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EAglewood Braveheart

Type: Huacaya
Price: $770.00 (incl GST)         
Colour: Solid Medium Brown
Date of Birth: 2nd September 2012
Current Age: 3 Years and 10 Months
Registered With: AAA

  Jaspers Brush Falstaff
(Solid Dark Brown - Huacaya)
EAglewood Braveheart
(Solid Medium Brown - Huacaya)
(Solid White - Huacaya)

Fleece (2nd):  17.70µ  SD 3.60
(taken on 23rd October 2013 at 1 Year and 1 Month of age)
Fibre Testing Authority: Southern Tablelands Fibre Testing

Braveheart is an exceptionally soft and superfine dark fawn male
His fleece is very crimpy.

Prizes Won:
Recently received a 2nd at the Charles Ledger show 2013
3rd at Sydney Royal 2014

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Alpacapena INCA-Certified

Type: Huacaya (Proven Stud)
Price: $2,200.00 (incl GST)        SOLD    
Colour: Solid White
Date of Birth: 14th November 2004
Current Age: 11 Years and 8 Months
Registered With: AAA 85709

  Fine Choice Peruvian Ultimo
(Solid White - Huacaya)
Alpacapena INCA-Certified
(Solid White - Huacaya)
  Alpacapena Fionella
(Solid Light Fawn - Huacaya)
      Alpacapena Duquesa    

Fleece:  24.50µ  SD 4.30  CV 17.40%  CF 92.1%  SF 23.20µ  Yield 4.90 Kg/Year
(taken on 1st January 1970 at of age)

Inca isa lovely big robust,solid boned White male.
Still exhibiting good character in his fleece and good fineness
3rd fleece only 21.2 with 3.8 SD
Sire of EAglewood Iron MAn-Supreme Champion Crookwell show 2010,Champion commercial fleece Nationals 2010, Runner up champion commercial fleece Nationals2011

Prizes Won:
Reserve Champion Intermediate Male Yass 2006

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Eaglewood Thrighten

Type: Huacaya
Price: $3,850.00 (incl GST)         
Colour: Rose Grey
Date of Birth: 7th July 2011
Current Age: 5 Years
Registered With: AAA

          Purrumbete Brigantene
      Combe Hill Colorado    
          Purrumbete Scarlet Ice
  Natural Allure Warruurraa
(Rose Grey - Huacaya)
          Benleigh Excellence
      Combe Hill Chilenna    
          Benleigh serena
Eaglewood Thrighten
(Rose Grey - Huacaya)
          Ilr NWA LTD Sol
      Timbertop Lassiter    
          Timbertop Miss Twiggy
  Valpaiso Tjuz
(Medium Brown)
          Purrumbete Maxilmillian
      Mt Purrurumba Alba    
          Suricaya Pinta

Fleece:  19.20µ  SD 4.00  CV 23.30%  CF 98.6%  SF 17.00µ  Curvature 30.00 deg/mm  Yield 2.60 Kg/Year
(taken on 7th December 2011 at 5 Months of age)
Fibre Testing Authority: Australian Alpaca Fibre Testing

A beautiful even ,fine and very well grown Rose grey male that will be an exciting addition to a grey breeding programme.
Develoing a beautiful crimpy and very fine fleece with beautiful handle and density.

Prizes Won:
2nd Sydney Royal 2012 out of 8

2nd Sydney Royal 2014
Fleece won Sydney, Canberra and Charles Ledger in 2013

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Eaglewood Maximus

Type: Huacaya
Price: $4,400.00 (incl GST)         
Colour: Rose Grey
Date of Birth: 26th November 2012
Current Age: 3 Years and 8 Months
Registered With: AAA

          Peruvian Hemingway
      snowmass grey legend    
          Suprise cody
  Jentez Park grey Lad
(Rose Grey)
          Peruvian Chief
      Jentez Park ebony    
          Jentez Park Dusty
Eaglewood Maximus
(Rose Grey - Huacaya)
          Coonawarra Dorchester
      Natural Allure Ferrero    
          Dural Tia Maria RG
  Eaglewood Midnight
(Solid Black - Huacaya)
          Elysion Elton DG
      NAtural Allure Mardi Gras    
          Natural Allure Starlight

Outstanding Rose grey male with a beautiful tight high frequency crimp. Displaying outstanding density and style.

Prizes Won:
1st Charles ledger 2013
1st Gunning show intermediate res champ
2nd Canberra Royal
Ist Goulburn show and res champ int male
4th Sydney royal
2nd Charles ledger 2014

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