Prize winning stud males at Houghton Hall


Start Date: 28th of October 2016
End Date: 30th of October 2016
Event Type: Show with Alpaca Classes
Venue: Houghton Hall Alpaca and Equestian Centre
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Our Third Alpaca Show. The Alpaca Stud, Bozedown Alpacas and Houghton Hall Alpacas are proud to be the organisers of this amazing alpaca show. A spectacular or should we say spooktacular show with a twist this year. You will not want to miss it. Alpaca Showtime's online entry is via the BAS. For more information please watch the website. We look forward to seeing you.
Venue: Houghton Hall Alpaca and Equestrian Centre New Manor Farm Sawtry Way Houghton Cambs PE28 2DY