About Us

Our journey started with the purchase of our farm in April 2004 for somewhere to retire and enjoy the comforts of space and experience the joy of animals, a lifestyle to good to pass. Richard is still working fulltime in our business in the Wollongong district so we share our time between our Helensburgh home and the farm at Taree. Our son Michael lives on the farm, and does a great job of looking after the animals and doing the many chores. We just love having the alpacas around and look forward to many years enjoyment with them.

Our farm, Incamon Alpaca Stud is located on the south side of Taree (4km) on 52 acres. We have 3 dams, 14 paddocks, and currently run 85 alpacas, 20 cattle and Savannah our horse. Our dams attract many different species of birds including many ducks and the odd Pelican. The average rain fall for the area is 1,200mm (48 inches) per annum.

Richard is no stranger to farms as he grew up on large properties but Robin and Michael were new comers’ to the experience, and just love every moment. Initially we were going to have a few cows and calves and a horse, however, after meeting some of these lovely alpaca creatures we purchased our first two in 2004 and we grew from there. We now beleive that 50 breeding females would be our optimum number. We have now acquired sufficient stock to achieve our goal.

Standing at Stud we have:-
* Illawarra Wenoim (Solid White);

We also have several promising young males coming through. Our breeding plan is to build our herd by breeding in animals with good confirmation, bone structure & fleece characteristics. Our alpaca numbers will grow organically and to ensure that we have enough quality grass to manage without heavy hand feeding we will reduce our cattle numbers.

We have learnt so much since purchasing our first alpacas and we now look forward to continuing to breed quality alpacas show some of our young animals. We have found the alpaca farming community to be very supportive to newcomers and that is something we have fostered and will continue the journey to build this great industry and pass our knowledge and experiences onto others.

We are members of the Australian Alpaca Association:
Stud Prefix; Incamon
Herd Code; RRW

Our area is a BJD "Protected Zone"

Farm visitors are welcome subject to prior arrangements.

Best regards
Richard & Robin