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Package Name: white lawn mowers

Package Price:£750.00
Package Type:General Mixed Package
Package Breed Type:Huacaya
Package Colour:White
Animals in this package(1):

   Letterbox Ellingham  Alpaca Name: Letterbox Ellingham
  Alpaca Type: Wether
  Individual Price: £150.00

A group of three white alpacas - two females and a castrated male.

Letterbox Tarrant Rushton was born in 2007 and has had two cria. She can no longer be used as a breeding animal because of potential for prolapse. She is friendly and calm.

Letterbox Pamphill is just over a year old but is very small and will probably not be able to have cria. She is calm and easy to handle

Pamphill and Tarrant Rushton are related.

Letterbox Edmonsham is castrated and is 7 years old. He has been used successfully for work with children and is a characterful alpaca.