Package Name: 3 males as guards

Package Price:£150.00
Package Type:Wethers
Package Breed Type:Huacaya
Package Colour:Mixed Colours
Animals in this package(3):

   Doug  Alpaca Name: Letterbox Waterditch
  Alpaca Type: Wether

     Alpaca Name: Letterbox Ringwood
  Alpaca Type: Wether

   Letterbox Ellingham  Alpaca Name: Letterbox Ellingham
  Alpaca Type: Wether

A group of three boys who have lived with horses and other animals and who have a strong bond with each other. 2 are halter trained and we will train the other in the event of a sale.
Letterbox Ringwood, Letterbox Waterditch and Letterbox Ellingham aged between 6 years and 3 years. We are more concerned to find a good home for these boys who have too much to eat here so we are open to offers.