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Package Name: A Bunch of Fawn Hooligans

Package Price:£1,500.00
Package Type:Young Males (Intact)
Package Breed Type:Huacaya
Package Colour:Mixed Colours

Saving if bought as a package: £1,250.00
Animals in this package(4):

   Reddingvale Triton  Alpaca Name: REDDINGVALE TRITON
  Alpaca Type: Young Male (Intact)
  Individual Price: £650.00

   Reddingvale Ulysses  Alpaca Name: REDDINGVALE ULYSSES
  Alpaca Type: Young Male (Intact)
  Individual Price: £800.00

  Alpaca Type: Young Male (Intact)
  Individual Price: £950.00

   Reddingvale Basil  Alpaca Name: REDDINGVALE BASIL
  Alpaca Type: Young Male (Intact)
  Individual Price: £350.00

Four top quality young males in dark fawn, medium fawn, light fawn and beige who enjoy life to the full. They are all halter trained, easy to handle and from a biosecure farm. Free delivery within 100 miles.