wellground, come and visit Wellground Alpaca Stud in Wiltshire, call us on 07985 235862.

26th February 2015

Wellground have returned to alpacas after a year away. We have now secured almost all of our existing core herd back including our two stunning stud boys below. Plus we now have a few extras as well, with a few more in the pipeline for later in the summer.


All of our elite herdsires have been kept for in-house mating only from 2012 until 2014, based on our biosecurity concerns. With a change in the general understanding of Biosecurity in the UK, we have decided to once more release their genetics in Drive-by and Mobile Stud Services from Spring 2015. (conditions apply)

EP Cambridge Samson is producing the highest quality progeny, he is a prepotent herdsire. His offspring are all very similar, like peas in a pod. Those that have been shown in the UK, have been awarded astonishing results, including one multi ‘Supreme Champion’ in Valley Alpacas The Diplomat, as well as the 2013 Heart of England Fleece Show ‘Supreme Champion’ Honeyfield Angelo. Samson’s fleece is simply stunning. His fleece is solid white and uniform in colour throughout. The crimp is high in amplitude with a medium frequency. The staples are very individual, all highly aligned and very well organised. The character of the fleece is amazing, but the brightness of his fleece has amazed breeders who have examined it.

Wellground Close Encounter was awarded Champion Intermediate Male at the 2008 Royal Bath and West Show. He also was awarded 1st Senior White Huacaya at the 2012 World Alpaca Conference Fleece Show, competing against the best of fleeces from breeders in America and Australia. He is producing Supreme Champion offspring including Chestnut Farm Lord of Sherwood who is now a multiple ‘Supreme Champion’ as well as Honeyfield Intrepid who was awarded the Best Huacaya Fleece (Supreme Champion) at the Hope Fleece Show in 2013.

See our Stud Services page for more information about these males and how you can benefit from their genetics in your herd.

Worcestershire  (Back To Top)

Breeder/Farm Name:Putjade Alpacas
Herd Size:30
Contact Name:sue loach debbie hirons
Telephone Number:01299 250248
Nearest Town:kidderminster
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:highfield low hill torton kidderminster worcs
About this breeder:Established herd of Alpacas, halter trained and all very friendly. Various colours. Prizewinning Stud males available.
Breeders of championship winning coloued Alpacas
We love these animals and will happily discuss all aspects of their care with you and are more than happy to spend as much time with you so that you make the right decisions about whether Alpacas are for you.
We are part of a small group of local breeders all of whom have quality stock and if we dont have the animals you require then we are happy to source them elsewhere for you.
Specialists in breeding good grey animals, 2 homozygenous grey stud males available.
Feel free to contact us anytime,

Breeder/Farm Name:Bridge Cottage Alpacas
Contact Name:Lydia Barber
Telephone Number:07532 462700
Nearest Town:Bewdley
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Glebe Cottage
Heightington Road

Breeder/Farm Name:Cotswold Vale Alpacas
Herd Size:43
Contact Name:Ginnie Meakin
Telephone Number:07702488118
Nearest Town:Evesham, Tewkesbury, Cheltenham, Stratford on Avon
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Cherry Tree Farm
Sandfield Lane
About this breeder:We are a Small friendly family business breeding and selling quality animals. We are based in the heart of the Cotswold and are very close to Evesham, Worcestershire, Cheltenham, Tewkesbury and Stratford on Avon. Our aim is to use quality females and breed with quality stud males aiming to breed for both excellent animal conformation and top quality fleece. We can offer help with choosing the right animals and are available for back up and support. We also offer agistment for your animals on a temporary or permanent bases.

We have recently recieved planning for Temporary Agricutural Dwelling, so we can live on site with our animals. For more information please email us.
Latest News:We breed Suri & Huacaya alpacas, have three lovely working Suri Stud males & four Huacaya stud males, two of which are sired by snowmass males, so we are looking forward to what they will produce.

With the new cria arriving this year we have decided we sadly need to sell some of the herd, we have started to add some of the alpacas for sale, so have a look and see if there is anything that would enhance you herd. (This is not all the animals for sale, but I will add them over a period as it takes a bit of time)

Always happy to talk alpaca so give us a ring. Ginnie

Breeder/Farm Name:Palton
Herd Size:30
Contact Name:Mr & Mrs James and Ann Price
Telephone Number:01299 861870
Nearest Town:Bewdley
Web Site: (currently updating)
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Home Lodge
Trimpley Lane
About this breeder:We own a small select herd of quality animals, mixed colours, including white, black, brown, various fawns . Our alpacas have excellent fleece and come from well established lines. Our animals are friendly and some halter trained. We do have one or two female crias for sale for sale and will be able to offer young males at the end of the year (2014) Feel free to contact us if you would like to view or chat about them or if you are thinking about joining the world of Alpacas. We offer advice and assistance in locating quality animals through reputable breeders if we are unable to accommodate you. Our stock can be purchased with maintenance contracts, to include worming, feet trimming, shearing advice, annual vaccinations. (vets bills not included). We also have stud males available. Thistledown Fedele (dark fawn) who has produced prize winners at the 2014 Futurity. Our home bred boy Palton Aladin who has produced some stunning cria with fantastic fleece. Our new boy we purchased last year Collarbear Spice who has successfully mated a couple of our females. We are hoping to use our newest member Putjade Hercules, rose grey this season he is extremely well bred. These boys can be leased for the season if required. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Breeder/Farm Name:Croftlands Alpacas
Herd Size:25
Contact Name:Sarah Jordan
Telephone Number:07980 770705
Nearest Town:Trimpley
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Valley House,
About this breeder:Small family run business in Trimpley, Worcestershire. Our animals are friendly and very use to human company.
We have many friendly animals for sale and want to put the best package together to suit your individual needs!
Please feel free to contact us as we are happy to help and welcome you to come and visit us.

We are keen to offer you an after care service and help with any of your alpaca needs. We have learnt alot over the past 5 years and want you to enjoy alpacas as much as we do.

Due to personal circumstances we are unfortunatly having to decrease our herd size considerably. For this reason we are keen to sell some of our animals as quickly as possibly and have reduced our prices to reflect this.

Please do look at our sales list and get in contact. Thank you.

Herd Size:10
Contact Name:KIM & ANDY PERRY
Telephone Number:07813509531
Nearest Town:Stock Green
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Address:Earls Common Road
Stock Green
About this breeder:We are a small herd of quality huacayas,using some of the finest bloodlines availiable.This has produced us our very own home bred show winning stud males and champion females.Ocasionally we have females for sale,also extremely friendly halter trained pet males.We run husbandry classes throughout the year,and visiters are most welcome to come and meet our herd.
We offer friendly impartial advice (we've been there ourselves.)
and would love to help anyone thinking about owning these beautiful animals.

Breeder/Farm Name:Temevale Alpacas
Herd Size:48
Contact Name:Graeme Barrett
Telephone Number:01584 781352
Nearest Town:Eastham, Tenbury Wells
Web Site:
Email:Click Here To Contact
Tenbury Wells
WR15 8NW
About this breeder:Temevale Alpacas are located in the glorious West Worcestershire countryside, near Tenbury Wells.
Concentrating on conformation and quality, doing everything possible to become recognised for the quality of our stock and general endeavours to enhance the Alpaca industry in the UK.
We are members of the British Alpaca Society with which all are stock are registered.
We currently have young males and females available for purchase, please see our Sales List.
We are now the proud owners of the 'grabbed by the alpacas' brand. In addition to our core business of breeding we offer an all year round Alpaca Trekking Experience, the only one of its kind in the UK Midlands. This enables clients, many of whom would otherwise never have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with these adorable animals, an opportunity to enter and enjoy the world of Alpacas and truly become 'grabbed by the alpacas'. This is the essence of our brand and everything we stand for in revolutionising the Alpaca industry within the UK.
We pride ourselves with excellent client support.Visit our informative and educational website
Latest News:In addition to our core business of breeding we offer an all year round Alpaca Trekking Experience, the only one of its kind in the UK Midlands. This enables clients, many of whom would otherwise never have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with these adorable animals, an opportunity to enter and enjoy the world of Alpacas and truly become 'grabbed by the alpacas'. This is the essence of our brand and everything we stand for in revolutionising the Alpaca industry within the UK.
We pride ourselves with excellent client support.

We will be at the Bromyard Gala on 5th & 6th July, the Tenbury Wells Agricultural Show on Saturday 2nd August and the Burwarton Show on Thursday 7th August.
We will be providing 'mini' Alpaca Trekking experiences at the Bromyard, Tenbury and Burwarton Shows. Please come along and say 'hello'!

Please visit our web site and Facebook Page "Temevale Alpacas"