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Stud Males For Sale

Alpaca Stud Phoenix Gryffindor

Type: (Proven Stud)
Price: £25,000.00 (excl VAT)         
Colour: Solid Rose Grey
Date of Birth: 11th July 2011
Current Age: 4 Years and 7 Months
Registered With: BAS No. UKBAS23527

      Arunvale Aurora Borealis (P722) - (S)DF    
(Solid Rose Grey - Suri)
          Miniya (P17) - (S)MF
      Adriam (P417) - (S)LF    
          Nafuna (P16) - (S)W
Alpaca Stud Phoenix Gryffindor
(Solid Rose Grey - )
          Alpaca Stud Inca Fudge (p125) - (S)MF
      Fusion (PHX23) - (S)MF    
          Arunvale Gold Dust Of Arunvale (import) (P0723) -
(Solid Dark Fawn - Suri)
          Helaku (P372) - W
      Rapunzal (P627) - (S)MF    
          Yuma (P88) - (S)W

Fleece (1st):  28.40µ  SD 6.00  CV 20.90%  26.90% Over 30 Microns(µ)  SF 27.62µ  Curvature 10.40 deg/mm  Yield 2.30 Kg/Year
(taken on 5th May 2014 at 2 Years and 10 Months of age)

Here we offer for the first time a young male that is beautifully representing the Suri breed type but in the rarest of colours, grey. This young male can boast a Futurity Herdsire champion on both sides of the pedigree which we believe is unique here in the UK. Whilst this is indicative of the genetic strength within his pedigree his physical at-tributes attest to his very obvious qualities. With a robust and powerful frame he exudes presence, add to this his beautiful fleece with outstanding lustre and highly organised fleece structure giving you excellent lock style and density this male offers an exciting option in any coloured Suri breeding programme.

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Alpaca Stud Bacardi

Type: Huacaya
Price: £30,000.00 (excl VAT)         
Colour: Solid White
Date of Birth: 18th June 2013
Current Age: 2 Years and 8 Months
Registered With: BAS No. BNBAS07528

          (USA) Okanagans Jolene 46K (21787[CAN]) - (S)MF
      Dovecote Jaquinto Of Alpaca Stud (imp) (R8) - (S)W    
          (USA) DLA Pastoro (15893 [CAN]) - (S)W
  Simply Krug
(Solid White - Huacaya)
      Jennifer (SIM1) - (S)W    
Alpaca Stud Bacardi
(Solid White - Huacaya)
      Alpaca Stud Inca William (P61) - (S)W    
  Lady Cameron
(Solid White - Huacaya)
      Tallulaha (P136) - (S)W    

Fleece (1st):  18.80µ  SD 3.00  CV 16.30%  0.20% Over 30 Microns(µ)  SF 17.63µ  Curvature 41.90 deg/mm  Yield 1.00 Kg/Year
(taken on 5th May 2014 at 11 Months of age)

Bacardi is a male we offer with some reluctance as the thought of selling such a male can only be approached with great trepidation. Bacardi heralds from a line of exceptional animals including a key young stud sire, Yves Jacques. Yves Jacques, a son of Jaquinto, has quickly proven himself to be an excellent male both in terms of conformation but also the exceptionally high calibre of fleece characteristics he is passing to his progeny. Given Bacardi's sire Simply Krug also has Jaquinto in his pedigree we are confident Bacardi progeny will follow suit. This male is as close to a sure thing as you can get in Alpacas with greatness on both the dam and the sire's side.

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